Ashley Chime 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress Review – Mattress In A Box

The Ashley Chime Express 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress In A Box is a firm mattress that ensures you a dreamy sleep. The strong structure of this Chime Hybrid Mattress consists of 680 individual packed wrapped coils and high-quality gel memory foam provides you optimum support. This Chime Mattress is designed and made by Ashley Furniture Industries. This mattress can carry heavyweights such as 410 lbs providing maximum support. Both lightweight and heavy sleepers can use this highly comfortable bed with better support.

This wonderful Chime mattress relieves your pressure points along the back, spine, and neck. It also relieves your pain providing firm support. The couple can use this Chime Hybrid Mattress because it can transfer the motion movement perfectly. This Ashley Signature Design 10 Inch Chime Express Hybrid Innerspring Firm Mattress In A Box has the following available sizes such as Twin, Full, Queen, and King. The cost of this Ashley Chime 10″ Hybrid Mattress is very affordable. This mattress is also very strong and durable. It comes in a box, inflates instantly, and easy to set up. Read the primary features and review below.


This Chime 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress provides you a dreamy sleep. It is a firm mattress but the cover is very plush that helps you to get a peaceful sleep.

The hybrid mattress is made of with the 680 individual wrapped coils and gel memory foam. This combination gives you great support.

This Chime 10″ Hybrid Firm Mattress is suitable for both lightweight and heavy persons. It can carry up to 410 lbs. Two sleepers having that weight can sleep together without getting any problem.

The Chime 10″ Hybrid Individual Wrapped Coil & Gel Memory Foam Mattress gives you wonderful back support and also cures your pain and pressure along the back, spine, and shoulder.

The cost of this Chime 10 Inch Mattress is very cheap and inexpensive although it contains the premium quality materials.

This Chime Hybrid Mattress is very durable and lasts longer than other available mattresses. You can use this high-quality bed for more than 10 years with rough use.

It is very easy to unbox, open, and install. Everyone can do this within a minutes. But it may take up to 72 hours to fully expand.

All the foam and other materials of this mattress are certified and very safe to use. It does not cause any health diseases.

This Ashley Chime 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress offers 10 years warranty.

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FAQs About Ashley Chime 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress

Yes, it’s a firm mattress; it contains 680 individual wrapped coils and high-quality gel memory foam which gives you a firm feel.

Yes, you can sleep on this Chime 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress as a back sleeper because it provides you optimum support in every sleeping position such as back sleeping, side sleeping, and others.

Yes, this Chime 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress is a perfect choice for the couples. It gives the same and highest support and comfortable firm plush feels to both of them.

Sure, this Chime 10 Hybrid Mattress is very cheap and inexpensive to shop. Comparing to the other foam and hybrid mattresses, this one is very affordable having premium quality.

This Chime 10 Hybrid Mattress is currently available with the following sizes such as Full, King, Queen, Twin, and Cal King.

Yes, this Chime Hybrid Mattress can carry up to 410 lbs and fit for the heavy sleepers. Both lightweight and heavy people can use this hybrid mattress.

This Chime 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress contains 680 individual wrapped coils. All the coils are power-packed.

Yes, this mattress does not have any harmful materials and very safe to use for every sleeper.

Yes, of course. You can simply open the box, cut the protective wrap, and unroll this Chime 10″ Hybrid Mattress to your bed frame or foundation.

Yes, you can adjust this Chime 10″ Hybrid Mattress to any kinds of bed frames such as metal frame, wooden frame, platform bed frame, etc.

There’s not any reason that you could not purchase a box spring, yet this Chime 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress doesn’t arrive with a box. I utilize the mattress using a metallic base and it works fine.

Yes, it will! I purchased the Cali King size mattress after which bought the Zinus metal framework and it fits great! I’ve got my mattress on risers without any difficulties. Even the Zinus took me roughly one hour to set up especially for its Cali king size but well worth the purchase. Simple assembly and functions!

Measuring mattresses a small bit catchy. You need to place some type of wooden little stick of the very top of the mattresses also quantify it. Since it 12″ with cushion top as well as your step just from the corner, you can’t get it.

Yes, however, we had a 9-inch coil spring box spring base. In spite of all the box spring, it really sagged.

I really don’t understand out of experience but I do not see why it wouldn’t get the job done provided that the foundation was strong. The Chime 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress is lightweight and incredibly comfy.

If do not have the measurements of the box but it was large and quite heavy. I couldn’t lift the box. We opened the box at the garage brought from the mattress.

I could not answer this question specifically regarding bruising, what I could talk about is that I really do utilize the bed and also spare bedrooms and also have folks over for extended weekends with spine troubles and not one of those had a problem in any way. I cannot state how long that the mattress will survive as again it is used for a guest bedroom. So mileage might change upon the durability of a mattress which will be used daily.

No, it doesn’t. It has the fundamental certificate of Certi Pur.

The same as a firm mattress since the springs are all firm although also the best is tender. Not pillow top lavish but just perfect. So it’s a Momma Bear mattress.

I’m never certain what plush ways. I discovered it to be inviting and comfy without being too firm and difficult. The mattress had given to it once you put down onto it. It will not sink. I really hope that helps.

This version of this Chime Hybrid Mattress is 10-inch. You can get another 12″ mattress on Amazon. It’s a very supportive and comfortable mattress, and I’m on the massive side. Good bargain for the cost.

Yes, it will. I’m super impressed by this Chime 10 Hybrid Mattress. It’s extremely pretty and comfy. I have had friends watch it and purchase the exact same one.

Yes! My hubby and I are equally heavy, he is nearer to 300lb and 6’8″ tall, and then we sleep on our hands and stomachs about the borders of the mattress and feel very encouraged. He loves to let his feet hang off the edge too and there is hardly any sagging.

Provided that you need, it’s just like when it’s sitting they don’t have the expiry date. Maybe purchase it when you’re nearer to getting it from the box?

My mattress was firmer than we ever expected. We ended up having a different topper to bring just a little plushness into it.

I weigh 145lbs also it sounds too firm, possibly for somebody who weighs more, it might seem sexier. I feel that these memory foam mattresses it is hard to attain a comfortable level that’s well round to a broad weight range.

I’d consider it lavish. It is not so tender or overly challenging. In case you’ve got additional questions please tell us.

Of course, but it is much less obvious like with different mattresses. The motion is still minimal and it will not wake you up in case your asleep.

The Chime 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress has to be set on a firm coating. I would advise eliminating the old mattress.

Memory Foam has a propensity for Mould however If It’s in a house that Is Atmosphere condition you should Not have an Issue.

The very best time is 24 hours afterward however, the oldest is approximately 4 hours. In case you’ve got additional questions please tell us. We look forward to meeting your purchase shortly.

This Chime 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress features a firm service however, also the comfort level is known as very lavish.

Much like a cushion shirt stinks. Very comfy so much and a wonderful price. Delivered to your door. Heavy. You made need a bit of assistance from a buddy.

I really don’t feel springs onto the surface. I really do believe them around the side. Mine has really very good foam onto the top. I really like this Chime 10 Hybrid Mattress.

I would advise a box spring, so this makes the mattress sit nice and large. I’ve got a typical frame for your bed and box spring.

I investigated and researched from what I see you can utilize straight away. However, you’ll discover that it keeps plumping up beneath you till it is in its entire height!

It’s a foam layer about two inches or so believes using springs (yes I mentioned springs) which are wrapped from the foundation. It functions nicely.

It’s contingent upon the mattress. Some mattress frames must possess box springs, so some do not. If using in a classic, conventional mattress which has a box, then you likely need to. The platform design beds ordinarily do not want a box spring.

It is a really comfy bed and if you mean will you believe that the joint support of these springs then, however, if you are asking in the event that you can independently feel these jamming to your spine then no more. There’s loads of substance separating you and dispersing the weight across several springs.

It doesn’t appear or odor on the very best for certain. The top is gel and underside you will find spring coils. This Chime 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress isn’t intended for u if u need an ultrasoft or a quite soft mattress, but this can be soft but small soft and much more on the small more difficult side. Additionally, there isn’t any substantial odor of latex in my next day of usage.

I cannot feel the coils in any way. We feel as if there is lots of advantage support, either while sleeping or simply sitting on the other side. I was really satisfied with this buy!

Other Customers Reviews About Ashley Chime 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress

What about this is superb. Packaging, shipping period, delivery man, and total relaxation. I moved from an 8″ memory foam into some 12″ cloud. You can not beat the purchase price with this Chime 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress to whatever you’re getting. I have slept on it nights today. I have not believed this rested in the past years. It is not quite as soft as I desired but apparently it is exactly what I wanted.

So Happy!

I gave this Chime 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress to my 25-year-old daughter and she’s pleased with how she awakened early rather than exhausted, on the very first morning. She’s sciatica so that I needed to browse through testimonials and product information to earn a fantastic selection. She’s a late-night however for her to awaken early with no pain which way she had a fantastic excellent sleep and her entire body is well-rested through the evening. It just took a couple of hours to match the mattress.

A good bed for sciatica problems

Okay, that is super comfortable! After ordering I moved more in thickness to the testimonials I don’t understand how ppl we are whining about it being too difficult or having the ability to feel that the coils. It’s firm but tender at the top. It’s so comfy. My only criticism is similar to others it’s not really 12 inches. Mine went to some over 11 inches following an hour stayed like that. However, I’m not too angry about it. N for just 160$. Certainly worthwhile.

Comfortable bed

Comparable to our 4k Beautyrest hybrid mattress! We ended up purchasing 4 twins because of their children and they love these! Soft yet reassuring. My aunt that has a multitude of joint and back problems in addition to fibromyalgia slept this many nights during a trip and stated it was such a very long time because she’d awakened almost hassle-free. It is an excellent mattress if you are looking for a budget, but need something more straightforward. As I said, akin to our 4k Beautyrest hybrid bed! After we purchased them, I beat myself up within splurging about our mattress 6 weeks before!

Luxury without the price tag!

I purchased this sight unseen, searching for a reassuring hybrid, as I wasn’t entirely sold on polyurethane foam or a bunk mattress. The box to the double-sized mattress was nearly as tall as I really am. Once I cut off the plastic wrap, then the mattress instantly has begun to expand. I made it around the ground for a whole 24 hours it was totally 12″ high. After getting all set up, I was uncertain when I was planning to have the sleep that I desired, as I felt the cover of the mattress was a marginally pleasant, memory foam texture for this.

After a couple of minutes, I had been in a sleeping coma. Here is the very first mattress I have ever felt like I received a comfortable sleep in years. I really don’t wake up in annoyance, or rigid. I’ll be buying the following to replace my daughter’s bed!

Best night's sleep ever!

I’m an old fashioned w intense joint difficulties. Mention that since this boxed mattress was promoted as coming from a box with handles and wheels. It’s neither and is quite heavy. So be aware when lifting or schlepping is an issue for you. I did it I’m tired and sore. The mattress is quite firm, has internal coils. I purchased this Chime 10″ Hybrid Mattress Black Friday and received a great deal so that I won’t complain any farther, only very thankful it was available to buy.

Great Mattress

This Chime 10″ Hybrid Mattress was sort of thick. It came vacuum packed. Vinyl wrap required to be eliminated to unroll it on my bed, another plastic layer needed to be eliminated to let it expand. It enlarged in a few hours. The upper layer of this Chime 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress is memory foam that provides a very first soft impression but as a single sink at another firm layer offers support. Really comfy.

Softly firm

This really is a great mattress at a much greater price. It came in a massive box the delivery men left outdoors. My husband got quite the exercise bringing it indoors. There was a small odor in the event that you sniffed really near the mattress initially, however after a couple of hours no odor in any way. My only criticism is the mattress and isn’t firm in any way. Each one of the reviewers claiming that the mattress is firm force me to think that the business has any quality control problems. You may sink in the mattress.

As a side sleeper, I always favor something firmer, however, I am in a position to fall asleep fast with this Chime 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress and that I have not experienced any discomfort. I’m likely to keep it since it had been such a fantastic price, but in the event that you absolutely require a firm mattress, this isn’t just the one for you.

Great mattress but not firm

I just purchased this Chime 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress over the weekend at Queen dimensions and happen to be sleeping since Sunday. I am a side & tummy with knee difficulties & intermittent shoulder pain and this Chime 10 Hybrid Mattress is really a teenager sleeping on a cloud to get me personally I do not wish to put up bed since I feel so comfy! Me personally, the memory foam appears to adapt to my own body in all the proper places. It is not overly firm and not overly soft, it is the ideal equilibrium.

My daughter likes to hang in my bedroom today only so that she can relax in my bed. The mattress is thick so that you’ll want two people to maneuver it about but it’s quite simple to unpack. I received the 12″ nevertheless it just climbed around 10.5 inches, and that explains the reason why I only gave 4 stars. Therefore don’t waste money having the 12″- only go to your 10″.

Side sleeper- very comfy

This is actually the very first time that I’ve purchased a mattress online without even checking it out in person first so that I researched plenty of testimonials and advice before purchasing. This bed is really comfy! I have back issues and I’m picky about cushions. I’d say that this is moderate firmness- perhaps not too firm and not overly soft. Because I recently purchased this Chime 10 Hybrid Mattress, I really don’t know whether it sags over the years however many mattresses will sag in case you do not rotate them. I certainly suggest this Chime 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress!


This Chime 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress is extremely comfortable. It had been worth the cash invested. Our previous mattress was downhill. We were waking up with pain. After sleeping the brand new mattress there’s no more back pain! My sleeplessness also appears to be somewhat better. It was somewhat awkward getting the box up the staircase and to the sack.

Great mattress

This one had outstanding ratings and prices. I have used it for 6 weeks now and enjoy it. You’re able to land in bed, not move anything (or anybody ) on the opposing side. I maintain a tray with things on the face of the mattress and may get in with no drink spilling. It’s beyond comfortable. Not a great deal of giving, which I enjoy, but if you do not like firm beds, this is not for you.

Great firmness and no smell

I am not going to assert to return and offer a very long word review but that I did wait for a month prior to writing this. If you’re able to locate a much better queen mattress in the price point then purchase it. Personally, I believe that you’d need to devote no less than two to 3 times as much to receive a corresponding mattress. It is a great mix of firmness nevertheless still has a specific plushness which makes for a fantastic night’s sleep. I’m back, shoulder, back and neck difficulties before sleeping on the mattress and all places have enhanced considerably. You can pay more but I frankly do not find the requirement. If something radically changes I will update but I simply don’t foresee any issues.

Great after a month

This Chime 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress is wonderful! It’s assumed to become firm, and firm beds are not my favorite thus I was not too confident about it. It is for your guest bedroom so that we moved ahead and got it. We believed if it ends up to not be the comfiest, no biggie since it is going to help keep people from going in. Ha. This is actually our nightly in our new home and it is the only mattress we’ve got for today so we have been banging it. Allow me to just say our prospective guests are not likely to need to depart!!

It is the ideal equilibrium between a firm and gentle to me and my partner. Our backs feel good after sleeping (better compared to when we sleep our 3500 mattresses and that I kind of want we could substitute it with a few of them ). We’re quite happy with this buy.

Buy it! You won't regret it!!

It’s firm but comfy. I have bulging disks in my neck and trunk and purchased a memory foam and may hardly escape bed in the early hours, also it would become really hot after placing a few hours. This Chime 10 Hybrid Mattress is really comfy for me and helped alleviate pain letting me sleep more. I really like it. I just wish I knew just how to get ahold of him to offer him a large tip once I receive my social security test. Please note that this Amazon driver because of his exceptional service!!

It is worth the money

This item showed up at a narrow and tall box. I was baffled about how the last product would match the picture in the image. However, low and behold, after it appeared open (flinging me around the area from the procedure since I cut off the sealing wrap open( laughing hysterically) it took shape. I place this up on the mattress frame and it’s been mild sleeping a reassuring cloud ever since! Highly suggested.

The most comfortable mattress I have ever had!

I was somewhat skeptical to say at buying a mattress on the internet. But I am so thankful I did! I have experienced this Chime 10 Inch Mattress for about two months now and I really like it. It was quite simple to start and install – simply unzip the wrap and wait for a couple of hours for it completely inflate. I need to add, if you have experienced a memory foam mattress (I hadn’t ), then there can be an adjustment interval. That very first night I got in bed and actually didn’t understand what to believe.

It certainly doesn’t feel to be an internal spring mattress. I can not really describe it, that the foam is compact and firm (that I favor ), but not overly firm. You feel helpless. However, the sensation of no motion move was something that I needed to get accustomed to. My puppy getting in and out of this bed was able to wake up me all night. Not any longer! It took a couple of nights, but every night was somewhat better. Now, after nearly two months I totally love it. Add to this the price and that is a true no-brainer!

Great Mattress

I waited to write this review so that I really could find myself the way I enjoyed the mattress. This Chime 10 Inch Mattress is remarkable. I have never needed a more comfortable bed. I was somewhat wary buying this bed online however after taking a look at the reviews that I chose to purchase it and I do not regret it one bit! Certainly worth the price at an excellent cost. I received that the 10-inch mattress and though I do not feel as though it actually got to exactly the 10 inches, so I am fine with this since it’s such a fantastic bed!

Best online mattress!

This Chime Hybrid Mattress is the best mix of comfort and support. Easily the best mattress I have owned thus far. I have possessed memory foam (Tempurpedic) and spring up coil-supported beds, but not a hybrid of memory and amps foam. After test-resting a hybrid mattress that price actually ten times the price of the mattress, I chose to save the $and give this a go. Though it does not possess the ultimate comfort of the 3400 mattresses, it does not have an exorbitant cost and it is quite soft and encouraging. Literally the ideal bed!

Affordable Excellence!

This is actually the very first time that I’ve obtained a mattress on the internet. I could not resist the pricing. Quite costly. Super comfy but still far too costly. When I had a mattress for the bed I jumped in the inexpensive choice. This Chime 10″ Hybrid Mattress is at least as comfy as my pricey king-sized mattress. I am happy I bought. I intend to buy a full-sized one for the additional guest bedroom. Do not wait.

Incredible Comfort and Comfortably Priced

Purchased this for my guest bedroom. I seemed for beds for hours since my mother was coming to see. She’s very picky and desires only the very best. I didn’t wish to break the bank, and so I attempted to study. Anyhow, the poor boy arrived wrapped in a box. The box was hard to move in my home but after I got it undid, it was just like magic. My mother visited praised concerning the mattress. Now, I have had three additional folks sleep and appreciate it.

Guests Love It

This Chime 10″ Hybrid Mattress produced by Ashleyfurniture is precisely what I want in my entire life! It is excellent and incredibly soft! If you enjoy a mattress to be lavish and like hotel relaxation that is it! My favorite part is that I never feel that the turning and shifting of my boyfriend whilst sleeping, previously I’d like to feel that the motion and listen to the springs but that hybrid would be the very best!

Amazing bed to sleep on super comfy

This Chime 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress is currently about a year old and it is still sleeping terrific. It started to a whole 12 inches and that I managed to sleep in exactly the exact same night it had been delivered. I was able to start it independently with only small difficulty. Even though it was a small hefty. I’m not a tiny girl and I don’t have any issues on this Chime Hybrid Mattress. I really like it and I am happy with it.

This mattress is comfortable for sleeping

My mattress came today and I could not be happier!! It has just been a couple of hours but since it continues to enlarge it grows more comfortable. I am 5’11 and that I match. I am a bodybuilder so that my entire body and my muscles are sore and once I put down I felt instant relaxation. My 17-year older includes a spinal defect. He’s fluid built up along with his backbone is badly crooked which induces him cool pain.

He adores the bed just as far as I really do. I’m a really cynical individual. Purchasing a mattress on the internet isn’t something that I really do. I read the testimonials and my gut said it is going to be nice and I was perfect. It’s defiantly worth the purchase. I’m impressed with all the mattress and I strongly suggest it!

The greatest bed ever!

This Chime 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress was simple to open and put up. Except it might have been much better had it wrapped it up together with all the coils around the exterior. After we started it unfurled, the coils have been at the top, therefore we needed to turn it on (not easily achieved ). In general, however, the mattress is really firm but comfy. That is to our guest area, so I won’t be banging it. But once I laid down with the mattress it felt quite great.

Good quality mattress

Purchased the mattress. The mattress I was two decades old. Paid a great deal of money for this. It was a platform bed and also did not take a box. I place this together with this old mattress. The previous two nites I’ve slept well. My husband has stated what a fantastic nite sleep he’s getting. I can’t feel springs. It’s quite comfy. I don’t have any complaints. If something changes I will upgrade.

A very good night sleep

I am shocked at how comfy this Chime 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress would be. We purchased it for our 10-year-old. I was not expecting much out of a sub $300 mattress at a box, but I am astonished! The description said it’d take about an hour “inflate” to complete size but I believe it popped up in a couple of minutes. I’ve slept in and it’s remarkably comfy if far surpasses any expectation I have and once I am on the market for a brand new mattress for me personally, I will certainly keep in mind that one. I can not talk to wellbeing, but so far so great.

Surprisingly Comfortable