Linenspa 10 Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress Review

The Linenspa 10 Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress is a medium-firm feel mattress that ensures you a comfortable sleep every night. The combination of both innerspring and memory foam gives you a plush feel. The cover is very beautiful and soft. This mattress relieves your body’s pressure points. The support of this high-quality mattress is awesome. If you have any back issues such as back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, this mattress cures your pain. If you are a lightweight or heavy sleeper, it provides you highest support as well as better comfort. This mattress is available with the following sizes such as Twin, Twin XL, Full, King, and Queen. The price of this Linenspa 10 Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress is very affordable. Read the features and review below.


If you need a comfortable sleep every night, this Linenspa 10 Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress can be a good choice for you.

This 10-inch thickness of this mattress containing both spring and foam will give you strong support and balance your body weight.

This top-rated mattress will eliminate the pressure points of our body and ensure you a comfortable sleep.

This mattress has a nice and soft cover. You can easily open it and wash it.

All kinds of sleepers can use this mattress comfortably such as back sleeper, stomach sleeper, side sleeper, heavy & light sleeper, etc.

This Linenspa 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress offers 10 years limited warranty.

Linenspa 10 Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress
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FAQs About Linenspa 10 Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress

Yes, 100%. If you are a back sleeper, this Linenspa 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress can be a good choice for you. The 10-inch high profile will provide you great support to your back and body.

Off course. for both heavy and lightweight sleepers, this Linenspa 10 Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress is a perfect choice. It balances your body weight and gives you a pleasant sleep always.

No doubt. You can shop for this superb mattress at a very cheap and affordable price. The price of this high-quality and top-rated mattress is comparatively less than other hybrid mattresses.

Yes, this Linenspa 10 Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress is for all available bed frames in the market.

The Linenspa 10 Inch Memory Foam Innerspring Hybrid Mattress is rolled & compressed in a box. So, the box is the width of the mattress that is about 48-inch x 12-inch x 12-inch.

No, you do not require a box spring for the mattress. This Linenspa 10 Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress is fit with all types of bed frames, platform, and bed base.

There is no weight limit for this mattress. Both lightweight and heavy sleepers can use this mattress. If you are over 240 lbs, you can use this mattress roughly without creating any problem.

Yes, off course. You can use this Linenspa 10 Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress at least 10-12 years without having any problems.

This Linenspa 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress is not too firm and too soft. You will get a plush and medium-firm feel while sleeping on this mattress.

Yes. This Linenspa 10 Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress is available with Twin and Twin XL sizes which is perfectly fit for the children.

The Linenspa 10″ Memory Foam & Innerspring Hybrid Mattress might be used on several surfaces! They work great on a box spring, platform, steel grid, slatted base, and elastic base. The only option we don’t urge is placing your mattress directly on the floor.

I had been replacement a twin, the typical traditional kind as well as the twin flawlessly. The twin XL is only 5 inches more and additionally, you might have to acquire sheets that are this dimension. They are also known as dorm beds once I remember right.

We do not recommend leaving this item in the compacted state for more than one week after obtaining it. Storing everything in the compacted country increases the likelihood of decompression issues along with the Linenspa 10″ Memory Foam & Innerspring Hybrid Mattress. We would recommend ordering this item to accommodate letting it expand within this instant.

The LinenSpa 10″ Memory Foam together with Innerspring Hybrid Mattress, Full contains two mattress technologies – pressure-relieving memory foam together with supporting steel springs both operate with each other to earn a mattress that offers exceptional sleep relaxation. It is about the firm side and might be both off and sit on.

This Linenspa 10″ Memory Foam & Innerspring Hybrid Mattress includes a rayon/polyester interior design which serves as the fire retardant cover. There is no fiberglass in this mattress.

This design brings body fat to support and shape as you sleep soundly. The spring coat provides the standard bounce many like inside an innerspring mattress, also fosters the breathability of the mattress. This Linenspa 10″ Memory Foam & Innerspring Hybrid Mattress carries a 10-year warranty that shields against production defect. This enables reassurance that the coils will likely stay in position.

This Linenspa 10″ Hybrid mattress has a hybrid design that will permit it to sleep warmer in contrast to some traditional excellent memory foam mattress. In the event you become conscious of any heat, a wonderful procedure to cool down a mattress will be to use watertight sheets like walnut or Tencel.

This Linenspa 10″ Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress is likely to take advantage of any typical frame. It could possibly be used using a box spring, a point frame, a stair frame or a flexible foundation.

This Linenspa 10″ Memory Foam & Innerspring Hybrid Mattress might be used on any base that provides exceptional support and venting in the manner of a box spring, platform, steel grid, slatted base with measurement no wider than 3-inches, or possibly a flexible foundation.

This Linenspa 10″ Memory Foam & Innerspring Hybrid Mattress at the Queen size measures 79 x 59 inches and was made to match all types of regular-sized Queen bed frame.

Great question! We realize your concern. No matter the name, bedbugs can travel, copy, and thrive in various areas apart from your beds. Couches, clothing, suitcases, etc. will be the method of introducing bed bugs into the weakest areas. Together with the procedure by which where the Linenspa 10″ hybrid mattress is routed, it is not feasible for any insect to continue being alive throughout transportation.

Yes, this Linenspa 10 Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress will hold your spine and back perfectly and reduces your back pain. It’s crucial to contemplate firmness together with the total comfort level of a mattress and also the fact that it can support specific health problems. Your mattress is really a substantial investment; therefore, making the proper choice requires both study and consultation with the right experts. Continue reading for some expert guidance on picking out the very best mattress to your back issues.

Orthopedic pain requires many different kinds and back pain may vary from reduced back (sciatica) all of the ways up into the neck and shoulders. Before, individuals were advised to pick the firmest mattress readily available to help cancel back problem, but now we know that is bad information. In reality, for gastrointestinal problems, a firm choice is your worst option.

A recent study revealed a semi-firm mattress supplied the very best sleep for sciatica victims. Upper backbone and neck pain are less frequent but nonetheless an issue for lots of folks, generally from bad posture or chronic pressure from the muscles. These complaints generally also react well to some semi-firm mattress however, you might have to take into account the kind of cushion you use in addition to sleeping posture.

The sciatica study noted previously demonstrated that moderate levels of firmness have been beneficial to lower back discomfort, as a result of a blend of pressure and support distribution. Stress factors are a substantial factor in mattress choice in any scenario, but be much more crucial when back issues are found. While an extremely firm mattress exacerbated pain amounts in the analysis, an extremely soft mattress was both painful.

The expression supportiveness, also as it pertains to mattresses, describes the level to which a mattress retains the body to a flat plane, versus enabling some parts to sink or be lower compared to many others. Again, moderation is usually the ideal option for both service and firmness.

The analysis went on to demonstrate that those people sleeping in fresh beds reported less pain. Your shoulders and hips must sink in somewhat without the gaps present between your backbone and also the mattress. When lying on the side, there has to not be any strain on the hip or shoulder.

Orthopedic specialists recommend seeing a neighborhood mattress retail shop whenever you have lots of time to research and examine. Spend some time talking with the sales adviser and be ready to describe your particular pain profile, sleeping customs and present mattress kind. Carry your own pillow together and intend to invest 15 minutes studying out every one of your top 3 options before making a choice. Even though there isn’t any 1 magical selection of mattresses for back pain, doing just a small research and expecting an expert to steer you in the ideal direction can allow you to create the right choice.

Yes, it’s strong support system will aligns your back, spine, & neck perfectly and give you a natural spine shape and also reduces your pain.

To locate the treatment for sciatica you first must begin knowing its character. This appears to be an extremely straightforward job but there a variety of folks who translate sciatica because of an easy back issue. But, it’s different in contrast to a normal backache. Sciatica may be explained as a piercing type of headache and electrical shocks and shocks. This can be by the inflammation which begins in the plantar nerve. The sciatic nerve is the major nerve that conducts sensory purposes in the lower backbone all the way down to the feet.

The part of the adrenal nerve from the body is quite crucial since it’s in charge of relaying data to the mind. It’s accountable for organizing motion control and sensory feedback of their feet and legs. There are lots of probable causes of the beginning of sciatica. The most frequent disease is called a herniated spinal disk. The disc functions as a cushion into the back vertebra. But in the event the disk slips from its first location, it occupies the area for the nerves. Compression begins, also sciatica develops.

The remedy for sciatica is not the exact same for many sufferers. Step one towards a sciatica treatment is discovering a particular condition. Consult a seasoned doctor regarding sciatica. Creating a successful treatment will start with a full medical record test, followed closely by clinical exams such as an X-ray and MRI. These evaluations are given only in the event the physician deems them to become required.

To heal sciatica is to cover the inflammation. Medical specialists recommend straightforward bed rest and avoiding strenuous pursuits. Medicines for anti-inflammatory and muscular relaxing functions are usually prescribed to the individual. In acute cases of sciatica, oral steroids to get a more competitive dose of anti-inflammation are also prescribed. This is sometimes an immediate anti remedy for sciatica. Some conservative sufferers of sciatica favor ice and heat packs program to the bloated area to heal the pain.

Addressing the inflammation and pain are partial remedies of sciatica. Many caregivers motivate patients to run carefully designed exercises blended in using physical treatment sessions. This can assist in preventing future sciatica episodes.

A surgical procedure for your sciatica treatment is possibly the last alternative for patients. In several cases, surgical therapy isn’t needed. But, it ought to be seriously contemplated when sciatica isn’t treated after about a few weeks of subsequent nonsurgical cure strategies.

Sciatica operation intends to prevent compression, therefore supplying the regular area for the thoracic nerve to work normally. The surgeon might want to clean a bone surrounding the guts or eliminate a damaged disk. Luckily, a fantastic proportion of folks are fully healed from sciatica without having to undergo an operation. These are the folks whose sciatic nerves aren’t injured forever.

The time period to heal sciatica pain is in the three months to a few months for many cases. Sciatica at a mild or moderate type isn’t regarded as a medical crisis but the discomfort and pain it brings may impede somebody from living a regular life. As a result, the best choice is to find the help of your physician whenever you have the very first signs of sciatica and learn as much as possible regarding the treatment choices which are best to you personally.

No, you can use this mattress on one side. The other side has been designed for placing on base or frame.

Other Customers Reviews About Linenspa 10″ Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress

Great merchandise at a remarkably low price! I was skeptical about these bunk beds yet after reading plenty of favorable reviews and seeing which the 10 yr. Guarantee I believed I’d have an opportunity. It arrived after. After removing the plastic instantly popped up and has been ready to be utilized. The moment I set it I knew I left the perfect choice, it’s fairly comfortable and has the perfect quantity of firmness. Really enticing, well made! My final two bedrooms were totally memory foam, both costing roughly $600-$700.

Memory foam is much more comfy for around ten minutes and you sink into it becoming uncomfortable with limited range of motion, and also it makes you hot. Just like what moderation is essential, this Linenspa 10 Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress comprises only 1.5 inches of memory foam in addition to the rest is spring, that the most perfect combination of rebound and softness. I’m delighted with this merchandise and would suggest to anyone! God bless!

Fantastic Mattress!

I got this thing in May 2017. Initially, I had been skeptical about buying a mattress that arrives at a box, but the price was really outstanding. I chose to give it a try. Five months after, this will be my take on the product: If you desire a firm mattress with excellent support, this one will supply you. I had hoped it would be a bit softer, as there’s memory foam on the very top, but it still gave my butt and shoulders a few pressure spots.

However, I would find a cheap and easy remedy for this particular circumstance. 1 foam mattress pad and two cushioned mattress cover later, I feel like I’m sleeping on a cloud. Despite buying the surplus padding, it had been under $200 with this specific solution, therefore I believe that it’s well worth the price when you think about exactly how much additional email purchase mattresses are choosing.


It’s been a week like I began on this Linenspa 10 Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress and I am very near neglecting my classes since I keep oversleeping. I normally take daily naps and they had been two hours and they have gone since it’s much too comfortable. It is worth mentioning that I weigh approximately 250 lbs and I truly don’t have any difficulties using this mattress around now. Finest advice to the mattress would be to be sure to get it into the bed till you pierce the vacuum cleaner. This is a tiny heavy to manage because I’d bought a queen mattress.

Better Sleep

Folks have been accommodated, sometimes I sleep the mattress because my husband snores very horrible, and I love it. I loved it sufficient to acquire a Cali king to receive our grasp in the 10-inch measurements. The twins are the full 8 inches, or so the king is 8.5 nevertheless should be 10, also, it’s full of this middle, it seems to be firmer than the larger ones too and has induced me to aches and pains.

I called Amazon to figure out about coming, and they say isn’t any situation. I’m anticipating the new (different version ) to arrive before sending this. There is also no boundary help, you really feel like it’s possible to roll straight away, especially with all the large place in the middle (which isn’t 10 inches ). Somewhat disappointed in the Cali king. Additionally, it is two inches shorter, so it isn’t 84 inches it’s much like 82. I’m ready to genuinely feel the springs out of the Cali king and I’m a stomach sleeper that occasionally rollers into either side and it hurts my buttocks.

Fantastic mattress

I was very worried about the quality of the mattress on account of the price, but I shouldn’t have concerns because the Linenspa 10 Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress is fantastic. I made the mistake of studying folks saying the mattress was rather firm and bought a topper before attempting it. It’s actually quite comfy. I wouldn’t bother with the topper, or this type of thick person handed my chance on. It looks frightening after you cut the plastic and it unrolls quite quickly. The springs look as if they are still popping however, it looked.

Nice Mattress

To begin with, I want to go over the company LinenSpa. They are an A grade firm that cares about your own customer. The Linenspa 10 Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress is excellent, you will not be disappointed, and if it’s not really your comfort level they market memory foam toppers to deliver merely a little cushion. If you proceed, its probably going to feel like Heaven, Its a high excellent mattress from a superb firm. If you are thinking about getting your mattress from someone else won’t, you might regret it. Quick delivery, fast setup, and rapid gratification. I couldn’t be more pleased with my mattress or service that has been granted to me.

Wonderful Sleep

I bought this about 3 weeks earlier, the Linenspa 10 Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress to both year-old son’s loft bed and it is fabulous! The fabric is soft and incredibly comfortable. Along with the price is unbeatable. The altitude was like 9 inches also I expect that considering that the mattress has been wrapped and compacted in a box for however long. I was skeptical about purchasing this item hearing seeing bed bugs from different reviews but I honestly feel some people may have confounded miniature speckles as bed bugs.

There has been an ant trapped within the plastic but likewise, the mattress comprises wrapped in 2 mats. The vinyl desired debris, dirt, lint speckles, in addition to an ant even though the legitimate plastic covering the mattress was absolutely apparent in the inside. Then eliminate the outer plastic with the dirt to fully inspect the authentic mattress. A variety of you is throwing away a totally excellent mattress over perplexed speckles of dirt such as bed bugs.

Good Bed

I have been sleeping in an air mattress to acquire a year to acquire allergy symptoms. It’d been murdering me. My back was stiff, my wrists hurt and my wrists can fall asleep. I was quite skeptical about this Linenspa 10 Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress although it had plenty of positive opinions. (Lots of people complain concerning the corners not popping up entirely square and flat. I truly don’t think my corners can pop up when I was wrapped for transportation. This one didn’t tug the corners completely. Who cares? Decide on a sheet and then closed up)

It is zero fumes, odors or any other. It is not affected by my asthma at all. Lying on it hurt my spine for approximately 3 days. However, Wait…The pain was outside from it realigning my spine along with stretching it out. My hips don’t harm and my wrists don’t fall asleep. pain-free!!!! I’ve had it for 1 month and it is still completely horizontal with no scratches or drops. That may be considerably less than the firm. The foam will be the ideal thickness. I feel it might be too hot in case the foam was thicker because it might allow you to genuinely sink a lot of. I truly don’t believe the springs or any other odd pressure variables. We only need half of these blankets I use to shoot. The foam keeps a very small heat. I completely hate a mattress. This is not a mattress.

Love This Mattress

I desired a mattress into the spare room for those nights when my husband relapse has too loud:) I don’t do this one because of this bed bug inspections. There aren’t a few bugs! It’s possible to discover tiny specks of whatever…but truly what? I supposed if you’d been cracked distress or out type paranoia, they’re confused for pests, however, come on! The toughest part of the full item was getting off the wrapping. It’s a fantastic mattress for your buy price. Nominal off-gassing, that may be OK! I might end up buying a mattress topper from Costco for this since I’ve got a lower back and hip pain….but for now, I’m very happy with it and might even go to be an afternoon snooze on it.

No Bed Bugs Found

Great product for the cost point. I was very amazed at the quality of building and comfort. This Linenspa 10″ Memory Foam & Innerspring Hybrid Mattress is my own very first mattress that came from a box in order that I had been skeptical, but was pleasantly surprised. The testimonials stating that bedbugs certainly grabbed my attention, however, that I did not understand how they had been introduced during the production or shipping process, so I called the Linenspa to get my reaction at the horse’s mouth. Clearly I bought a total of 6 mattresses plus them arrived well packaged and sealed with zero signs of ANY bugs. Do your research and then I believe that you are going to also set these concerns to rest.

Lovely Mattress!

I had a much better mattress to acquire a cot I had purchased. I wanted help and springs. It’s tricky to find both jointly to fit a roster cot. There is depth as soon as you set onto it in your drawback but also the support cradles you. It’s tricky to think it’s an innerspring mattress. I’d the mattress and decided that reviews were not quite powerful with this circumstance. I opened the box on my porch ready to perform it using insect spray if needed.

My fears are unfounded. The Linenspa 10 Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress has been fine. I truly do advocate starting it inside a sizable place because following the airtight seal was broken, then it instantly fills with air and expands. Furthermore, I made a choice to keep the plastic covering to move it into its place. It created slipping and carrying much easier and faster.

Good Sleep

After reading plenty of testimonials speaking of bedbugs I wrote to the brand new requested about this before buying and they’ve been immediate in their answer stating they had not found any substance to such claims. I bought the Linenspa 10 Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress from Amazon and it arrived in great shape and it took only 1 hour or two to rebound into its final shape.

I am an adult weighing 125 lbs and I wore off the mattress together with my child which weighs 140 lbs and our pup also united the pub. I’ve got a 2000 dollar mattress for my partner and me and I will state that when our king-sized mattress provides me I’d not hesitate to replace it on this! I bought a full-sized person for your daughter.

Nice Bed

I had been suffering from neck issues due to sleeplessness, and because sleeping on the mattress my neck isn’t in constant pain or stiff! It was approximately $200!!! I had a tiny budget to acquire a big Item, also I am Certainly Delighted with the Outcome! The package arrived as explained, vacuum and in a cardboard box. I had wanted a Thicker Foam although I am Beyond Pleased with this mattress!!!

I guessed down the stage I shall simply buy a mattress Topper! ‘d my mature woman, and 2 granddaughters and myself round the mattress the following day with the toddler Jumping, alongside the mattress and mattress, remained unshaken and didn’t move, meaning didn’t switch off the floor, or create a”resilient” awareness to us after we’d been putting it around. It claims to permit the mattress to accommodate its accurate measurements, however, in my own experience it began going off and that I slept hours following unboxing without problems!

The Quality is Beautiful and I really don’t know why anyone would pay a whole lot more money to get a mattress along with the specific same precise specifications yet a favorite name I envision. This mattress can be certified and has a warranty. I don’t even recognize it is coiled within it. We only know it’s so cozy I can’t wait to wear it st night and do not wish to escape bed out of the A.M.! I obtained the Full measurement.

Previously needed a Queen with an elastic remote-controlled base and when my ex went outside, I had to find a new mattress, quickly and within a budget and that I can’t be happier! I am in a position to say I’ve experienced both a high most economical mattress and base and this less costly option. I am unashamed with this masterpiece, even when compared with the prior.

Great Quality

To begin with, what attracted me to the mattress at the time was the price. It was approximately $100 then and I wasn’t taking a huge danger of a temporary mattress. This isn’t a guest room mattress that is hardly employed. I’ve used it nearly daily besides vacationing a few months earlier and there to the previous calendar year. For all those benefits and pitfalls, the mattress isn’t really comfy from the sense which you feel it’s fantastic as soon as you sit sleeping it.

I realized a while back that mattresses like this hurt my spine and that I will awaken in pain in the daytime. So instead of opting for a cozy mattress, I picked one which may be firm and execute the job of motivating me where my backbone wouldn’t hurt and the mattress has finished that job well. The Linenspa 10 Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress also has additionally maintained nicely for the previous calendar year.

It’s not slowed much and feels firm for me. We like this mattress to the point I am now upgrading to the queen measurements of the specific same brand new to your new site. I will probably keep this mattress to acquire a replica or possibly a guest to use.

Firm Feel

We didn’t want to dedicate some shit ton of money but wanted something I managed to sleep and be cozier. The mattress came two days later but in a bag just, no boat. It up and instantly detected three marks in the middle of your mattress. One was a scuff mark had been a pit and also had been a huge pull. So disappointed. Clearly it had been Friday night and nobody has been Linenspa.

Come Monday I called Linenspa and was advised that they actually sell a majority volume to amazon and that I would have to phone them. They moved me into amazon. I spoke and clarified my place to a very kind woman from amazon who sent me a brand-new mattress during the evening. She explained I could continue to maintain the broken one once I desired, I did, but I’d find a new one shortly. Fantastic customer care at Amazon’s conclusion.

I am happy

This is to receive a full-size floor bunk mattress. My partner and I are currently sleeping because of shifting and house arrangements. The desired something that just marginally better in comparison to a regular bunk bed mattress, however, nonetheless funding friendly. I did take this by the box and allow a couple of days to your little odor to head away and additionally the mattress to expand. It did expand to it’s recorded prestige. For the price I’m happy. We normally have a sleeping cooling mattress. I do prefer that but it’s not sensible to compare to the two.

Good Mattress

I had been somewhat worried about buying a cheap mattress online without visiting or feeling it. Our very final mattress was a super fancy $3k job we picked out within a complete weekend of visiting each one the mattress stores around. However, this time we’d been just outfitting a guest room that may only be used daily now and then. The materials feel great, the foam top is nice, together with the Linenspa 10 Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress offers excellent support, in order that my most recent guest has taught me. I’m super happy with this and will shortly be buying this in various measurements because we groom different guest rooms in our brand-new property.


Cozy and fitted inside my frame perfectly. I had been somewhat suspicious initially as it’s simply 10″ but also for the price it is a superb mattress. I’m 245 pounds so far there are no indicators of the sinking in I had the bed for almost a month and it’s still great as new. If anything seems as though it sinking or ripping I will update the guide but so far it’s looking as amazing as it was just as I have taken it in the box.

Does Not Sink