Lucid 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress Review – Queen King Full Size

The Lucid 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress is made of with Bamboo Charcoal and Aloe Vera Infused Memory Foam. This hypoallergenic mattress gives you a comfortable sleep by pulling moisture away and eliminating odors. This mattress gives you a relaxing and comfortable sleep environment. It is a plush feel medium-firm mattress. This mattress balances your body weight and relieves pressure points along the neck, back, and shoulders. The support of this mattress is very strong. You can get this mattress at an affordable price. It is shipped in a box with rolled and compressed. The mattress offers 100 nights free trial offer. The following sizes are available with this Lucid 10″ Hybrid Mattress such as King, Queen, Full, Cal King, Twin, Twin XL, etc. Read the features and review below.


This Lucid 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress contains Bamboo Charcoal and Aloe Vera Infused Memory Foam which gives you a hypoallergenic sleep.

This mattress is a medium level plush feel mattress that will provide you a cool and comfortable sleep.

This hypoallergenic bed will eliminate the pressure points of your body and ensure you a relaxing sleep.

Although this mattress has high-quality materials, you will get this at a very cheap and affordable price.

This mattress offers a great 100-night trial offer to you. You can use this bed minimum of 100 nights, if you do not satisfied with this, you can directly return to them.

This Lucid 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress offers a 10-year warranty from the manufacturer.

This mattress came to the market with the following available sizes such as King, Queen, Full, Cal King, Twin, Twin XL, etc.

Lucid 10 Inch Hybrid Queen King Full Mattress
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FAQs About Lucid 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress

Yes. This high-quality hypoallergenic mattress is a perfect choice for both back and side sleepers. You can use this fantastic bed for all sleeping positions.

Off course. The strong structure of this Lucid 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress will give you better support to your back and relieves your pain.

Yes. You can undoubtedly use this mattress for heavy sleepers such as 240-280 lbs.

Yes, 100%. If you have a Queen size mattress, you have to use a Queen size bed frame. It can adjust to all kinds of bed frames.

No, this Lucid 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress contains Bamboo Charcoal and Aloe Vera Infused Memory Foam that reloves all smells and odors and gives you a pleasant sleep environment.

No, this Lucid 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress consists of Bamboo Charcoal and Aloe Vera Infused Natural Foam only. You do not find any spring & coils.

The company offers a 100-night free trial offer with this product. You can use this bed up to 100 nights and then return it if not satisfied.

This Lucid 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress is not a firm mattress. You will get a plush medium-firm feel.

These all brand new foam products may have a fresh smell which should dissipate very fast. This odor is totally benign and happens as the memory foam grows. A fantastic method to take out the odor faster is to set the mattress at a well-ventilated space having a fan blowing it out. Should you continue to observe the odor, please reach us out and we could offer you with a few extra things to test.

Yes, all the foam and materials of this Lucid 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress are Certi-PUR-US certified. The quality of the foam is very high.

Not at all. All the materials are strongly certified and there is no fiberglass in it.

Yes, this Lucid 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress is perfectly fit for the back, stomach, and side sleepers as long as you’re looking for a medium-firm plush feel mattress.

It is not recommended to flip this bed. It has a top and bottom portion. You can rotate this Lucid 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress from head to foot for the most even wear.

Not firm. It is a soft feel and plush mattress. You will feel a medium level and comfier firmness.

We had accounted for around 4 weeks and I discovered the side of the bed I sleep is much softer compared to the side which does not get slept on. Although it is softer, it doesn’t feel irregular or sagging. It’s still quite supportive and I’ve had no back pain. The mattress is ranked as lavish so I am guessing it is normal. Personally, I felt that the mattress was a bit too firm if we got it I’m happy it softened a bit. Perhaps try out sleeping on other faces of the poor therefore that it softened much more evenly.

This mattress doesn’t arrive with a box spring. But this Lucid 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress doesn’t absolutely require you. It may be utilized with a foundation, stage, slatted frame or box spring. I’ve got mine in an adjustable mattress base.

Yes, this Lucid 10″ Hybrid Mattress will probably work good in an adjustable mattress frame. In reality, most of the Lucid mattresses could be paired with a box spring, stage, metal grid, slatted base, or flexible foundation for optimum sleep.

I actually bought this Lucid 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress mine about 3 weeks before I opened up the box. I purchased a new home and knew I had a new mattress. I’d sent it to me on sale and retained it from the box before I had been transferred in. It was absolutely nice and opened as it should with no issues at all. We recommend eliminating this Lucid 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress from the packaging when possible to make sure that it correctly expands. If the mattress is started following the 30-day return and it does not fully extend, it’s a lot more challenging to send out replacements or issue penalties. But, we’ll always do what we can to solve the circumstance.

Our mattresses are CertiPur accredited and equipped with security in mind. Go for a suitable foundation which offers sufficient support and venting, along with your mattress will offer secure, comfortable reassurance for several decades.

A 10-year guarantee is included on this Lucid 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress if it’s bought directly from Amazon and doesn’t have to be purchased individually. It covers almost any manufacturer defects or unusual changes from the substances of this Lucid 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress as time passes.

After the king-size package with this list is arranged, it is going to incorporate a king mattress plus two twin XL foundations, which is side-by-side to earn a king framework. These are the 3 things in the package.

Every mattress comes with a different texture, therefore it is dependent on what you want. The latex hybrid is going to get a firmer feel and also the gel memory foam hybrid is going to get a softer texture. We’d be delighted to offer you additional details about the differences and make a recommendation based on your tastes in the event that you’d love.

A heated mattress pad may be used for this Lucid 10″ Hybrid Mattress as long as It doesn’t get over 125 degrees.

It enlarged for me in 30 seconds I recommend after the maintenance card instructions it includes though it states to not put on it because that I think 48 hours. The people who said otherwise might not have followed directions.

Yes, this Lucid 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress could appear at compressed and vacuum-sealed for easy delivery. We utilize specially made machines to roll and compress those mattresses in a manner that does not harm the coils.

The Lucid Bamboo Charcoal & Aloe Vera hybrid mattress was made to be medium-plush and certainly will have movement of sinking in texture with its high layer of memory foam. The Lucid Latex hybrid mattress is designed to be medium-firm and also will have a more responsive feel with all its high layer of latex.

It was thick for me. I had my child lift it on the mattress in the roster form and we labored on launching it from that point. It’s a hefty mattress.

No, you do not need to unbox this Lucid 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress when it arrives. Whenever you do decide to open it, then please let at 48-hours for your mattress to completely expand

Sure, this Lucid 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress ships rolled and compressed in a box. You just need to unbox this bed.

This Lucid 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress was made to possess a medium-plush texture and can often work nicely for side sleepers. Bedding tastes vary and we’d be delighted to assist you with a personalized recommendation.

I was confused also before I purchased this Lucid 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress and attempted it. My spouse and I enjoy a rather soft mattress and after I sat down with this one it felt firm for me after that very first night’s sleep… it was ideal for me. I never slept. I really don’t enjoy a mattress that’s too firm. Unfortunately… you would need to test it to know whether it is perfect for you. I believe that this Lucid 10″
Hybrid Mattress somewhat about the softer side… firm but leaning towards the softer side.

The memory foam layer of the Lucid 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress is infused using bamboo blossom to help remove smells and cradle the body as you sleep. The aloe vera transition foam makes relaxing and relaxing sleep surroundings which encourage daily freshness.

Well, that depends upon the older woman’s tastes and requirements. The latex hybrid is somewhat firmer than the memory foam that allows for easier movement on the mattress. A firmer mattress usually means it’s simpler to escape bed, which may be an advantage for an older individual.

Bamboo charcoal stems from parts of bamboo plants that are harvested and burnt ovens to create charcoal. We infuse this to the upper layer of the mattress to naturally remove odors and pull away moisture from the skin to get a sterile mattress.

You are able to sleep your mattress the moment it has enlarged enough to become comfy. As a few units can take a bit more time to enlarge, we advocate permitting up to two days for full growth before having some issues.

I am using this Lucid 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress for five months. I am not sure it becomes softer, however, I find I am becoming more comfortable and much better quality sleep that the more I’ve got it. It’s a firm mattress versus plush.

Provided that the measurements work to your mattress frame and the mattress will probably have both sufficient support and venting, this Lucid 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress will probably work fine.

Nothing outside there any greater. We’re side sleepers. We’ve owned this Lucid 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress for nearly a year and now we don’t have any complaints! We adore our mattress. Earlier this order, we’d a Serta memory foam mattress. I loathed that mattress. No assistance! You merely sunked to it with no support. Together with my insomnia, I had been hurting daily. With all the Lucid 10-inch mattress, I normally wake up with no pain. You will not be disappointed

The Lucid memory foam hybrid mattress was made to possess a medium-plush texture and superb support. Regrettably, we do not offer you this specific mattress at a firm choice, however, we do provide different mattresses with firmer textures and we’d be delighted to offer you bedding recommendations according to your own comfort preferences.

This Lucid hybrid is a really sturdy mattress which may support approximately 450 pounds. If you’re having a heavier obligation mattress, we’d recommend searching for a mattress that’s created for considerable quantities of weight reduction.

You can but it is a fairly heavy mattress so locating sheets to match the extra 2-inch can be rough. It is firm but soft enough that you truly don’t require the down comforter in my view.

Even the 10-inch and 12-inch variations of the mattress will feel very similar. Both are intended to have a medium-plush texture and both unite the responsiveness of springs along with the aid of memory foam. They’ll feel somewhat different because of the different thicknesses of polyurethane coatings inside them and you have a slightly lower profile compared to another using all the 2-inch height gap. Bedding preferences change which is precisely why we provide such many different alternatives.

This Lucid 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress is intended to maintain any sensible body weight and won’t sag over the years if it’s correctly maintained. A frequent reason why a mattress will begin to sag if it’s not utilized on a suitable base. All mattresses will need to get utilized on a reassuring and well-ventilated foundation. Such foundations comprise box springs, stage foundations, slatted bases together with slates no longer than 4 inches apart, metal grid foundations, and flexible bases. This Lucid 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress is endorsed with a 10-year guarantee also that covers flaws like sagging.

The best layers are all memory foam layers that have been infused with bamboo, bamboo along with aloe vera. A number of these inventions were shown to be somewhat valuable to humankind. Visco-elastic memory foam broadly called memory foam is among those highly valuable creations. Researchers began to comprehend many possible customer and healthcare uses of Visco elastic memory foam, and so, it had been marketed to a public business that succeeded in bringing the very first memory foam mattress from the 1990s.

Before the mattress sector had persisted for several hundred years at the feeling that no inventions were made inside the business. The debut of memory foam in mattresses indicated a landmark moment in the foundation of this business. The consciousness linked to the advantages of memory foam began to spread quickly following its debut from mattresses. A good deal of manufacturers began using it within their mattresses now, at least 20 percent of those mattresses offered in the marketplace are memory foam mattresses.

The mattress was outfitted with a rather softcover, and this can be highly elastic. The cover empowers an extremely wonderful sense of the mattress and can also be instrumental in supplying an atmosphere layer between the human body and the mattress. This atmosphere layer increases the nicety of this Lucid 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress. Lucid also has made use of memory foam at the upper layers of the mattress. 1 layer of memory foam was infused with bamboo, along with another layer that was infused with aloe vera.

Both of these layers provide all of the benefits of memory foam and also in addition to those have added properties linked to the accession of bamboo, bamboo along with aloe vera. As, among the features of memory foam is to offer pressure point relief, the very top layers of the mattress. Give this relief — among the early uses of Visco elastic memory foam associated with medical usage. The substance was introduced into the health care area and has been used to give security, cushioning in addition to relaxation t people who had been admitted to the intensive care system at hospitals, and it was also utilized in making futon cushions.

While sleeping, in case someone lay in precisely the exact same position for a lengthy period, the joint impact of the gravity yanking him downwards along with the immunity of the mattress in the upwards direction could bring about the worsening of blood flow and also the soft tissues which have trapped in the center become more prone to harm. The viscoelastic memory foam provides a remedy for this dilemma since it alleviates pressure points and reduces body sores in addition to pain in sensitive places.

Memory foam is both body-conforming and requires the form of the human body. That is precisely opposite to the problem using conventional beddings which compelled the entire body to contour to them. The memory foam is somewhat different in comparison with conventional coil springs. It doesn’t apply a strong pushback within the human body or put any extra upward pressure however only contours to the shape of their human body.

Memory foam affirms the numerous areas of the body around the mattress rather evenly. This produces the backbone align itself in a neutral place. This wouldn’t occur on a different kind of substance. On coil springs, metabolism becomes focused on regions that are directly beneath the body. This also contributes to the shoulders as well as the position of the heels the load. This is bad for both back and side sleepers because their lower thoracic area doesn’t get the essential support. The individual begins to have problems with muscle tension and reduce back pain.

The support offered by memory foam and also the capability to ease pressure points alleviates not only the pain felt from your system now but additionally prevents greater of it from occurring. A large amount of those who have utilized memory foam mattresses report pain in their own back, shoulders, back, and buttocks have decreased considerably. Individuals with fibromyalgia and arthritis additionally favor memory foam.

They experience optimum comfort level since their backbone is properly aligned, the memory contours to your own entire body and doesn’t put extra strain on their sensitive places. The memory cradleland melds to each component of the human body, and in this manner, the sleeper gets the most comfortable place during sleep. No stress points are made. Memory foam mattresses also give a selection of alternatives much as a taste for firmness amounts is worried.

Conventional mattresses produce waves of movement when an asleep partner goes. Couples using different sleep schedules have been significantly bothered if a spouse gets up. They don’t move it into the sleep spouse. If one spouse becomes up, another one isn’t jolted. In conventional mattresses, dust mites begin living and flourishing and trigger indoor allergies. Usually, standard coil spring mattresses have a huge number of dust mites in them since they have big open spaces in which they are easily able to reside.

Memory foam is compact and so, doesn’t permit this luxury into them. Therefore, memory foam mattresses are naturally watertight, and they may be easily paired with sterile covers to make ensure that no allergies problems arise. Per dander and light can also be supplied by memory foam. There are a few memory foams that have very reduced VOCs or even off-gassing and this assists folk that are allergic to scents.

The best 2 layers of polyurethane within this Lucid 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress are filled up with bamboo and permit vera, respectively. The bamboo charcoal extract, which can be known as Takesumi in Japan provides a good deal of health and health-related advantages. Bamboo charcoal is based naturally and contains superior absorption properties. Even the bamboo-charcoal memory foam coating combines comfortable sleep experience along with health benefits. The attributes of bamboo persist for quite a long time.

Bamboo charcoal extract in memory foam guarantees a calm, comfy, and wholesome sleep encounter. Many interior architects and designers really like to recommend these for their clientele. They remove the body, regulate temperature, and consume body toxins that the body discharges as perspiration, and therefore are anti-dust mites and antibacterial. The aloe vera fuse to the memory foam boosts a brand new feel and gives a luxurious and relaxing sleep encounter.

The bamboo charcoal along with aloe vera infused memory foam layers are encouraged with a 2-inch high-density service foam coating in addition to the 5.5-inch coating of coil innerspring that are individually pocketed. Not just, these layers offer the essential support to maintain the body in position but additionally ensure motion isolation because those coil springs become compacted that are directly beneath your system. Since the body goes off, they recover their original form.

The comfort of this Lucid 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress results from the joint action of all of the memory foam layers in addition to the help of foam coating along with the coil springs. In the last several decades, adjustable beds are getting quite popular, and also this Lucid 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress is readily utilized with them. Memory foam layers within this mattress bend with the flexible base and also this manner, it begins to contour to the various positions that are accepted by the elastic foundation.

The mattresses continue to keep their durability when combined with flexible beds. After the mattress gets flat or gets removable, the memory foam coatings continue to ease pressure points in addition to provide support. Traditional innerspring just mattresses wouldn’t be quite as elastic, and so they might provide less comfort or support if used in flexible beds in distinct places — the accession of memory foam coatings within the mattress’s changes.

The mattress supplies a moderate plush texture as a consequence of the memory foam layers, so the transitional service foam coating, along with the coil springs acting collectively. It permits an extremely gentle and soft relaxation, which can be combined with a balanced amount of support from the aid foam along with the coil springs beneath. The extract of bamboo and aloe vera in its upper two layers guarantees coolness, ponds scents, and wicks moisture off. The combo of this infusions and memory foam create this celebrity hypoallergenic dust mites, allergens, and advertisement other organisms are repelled. Thus, this Lucid 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress is an excellent selection for anybody facing allergy difficulties, sensitive skin and sensitivity to odor, etc..

The bamboo extract produces a cool sleep encounter because this layer of memory foam not just contours to the shape of their human body but also wicks moisture away and body heat out from your mattress thus supplying a trendy and temperature-controlled, moisture-free microenvironment in addition to the mattress. This enables a fantastic and comfortable sleep encounter during the evening and prevents any potential tossing and turning because of distress linked to moisture or heat.

Not having dust mites, allergens, etc., helps farther, and also the sleeper has the most gratifying sleep potential. Individuals with allergies don’t wake up with saturated perspiration and skin problems and feel energetic and full of energy in the daytime. This lets them confront the upcoming frantic day with complete confidence. Fantastic night with ideal and Comfy sleep is the trick to stay energized and active throughout the day.

The relaxation of this mattress can also be regarding the ergonomics supplied via this Lucid 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress because it doesn’t enable the sleeper to sink in the mattress despite supplying a moderate plush feel in addition to the mattress. The memory foam levels make sure that the entire body is suitably shaped and cradled, along with the bamboo infusion guarantees a warm and humid sleep in the desired temperature. The aloe vera extract further produces a new texture, and all these result in lots of comforts during the evening. In addition to the support foam coating along with the coil springs foundation guarantee, this high degree of relaxation is totally supported ensuring there is not any sinking feeling in any way.

Other Customers Reviews About Lucid 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress

I purchased this Lucid 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress together with a bedframe which demanded no box spring, I’ll state that the mattress is amazing and quite comfy, you MUST receive the shield sheet I’m unsure how long that the caliber of the mattress will last if something had been spilled, it is really soft.

Surely will need assistance carrying box, so be sure to have floor area or someplace FLAT to put the mattress out of 48-72 hours as if it arrives it’s very compacted into a box and actually reminds me of these small animals which you put in water which rise, except without water to get this only let it sit yeah there is my critique. Thinking about buying for my child’s update. I would definitely recommend.

Great Mattress

I really like this Lucid 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress! We’ve got two at our holiday home in our guest area and I look forward to moving there to sleep with this cozy bed within the king mattress that we sadly purchased before these. The mattress is only the ideal mixture of firm yet soft. We wanted to purchase a king size because of our primary residence but sadly they don’t ship to Alaska.

I’m a 130-pound female who enjoys the somewhat softer mattress, my spouse is 250 pounds, and enjoys firm (he enjoys it too ) our buddy is 180lbs and enjoys firm. It does not appear to matter which kind of mattress or dimensions of the individual, everybody who sleeps with this Lucid 10″ Hybrid Mattress adores it. You can’t beat the cost, it is more comfy compared to our 2000 + King in your home.

Perfect mattress

That Lucid 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress is so comfy. Amazing that you may buy such a comfortable mattress on the internet and get it delivered to people home. It arrived from a box. A massive box. Opened up at the area it had to be. Unpacked and allow it to do everything. The following day its thing has been completed. Lol. We purchased a very simple metallic framework we sat the mattress. And viola. Set a wonderful fresh sheet collection and soft cushions. And like a baby. However, sleeping like infants 6 weeks afterward. Of course using a sleeping spouse that you enjoy, a lot, certainly helps also.

Fantastic Sleep

This Lucid 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress was sent to my flat and just like every bundle large or little, was essentially dumped from the rear of the UPS truck around the porch. Yes, I have whined and UPS is quite sorry for the annoyance. The main point is that I really choose to pay slightly more when I could access FEDEX or USPS nowadays. Straight back into the mattress. It’s heavy. Much like….really hefty. It’s packed in a plastic roll utilizing a fairly large grade plastic.

The moment I obtained through the layers of vinyl that the mattress began enlarging and once I pitched it on the mattress it seemed like it was prepared to proceed. I know that it’s supposed to sit awhile and I am confident it is going to keep growing into its full capacity but it was overdue, and I’d work 12-hour shifts, I’d assembled the box spring until I opened it I gave it an hour and went to bed. It staged amazing. In case it has any better I intend to suggest to the person who owns the provider.

I really enjoy this Lucid 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress and whether it is fresh and that I can not say how it’s going to do after a couple of years of decades, it was excellent last night.

Awesome Mattress

I have been sleeping for approximately two weeks now and it’s wonderful! I can’t think a mattress feels so great for such a fantastic price. We initially went into a mattress firm and purchased a 2500 mattress. We returned after a day due to how expensive it really is. This Lucid 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress is quite much like this Serta. It is lavish yet firm. I am a 5’11 man, 270lb and that I sleep in my Stomach largely but frequently turn in my rear or sides through the night. I’ve got zero pain and sleep like a baby. It encourages me in each of the places that I sleep in.

It is not overly soft as though I”m sinking in but isn’t firm like any other mattress I have slept on. The hybrid is the ideal mattress to decide on. I’d certainly suggest this Lucid 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress! I was reluctant at first since some folks said it had been challenging. I read a lot of reviews for times on mattress and that I ”m very happy we went for this one.

Great mattress!

We’ve purchased 3 of them today and love all of them. They’re firm but nevertheless not so difficult you feel as if you’re putting on a plank. The material stays up very well and it’s simple to receive it in your own door, take from this box, allow it to air out for a couple of hours and then only put on your own bed! This simple! Fantastic excellent stuff and just like I said we’ve got a full, queen and king within this Lucid 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress and totally love it and will purchase again if we need a different one.

We love this Lucid 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress

We bought this Lucid 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress for a guest region and have been quite happy with the guest’s remarks. All of them have stated they had a decent night’s sleep. The mattress was delivered in a couple of days and we instantly eliminated from packaging and put on the framework. It began to grow almost instantly and has been at it complete shape inside a couple of days. We didn’t touch it for around a week, however, if we did there was no odor and also the twin dimensions as described. We’re extremely satisfied with the mattress, as well as the quality obtained at the purchase price.

Surprisingly comfortable!

I actually did not understand what to anticipate ordering a mattress on the internet, but I’d done an excellent deal of study on this particular brand. The thing which helped me to purchase was that the 30 days Amazon return coverage. I figured if I did not enjoy it I’d just return. The mattress arrived in our home and we all did as instructed and also gave it 48 hours fully atmosphere before usage. This Lucid 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress slept great! It is the very first time in a very long time back pain that didn’t wake up me and push me from the bed into my recliner. We shifted out of a SleepNumber for the Lucid 12 Hybrid and don’t wish to return. I give this mattress a thumbs up!

Back Pain Relief

I really like this Lucid 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress! We made a decision to update to a king-size mattress, and even when we did not, our previous mattress was approximately 12 years of age and ready to be replaced. After much study, a hybrid seemed like the ideal option for us and we ended up purchasing this one. It came in a fairly tight up box, however, the mattress itself was still in excellent condition.

It was very thick, but we dwell on the first floor so that it was not too bad putting it in the flat and about the mattress base. The mattress enlarged to approximately 9 inches nearly immediately and did not have some weird smells (amazingly ). It was comfortable from the very first night on this and it’s only enough squish to genuinely cradle your system without sucking on you in. I receive a fantastic night’s sleep and also the mattress has not sunken in or changed shape. The drawback is the fact that it does endure just a tiny heat.

I really don’t see, however, my husband really is a popular sleeper and occasionally it disturbs him. In general, however, this Lucid 10″ Hybrid Mattress is a fantastic mattress, particularly for the purchase price.

Comfortable and great value!

I followed the directions to depart the mattress to resize after eliminating the packing, and it recovered the whole 10″ assured! Last night was my very first night’s sleep in the mattress, also I must say I am 100 percent happy with this item! I stressed about it being overly soft (my own peeve using memory foam mattresses) – it certainly is not! Additionally, I stressed it may be also firm, since there were a few reviews that indicated that, but I believe this Lucid 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress is a whole lot softer than several pillow-tops whom I’ve struck.

I can not call this a challenging mattress, nor can it be too soft. I would say it is just right! Concerning the comments regarding odor, yes there has been a sort of fresh paint odor for all those 48 hours, however, the directions say to allow it to”inflate” at a well-ventilated area for about 48 hours, and so that is exactly what I did and the odor is all but gone!

GREAT mattress