Lucid 12 Inch Hybrid Mattress Review – Queen King Full Size

The Lucid 12 Inch Hybrid Mattress is made of with Bamboo Charcoal and Aloe Vera Infused Memory Foam. This hypoallergenic hybrid mattress provides you a cozy sleep by pulling away moisture and removing odors. This Lucid 12″ mattress provides you a more relaxing and cozy sleep environment. This Lucid 12″ hybrid mattress balances the bodyweight and alleviates pressure points across the back, neck, spine, and shoulders. The supportive power of the mattress is extremely powerful. You’re able to shop this hybrid mattress for an inexpensive price. It’s sent in a box having compressed and rolled. The Lucid hybrid 12″ mattress provides 100 nights free trial deal. The following sizes are available with this Lucid 12″ Hybrid Mattress such as King, Queen, Full, Cal King, Twin, Twin XL, etc. Read the features and review below.


This Lucid 12 Inch Hybrid Mattress contains Bamboo Charcoal and Aloe Vera Infused Memory Foam that will provide you a comfortable and hypoallergenic sleep.

This Lucid 12″ hybird mattress is a medium plush feel mattress which will give you a comfy and cooler sleep.

This Lucid 12-inch hypoallergenic hybrid mattress will remove the stress points on the own body and ensure you a relaxing sleep.

Though this Lucid 12-inch hybrid mattress includes high quality substances, you’ll find this at a really economical and very affordable cost.

This Lucid hybrid 12-inch mattress supplies a fantastic 100-night trial offer for you. You are able to take advantage of this bed minimum of 100 nights, even should you not happy with this, you’re able to directly return .

This Lucid 12 Inch Hybrid Mattress supplies a 10-year guarantee from the manufacturer.

The 12″ Lucid Hybrid Mattress came into the marketplace with these available sizes such as King, Queen, Full, Cal King, Twin, Twin XL, etc.

Lucid 12 Inch Hybrid Bamboo Charcoal and Aloe Vera Infused Memory Foam Mattress
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FAQs About Lucid 12 Inch Hybrid Mattress

Yes. This high quality Lucid 12″ hypoallergenic mattress is the ideal selection for both side and back sleepers. You are able to use this wonderful mattress for many sleeping styles.

Of course. The powerful structure of the Lucid 12 Inch Hybrid Mattress will provide you greater support for the back and relieves the pain.

Yes. You may undoubtedly utilize this 12″ hybrid mattress for heavy sleepers for example 240-280 lbs.

Yes, 100 percent. In case you’ve got a Queen size mattress, you’ve got to use a Queen size bed frame. It can adapt to all sorts of mattress frames.

No, this Lucid 12 Inch Hybrid Mattress comprises Bamboo Charcoal along with Aloe Vera Infused Memory Foam which reloves all odors and bad scents and provides you a nice sleep atmosphere.

No, this Lucid 12 Inch Hybrid Mattress Includes Bamboo Charcoal along with Aloe Vera Infused Natural Foam Just. You don’t locate any spring up & coils.

The Lucid company provides a 100-night free trial offer for this Lucid 12″ Hybrid Mattress. You are able to take advantage of this bed around 100 nights and return it if not happy.

This Lucid 12″ Hybrid Mattress isn’t a too firm mattress. You’ll find a lavish medium level firm feel.

All of these brand-new foam products might have a fresh odor that ought to dissipate extremely fast. This odor is completely benign and occurs as the memory foam develops. An excellent procedure to take the odor quicker would be to place the mattress in a well-ventilated space with a fan blowing out it.

Yes, all of the foam and substances of the Lucid 12 Inch Hybrid Mattress are Certi-PUR-US accredited. The caliber of the foam is extremely significant.

Not Whatsoever. All of the materials are firmly certified and there’s no fiberglass inside.

Yes, this Lucid 12 Inch Hybrid Mattress is totally match to your back, tummy side sleepers provided that you’re looking for a medium-firm lavish texture mattress.

It’s not encouraged to reverse this Lucid 12 Inch Hybrid Mattress. It’s a top and bottom part. It is possible to rotate this hybrid mattress in head to foot to the wear.

It’s not a firm mattress . It’s a soft texture and luxurious mattress. You may truly feel a moderate level and comfier firmness.

We’d accounted for about 4 months and I found that the negative of the bed that I sleep is considerably softer in contrast to the negative that does not have slept on. Even though it’s softer, it does not feel sagging or irregular. It is still fairly supportive and I have had no back pain. The Lucid 12 Inch Hybrid Mattress is rated as extravagant therefore I’m guessing it’s normal. As for me, I believed the mattress was a little too firm when we got it I am glad it softened a little. Maybe try out sleeping other faces of those poor so that it softened more evenly.

This Lucid 12 Inch Hybrid Mattress does not arrive with a box spring. However, this hybrid mattress does not absolutely require one. It could possibly be used with a base, phase, slatted frame or box spring. I have mine within a flexible mattress foundation.

Yes, this Lucid 12 Inch Hybrid Mattress will likely work great in a flexible mattress framework. In fact, the majority of these Lucid mattresses may be paired with a box spring, platform, steel grid, slatted base, or elastic base for optimal sleep.

I really purchased this Lucid 12 Inch Hybrid Mattress mine about 3 months until I opened the box up. We bought a new residence and knew I had a brand new mattress. I had delivered it to me personally sale and kept it in the box until I were transferred . It was totally opened and nice as it must without any problems in any way. We recommend removing this Lucid Hybrid Mattress in the packing when possible to be certain it properly develops. If the mattress has been launched after the 30-day return also it doesn’t fully stretch, it is much more difficult to ship out replacements or problem penalties.

The Lucid mattresses are all CertiPur licensed and equipped with safety in mind. Proceed for the right base which provides sufficient venting and support, with your mattress may provide safe, comfy reassurance for many decades.

A 10-year warranty is contained with this Lucid 12 Inch Hybrid Mattress if it is bought straight from Amazon and does not need to be bought separately. It covers virtually any manufacturer defects or abnormal modifications in the materials of the mattress as time moves.

Following the king-size bundle on this particular list is organized, it’s likely to include a king mattress and two twin XL bases, which can be side-by-side to make a king frame. These are the 3 items at the bundle.

Each mattress includes a different feel, it is therefore determined by what you would like. The Latex Hybrid will obtain a firmer feel as well as the gel memory foam hybrid will acquire a softer feel. We would be thrilled to give you additional particulars about the gaps and make a recommendation based on your own preferences in the occasion you’d love.

An heated mattress pad might be used with this particular Lucid 12″ Hybrid Mattress provided that It does not get over 125 levels.

It enlarged me 30 minutes I urge after the upkeep card directions it comprises though it says not to place on it since that I believe 48 hours. The men and women who said otherwise may not have followed instructions.

Yes, this Lucid 12 Inch Hybrid Mattress might look at compressed and vacuum-sealed for simple shipping. We utilize especially made machines to roll up and compress these mattresses in a fashion that doesn’t hurt the coils.

The Lucid Bamboo Charcoal & Aloe Vera hybrid mattress has been created to function as medium-plush and surely will have motion of sinking in feel with its top level of memory foam. The Lucid Latex 12″ Hybrid Mattress was made to be medium-firm and will have a more responsive feel with each of its high coating of latex.

It had been thick for me personally. I had my kid lift it at the mattress at the roster form and then we worked on starting it from there. It is a heavy mattress.

No, you don’t have to unbox this Lucid 12 Inch Hybrid Mattress as it arrives. Whenever you do decide to start it, then please allow at 48-hours to the mattress to totally enlarge.

Sure, this Lucid 12 Inch Hybrid Mattress ships wrapped and compacted at a box. You simply have to unbox this hybrid mattress.

This Lucid 12 Inch Hybrid Mattress was created to have a medium-plush feel and may often get the job done well for side sleepers. Bedding preferences vary and we would be thrilled to help you with a personalized recommendation.

I was perplexed too before I bought this Lucid 12 Inch Hybrid Mattress and tried it. She and I like a fairly soft mattress after I sat back with this one it felt firm for me then very early night’s sleep… it was perfect for me. I slept. I truly don’t delight in a mattress that is too firm. Regrettably… you would have to examine it to understand whether it’s ideal for you. I feel this Lucid 12″ Hybrid Mattress slightly concerning the softer side… firm but leaning towards the softer side.

The memory foam layer of the Lucid 12 Inch Hybrid Mattress is infused with bamboo blossom to assist eliminate scents and cradle the entire body as you sleep. The aloe vera sign foam creates calming and relaxing sleep environment which promote daily freshness.

That depends upon the elderly lady’s tastes and preferences. The Latex 12″ Hybrid Mattress is slightly firmer compared to memory foam which allows for easier movement on the bed. A firmer mattress generally means it is easier to escape mattress, which might be a benefit for an elderly person.

Bamboo charcoal stalks out of elements of bamboo plants which are burned and harvested ovens to make charcoal. We infuse this on the top layer of the mattress to obviously eliminate scents and pull moisture away from your skin to acquire a sterile mattress.

You can sleep your mattress precisely the minute it’s expanded sufficient to develop into comfortable. As a couple units can require a little more time to expand, we urge allowing up to 2 weeks for full expansion prior to having some difficulties.

I’m employing this specific 12 Inch Hybrid Mattress for 5 weeks. I’m unsure it becomes thicker, but I find I’m getting more comfortable and far better quality sleep which the more I have it. It is a firm mattress versus lavish.

Provided the dimensions work for the mattress frame and the mattress will likely have both adequate help and ventilation, this Lucid 12 Inch Hybrid Mattress will likely work good.

Nothing out any higher. We are side sleepers. She and me have owned this Lucid 12 Inch Hybrid Mattress for almost a year and today we do not have any complaints! We love our mattress. Before this arrangement, we had a Serta memory foam foam mattress. No support! You just sunked to it without a support. Along with my sleeplessness, I was hurting every day. Considering all this Lucid 12-inch mattress, then I typically wake up without any hassle. You Won’t Be disappointed.

The Lucid memory foam hybrid was created to have a medium-plush feel and excellent support. Unfortunately, we don’t provide you with this particular mattress in a firm choice, but we do provide unique mattresses with milder textures and we would be thrilled to provide you with bedding recommendations based on your comfort tastes.

This Lucid hybrid mattress is a very sturdy mattress that might support roughly 450 lbs. If you are using a heavier duty mattress, then we would recommend trying to find a mattress that is made for considerable amounts of weight loss.

You can but it’s a relatively hefty mattress so finding sheets to coincide with the excess 2-inch could be demanding. It’s firm but gentle enough that you really don’t need the down comforter in my opinion.

The 10-inch and 12-inch versions of this Lucid Hybrid Mattress will feel quite similar. Both are meant to possess a medium-plush feel and unite the responsiveness of springs together with the assistance of memory foam. They will feel somewhat different due to the various thicknesses of polyurethane coatings within them and you’ve got a slightly lower profile in contrast to the other using all of the 2-inch height difference. Bedding preferences vary that’s exactly why we supply these many distinct choices.

This Lucid 12 Inch Hybrid Mattress is meant to keep any practical body weight and will not sag over the decades whether it is correctly preserved. An ordinary reason a mattress will start to sag if it is not used on the right base. All mattresses need to go used on a more reassuring and well-ventilated base. Such foundations include box springs, phase bases, slatted bases collectively with slates no more than 4 inches apart, metal grid bases, and elastic bases. This Lucid 12 Inch Hybrid Mattress is reinforced with a 10-year warranty too that covers defects like sagging.

The top layers are memory foam layers which were infused with pine, bamboo, bamboo together with aloe vera. Numerous those inventions were demonstrated to be very valuable to humanity. Visco-elastic memory foam widely referred to as memory foam is one of those exceptionally valuable inventions. Ahead of the mattress industry had lasted for a few hundred years in the feeling which no creations were produced within the company.

The introduction of memory foam indicated a landmark moment at the base of the firm enterprise. The understanding associated with the benefits of memory foam started to spread rapidly following its introduction in mattresses. A whole lot of manufacturers started using it in their mattresses today, at least 20% of these mattresses extended in the market are memory foam mattresses.

The mattress has been outfitted with a fairly softcover, and this may be quite elastic. The cover enables a very wonderful awareness of this mattress and may also be useful in providing a feeling layer between the body and the mattress. This air layer raises the nicety of the mattress. As, one of the characteristics of memory foam would be to provide pressure point relief, also the very very best layers of the mattress.

The material was introduced to the healthcare field and was used to provide safety, cushioning along with comfort t individuals who’d been admitted to the intensive maintenance program in hospitals, and it was also used in creating futon cushions.

While sleeping, if a person put in the specific same place for a protracted period, the combined effects of the gravity yanking him along with the resistance of the mattress at the upward direction could cause the worsening of circulation as well as the soft tissues that have trapped at the heart become more likely to injury. Memory Foam is equally body-conforming and demands the kind of the body.

That’s precisely contrary to this issue utilizing traditional beddings that forced the whole body to shape to them. The memory foam is slightly different in contrast with standard coil springs. It does not employ a strong pushback inside the body or place any excess upward pressure but only shapes to the shape of the human body.

Memory Foam affirms the several regions of the body across the mattress instead evenly. This creates the backbone to align itself at a neutral location. This would not happen on another sort of material. On spiral springs, the metabolism becomes more concentrated on areas that are directly under your system. This also leads to the shoulders in addition to the job of the heels that the load. This is awful for both side and back sleepers since their lower thoracic region does not get important support. The person begins to get issues with muscle strain and decrease back pain.

The support provided by memory foam as well as the capacity to alleviate pressure factors alleviates not merely the pain felt out of the body today but also prevents more of it from happening. Plenty of people who have used memory foam mattresses report pain within their back, back, shoulders, and buttocks have significantly diminished considerably. People with fibromyalgia and arthritis also prefer memory foam.

They experience optimal comfort level because their backbone is suitably aligned, the memory shapes to your very own body and does not place an additional strain in their sensitive areas. The memory cradleland melds to every part of the body, and in this fashion, the sleeper has the comfiest location during sleep. No pressure points are created. Memory Foam mattresses also provide a choice of choices much as a preference for stability levels is concerned.

Traditional mattresses create waves of motion as soon as an asleep spouse goes. Couples utilizing different sleep schedules are significantly bothered when a partner receives up. They do not move it in the sleep partner. If one partner becomes upward, another one is not jolted. In traditional beds, dust mites start alive and booming and activate indoor allergies. Normally, conventional coil spring beds have a massive number of dust mites inside them because they have large open spaces in which they can easily be able to live.

Memory Foam is streamlined and therefore, does not allow this luxury right into them. Consequently, memory foam mattresses are obviously watertight and they might be readily paired using sterile covers to ensure that no allergies issues arise. Per light and dander may likewise be provided by memory foam. There are a couple of memory foams that have quite low VOCs or perhaps off-gassing and this helps people who are allergic to scents.

The top 2 layers of polyurethane in this mattress are stuffed up with bamboo and also allow acrylic, respectively. The bamboo charcoal infusion, which is called Takesumi at Japan provides a great deal of health and health care benefits. Bamboo charcoal relies naturally on on and comprises exceptional absorption properties. The bamboo-charcoal memory foam coat joins comfortable sleep experience together with health advantages.

The features of bamboo persist for a very long moment. Bamboo charcoal infusion in memory foam ensures a serene, comfortable, and healthy sleep experience. Many interior designers and designers genuinely prefer to recommend these to their own clientele. They eliminate the entire body, regulate temperature and absorb body toxins the body sparks as sweat, and are anti-dust fleas and anti-inflammatory. The aloe vera fuse into the memory foam fosters a brand-new texture and supplies a relaxing and luxurious sleep experience.

The bamboo charcoal together with aloe vera infused memory foam layers have been invited using a 2-inch high-density support foam coat along with this 5.5-inch layer of coil innerspring which are independently pocketed. Not only, these layers offer you the crucial support to keep the body set up but also ensure motion isolation since those coil springs act compacted which are directly under the body. Considering that your system goes away, they regain their initial form.

The relaxation of the Lucid 12 Inch Hybrid Mattress results in the combined action of each one the memory foam layers as well as the assistance of foam coat together with the coil springs. In the past several decades, flexible beds are receiving extremely popular, and this mattress is easily used together. Memory Foam layers in this mattress bend together with the elastic base and this fashion, it starts to shape to the numerous positions which are approved from the elastic base. The mattresses still maintain their durability when coupled with elastic beds.

Following the mattress becomes flat or gets removable, then the memory foam coatings are still facilitated stress points as well as give support. Conventional innerspring only mattresses would not be as elastic, and thus they may offer less comfort or service when used in elastic beds in different places — that the accession of memory foam coatings over the mattress varies.

The mattress provides a moderate plush feel for a result of the memory foam coatings, therefore the transitional support foam coat, alongside the coil springs acting together. It allows a very soft and gentle comfort, which may be used in conjunction with a balanced quantity of support in the help foam in addition to the coil springs under. The infusion of walnut and aloe vera at its own upper two layers ensures coolness, colors smell and wicks moisture away…

The bamboo infusion generates a trendy sleep experience because this layer of memory foam not merely shapes to the shape of the body but also wicks moisture off and body warmth out from the mattress thereby supplying a stylish and temperature-controlled, moisture-free microenvironment along with the mattress. This permits a great and comfy sleep experience during the night and prevents any possible tossing and turning due to distress connected to heat or moisture.

Not needing dust mites, allergens, etc., which helps further, and additionally, the sleeper gets the most pleasing sleep possible. People with allergies do not wake up having saturated perspiration and skincare issues and feel lively and full of vitality in the daytime. This allows them to face the forthcoming hectic day with absolute assurance. Great night with perfect and Comfy sleep would be your key to remain energized and energetic throughout the day.

The comfort of the mattress may also be concerning the ergonomics provided via this mattress since it doesn’t allow the sleeper to sink at the mattress despite providing a moderate plush texture along with the mattress. The memory foam amounts ensure the whole body is appropriately shaped and cradled, together with the bamboo extract guarantees a humid and warm sleep at the desirable temperature.

The aloe vera extract farther generates a new feel, and these lead to several conveniences through the day. Besides this aid foam coating in addition to the coil springs base warranty, this high amount of comfort is completely supported ensuring that there isn’t any sinking feeling at all.

Other Customers Reviews About Lucid 12 Inch Hybrid Mattress

I bought this Lucid 12 Inch Hybrid Mattress with a bedframe that required no box spring, so I will say the mattress is great and rather comfortable, you MUST get the protector sheet I am uncertain how long the grade of this mattress will continue when something was spilled, it’s actually soft. Certainly will require help carrying boxso make sure you have floor space or somewhere FLAT to set the mattress from 48-72 hours as though it arrives it is very compacted to a box and really reminds me of those tiny creatures that you set in water that grow, except with no water to acquire this just let it sit there is my review. Considering purchasing for my youngster’s upgrade. I’d certainly recommend.

Great Mattress

We have got two in our vacation house in our guest room and I look forward to going there to sleep using this comfy bed inside the king mattress which we unfortunately bought earlier these. The Lucid 12 Inch Hybrid Mattress is merely the perfect combination of firm yet tender. We wanted to obtain a king size due to our principal home but regrettably they do not ship to Alaska.

I am a 130-pound lady who appreciates the marginally milder mattress, my partner is 250 lbs, and loves firm(he likes it too ) that our buddy is 180lbs and loves company. It doesn’t seem to matter which sort of mattress or measurements of the person, everyone who cares with this particular 12″ Lucid Hybrid Mattress appreciates it. You can not beat the price tag, it’s comfier in comparison to 2000 + King into your property.

Perfect mattress

This Lucid 12 Inch Hybrid Mattress is Really Cozy. mazing you might purchase such a cozy mattress online and make it delivered to individuals dwelling. It came out of a box. A huge box. Opened up in the place it was. Unpacked and let it do everything. The subsequent day everything was finished. Lol. We bought an extremely straightforward metallic frame we stumbled on the mattress. And viola. Decide on an excellent new sheet set along with soft cushions. And just like a kid. But, sleeping such as babies 6 months later. Obviously employing a sleeping partner that you like, a whole lot, surely helps too.

Fantastic Sleep

Yes, I’ve whined and UPS is very sorry for the aggravation. The principal thing is that I actually decide to pay marginally more when I really could get FEDEX or USPS nowadays. It is heavy. Similar to….really is heavy. It is packed with a plastic roll using a rather sizable grade plastic. The minute I got by the layers of plastic the mattress started enlarging and after I pitched it about the mattress it appeared as though it was ready to move.

I understand that it is supposed to sit and I’m confident it will continue growing into its entire capability but it was late, and I would work 12-hour changes, I had constructed the box spring before I opened it that I gave it an hour and went to bed. It staged astounding. If it’s some greater I mean to indicate to the man who possesses the supplier. I truly like this Lucid 12 Inch Hybrid Mattress and whether it’s new and that I can’t state how it’s likely to take following a year or two of years, it was exceptional last night.

Awesome Mattress

I’ve been sleeping for about two weeks today and it is superb! I can not believe a mattress feels really good for such a wonderful price. We originally went to some mattress firm and bought a 2500 mattress. We returned after an afternoon because of how expensive it truly is. This mattress is very similar to that of Serta. It’s lavish yet business. I’m a 5’11 guy, 270lb I sleeping in my Stomach mainly but often twist in my back or sides throughout the evening.

I have got zero sleep and pain like a baby. It motivates me in every one of the areas that I sleeping in. It isn’t too soft as if I”m sinking in but is not firm like any additional mattress I’ve slept on. The hybrid mattress is the perfect mattress to choose from. I had been reluctant at first because some people said it was hard. I read a whole lot of testimonials for occasions on a mattress and I”m quite pleased we went with this one.

Great mattress!

We have bought 3 of these now and appreciate all them. They are firm but not so hard you feel as though you’re placing on aboard. The cloth stays up really well and it is easy to get it into your door, choose from this particular box, let it air out for a couple of hours and then just wear your bed! This easy! Fantastic excellent things and like I said we have got a full, queen and king in this Lucid 12 Inch Hybrid Mattress and completely love it and can purchase if we are in need of a different person.

We love this mattress

We purchased this Lucid 12 Inch Hybrid Mattress to get a guest area and are very pleased with the client’s opinions. All of these have said they had a good night’s sleep. The mattress was sent in a few times and we immediately removed from packaging and set on the frame. It started to rise almost immediately and was at its total shape within a few days. We did not touch it for about a week, but if we did there wasn’t any odor as well as the double size as described. We are extremely happy with the mattress, and in addition to the quality got at the buy price.

Surprisingly comfortable!

I really didn’t know what to expect ordering a mattress on the world wide web, but I had done a superb deal of research on this specific brand. The thing that helped me to buy was that the 30 times Amazon reunite policy. I figured if I didn’t like it I would just go back. The Lucid 12 Inch Hybrid Mattress came in our house and we did as educated and gave it 48 hours completely feeling prior to use.

This Lucid Hybrid Mattress slept excellently! It’s the very first time at a lengthy time back pain which didn’t wake me up and push me out of the bed in my notebook. We changed from a SleepNumber for its Lucid 12 Hybrid and also do not Want to come back. I provide this mattress up a loaf!

Back Pain Relief

We made a choice to upgrade to a daybed bed, and even if we didn’t, our preceding mattress was roughly 12 decades old and prepared to be replaced. After much research, a hybrid mattress looked like the perfect alternative for us and we all ended up buying this one. It arrived in a rather tight upward box, but the mattress itself was in exceptional condition. It was quite thick, however, we reside about the first floor in the order it wasn’t too bad placing it at the apartment and on the mattress foundation.

The mattress expanded to about 9 inches almost immediately and didn’t have some bizarre scents (incredibly ). I get an excellent night’s sleep, as well as the mattress, hasn’t sunken in or altered shape. The downside is that it does survive only a very small heat. I truly don’t see, but my husband is, in fact, a favorite sleeper and sometimes he disturbs him. Generally, but this Lucid 12″ Hybrid Mattress is an excellent mattress, especially for the buy price.

Comfortable and great value!

I followed the instructions to leave the mattress to resize after removing the packaging, and it regained the entire 10″ ensured! Last night was my first night’s sleep at the bed, and I need to say I’m 100% happy with this merchandise! Furthermore, I emphasized it might also be a company, because there were some reviews that suggested this, but I feel this Lucid 12 Inch Hybrid Mattress really is a great deal softer than many pillow-tops whom I have struck. I can’t call this a bed that is tough, nor is it too tender. I’d say it’s just perfect! Concerning the remarks regarding odor, yes there’s been a type of paint odor for those 48 hours, but the instructions say to make it to”Blend” in a well-ventilated area for approximately 48 hours, so that’s just what I did along with also the odor would be all gone!

GREAT mattress