LUCID 6 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Review – Gel Infused Firm Dual Layered

The LUCID 6 Inch Dual-Layered Gel Infused Firm Memory Foam Mattress is one of the most comfortable mattresses which is very cheap to purchase. This mattress consists of a 2-inch premium gel memory foam and a 4-inch high-density support foam base layer. The combination of both foam layers give you optimum support as well as premium comfort. This mattress is highly recommended for kids and children.

This LUCID 6″ Mattress is adjustable on all sorts of bunk bed frames such as standard bunk bed, futon bunk bed, trundle bed, loft bunk bed, murphy bed, etc. It provides great support in every sleeping position such as side, back, and stomach sleeping. This material of this mattress is CertiPUR US certified. You will get a medium-firm to firm feel while sleeping on it. The Lucid company offers 10 years warranty with this mattress. This mattress is available in the market with the following sizes such as Twin, Twin XL, Queen, Full, King, etc. Both the mattress only and mattress with encasement are available for this mattress. Read all the features and review below.


The price of this highly comfortable mattress is very affordable although it is made of high-quality durable materials.

The combination of both foam layers will give you extreme comfort throughout the night. It can ensure a deep sleep for every sleeper. The comfort level of this mattress is uncomparable to other memory foam mattresses.

The combination of both gel foam and high-density support foam will provide the highest support to side, back, and stomach sleepers. You do not feel any disturbance while changing your sleeping position.

This highly comfortable LUCID 6 Inch Memory Foam Mattress is designed for the kid’s bedroom. Kids are lightweight, so, the 6-inch thickness is perfect for them. If you want to get a good mattress for adults, you can choose 10-12 inches thickness.

This LUCID 6 Inch Memory Foam Mattress is very light and you can easily move it from one place to another place inside your house.

This LUCID 6 Inch Memory Foam Mattress offers a 10-year warranty. If you can use this mattress with proper care, it can last more than 10 years.

LUCID 6 Inch Dual-Layered Gel Infused Memory Foam Firm Mattress
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FAQs About LUCID 6 Inch Memory Foam Mattress

Yes, 100%. This mattress is perfectly designed for the youth and kids. You can use this LUCID 6 Inch Memory Foam Mattress for kid’s room as well as the guest room.

Sure. This LUCID 6 Inch Memory Foam Mattress is eligible to provide you equal comfort and support in the back, side, and other sleeping positions. So, you can use this mattress for back sleepers undoubtedly.

Yes, you will get a firm feel while sleeping on it. The firm feel is good for the spine and health. Although this is firm, but it will not create body aches and joint pain; it will give you a plush like a firm feel.

Yes. you can roughly use this LUCID 6 Inch Memory Foam Mattress more than 10-12 years. Proper care and maintenance can increase its durability.

This LUCID 6 Inch Memory Foam Mattress isn’t created with latex. It’s constructed from 2-inches of watertight gel memory foam and also 6-inches of foam. Though the mattress does not contain latex, it’s produced at a facility that manages latex foams.

We do not suggest using this LUCID 6 Inch Memory Foam Mattress on a futon since it isn’t supposed to be folded to the sofa position. Forcing it to do this can harm the mattress.

This LUCID 6 Inch Memory Foam Mattress was made to give excellent support and moderate texture, and ought to continue at least the duration of this 10-year guarantee. To help prolong the life span of your mattress, then we advocate having a reassuring and well-ventilated base like a box spring, or stage, alloy grid, slatted base with diameter no more broader than 3-inches, or even a flexible base. Wearing your mattress every couple of months will even allow it to consume more evenly.

An encasement is a sort of mattress shield that fits across the entire mattress to shield it from fluids, pollutants, and bed bugs. This LUCID 6 Inch Memory Foam Mattress can be bought on your own or you are able to buy it into a package with an encasement in which you are able to wear your mattress to protect it.

Yes, the LUCID 6 Inch Memory Foam Mattress includes backed with our 10-year guarantee. The mattress is sure to last the duration of this guarantee or be substituted if there aren’t any supernatural adjustments to the substance.

We recommend having a mattress shield to guard your investment with the purchase of any mattress. Whether you select a fitted-sheet design or encasement fashion shield, you’ll have the reassurance that comes with understanding your mattress will probably be secure in case of a spill or injury.

It will be dependent on where you purchase them and what substance of sheets you opt for. Additionally, there is an excellent range of mattress encasements obtainable for a queen-sized mattress which we provide which are inexpensive.

There have been several innovations in polyurethane which must alter the methods where foams could be changed to modify the softness. As an instance, we can generate a 2-pound topper which would be far sexier than the usual 5pound foam utilized for foundation amounts of mattresses. So, stability is no more determined exclusively from the density. Rather, stability ratings from the maker is going to be a much better metric for specifying the feel. This LUCID 6 Inch Memory Foam Mattress is designed to possess a very firm texture and outstanding support and endurance. Our stability scale steps you to 5, with one being firm and five plush. This specific mattress is just one.

This LUCID 6 Inch Memory Foam Mattress has to be on a foundation that’s inviting and well-ventilated. Such foundations comprise stage bases, box springs, and slatted bases together with slates no longer than 4-inches other than metal grid foundations, or elastic foundations. A metal slatted base with slates 3-inches aside will probably work good.

The LUCID 6 Inch Memory Foam Mattress just includes a firm texture. But you are able to customize the texture with the addition of mattress toppers that could produce the mattress feel a lot plusher.

The mattress only alternative usually means you will only obtain the mattress which you selected, not the encasement extended in another choice. In this situation, you’ve decided on the 6-inch mattress just choice so that you are going to obtain the LUCID 6 Inch Memory Foam Mattress at Queen size.

In the event you decide to obtain a 6-inch or even 8-inch mattress using an encasement, then you’ll also be obtaining a mattress protector which encases the whole mattress. Encasements protect your mattress out of bed germs, dust mites, allergens, fluids, and also stains so that your mattress can endure with a long-distance span.

This encasement of this LUCID 6 Inch Memory Foam Mattress covers the whole mattress for total protection against bed parasites, bugs, fluids, and also stains. The deep pocket layout accommodates mattresses out of 6 to 18 inches deep and the base elastic generates a smooth, stable fit.

We recommend allowing at 48-hours with this LUCID 6″ Memory Foam Mattress to completely expand but will be will generally expand considerably quicker. It’s possible to sleep on the bed when it’s gotten to a comfortable height for you.

Should you purchase the mattress and encasement choice, you are going to obtain the encasement dimensions to match the mattress dimensions you purchased. Should you purchase the twin, then you’re going to be given a double mattress and a double encasement.

Memory Foam does obviously become more firm with chilly temperatures and reacts finest in warmer room temperatures. With this said, we recommend keeping your bedroom in standard room temperature to make sure the very best softness to your own mattress.

We don’t specifically check for weight loss limitations for our beds, but any fair weight may be accommodated. Normally the thinner mattresses work greatest for children and childhood as well as the thicker mattresses such as the 10-inch to 16-inch work better suited to adults and people with thicker frames

We urge that adults proceed together with our 10-inch or thicker mattresses. Another thing which may help to be aware of is the thicker the bed that the thicker and more lavish it will texture, which is very good for side sleepers to help alleviate stress points.

I’d think that it would be useful for anybody under 400 lbs. I’d make certain to acquire a rubber or plastic sheet. It includes a cover however when there is an injury at the nighttime, it’s not simple to wash.

The LUCID 6″ Memory Foam Mattress doesn’t repel dust mites. We recommend having a mattress guardian or encasement. A shield or encasement are usually supposed to be waterproof and supply a barrier against dust mites.

The Lucid 6 Inch Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress double size steps at 38 inches broad, 75 inches long and 6 inches higher. Provided that these dimensions fit inside your daybed, this mattress is going to be a fantastic fit.

We advocate applying this LUCID 6 Inch Memory Foam Mattress on some kind of foundation. Putting the product right on the flooring will restrict the venting on the base of the mattress which may result in issues with the mattress in the future.

As we know that a trundle bed is intended to slide beneath and present framework. This mattress is intended to function as 10″ thick, so it is going to be harmonious with a trundle framework, in the event the framework permits for a clearance over 10″. We’d advise quantifying this in your framework before purchase to make sure the mattress will suit under.

The cover which includes the mattress isn’t watertight. We’d encourage you to start looking into mattress guards since they have been removable/machine washable and also shield against fluids, bacteria, allergens, and dust mites.

We manufacture various dimensions of the mattress, so as to accommodate as many clients as you can. We don’t advise cutting on this particular mattress, as any change to this item will void the guarantee.

My spouse and I really found two double XL flexible bed frames, also put on the bed’s side by side. I would advise something quite solid for the best comfort and service. Whether an adjustable framework was not an alternative, good box spring or stage I am convinced will get the job done just fine! Good luck!

I am unsure about folding. Yes, it could be placed on the ground. Just remember it isn’t quite thick. It’s great for kids and quite thin people if you don’t include a duvet.

It ensures the mattress entirely, it zippers off and on. It’s very thin but sufficient to pay for both the mattress foam. We’ve got mattress topper on top of this, and linens and fit nice.

It’s thick enough for a great mattress for semi-standard usage, like a couch bed, however, I think that it could be too thick to fold like you. When it comes from this box and forms it has full form and dimensions, it is fairly sturdy for the foam.

You do not need to use a box. You are able to use a stage of some kind to encourage this, or you may purchase a base for this did for a different mattress. There is a couple of ways to put this up so it’s ideal for you.

This mattress is quite firm, with only enough soft shirt. I do not sink into it and it’s not too difficult! If you’re interested in finding a firm mattress, then I would strongly suggest this one.

I purchased my LUCID 6 Inch Memory Foam Mattress about 6 weeks back so I’m likely to gauge the dimensions. It’s tightly wrapped up into a box likely 5ft a few inches by 18 inches wide. You would not think that it would match, but it will. It’s wrapped tightly, but as soon as you start it unwrap it expands.

It’s a firm, but not difficult firm just like a normal mattress. I find it incredibly comfortable to sleep and provides excellent support. I would not ever return to a normal mattress. It bounces back after you escape bed.

I put mine on top of my mattress I have a hospital bed and when I’d lay on it it would sink more in the middle Today I have a hard foundation under it and I enjoy it much more.

Yes, that is utilized with no boxspring. We utilize our Lucid mattress with no box spring and with pliers and it works extremely nicely so it shouldn’t be a problem with a metallic platform framework.

The memory foam mattress includes a solid surface texture. Its inch thick in-ear service foundation makes this thing a fantastic choice not just for kids but also for people that are trying to find a firm bed that can effectively offer the proper and desirable rear service. Additionally, Lucid’s advanced open mobile technology generates a long-lasting and much more resilient memory foam that won’t lead to lasting body impressions together with the constant utilization of their mattress. Both inch relaxation layer has been encouraged with a heavier four-inch wrought iron foundation for additional stability and support foundation.

The product also has a 25-year warranty because the producer has fantastic confidence with the caliber of their merchandise. The building of this Lucid firm memory foam is made up using a six-inch thick memory foam mattress using a 2 inches top memory foam because of its relaxation layer and finally, a four-inch-thick autofocus support base memory foam. This firm comfort layer service foundation provides perfect service for the relaxation of its users. The merchandise consists of China and weighs only 27.4 pounds when sent. In addition, this merchandise was confirmed to be secure for you, your loved ones and the surroundings.

The Lucid’s memory foam mattress will help to make a lot healthier sleeping environment because it’s naturally resilient to dust mites as well as distinct allergens. Additionally, each one of the foams made by Lucid is just made out of CertiPUR-US licensed substances so that their goods were tested and accepted for the security of the substances used, their physiological functionality, in addition to the ecological stewardship. As a result of this, all Lucid’s goods are perfect for the indoor air quality, and also their beds don’t have artificial or natural latex of any sort. Together with each of the advantages of memory foam, most fulfilled customers assert this mattress may provide you more. Others compare the natural benefits of a normal firm mattress using Lucid’s unique firm memory foam, plus they’re definitely sleeping in a better and healthier way than previously.

The mattress 2 inches thick relaxation layer of excellent memory foam has the capacity to swiftly shape in line with the entire body structure, weight and position so as to alleviate any pressure factors in any portion of the human body, especially with all the shoulder back, neck and spine as it encourages the body’s normal curvatures. The memory foam actually contrasts the backbone suitably, improving the position and preventing some lower backache.

The firm feels this LUCID 6 Inch Memory Foam Mattress comes out of your 4″ high-density foam foundation that’s topped with 2″ thick coating of relaxation packed memory foam. What you wind up with is that a 6″ mattress that offers the perfect stability with softness and support. This mixture can allow you to get a superb night’s sleep without turning and tossing. You will not wake up with aches and pains.

The top memory foam which makes the top 2-inch of the mattress adjusts into the person’s body fat and the place they are sleeping in fast so relaxation comes quickly. Since it supports both the organic curves of the human body so fast, any back and neck pain you might be suffering from may be alleviated and sometimes, go off permanently. Lucid’s open mobile technology provides this LUCID 6 Inch Memory Foam Mattress the capability to switch into the shifting place of the sleeper fast so that you do not feel just like you’re lying in a crater.

The LUCID 6 Inch Memory Foam Mattress doesn’t have some strong and unpleasant odor that many memory foam products are reported to possess. It’s likewise low VOC. The CertiPUR-US certificate will guarantee you that the proper certification and testing were completed and this item fulfills particular criteria with this certificate. This criterion includes bodily functionality and indoor pollutants, and ecological consciousness. It is immune to dust mites in addition to some other allergens that make it a fantastic option if your child suffers from allergies. It’s also totally free of natural or synthetic latex.

At any time you purchase something more lasting, like a mattress, then you would like to learn that you will not be replacing it again a year after. There are lots of aspects which produce the LUCID 6 Inch Memory Foam Mattress durable and long-lasting. The combo of the open mobile technologies, in addition to the blend of high-density foundation service as well as the superior memory foam high part of the mattress, produces a mattress which may endure for a long time with the proper care and regular use. To grow its durability it includes a mattress cover which gives it some additional protection from spills and stains.

I can safely state the LUCID 6 Inch Memory Foam Mattress is acceptable for many people. It can assist any individual get a fantastic night’s sleep no matter their age, weight loss, some health care circumstances along preferred sleeping posture. I would like to indicate that the item may be used safely by people with allergies. I think people who’ve bone, muscle and joint problems could use it in order to acquire significant relief.

The substance gets more elastic when it’s subjected to the warmth of the human body. The pressure that the burden of the sleeping individual creates is dispersed equally in the cells of this substance. This provides excellent support and total relaxation. The backbone is naturally aligned along with the shoulders and neck become relaxed. You may feel immediate relief from some other breed, anxiety, pain, and distress. You’ll have the ability to relax completely and also to appreciate a blissful reenergizing sleep. This firm mattress prevents the transport of movement from among the sleeping spouses into another. This normally occurs when the mattress is soft and resilient. However, often your spouse affects his/her sleeping posture you won’t feel something.

Using its 6-inch thickness that this LUCID 6 Inch Memory Foam Mattress is among the thinnest available on the marketplace. This, nevertheless, doesn’t impact its attributes. In reality, I believe the comfort and support that it provides will be similar to those whose versions that are twice thicker can provide you.

For me personally, the depth of this mattress is a topic of private option. The bottom is 5 inches thick. It’s produced by high-grade foam. The depth is enough to present firm base support. The substance is made of exceptional quality so that it won’t get stained or disintegrate. It should continue to keep its firm composition from the long run with no particular maintenance on your character.

The very best comfort layer has a depth of two inches. It’s created completely out of memory foam. This coating supplies a distinctive balanced mix between softness and firmness. You may feel exceptional support and the relaxation that a doughy surface may offer.

The memory foam employed for the building of the firm mattress is resistant to mold and other germs. It doesn’t create or collect dust mites. It’s immune to other allergens and also to germs too. You may be sure that it’s secure and it will protect you in the typical pathogens within the home. The memory foam employed for the creating of the mattress is based upon the so-called open mobile technology.

Its primary function is to make certain the mattress keeps its normal form in any way times. This is very vital for the successful long-term utilization of the goods. Personally, I find that technology operates excellently and also to be tremendously valuable. It provides the best layer better venting too. The warmer surface will enhance your comfort even farther particularly during the hot months of this year.

The quilted cover of the memory foam mattress is made of a bamboo fabric mix. Bamboo is famous for its natural anti-inflammatory and moisture-wicking properties. The cover includes a zip that makes it effortless to eliminate.

Other Customers Reviews About LUCID 6 Inch Memory Foam Mattress

For somebody that requires a firm yet extravagant mattress, this match what I was just searching for. Foam mattresses were great, however, they had been offering me back pain once I awakened in the daytime. The GEL Foam is a far better choice. I’ll likely replace my memory with this model quite soon.

Better than Foam

The mattress was bought for the 8-year-old granddaughter. She stated it is extremely comfy and is currently sleeping in her bed for the first time because it came. All great!

Good buy

I enjoy this mattress a whole lot. It was simple to unpack and inflated equally. There wasn’t any chemical odor as other reviewers said. It’s a good deal more firm than I anticipated… I’d enjoy it a bit more if it had been only a small bit more lavish but it’s still comfortable.

Comfortable but firm

I’ve purchased two of those mattresses today for my children after it had been originally suggested by a friend year back. All these are fantastic mattresses and completely sufficient for our requirements. I used the very first person as a bunk bed mattress also it’s the best quantity of stability, even for the adult, though I work with them for my parents’ beds. I intend to buy another one shortly.

We've been happy with our purchase

I’d a six-inch one along with also the depth is best. I don’t own a mattress but it was an amazing company. My spine is more well-supported when lying around the mattress. Slight odor came when initially started. The LUCID 6 Inch Memory Foam Mattress enlarged quickly and there hasn’t been some dent or psychologist. Fantastic thing.

Appropriate Thickness and Firmness

Super comfy! We have slept great about the ” mattress. It is a firm but soft enough for everybody and we are using it with no mattress topper. We purchased this for our campervan after sleeping well on it we chose to replace our worn-out bed in the home using the ” version. The 8″ has been firmer/harder for a reason, rather than so comfortable to sleep by itself, therefore we needed to bring a memory foam topper into it. Together with the two” rollercoaster, the ” is fantastic today!

The two” and 8″ enlarged to their entire height over 48 hours after launching. They had a little foam odor to them. Not a strong odor (and I am allergic to chemical scents ) but evident. Luckily, it faded fast as we left every mattress sitting outside for a few days to air out and enlarge. There’s some type of fire sock below the cover, and I was quite concerned about the reviews discussing ceramic particles, but for now, the fire socks appear to be holding together, though I just pitched the covers just a few inches to find out what is happening inside there. The label says to not take out the cover and also to place clean when needed, so I am gonna stick to these directions.

I propose getting the excess encasement should you would like to have more protection from stains and dirt along with a cover which could be removed and off (we did not so that I can not offer you an overview of this encasement Lucid provides ). In general, we are quite delighted with those mattresses. Having a few inches of memory foam in addition to the 8″ mattress my spouse has managed to maneuver through the whole night without waking up and being not able to return to sleep as had occurred to her almost every night using our previous mattress.

We slept the 6″ within our campervan for 2 nights on our first excursion to it and felt great, and will likely be sleeping it more within the upcoming few weeks because we have a few more brief (2-3 nighttime ) experiences. Both are lying right on timber slat foundations –that the van mattress pliers are flat/unsprung and also our flat mattress has sprung slats. Hopefully, the two these mattresses can hold up nicely over a time period of sustained usage.

Comfortable mattress!

I bought this to use as an excess layer of comfort for little pull-out sofa/bed and to utilize in the rear of my suv for car camping. It is very comfy and fits perfectly for the two. I will need to see how it holds up over time, but in this cost, it appears difficult to conquer. Delivery was fast, along with the mattress enlarged to the entire 6 inches nearly instantly after unwrapping it.

Great mattress

We have purchased these mattresses previously and not disappointed! Mine is quite comfy. The packaging was somewhat awkward for a single person to manage, but I’d finally get the mattress from the box, then put it onto the framework and gradually cut off the bag and wrapped it out. I had an extremely comfortable night’s sleep!


It is perfect! It is firm but not hard, your body melts to it a bit and that I love it, not feeling every other motion on the mattress on this mattress! We unrolled it by the time we set the mattress together it was fine and complete totally fluffed into the 6 inches! Kind of Heavy!

Perfect firmness!

I find myself falling asleep placing my son. I normally wake a few times each night to test the Little’s however also have found myself sleeping through the night once I fall asleep putting him into bed again. My son corrected right off and sleeps throughout the night that he obtained this mattress his 1st birthday, then sleeps throughout the night.

Sleeping heaven

My son has transferred into some big boy bed and we chose to try out this mattress to your bed… it is super comfortable… The only thing I must complain about is that our very first order was erroneous. We obtained a king topper once we purchased a double bed mattress. Returning this was a nuisance. The things expand when the vinyl is removed… be certain it’s the appropriate thing before it develops!

Great mattress!

I have one at another lineup in queen and adored it when it was time to receive a twin because of the recovery area I went back into Lucid! This is bigger (6″ rather than 10″) compared to my queen also contains a cooling top layer that’s valuable to me in my own healing practice. Everybody else has remarked how comfortable it can be, and that I put it to use for meditation daily.

LOVE Lucid!

Purchased this LUCID 6 Inch Memory Foam Mattress at a double for our teenaged daughter’s mattress. She’s extremely satisfied with the mattress. She explained it’s extremely comfy to sleep. The mattress climbed to a full 6″ elevation inside a couple of hours of launching. Sheets fit flawlessly without falling off the corners. Quite happy with this order and the cost.

Very comfortable mattress

A bit heavy to take in the home, but I was able and I am a little woman. I am glad I chose this new after reading testimonials to a lot of brands. The mattress climbed into its entire size during the night. I place it in my mattress frame and left it through the night. I didn’t believe it had a very strong odor, however any odor it was gone within one single day. It is a really comfy mattress and I don’t have any complaints. Additionally, I found this to be quite reasonably priced. I also have a cushioned mattress topper on mine which adds yet another 3 inches, which makes the 8″ mattress a great diameter for me personally and my mattress frame.

Comfortable and affordable

My husband made this to install his semi-truck, and it matches really nicely in the groin region. He states that this mattress is actually nice and he enjoys how comfy the mattress is. Another mattress he’d was murdering his spine so that he discovered that he needed to purchase it to give it a try. His back isn’t hurting him and he’s got a fantastic night’s sleep with this mattress.

Very nice, comfortable mattress

I truly like this particular mattress. It is not the lightest, but it’s a fantastic mattress should you ever experience continuing annoyance on your lower spine like I really do. This is my very first mattress buy as a grownup, so the quality and price is matched with the expectations I had. Very happy to have bought.

Great quality for its price!

You purchased this mattress since we needed a firmer mattress compared to the one we’ve. We also purchased a 10 inch around three years back to our camper and it is amazing. This LUCID 6 Inch Memory Foam Mattress is comfortable and is the best quantity of space for us. I was somewhat frustrated because we purchased that the 8 inches and following the 48 hours that it only enlarged into roughly 6 inches. I really don’t know if that influenced the stability but it did not make it we had a briefer mattress and we ended up purchasing risers.

Good mattress for the price

Just 1 month into getting the mattress and it’s wonderful! We purchased the king also it isn’t soft nor firm. It has that great texture to it hot or cold. Even though it’s foam ish you’re able to go around just fine without becoming stuck. It was simple to unpack the sole downside for this is it must fluff for two weeks before sleeping with it.

It’s huge and lovely

I have had this mattress for a bit more than 3 weeks and I’m in love with this! It’s a firm mattress, so in the event that you don’t enjoy a firm mattress, then I’d search for a lighter mattress. Placing up the mattress was simple, however, if you’re little like me personally, I would advise having somebody to help set up. I’ve been advocating this mattress to everybody!

Best firm memory foam mattress!

GotId says, it has just been a week but I am super pleased with this buy. Wonderful nighttime sleep with the ideal soft to firm ratio. I didn’t understand it would be that great or I’d have purchased one of those years past, rather than the costly alternatives I picked. A total delight to sleep. Strong nighttime rest each night up to now.

Great Value!

We’d decided to eventually move our 4yr old from his toddler bed and also into a twin size mattress. We decided about the Ikea Kura mattress. We certainly didn’t wish to possess him the mattresses we all watched in Ikea. They simply didn’t feel comfy. We had the mattress frame without a mattress. My son slept under his mattress because we did not receive the mattress. We left it just like a camp outside for him. The cost was what I’d have compensated for Ikea’s equal thinner mattress.

I purchased it and a couple of days after he is banging his brand new mattress. Ikea advocates a 5″ mattress to get their Kura mattress. 6″ is absolutely fine. The railings are still large enough to stop him from falling away. Inside his toddler bed, then he would always come into our area in the center of the evening. His mattress shouldn’t have been more comfortable. Together with the Lucid mattress, then we really need to wake up him. He does not wake up in the middle of the night ahead.

Thank you Lucid!

I bought it for my child and my brother’s beds. They’re excellent lightweight, firm and super comfy. I adored it so much that I purchased my youngest one also and am buying one for my nephew. We’ve had it for quite little but I will definitely see it durable. I really like it!! Plus we obtained it super fast and it’s super easy to prepare and convenient it is literally sent to your door.

They are great for lightweight

Merchandise is firm yet supple. A quite great mattress. No more indentations from sleeping exactly the same area following a couple of months. Previous memory foam required two months to cave … was excellent price and I’d suggest to anybody.

Can’t beat the value for the quality

I purchased this for a ship aft cabin mattress that is just double-sized. It popped right out when I opened it up and boy is it comfortable. I’d classify it about the firm side but it adheres to your body also does not feel like a conventional mattress. I included a duvet mattress topper that I had from the last installment. It’s a gentle zipper cover that could be washed. Now I am thinking about ordering a queen cut to size to your V-berth.

Great boat mattress and comfy

I purchased this LUCID 6 Inch Memory Foam Mattress for my mother because she had been sleeping on a health bed and the mattress to get a medical mattress isn’t great for anybody. My mother complained about back pain daily. Since she has been sleeping on the mattress it’s been this kind of huge difference. I request her regular how is your spine mother she explained my spine feels fantastic. I ask are you certain are you lying to me personally. She says that I really like my mattress. I really could say that this was the best buy I made about amazon. Me told my father about it as his wife has back issues. I expect he buys you.