Lucid Gel Memory Foam Mattress Review (10 Inch Medium Firm Plush)

The Lucid 10 Inch Medium Plush Feel Gel Memory Foam Mattress is among the most outstanding product. Despite its inexpensive nature, the mattress is super supportive, cool and durable. The soft gel foam and cool cover ensure you a luxurious sleep. Unlike other complicated mattresses, this Lucid 10″ Plush Gel Memory Foam Mattress one has few layers but features outstanding artistry. In fact, the company has made a significant investment in customers’ satisfaction. The high-quality foam and affordable price allow all customers to have it.

This Lucid mattress is highly recommended for the adult peoples (not for the kids). This Lucid 10″ Mattress contains gel memory foam that help you to regulates the temperature and keep you cool the whole night. It has wonderful motion isolation capability; your partner’s movement can’t disturb your sleep. For any kind of back issues, this Lucid 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress gives you firm support and reduces your pain. It has adequate capability to provide wonderful comfort and maximum support to both heavy and light sleepers. It can carry up to 450 lbs. You can fit this Lucid 10-inch mattress on a platform bed, foundation bed, metal bed frame, and other frames.

The following sizes of this Lucid 10″ Gel Memory Foam Mattress are available such as Queen, King, Cal King, Twin, Twin XL, etc. The price of this Lucid 10″ Foam Mattress is very affordable. Most customer says this mattress is very strong, durable, and longer-lasting.  This 10″ Lucid Gel Memory Foam Mattress has a few popular models and styles such as Medium Mattress with Encasement, Medium-Plush Mattress with Encasement, Firm Mattress Only, Medium Mattress Only, Medium-Plush Mattress Only, etc. You can choose anyone according to your needs. So, do you want this mattress for your bed? Read the exclusive features and review below.


There are no complications once you choose this Lucid Gel Memory Foam mattress. It has simple construction but from premium materials. Featuring only two layers, it feels great and resists flattening.

The gel infused memory foam is outstanding. It provides excellent body contouring and temperature regulation. Thus, it gives everyone great sleep while putting off pressure zones.

Knitting of this Lucid 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress cover gives everyone great feeling. It boasts blending of Tencel fabric for excellent temperature regulation. It achieves this by creating air layer and also regulating moisture.

For satisfaction and confidence, the mattress enjoys extended warranty. Therefore, even when buying, customers enjoy great comfort and assurance. With 10 years warranty, there is no reason why not trust it.

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Additional Features

Without any doubt, construction of this Lucid 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam mattress is awesome. It’s a dual layer mattress hence no complications understanding it.

Top layer

The top layer is responsible for all the comfort and body-hugging. It enjoys gel-infused memory foam that creates a superb surface. The 2.5 inches ventilated layer keeps the body cool without overheating. Moreover, with balanced sinkage, the layer helps in fighting back pains and pressure spots.

Base layer

For the base layer, it’s just simple and made of high-density polyfoam. Due to the mattress firmness, the layer helps to keep it in shape. Thus, even after continuous usage, the mattress remains intact. Despite the solid construction, the layer also facilitates body cooling.

Housing the Lucid Gel Memory Foam Mattress is a soft and breathable cover. Unlike other mattresses, this has a Tencel fabric blended cover that gives your body a refreshing feeling. With the cover being highly breathable, it ensures no hotter sleeping. Also, the cover is very efficient in regulating moisture. Thus, with cool and moisture-free sleeping, it brings ultimate comfort.

Determining the firmness of a mattress is pretty easy. You need to press your hand against the top layer. Well, for Lucid Gel Memory Foam mattress. It is a medium-firm. In fact, it has a rating of 6.5 out of 10. Therefore, it perfectly supports medium and light people. For weighty people, they will experience increased sinkage.

Mattress comfort dramatically depends on firmness. Well, basing this Lucid Gel Memory Foam mattress on its firmness, it is a good product. Offering high-class comfort and feeling, there are no issues regarding body aches. On the other hand, the feel is fantastic. Notably, due to high-quality cooling cover and gel foam top layer. They regulate temperature and sweating hence absolute comfort.

Motion isolation is vital feature that every buyer must consider. It determines whether you will enjoy sleeping with your partner. Poor quality mattresses have less transfer leading to disturbances. For this Lucid 10 Inch Gel mattress, it has commendable motion isolation. Notably, the thick the mattress fewer motion transfer than thick ones.

Support also matters when shopping for a mattress. Construction, firmness and the type of foam determines its support. For this Lucid 10 Inch Gel mattress, it has incredible support. It is a superb choice for average and light sleepers. On the other hand, it has magnificent support accommodating back and side sleepers. For stomach sleepers, they might feel a bit of pressure at the back.

For a mattress to offer excellent back pain relief, it needs to have a firm construction. Apart from being soft, the mattress needs to hug the body and less sinkage. With this Lucid 10 Inch Foam mattress, it offers great body support eliminating pressure zones. Thus, it reduces the chances of pain development.

Amazingly, the gel-infused gel 2.5 inches is great in offering the perfect support. With the cooling effect and ideal body pressures release. As a result, it soothes the body by facilitating proper spine alignment.

On durability, there is no guesswork in this Lucid Memory Foam mattress. It boasts durable construction to offer an extended use. Basically, memory foam lasts longer than other mattress designs. The Lucid mattress has a lifespan of over 5 years.

Heat retention is not an excellent property for a mattress. It can cause stressful sleeping. However, this Lucid 10 Inch Foam mattress is a perfect one to have. It has excellent heat dissipation due to the cooling gel foam layer. Moreover, the layer is ventilated, and breathable cover enables fast heat diffusion. On average, the mattress will sleep cool.

Sinkage though crucial in moderation, can be unsuitable if too much. That is why Lucid has minimized sinkage in this Memory Foam mattress. This helps in maintaining it cool. In fact, the mattress responds according to the weight of a sleeper. Therefore, for heavier people, the sinkage will be more. For light and average weights sleepers, it will experience moderate sinkage.

To guarantee great confidence and performance, this Lucid mattress boasts 25 years warranty. However, the trial period isn’t definite.

The available sizes are:

  • Twin
  • Twin XL
  • Full
  • Queen
  • King
  • California King

Price varies according to the size.

This Lucid Gel Memory Foam mattress can be shipped from the manufacturer. But, Amazon offers it at great prices and free shipment.

Lucid 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam mattress brings real comfort in your home. The overall construction, quality, and performance are outstanding. Whether in need of support or soothing your body, the mattress is exceptional. Above all excellent quality, price and compatibility with various frames make it the perfect choice.

FAQs About Lucid 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

To me it wasn’t powerful in any way. Gone in under a day.

I only know it is a 10 inch plus it is very comfy. I had been worried I would awaken in pain, however I did not. The mattress is firm and for the cost, you simply can not fail. I’ve serious back problems, and I usually have issues with the mattress and cushions. No problems whatsoever for this one!

This Lucid 10 Inch Medium Plush Gel Memory Foam Mattress comes with a flame retardant coating which comprises fiberglass. This fire retardant coating is protected by the outer coating having the encasement, and another layer displayed about the mattress at the image supplied.

Didn’t know that there was a guarantee due to the inexpensive cost, figured it had been the normal 30 day to get flaws.

A supportive platform framework can also be compatible for this Lucid 10 Inch Medium Plush Gel Memory Foam Mattress.

Classic mattress shops have high overhead expenses and cover sales partners commission on each purchase. Selling mattresses on the internet permits us to charge for something which would be a lot more costly in a shop.

If the sink is much over 1.5″, I feel it’d be coated. The guarantee must be on their site.

I’ve slept with this Lucid 10 Inch Medium Plush Gel Memory Foam Mattress employing a flexible mattress (hospital mattress ) since October or even November. It’s just the ideal firmness for those springs of the type mattress. I’m 100+ lbs overweight and haven’t seen any long-lasting (on either side or drops in the middle.) I have not emptied the mattress head to foot . You do not reverse the mattress since the backside is additional firm base foam (upper sleeping side is just 3 inches of latex foam).

Only the mattress. Fascinating thing about memory foam mattresses is that they do not demand box springs. You’re able to find a bed frame with pliers and set the mattress directly onto it.

Both layers are within the bamboo pay. They’re different layers. I didn’t observe a strong odor whatsoever and neither did my wife.

This Lucid 10 Inch Medium Gel Memory Foam Mattress includes a mix of both artificial and natural latex to supply the consumer with support and comfort.

It fitted into my rav4. Provided that you store it in first box it is going to in the majority of the mattress.

Yes, even the cover is totally removable for washing machine.

Being a real foam mattress lover, I can not say enough about the quality and texture of the mattress….and to get a hell of a value! A plain bit of high quality foam will be more expensive than that mattress. It’s a 10 year warranty to boot, which will only need to see how it wears.

I have done a small research to answer this query. It’s Dunlap. We’re completely enjoying this Lucid 10 Inch Medium Gel Memory Foam Mattress.

That’s the recommended time to wait. I waited an hour. The moment you eliminate it from the packing it begins to enlarge. It is really really enjoyable to see. There’s a smell that it’s initially that finally fades over a couple of days.

The dimensions for the Lucid 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress 75″ (length) x 60″ (width) x 10″ (height).

I had a salesman tell me if you’re sub 200 pounds the 10″ foam mattress could be OK. . .more than this then visit a milder one to stop difficulties. Is this industry standard? Do not understand but it made me sense.

This Lucid 10 Inch Medium Gel Memory Foam Mattress is a 10-inch memory foam mattress with a top layer of gel infused ventilated memory foam and a base layer of high-density support foam.

It’ll work great on almost any foundation that may accommodate those dimensions and that provides substantial support and venting to this Lucid 10 Inch Medium Gel Memory Foam Mattress.

I strongly doubt it’ll match at a queen size sofa bed. My mattress framework is a Full and also this full mattress match perfectly. Additionally, this Lucid 10″ Gel Memory Foam Mattress is quite comfortable and highly advise it to get much better sleep. I would also buy the mattress topper to get this excess comfort.

We don’t utilize flame retardants in the foam of the mattresses. There’s a fire-retardant cover which completely encircles the foam.

Ours fluffed up quite high and look like the film. They’re also thick and full and incredibly comfy. We purchased another one and enjoy them equally.

The dimensions are the normal mattress sizes, therefore whatever those step.

We’ve been advised by the maker to encourage clients to take out the item from the packaging instantly upon reception. Maintaining the mattress at the state raises the likelihood of decompression problems.

With this particular list, you will find 3 distinct kinds of mattresses therefore that the response will change based on what mattress is referenced. This 10-inch medium feel mattress does not include a fiberglass interior cover. Rather, has a medicated cotton cap because the flame retardant coating. Like most of mattresses however, please remember that the pay should not be removed each legislation label.

I really don’t know the goal of the gel but I will say I really like my Memory Foam, really comfortable regardless of what side of the center, adore my Memory Foam.

A Queen Lucid Gel mattress is 80 inches long, 60 inches wide. In 10-11 inches tall. I hope that helps.

I’d feel that you really could. I really like that I don’t need to have a box spring together with the mattress. It’s merely an extremely comfortable mattress.

This Lucid 10″ Gel Memory Foam Mattress was created from the U.S. and fabricated in China. It’s meant to be utilized on a level base and may be used alone having a platform-type foundation or using a box spring on a conventional bed frame.

We do not recommend cutting in to the Lucid 10″ Gel Memory Foam Mattress as this will void the manufacturer warranty offered on the mattress.

Only in the event that you would like to possibly for height. Does not want you, however it will require a level surface. Won’t work nicely on slats.

The older mattress is the obligation of the proprietor. We advocate disposing at the regional landfill or, even if in great condition, committing to a charity.

That is a typical full size mattress in 54″ x 72″. I have needed this for a couple of months now and that is a excellent foam mattress and also a much better price that simply purchasing a bit of fantastic quality foam. It is coated with a light weight reduction and that I had a 1/2″ memory foam topper I placed on top. Because I have’cold feet’ frequently, I place a heating pad kind warmer onto it rather than an electric glider. I am telling you, I am in paradise. Firm, but not inflexible, and advantages aren’t falling with time. To me personally, this Lucid 10″ Gel Memory Foam Mattress is just one of the greatest bargains on Earth! You will enjoy it, I am sure!

These mattresses are both now compressed and vacuum-sealed to produce them even cheaper for our clients. This doesn’t influence the operation or durability of this Lucid 10″ Gel Memory Foam Mattress. When the mattress is eliminated from the packaging, then it is going to extend to its full dimensions and will behave like every additional mattress. Furthermore, our mattresses are backed with a 10-year guarantee to ensure their quality.

The LUCID 10″ Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress – Queen size is medium plush bed.

This really is a thick mattress in 10″. I really don’t know whether that a 12″ mattress could be better.

Proceed to the Amazon and have a look at their measurements for your mattresses. I believe that is a normal full dimensions, but do not quote me.

Pretty hefty,I’d estimate approximately 30 lbs for a full mattress.

We don’t recommend turning the mattress. We do urge rotating the mattress every couple of weeks for suitable care.

When choosing bedding, we recommend checking size and measuring the way it’s going to fit in your mattress. Based on the dimensions of the brand selected and how you prefer your quilt to match so far as draping, a normal queen duvet should utilize this Lucid 10 Inch Medium Firm Gel Memory Foam Mattress.

Hi. I’ve been sleeping in my mattress through the summer and also have hot flashes. This Lucid 10 Inch Medium Firm Gel Memory Foam Mattress doesn’t appear to be any sexier than my prior mattresses.

Be mindful. They state you can reunite, however, the joke is really on you! It won’t fit back into the box and I cannot discover a box big enough to allow UPS to send it back again.

Thanks for your query. It’ll work good on a typical queen size mattress frame or foundation that offers excellent support and venting.

Thanks for reaching out for people. This is a great question. The Full XL is 5 inches longer than a normal full size mattress. Therefore a Full is 75 inches , and also the Full XL will be 80 inches long.

I allow mine (10 inch queen) match for 24 hrs until I slept but I did note that it had been completely inflated the exact same night that I made it, it had been delivered .

This Lucid 10 Inch Medium Firm Gel Memory Foam Mattress retains up good against sagging. All foam products can soften , yet this softening is slow and minimal. We provide a fantastic guarantee for this Lucid 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress.

This Lucid 10 Inch Medium Firm Gel Memory Foam Mattress in the King size measures 80″ x 76″ which is a standard King size.

We recommend allowing at 48-hours with this Lucid 10 Inch Medium Firm Gel Memory Foam Mattress to fully extend after being eliminated from the packing.

Your mother may gain out of memory foam, as sleeping in a memory foam mattress can genuinely help with back and joint pain.

With this Lucid Gel Memory Foam Mattress, you’ll have the comfort of memory foam along with the firm texture provides a pliable latex coating. You will still encounter some”sink,” but less than using the softer-feel versions.

This bed is the ideal bed and has excellent support for the back.I had never bought a mattress on the internet and was amazed that all went well. I’m replacing little all beds in my house using this brand..Also my husband and her husband bought this exact same new but perhaps its firm and has been a king..we are equally so happy..totally urge this.

I’ve got it into a camper and it’s on a stage with no box spring, I have yet another in my house on a king framework with box springs, both are equally fantastic!

This Lucid 10 In. memory foam mattress is made to be utilized with no necessity of a box spring and Might be used on a stage or slatted bed framework.

As soon as your mattress arrives, all you’ll have to do is cut off the vinyl off the mattress and permit it to expand into it is magical mattress foam.

All the mattresses of Lucid are made in the united states and produced from China. They’re CertiPUR-US licensed for quality and security.

Know that sags are extremely rare and also our guarantee will pay for some sags deeper than a inch and an half.

It starts out like that. But over utilize it rather softens up.

It’s extremely firm, we adore it, but including a egg carton foam shirt and cushioned mattress cover.

I started it in 10 am and slept it that night without any difficulties.

There aren’t any particular weight limitations for your Lucid Mattresses. For adults, we still recommend buying a mattress a minimum of 10 inches in depth. This will aid with support.

The Lucid Gel memory foam mattress has a firm feel in one side and soft feel any another side.

This depends on the sort of apartment complex it’s being delivered to. When it’s a flat with it’s door, the bundle will be sent into the door. If the mattress has been sent into an apartment complex, say such as in town, then it will probably be delivered to your front desk. This might also be dependent upon UPS and exactly what services they supply. The bundle weighs 55 lbs.

You should not turn it The base includes a firm, demanding end. The shirt features of a 2-inch memory-foam such as coating which should remain on the surface.

Unsure what you would like, however is really is firm, such as memory foam. Sleeps two mature men only fine, does not bottom out or something. For the cost, it is a Fantastic product.

Medium firmness. I have read that the heftier the memory foam mattress, the more plusher it’s. It’ll get softer because the substance rests in/down.

Regardless of the gap, its completely assisted our backs. Being both my son and I had been run over by a semi automatic, our reduced disc are a wreck, but I have previously had 19 surgeries. I frankly wished I had this specific yrs past. Only had my 2nd spine operation. My advice, if you purchase this, arrange a memory foam cushion also. I’ve ordered two or 3 mattresses up to now. The memory foam mattress is just 1 inch wider than the usual Twin XL boxspring. I purchased that the Twin XL memory foam plus it is just 1 inch wider than the usual Twin XL boxspring. However, you’d never understand it. I could not inform you if any alternative is just 1 inch bigger than the usual full, queen or king boxspring. In any event, you can not tell it is broader because it is firm.

Hello! We are sorry to hear this Lucid Gel Memory Foam Mattress feels overly firm for you. Rather than attempting to”break in” the mattress. we recommend including a coat to soften the texture of the mattress and also allow it to be even more comfy.

My back has not hurt because I started sleeping . It is very inviting and cradles you in the perfect places. That said, my back pain has been toward my shoulders and back.

Its firm but quite lavish. It will not sink when we sleeping side by side. I would recommend this Lucid Gel Memory Foam Mattress to everybody!

I’ve used one with this Lucid Gel Memory Foam Mattress for the previous two decades and have experienced no issues!

The dimensions for the Short Queen Lucid 10″ gel memory foam mattress are 60 x 75 inches.

You are able to use some Linenspa or even Lucid Mattress with lots of different bed foundations. Whether you’ve got a box spring, stage foundation, slat foundation, alloy grid, or perhaps a flexible base, you may use a Linenspa or daybed mattress. When with a slat foundation, we advocate having pliers no longer than 4 inches apart.

The mattress is a XL Twin that is 4-5 inches more than a normal twin. To me it appears it is even wider, but I didn’t check the diameter of a normal twin regarding a XL.

This Lucid Gel Memory Foam Mattress was designed using a top layer that’s made of 2.5″ of insulated gel memory foam. The gel implanted foam will permit the mattress to sleep warmer than conventional memory foam. At the same time, Lucid the maker of the mattress provides a 25 year guarantee on the mattress. This guarantee covers any defects in workmanship or materials, together with the exceptions of tear and wear, regular fluctuations in softness or durability, stains, abuse or improper care, adjustment or repair by licensed agents, or harm caused by handling or transit. In its sole discretion, Lucid can fix, replace or refund any item which proves to be defective in workmanship or materials.

The Full size of Lucid Gel mattress measures 75 x 54 x 10 inches and a Full XL 80 x 54 x 10 inches, making the Full XL mattress ideal for big and large sleepers.

It is not really intended for keeping unless you keep it sealed from the package it arrived as. The moment the air reaches it for a day or 2 it is exactly like any other mattress.

This Lucid Gel Memory Foam Mattress and shield includes a 10-year guarantee but for the brief term warranty, you’d have 30-days to create a return in case this Lucid 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress did not work nicely for you.

It’s a zipper on the side, therefore I presume it is removable but I have noticed other reviewers state should you remove the cover, then fiberglass has anywhere.

I would recommend having a box spring for height rather than a different mattress, more economical and simplifies the Exact Same problem but it’ll work good on a different mattress buttocks well.

A fantastic method to assist the mattress end expanding would be to massage the locations that look stuck or to simply utilize the mattress. The growth of warmth and the motion onto the foam might help it all complete expanding.

I really don’t see why you could not leave it at the box it arrived in till you’re prepared to utilize it.

Yes 10 inches will be the depth. Queen or King two people are able to sleep really comfy.

Yes, takes some time to enlarge into it. They urge 24 hrs, but required a little more.

It includes a pay and you are able to tell which side is also the interior as it had been wrapped up is on the very best side.

That depends on what your preferences are. Consider if you enjoy a plush or firm feel or anything in between and dictate that.

Yes, really. We attempted to sleep for a week and woke up with muscles that were tighter with every day. Eventually place a memory foam topper onto it now it’s just perfect.

Lucid gel mattress is manufactured in USA.

You do want good stage below the mattress. Whether its about the floor is fine or onto a framework which has to be solid beneath the mattress.

The memory foam mattress includes a base supportive foam coating and is wrapped with 2.5 inches of gel implanted memory foam.

Based upon the delivery rate chosen at checkout this may establish the rate where the merchandise is obtained. If no rate is chosen at checkout the thing will send ground shipping that guarantees that the product within 5-7 business days.

Really difficult! Cozy if absolutely like a firm mattress. I like a moderate firm and this is means to firm though it stated moderate firm.

Hi there! We recommend allowing at 48-hours with this particular 10-inch gel infused memory foam mattress — moderate plush texture to fully extend.

The Lucid 10 In. gel memory foam mattress works good in most surroundings.

This 10-inch moderate mattress is a fantastic alternative for any user who prefers a moderate feel with excellent service. This Lucid Gel Memory Foam Mattress can also be CertiPUR-US licensed and endorsed by our 10-year guarantee to ensure its quality.

We utilize the mattress at an RV. Can not utilize heated blankets at a RV.

I am aware I have the 10″, and it is pretty soft, I am a big 220 pound guy and it affirms me nicely when I put in my back, but when I am on my knees onto the mattress I will butt out and sink deeply that I will hit the framework beneath.

Mine enlarged to 6.5″ thick rather than 10″. Length wise it enlarged to 78.5″ rather than 80″. I returned .

I am not certain. We put the mattress in a protective sack to get bedbugs/pee therefore it ought to prevent fiberglass from becoming out.

Yes, it sags quite easily and remains like that. If you are concerned about sagging I wouldn’t recommend this Lucid Gel Memory Foam Mattress.

Our mattresses comply with manufacturing laws such as what substances are employed from the mandatory flame retardant coating. This specific mattress includes a medicated cotton cap to the essential fire retardant coating and it should not be eliminated according to the law label.

With no encasement, this Lucid Gel Memory Foam Mattress  could seem like it will do at the photos on the list. An mattress encasement is a sort of mattress protector which would be placed on the mattress once you get it and isn’t the Tencel cloth cover which automatically comes across the mattress.

Yes if you get the framework that does not require a box spring all you Want to buy is the framework and I’ve that on Amazon too.

Foam Mattress simply, mattress not included.

It states from the item description. The soft velour cover can be sterile and prevents dust mites and other contaminants.

Hello there! Thanks for your interest in these merchandise. On our firmness level, with 1 being firm and 5 being lavish, this Lucid Gel Memory Foam Mattress will be ranked as 1 to get a firm sense and superb support.

It’s a sorta rough underside surface. I’d say so long as you own a coating of something smooth between the plywood as well as the mattress you need to be OK. In case the plywood warps however, I would not use it since the memory foam has to be to a flat surface.

Yes I’ve had it for approximately a year now and it is in exactly the exact same form it was on one. Very superior mattress.

That will probably do the job. I made it for just a while and then purchased the metallic framework that only opens and is about to work with. I would put a thing on the ground , and be certain there is not any moisture close to the mattress.

It was awkward than heavy for me, but I am certain your query is extremely subjective. Additionally be ware of mold. Unzip your mattress pay on arrival and look for mold, particularly if you’re an allergy sufferer. Very good luck in your search to get a fantastic mattress. But, this one feels just like sleeping on a stone after camping. It’s but one of the worst buys I have made.

It comes vacuum wrapped and sealed up. After packaging is away, it requires about ten mins to the mattress to fully extend.

Should you mean one which may be auto-raised into elastic places, the answer is no. The foam is far too thick.

The image indicates a foundation with black/brown legs. It doesn’t arrive with the mattress. You are purchasing the mattress just. Fantastic mattress however. Worth the cost.

You can not do this. I mean the memory foam is solely in 1 side. It is not feasible to take out this part. However, I believe that for the cost worthwhile!!! My husband thought it is a tiny difficult. He favors those who has memory foam. However, I believe this is excellent!

Yes. Among those mattresses I bought was utilized for the identical job. I strongly suggest getting a box Spring when the mattress frame Isn’t platform fashion.

Not sure. I was able to pick the box up and unroll the mattress.

So yes you may find a medium. Firm mattress.

It must be among the more recent box springs made from wood-not springs so as to supply adequate support.

If you locate your mattress on amazon it’ll demonstrate a paired encasement as a proposed thing to order collectively. The encasement is just like a mattress cover.

You are able to take advantage of this Lucid Gel Memory Foam Mattress on a lot of distinct foundations. If using to a slat foundation, we advocate having pliers no longer than 4 inches apart.

That’s a good question. There’s a 30 day return interval for all of our mattresses.

This is unquestionably a medium-firm mattress. I was really hoping and got mixed myself up wanted a lavish mattress. However, I read more about it and discovered that lavish mattress are a brief term thing to receive a medium-firm is ideal for continue more since the mattress will gradually alter its shape. So, I am Not Really disappointed, but glad I chose this because the Purchase Price Is Extremely cheap, it is somewhat lightweight and its own comfy.

It works good with it. Not so nicely with slats.

Not just the contrary. It appears to be cooler since it is the Gel Memory Foam. Fantastic mattress.

Yes, you can. Mine is about plywood and it is good.

I’m not certain what a hide a bed would be. The mattress does not fold off. But it is going to match a queen size frame or foundation.

It I could see. It is quite soft but firm, by the memory foam. Pretty powerful quality being as it comes from a box vacuum sealed apartment but expands to a queen mattress.

This Lucid Gel Memory Foam Mattress is dreadful! We have needed it for 4-5 weeks. It was firm initially. We sink it. It’s murdering our backs and buttocks!

I’ve got it in an adjustable mattress. It works to some point. It doesn’t crunch flawlessly however for me it operates.

Standard. I’m really not a picky person and I seldom leave poor reviews, but this Lucid Gel Memory Foam Mattress stinks. It moves soft really quickly and you’ll only be sleeping at a sinkhole. And they do not care. We sleep soundly in a pit each evening.

This Lucid Gel Memory Foam Mattress is excellent. Not too challenging, rather than too soft. Very comfy!! We adore it!

Yes, but it’s the true material within the mattress. You  need to be a mattress pad on it.

If you’re looking for something that’s firm but still comfy with just a bit of cushion, then . Provided that you’ve got a fantastic box spring service or other sort of support under, it ought to be OK. Additionally, you want a fantastic pillow to cooperate with this. A fantastic cushion makes all of the difference in the world for your neck and spine. If you’re transitioning from every other sort of mattress into your memory foam then it’ll take two weeks for the body to adjust absolutely and you’ll receive decent sleep.

Just envision the mattress broad, that could be the amount of this box.

Absolutely. I purchased mine for the two year but did not start the box for 1 month. Its in highly compacted bundle. There is no danger.

Mine appeared to expand instantly. Allow it to sit but sings in it the exact same night approximately 10-12 hours after launching it. It is incredibly comfortable and I am so glad that I picked it.

While I get this item it had been folded, and advocated to start the bag and put it flat and await 24 hours or anything like this before utilizing it. I did this and you sided to the mattress will be squish and its own cricket it is now equally flat.

Well. It lets you know that you might want to out it for a couple hours due to the odor of being burnt but we discovered it had been dimmed, in its own and didn’t have an odor once we used it later on this evening. It was absolutely prepared to sleep 2 hours following unrolling it and placing it upon the mattress frame. Hope this assists.

Lucid mattresses have been made with a particular top and underside. The floor was made to assist the mattress remain on the framework or stage that you are employing the mattress on.If you’re looking to alter the feel of the mattress we recommend buying a thinner longer firm mattress and employing a memory foam topper to allow it to be softer.

My typical queen sheets fit nice in their queen mattress but I discovered you can purchase an extra long twin or full mattress also.

Based upon the size that’s required, it may take more than two days to send to you. Quite often, whenever an item isn’t sending with Prime, afterward it may take 5 to seven days.

I’ve the side down from the box springs or stage, whichever you’re using. My mattress inflated fast and wasn’t any issue. It should not matter if you initially unroll it to what side is up. It should begin expanding straight away.

Today most sheets are regular with heavy corners for many sizes.

I have had it 5 weeks and I sleep in my belly virtually every night, so far I have not had any difficulties. It is really comfy to sleep and also to put down.

Was astounded; soon after publishing it had been that the plastic covering it rolled outside and started immediately to grow. I was amazed that I could utilize it soon afterwards. Was surprised there weren’t any odors along with my nose.

This mattress will normally snore inside a couple of hours of eliminating out of its packing. It’s possible to sleep as soon as it’s professionally enlarged for you. As a rare couple of mattresses might take somewhat more time to enlarge, we advocate allowing up to 48 hours prior to having any worries about growth problems.

Does not get too hot comfy, however I do not understand in the summer that I am only able to speak about winters.

Hello! This Lucid 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress does not need to be about a box spring, however it will have to be about a foundation that’s ventilated and provides considerable support. You can select a box spring, slatted/platform framework, metal grid, or flexible base.

The dimensions of the RV or Short Queen Lucid Gel mattress are as follows: 75 x 60 x 10 inches.

Other Customers Reviews on Lucid 10″ Medium Plush Feel Gel Memory Foam Mattress

This Lucid Gel Memory Foam Mattress came far faster than I might have hoped for, so I must begin enjoying it straight away. I could not await the bed frame, therefore we used it around the ground for an evening. Still perfectly comfy. Just firm, with the perfect amount of supply. I didn’t believe the odor everyone said was that appear after a small bit. I would happily recommend it since you receive a great deal for such a wonderful price.

Fantastic price

This Lucid Gel Memory Foam Mattress came directly to my door sooner than anticipated which was fine and convenient. No hassle. It was simple to shut and unroll and I simply waited for it ‘grow’. Within just over half an hour my mattress climbed into 9 1/2 inches, maybe not the full ten, however it is still considerably bigger and thicker than my previous spring mattress so that I can not complain. The mattress was really pretty and in good condition too. I loved the smell.

I understand other individuals have complained, however to my spouse it smelt like vinyl as do all of the new items once you have got them out of layers and layers of vinyl. The odor is gone away, for the most part, however, we purchased a new mattress frame which came exactly the exact same manner and so our odor is most likely somewhat more powerful and lingering a little more. Thus far we have slept with this Lucid Gel Memory Foam Mattress three nights and it’s excellent.

It’s so comfortable, it creates right for your entire body. It is astonishing and considering the price tag, it is a complete bargain! Thus, now for your logistics… Again, it is amazing and I’d purchase it again a thousand times. Honestly, I can not praise it enough. We looked at mattresses at shops and they need $400 and up for only the mattress. I purchased this Lucid Gel Memory Foam Mattress, a brand new mattress frame, a brand new comforter as well as also the protective waterproof sheet for about $500.

Anyhow, once I chose to purchase that I did a whole lot of research, I had been so worried that purchase saving a lot of money I had been getting a lousy mattress. This is precisely what I heard – you need to place these mattresses onto a slatted frame only because they have to breathe. Guarantee that the slats or no longer than 2 inches apart ( 3 inches is recommenced, ours really are 5 inches plus we have had no issues up to now ). If your mattress begins to sag anyhow or your own pliers are too far apart you’re able to visit the neighborhood hardware shop with the dimensions of this slat and they will cut you fresh ones.

Pretty simple. The cover with this Lucid Gel Memory Foam Mattress comes out for simple cleaning and I strongly advise obtaining the waterproof sheet. It is an inexpensive lifesaver. You’ve got to pay close attention to a mattress also. In case it begins to sag in areas that you may need more pliers in your framework you might have to flip/rotate it more frequently. It’s advised you flip/rotate it each 3 months. Thus far we have not had any difficulties with this and I work in the home and because it has been chilly out I have stumbled upon the bed with my notebook, no hassle.

Oh and be sure once you’ve unpacked it and are waiting for this ‘grow’ you just check on it occasionally (it is recommended that you let it sit for about 24-48 hours) pull on the sheet so it’s excruciating and poke it if it appears to quit growing, it activates the atmosphere pockets and assists it. We walked ours with our knees and elbows a few times and it helped immensely. Do not place bedding or anything whenever it’climbing’ only allow it to be to the framework without the covering which came with it onto it.

Pleasant and convenient

Good mattress. Purchased the twin to get a faculty apartment. The mattress came wrapped in plastic within a box- that fit easily to the rear of the Honda pilot (using a bed frame and a dresser too!). It is not super heavy- that I raised it with my kid, but my child, who’s 6’3″, can transmit it (if from the box- out of this box it is unwieldy, since it’s large, and fluffed up). After we took the plastic off unrolled the mattress, it immediately brightens up- and turned into 10 inches.

Originally it appeared in 3″- that is the way they put it at a rather small box. Take care when unboxing it. There are tons of big silica gel packs at the box couple of ours had busted and there were small bits everywhere. We did not find a great deal of smell (we believed there could be, and so we’re leaving it for a couple of weeks to air outside ) but that I did not see much at all- therefore my daughter might have utilized it the exact same moment. The mattress is thicker, and also quite comfortable, and includes a wonderful cover. It fits exactly the twin framework we have on Amazon flawlessly. I couldn’t be more happy with this order. I loved packing. I really like the merchandise.

Good Mattress

The mattress came in a major box. This one is pretty hefty, it took us to make it indoors. It will have a little bit of odor, but nothing too dreadful and it went off when we started the windows. This is our first time with one of those”online mattresses” and we all actually enjoy it. The mattress is very comfortable, but notice that this Lucid Gel Memory Foam Mattress is on the firm side.

I have attempted the Leesa and Loom along with Leaf and that is the firmest. We chose it because we believed that the latex may be a firmer mattress, therefore we’re thrilled. I am a rear sleeper, unwanted sleepers may discover this Lucid 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress too challenging. I’m sleeping much better and have less back pain in comparison to our older, conventional spring mattress. Really like the price tag, I would certainly buy again for other mattresses at the home!

Most Comfortable Mattress

In general, I am quite delighted with this Lucid Gel Memory Foam Mattress. It took nearly 3 days until I felt as though it had been totally inflated, and there’s that identifying foam odor to it. In case you’ve at any time using a foam mattress or cushion you understand what I am talking about. The odor fades in the first two or three weeks and finally disappears entirely. It includes a zippered cover that encases the mattress, however, I would advise using an extra mattress cover that is simpler to wash and remove.

It’s quite comfy. The latex isn’t quite as soft as memory foam, however, I think that it provides better aid. I’ve just slept a couple of times since it was bought for my child, however, that I woke up refreshed without a shoulder or back pain. I would advise this to your friend, or even an online stranger.

Fantastic firm mattress

I had been used to getting a memory foam mattress that was super light and that I could carry it , but this is extremely DENSE & HEAVY. Nonetheless, it is a really comfy, medium-firm mattress, WITH A ZIP OFF COVER that I do not recall reading or seeing from the images, however, I’m SO grateful for this!!! I have had this Lucid Gel Memory Foam Mattress for a couple of months and now I really do love it. It is essentially not possible to locate bed frames to get a mattress this dimension, however, I had a mattress larger than a Queen and also bigger compared to a King, so that I simply made my very own slats and set them in my queen size frame and set the mattress in addition to this. I’d certainly suggest this Lucid 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress or that new generally.

Great Quality

He is likely to be somewhat tall – he’s 5’10 in 7th grade. He took no adjustment period to get accustomed to sleeping on a foam mattress rather than his older classic mattress. It was considerably firmer than I anticipated and it’s not”sexy” at all. Time will tell whether it lasts. However, for $200 not needing a box spring, it is going to be at least equal to a normal mattress when it lasts 5 decades, why not? The box it came in was in great form.

Since I have discovered that some folks suffer from harm, which returning it’s expensive, I’d advise a purchaser to return it with no opening of this box is collected, subsequently re-order. You need to allow the bed atmosphere out for 48 hours without lying or sitting. We did so and had good outcomes. I caution anyone to not bypass this step since the latex substance is kind of inflating during this period of time, and maybe damaged when it is not permitted to do so. After 48 hours that the mattress is prepared and it would not fit in this box (therefore my warning to never take a damaged box)

Great purchase!

The first two appear a whole lot softer and comfier than my newly obtained queen. I waited for a little to test out this because I was passed and moving the return. I’ve had other memory foam beds and also this is the firmest up to now. It’s almost as though they forgot to place the top-rated soft coating on and only mailed a 10-inch foundation coating as either side (top/bottom) feel exactly the exact same. Both are amazing and well received by their receivers but I am feeling somewhat so-so concerning mine. The mattress cover is fine and the packing was great. Just expect it softens a little so that I can find that cloud relaxation.

Wonderful mattress

Having slept with this for 3 months now, I will say I really like it. Especially for the price tag, this is a fantastic mattress. I was a bit worried about obtaining the 10″ mattress because I’d formerly slept to a 14″ mattress. My wife loves this one much better. I have problems with lower back pain for that I’m visiting a chiropractor, and also this Lucid Gel Memory Foam Mattress has truly helped my healing. Even following a debilitating grip session, I could come home, put down with this Lucid 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress and sleep like a baby.

I opened the bundle and slept it just a couple of hours after. There’s a small amount of smell although it originally gasses outside, this has been gone within one day. Coupled with trendy gel foam cushions, and in spite of no mattress frame whatsoever (I only proceeded to choose a new project and this was kind of a fear purchase!), I’m in sleep paradise. While my back will not hurt when I wake up in the evenings, it isn’t due to this Lucid Gel Memory Foam Mattress.

After my therapy is full and I am totally free from back pain, so I believe I shall still actually love sleeping with it. I’m a side sleeper and at times pressure points are extremely noticeable (including the mattress in my parents’ guest room, where I am putting today!) On softer mattresses, however, this one removes most of these.

Great relaxation

Amazing. Do not be duped; it’s fairly firm, but I’d like a firm mattress. It is also more economical by several hundred bucks than other things. Additionally, it assists with allergies, because foam mattresses do not harbor dust mites. Inflates rather fast.


I am rather surprised by how much I really like my mattress! I have had it since July and it has been fantastic — quite firm, but comfy. It didn’t encourage my spine and it left me to sweat like mad. It got worse and worse each season — all the things which bothered me didn’t fall under any kind of guarantee so that I just kept it feel as though I received my money’s value. I knew I needed latex foam that this moment, but I was quite reluctant about purchasing a mattress ONLINE!? Yikes.

That felt odd, but a buddy of mine did lots of studies and purchased one of those Lucid mattresses a couple of years back. She raved about it let me come over and take action. Not only can it be high quality and more comfortable (in my view ), but the cost is crazy-wonderful!! I believed that the Purple Mattress and also Zen Haven, however, both have been $1000 plus shipping to get a Queen size plus that I had not any place to”try before you buy” — I have a platform mattress merely wanted a mattress. It is the best price on the market and I am thrilled with that.


Having turned into paraplegic many ages before, I have had SO MANY mattresses, not one of which are comfy… and that has the pricey TempurPedic mattress! Years back I needed a “king-size” 100% latex foam rubber mattress that lasted for more than 20 decades, and it had been holding its shape once we made a decision to change to a bigger bed. Though this Lucid Gel Memory Foam Mattress isn’t 100% latex foam rubber, then it’s a mix of 100% latex foam rubber combined with faux latex foam rubber band, and this remains okay.

I just can not say enough great things about it, and therefore are really happy as it’s equally supportive AND comfy. It may not survive so long as 100% latex foam (since 100 percent is almost indestructible!) But it should persist for a very long time… and it surely does NOT cost up to one that is 100% latex foam. My goodness! The market that the very best name manufacturers ought to be replaced every eight decades! Select, but I enjoy mine! As mentioned previously, I have had VERY pricey mattresses which caved in over a couple of decades, and that I only weigh about 135 lbs!

This business should engage me as a sales agent since I’ve bragged about it to other people. I will mention I did buy the most topper to proceed along with this Lucid Gel Memory Foam Mattress to provide more comfort, particularly due to the paralysis. If you buy, you won’t regret it. What a wonderful mix for relaxation AND support.

Amazing Comfort!

This is only one of the greatest things I have purchased for myself in quite a while. I really love this bed and I’m grateful that I have it every time that I put down and every time I wake up and then get it off. Despite testimonials saying it’s firm, it seems unbelievably comfortable to me personally! My roommate said exactly the same when he put it, which it had been firm. The odor some reviewers have cautioned about has been gone over 24 hrs or so of strong venting below a ceiling fan with an open window.

My very last mattress was a spring mattress and doesn’t compare to this Lucid in relaxation. This type of excellent value here, the cost is unbeatable, I strongly recommend. I would also advise combining with a wonderful latex pillow because my sleeping is magnitudes better today that I spent the study and cash to wind up with the goods.

Wonderful price

I had purchased the exact same mattress after performing HOURS of study and I didn’t regret my purchase one bit. I utilize the two Twin mattresses on 2 L-shaped daybeds/sofa within my living area. In my view, I believe it’s a fantastic idea since it’s cozy and comfy and contains double the use as it may be utilized for guests and can be a genuine mattress you don’t need to extract. I really like the way that it’s a firm memory foam mattress however you do not sink all of the ways down just like the majority of other ones. Additionally, it doesn’t get quite hot as additional memory foam mattresses perform.

I weight approximately 117 pounds and I’m 5’3 feminine so for me personally I don’t sink much. For my boyfriend he weighs between 230-250 pounds and that he does sink more than I definitely not ridiculously reduced, he feels encouraged and comfortable concerning temperature. I really like that the merchandise is sent in a box that could be somewhat hefty determined by on what size you purchase, but additionally, it is convenient you don’t need to spend extra $$ on sending a mattress, particularly if you’re prime manhood.

Also, keep checking the cost as it can at times vary between approximately $160-180 I think. At length, the mattress includes a zipped cloth cover which feels fantastic and you are able to eliminate to scrub!!

Comfy Mattress

Finest Mattress for your cost!!! Wow is that exceptionally comfy too! Was a tiny tough waiting 48 hours for this to fully increase but it had been worth the wait. I came at a huge box and has been fairly simple to roll out with myself. It’s medium-hard and forms on my own body absolutely every time that I lay down. I am seriously thinking about not buying a normal mattress from a shop! Not certain how much time it will endure for less then $200 to get a queen, it is worth it if it does not last 10 decades. I truly love it consumes all movement, therefore I do not wake up every single time that my boyfriend gets in and outside of this bed also. I truly can’t get over how comfy it’s!!!

Great Product!

So pleased with this Lucid Gel Memory Foam Mattress. Purchased a full for the 5 yr old kid room, realizing it would be where guests sleeping and occasionally I would wind up on it also. It’s quite comfy. I really do possess a lien on it I enjoy it up to my memory foam mattress that cost a few thousand bucks. Perhaps it will not continue till he goes to school, but for approximately $200 that I think that it was a fantastic purchase!

Planning to purchase twins to substitute my other child’s beds. Oh additionally because it had been noted in some reviews, we didn’t have any terrible odor. I’m really sensitive to perfumes and didn’t observe any of this Lucid Gel Memory Foam Mattress. We did allow it to open up and break within our formal living area to get a day or 2 before we place it into his bedroom.

Fantastic bed, Good price

I needed to replace our previous mattress and also read the testimonials on this one prior to buying. It’s been thus far so great. No issues using the mattress. It had a strange odor initially but that’s gone away. It started from the paperwork it might. I slept on it that the very first night until it had an opportunity to fully expand. I would suggest it. It’s really comfy. It’s firm yet soft in case this is reasonable. I simply don’t find why to invest thousands of bucks on the new name Tempurpedic mattress if this is simply fine. No complaints.

Fantastic price!

Up to now, my family is enjoying those Lucid Mattresses!! We needed to purchase 7 of these in various sizes for another residence and so much everyone is quite pleased together. They were simple to pack and haul from the state since they come wrapped up in a box. The mattresses inflated very quickly, which was good because we got into our house at 5 pm so that I did not possess the recommended 48 hours to allow them to fluff up. They were comfortable even following the brief time we started up them. They didn’t smell. I nearly slit the mattress. These mattresses will be the thing to do. We’ll never purchase a coiled spring mattress. Why pay that when it is possible to find a super comfy mattress for less than at these obnoxious mattress shops.