Lucid Gel Memory Foam Mattress Review

The Lucid 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam mattress is among the most an outstanding product. Despite its inexpensive nature, the mattress is super supportive, cool and durable. The soft gel foam and cool cover ensure sleeping now is luxurious.

Unlike other complicated mattresses, this Lucid mattress one has few layers but features outstanding artistry. In fact, the company has made a significant investment in customers’ satisfaction. The high-quality foam and affordable price allow all customers to have it. Do you want this mattress for your bed? Read the exclusive features and review below.


There are no complications once you choose this Lucid Gel Memory Foam mattress. It has simple construction but from premium materials. Featuring only two layers, it feels great and resists flattening.

The gel infused memory foam is outstanding. It provides excellent body contouring and temperature regulation. Thus, it gives everyone great sleep while putting off pressure zones.

Knitting of this mattress cover gives everyone great feeling. It boasts blending of Tencel fabric for excellent temperature regulation. It achieves this by creating air layer and also regulating moisture.

For satisfaction and confidence, the mattress enjoys extended warranty. Therefore, even when buying, customers enjoy great comfort and assurance. With 25 years warranty, there is no reason why not trust it.

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Without any doubt, construction of this Lucid 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam mattress is awesome. It’s a dual layer mattress hence no complications understanding it.

Top layer

The top layer is responsible for all the comfort and body-hugging. It enjoys gel infused memory foam that creates a superb surface. The 2.5 inches ventilated layer keeps the body cool without overheating. Moreover, with balanced sinkage, the layer helps in fighting back pains and pressure spots.

Base layer

For the base layer, it’s just simple and made of high-density poly foam. Due to the mattress firmness, the layer helps to keep it in shape. Thus, even after continuous usage, the mattress remains intact. Despite the solid construction, the layer also facilitates body cooling.

Housing the Lucid Gel Memory Foam mattress is a soft and breathable cover. Unlike other mattresses, this has a Tencel fabric blended cover that gives your body refreshing feeling. With the cover being highly breathable, it ensures no hotter sleeping. Also, the cover is very efficient in regulating moisture. Thus, with cool and moisture free sleeping, it brings ultimate comfort.

Determining the firmness of a mattress is pretty easy. You need to press your hand against the top layer. Well, for Lucid Gel Memory Foam mattress. It is a medium firm. In fact, it has a rating of 6.5 out of 10. Therefore, it perfectly supports medium and light people. For weighty people, they will experience increased sinkage.

Mattress comfort dramatically depends on the firmness. Well, basing this Lucid Gel Memory Foam mattress on its firmness, it is a good product. Offering high-class comfort and feeling, there are no issues regarding body aches. On the other hand, the feel is fantastic. Notably, due to high-quality cooling cover and gel foam top layer. They regulate temperature and sweating hence absolute comfort.

Motion isolation is vital features that every buyer must consider. It determines whether you will enjoy sleeping with your partner. Poor quality mattresses have less transfer leading to disturbances. For this Lucid 10 Inch Gel mattress, it has commendable motion isolation. Notably, the thick the mattress fewer motion transfer than thick ones.

Support also matters when shopping for a mattress. Construction, firmness and the type of foam determines its support. For this Lucid 10 Inch Gel mattress, it has incredible support. It is a superb choice for average and light sleepers. On the other hand, it has magnificent support accommodating back and side sleepers. For stomach sleepers, they might feel a bit of pressure at the back.

For a mattress to offer excellent back pain relief, it needs to have a firm construction. Apart from being soft, the mattress needs to hug the body and less sinkage. With this Lucid 10 Inch Foam mattress, it offers great body support eliminating pressure zones. Thus, it reduces the chances of pain development.

Amazingly, the gel infused gel 2.5 inches is great in offering perfect support. With cooling effect and ideal body pressures release. As a result, it soothes the body by facilitating proper spine alignment.

On durability, there is no guesswork in this Lucid Memory Foam mattress. It boasts durable construction to offer extended use. Basically, memory foam lasts longer than other mattress designs. Lucid mattress has a lifespan of over 5 years.

Heat retention is not an excellent property for a mattress. It can cause stressful sleeping. However, this Lucid 10 Inch Foam mattress is a perfect one to have. It has excellent heat dissipation due to the cooling gel foam layer. Moreover, the layer is ventilated, and breathable cover enables fast heat diffusion. On average, the mattress will sleep cool.

Sinkage though crucial in moderation, it can be unsuitable if too much. That is why Lucid have minimized sinkage in this Memory Foam mattress. This helps in maintaining it cool. In fact, the mattress responds according to the weight of a sleeper. Therefore, for heavier people, the sinkage will be more. For light and average weights sleepers, it will experience moderate sinkage.

To guarantee great confidence and performance, this Lucid mattress boasts 25 years warranty. However, the trial period isn’t definite.

The available sizes are:

  • Twin
  • Twin XL
  • Full
  • Queen
  • King
  • California King

Price varies according to the size.

This Lucid Gel Memory Foam mattress can be shipped from the manufacturer. But, Amazon offers it at great prices and free shipment.

Lucid 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam mattress brings the real comfort in your home. The overall construction, quality, and performance are outstanding. Whether in need of support or soothing your body, the mattress is exceptional. Above all excellent quality, price and compatibility with various frames make it the perfect choice.

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