Modway Jenna Mattress Review (8″ 10″ & 14″) Twin Full King Queen

The Modway Jenna Quilted Pillow Top Individually Encased Pocket Coil Innerspring Mattress has come to the market with wonderful comfort. It is available with the following thickness 8 inch, 10 inch, and 14 inch. This mattress has the following layers that are quilted tight-top polyester cover, 1″ responsive foam, 0.9″ egg crate foam, felt liner, and individually wrapped coils. This Modway Jenna Mattress reduces the pressure on your spine, back, hips, neck, shoulders, and head.

With the help of individually encased springs, this Modway Jenna 10″ & 14″ Innerspring Mattress reduces the bounce and absorb motion disturbance. It provides the highest support in every sleeping position and styles such as back sleeping, side sleeping, etc. This mattress is comfortable, feeling hot, and perfect for winter season. For both heavy and lightweight person, it is a good choice. You and your partner do not feel another’s movement during sleep. All the materials of this mattress are of high quality and meet flammability standards. This is a healthy, safe, and comfortable mattress.

It is adjustable on all bed frames. The price of this Jenna Mattress is very cheap and affordable. The Modway Jenna Mattress is available for both kids and adults; they have many available sizes such as Twin, Full, King, and Queen. The Jenna Mattress is vacuum packed and shipped in a box. Read the primary feature and review below.


This Modway Jenna Mattress provides you a wonderfully comfortable sleep by reducing the pressure points of your body.

It has individually encased pocket coils that help you to limit the bounce and absorb the movement motion disturbance of your sleeping partner. Due to this exclusive feature, most couples love this Modway Jenna 10″ & 14″ Innerspring Mattress.

All the foams and coils inside this Modway Jenna 10″ & 14″ Innerspring Mattress are high-quality and certified. It is healthy and safe for both kids and adults.

The price of this Jenna Spring Mattress is very cheap and affordable. If you compare this Modway Jenna 10″ & 14″ Innerspring Mattress with other available coil mattresses, this one is really very cheap.

The Modway Jenna Mattress has different sizes for both kids and adults. It is available with the following sizes such as Twin, Full, King, and Queen.

Modway Jenna 10 and 14 Inch Twin Full King Queen Innerspring Mattress
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FAQs About Modway Jenna Mattress

This Modway Jenna Mattress is a firm mattress. The Individually Encased Pocket Coil Springs gives you a firm feel but the cover is very soft and plush.

Yes, this Modway Jenna Mattress provides you firm support and helps to aligns your spine perfectly and reduces your pain.

Yes, you can choose the twin-size version of this Modway Jenna Mattress for the kids and children. Both small and big sizes are highly comfortable.

Yes, this Modway Jenna Mattress is adjustable on every kind of bed frame such as the platform bed frame, box spring, wooden frame, metal frame, bunk bed, etc.

No, both are the same. You will get the same comfort and feel in both mattresses.

Yes, if you buy a Queen mattress, it can fit Queen bed frames. You have to choose the bed frame size according to the sizes of the mattresses.

Yes, this Modway Jenna Mattress gives you equal comfort as well as support in every sleeping positions including side sleeping.

This Modway Jenna Mattress can carry up to 430 lbs. If you are an extremely heavy person, you can choose the 14-inch mattress.

No, there is no fiberglass and other harmful elements inside this Modway Jenna Mattress. You can use this Modway Jenna 10″ & 14″ Innerspring Mattress safely.

No, it’s a spring hybrid mattress. It does not sink over time. It’s not like a memory foam mattress. It is a firm and very supportive bed.

No, there is no latex elements into this Modway Jenna 10″ & 14″ Innerspring Mattress.

Yes, if you buy a twin or twin xl mattress, it will fit on the bunk bed.

Yes, you can use this Modway Jenna 10″ and 14″ Twin Full King Queen Innerspring Mattress on the trundle bed frame.

Yes, for heavier sleepers, we recommend you to purchase the 14-inch version of this Modway Jenna 10″ and 14″ Twin Full King Queen Innerspring Mattress.

Yes, this Modway Jenna 10″ and 14″ Twin Full King Queen Innerspring Mattress fit in a daybed frame.

Yes, this Modway Jenna 10″ and 14″ Twin Full King Queen Innerspring Mattress is a pillow top spring hybrid mattress.

Most customer says this Modway Jenna Mattress is a firm mattress. Someone says it’s a medium-firm mattress.

The real height of this Modway Jenna 10″ and 14″ Twin Full King Queen Innerspring Mattress is 10-14 inches. If you use a bed frame or box spring, the height will increase according to the sizes of the frame.

You can. You can use any frames such as box spring, platform bed frame, metal frame, etc. It supports all bed frames.

The twin size of this Modway Jenna 10″ and 14″ Twin Full King Queen Innerspring Mattress can bed used on a waterbed frame.

Yes, this Modway Jenna Mattress is very supportive for the elderly people. Many customers satisfied this bed.

You have to use a separate waterproof cover to protect this Modway Jenna 10″ and 14″ Twin Full King Queen Innerspring Mattress from water and stains. When you want to wash this cover, just open the cover and wash it.

Yes, this Modway Jenna Mattress is 100% adjustable on all types of bed frames.

This Modway Jenna 10″ and 14″ Twin Full King Queen Innerspring Mattress may need up to 72 hours to fully expand. If you see the mattress expands in 2 hours, you may sleep on it. There is no problem.

Yes, this mattress is highly supportive. The high-grade pocket spring of this Modway Jenna 10″ and 14″ Twin Full King Queen Innerspring Mattress provides you optimal support as well as comfort.

Yes, this Modway Jenna Mattress is fit for tall and long people. But if they are heavy or more weighty, you should use a 14-inch thickness of this Modway Jenna 10″ and 14″ Twin Full King Queen Innerspring Mattress.

No, the firmness of both 10 and 14 inches are the same. The thickness is different.

Yes, you can use a heated mattress pad with this Modway Jenna 10″ and 14″ Twin Full King Queen Innerspring Mattress.

No, it does not sink. It is a strong and very supportive bed. It’s not like a foam mattress.

This Modway Jenna Mattress can be used for the tall persons like 6 feet.

Of course, you can use this Modway Jenna 10″ and 14″ Twin Full King Queen Innerspring Mattress on wooden slats and all kinds of other bed frames.

This Modway Jenna 10″ and 14″ Twin Full King Queen Innerspring Mattress can carry heavyweight such as 350 lbs. So, it can support to 160 lbs people.

Yes, this Jenna Mattress comes with vacuum-packed and in a box. It may require up to 24 hours to fully expand.

You have to use any bed frame below this Modway Jenna Mattress. You can use box spring, platform bed frame, metal frame, etc.

Yes, this is a spring coil mattress that can carry heavy loads. for 220 lbs person, it is very suitable.

It may have a bit of smell but it goes away very soon. You can use this comfortable bed within 24 hours.

Yes, the individually encased pocket coils inside this Modway Jenna 10″ and 14″ Twin Full King Queen Innerspring Mattress provide you optimal firm support and keep your spine perfectly aligned and also reduces your pain.

No, you can’t flip this mattress. This is a one side mattress, you can use one side for sleeping.

This Modway Jenna 10″ and 14″ Twin Full King Queen Innerspring Mattress contains springs and foam. It has several layers.

Yes, you can use this Modway Jenna Mattress for a twin loft bed. You have to choose a twin size.

This Modway Jenna 10″ and 14″ Twin Full King Queen Mattress may require up to 24 hours for full expansion. You can sleep before 24 hours but we recommend you to wait for 24 hours at least.

Yes, you have to use a separate bed frame or foundation.

A few customers say that they are using this Modway Jenna 10″ Twin Full King Queen Mattress over 1 year and this product performs well.

The manufacturer of this mattress is Modway and the country of origin of this product is China.

This Modway Jenna 10″ Twin Full King Queen Mattress offers 10 years warranty.

Yes, this Modway Jenna 10″ and 14″ Twin Full King Queen Innerspring Mattress is very strong and durable. It may last over 10 years without creating any problems.

No, there is no smell. But you may feel a bit fo smell when unboxing the mattress but it will go sway soon.

No, this Modway Jenna 10″ Twin Full King Queen Mattress does not offer any trial offer like 100 nights.

No, you do not feel hot while sleeping on this Modway Jenna 10″ and 14″ Twin Full King Queen Innerspring Mattress.

Yes, this Modway Jenna 10″ Twin Full King Queen Mattress has great edge support.

The hybrid structure of this Modway Jenna Mattress begins at the bottom by which individually-wrapped 8.5″ coiled springs sit between 2 layers of feeling. The springs disperse weight evenly across the surface of the bed, so supplying outstanding movement transfer ensuring you don’t believe that your spouse movers during the evening time. A 0.9″ coating of egg carton foam sits directly along with the springs supplying a gentle coating of contouring support which permits you to sink to the upper layer of the mattress.

The 1″ compact coating of high-quality gel-infused memory foam offers excellent airflow throughout the memory layers allowing for optimum breathability which keeps you cool as you sleep. Even the Modway Jenna Mattress comes wrapped in a quilted polyester cap to maximize airflow, and it is everything you’d expect from a very affordable hybrid mattress.

The 14″ Modway Jenna Mattress has taller springs than 10″ model in length. The egg carton foam coating additionally has an extra 2-inches of depth at the 14-inch version too. This additional spring traveling plus extra memory provides a related adventure to the 10-inch edition. In other foam mattresses, heftier versions have a tendency to reduce their firmness.

But, with all the Modway Jenna, the mattress retains comparable possessions into the 10-inch, without a lot of modification to firmness. We did realize that the 14-inch version felt as though it had a far milder and luxury cushion top. The heftier memory-foam layers why don’t we sink to the cushion shirt, preventing us from acting in the evening time. In general, we’d say that there may possibly be a half a point gap regarding the firmness range involving your 10-inch along with 14-inch models.

The bottom of this bed is hardy as a result of individually pocketed coils. These coils give a base for your own pillowtop, as well as the tight fit of these springs at the sensed liner means you may not need to be worried about any stimulation of this bottom through recent years.

Nevertheless, the cushion shirt lacks and real advantage support, even though that is no problem with the 10-inch edition, we believe the 14-inch model may possibly begin to see some issues with the advantages. Many foam mattresses include sturdy pliers on the sides which prevent the borders from falling when you take a seat on the corner of their bed.

Nevertheless, the thick edge on the pillow shirt helps prevent border-collapse marginally, however it’s much less effective as a side-wedge service pub. Since the Modway Jenna does not possess this particular feature, we presume that you may encounter issues with the advantages deforming within several decades, resulting in the separation of their foam layers at the mattress.

One of those measures of a fantastic mattress is motion move. This feature pertains to the way a mattress reacts to people getting into and out of bed, and also whether the mattress interrupts the motion to the localized place. An excellent mattress with superior motion transfer will make it possible for somebody to stay asleep undisturbed if their partner opts to escape bed.

An exceptional solution to try this would be to set a heavy thing such as a baseball ball onto the mattress. In case you get during sex and also the hockey ball starts moving toward you personally, then a mattress comes with feeble motion transportation possessions. But in the event the bowling ball remains set up, then your mattress has exceptional motion transfer possessions.

Even the Modway Jenna hybrid has exceptional motion transfer capacities because of its 8.5-inch individually-wrapped springs seen from the bottom coating. These springs absorb abrupt alterations in weight reduction while you sit, isolating the move. Consequently, Jenna delivers exactly the very same motion transfer possessions as higher-priced pure foam mattresses — at a fraction of the price tag.

Quantities of firmness and service are all most likely the most significant components to evaluate when choosing the brand new mattress. Manufacturers speed their mattress firmness onto a scale 1 to 10, and also the Modway Jenna drops into the assortment of a 6 to 7 to its 10-inch model, and also 5 to 6 weeks to your 14-inch mattress.

Nevertheless, the luxury pillow shirt does provide lots of cushioning providing you with a body-hugging contouring sense against your system – notably with all the 14-inch version. Even the individually-wrapped springs at both models deliver exemplary aid, permitting the shoulders and shoulders to slowly sink in the mattress while it supports both the low spine and lower limbs, so keeping them flat when permitting optimal spinal column alignment.

People who do not enjoy poor foam beds may possibly choose the springy durability of this Modway Jenna mattress. The springs assist you to prevent the sag of foam, especially when leaving the bed.

The Modway Jenna Mattress provides exceptional airflow across the layers. The gel-infused foam offers superior warmth also absorbs body heat into the gel particles from the bed where they dissipate in the bottom. This refreshing effect enables you to remain cool on the summer nights. The jewelry cover has its best, but we presume that it lacks moisture wicking attributes, which will possess better breathability to coordinate with the warmth of their gel-infused memory foam.

Assessing the cost tag on this Modway Jenna mattress to its own features demonstrates it offers enormous affordable. Taking a look at different celebrities, Jenna can be really a game with all the very best products in such a category, with a price label that cheap for some couples. In the event that you fail to afford a foam mattress, however, you still desire that tender sink-in atmosphere, subsequently think about the Jenna. The total amount of innerspring using elastic foam has an out of this world sleep experience that’ll make you feel refreshed the next day.

People today sleeping at various styles, which is hard to locate 1 mattress which matches back, side, and stomach sleepers. As significantly less than 10 percent of individuals sleep in such a position, many manufacturers do not concentrate on producing services and products for people who sleep in this circumstance. Nevertheless, the Modway Jenna mattress provides exemplary all-around operation across all sleeping places.

The bed offers aid in all of the appropriate places, permitting optimal spinal column alignment. Just how can the Modway Jenna stack-up to some sleeping posture, browse the review below that will assist you in making an educated purchase decision.

Side sleep is really the most typical sleeping mode after back-sleeping. Individuals who sleep in their side can make use of the fetal posture another form. Within this position, the knees have been together, or perhaps the upper knee might be marginally in the front or behind the opposite. The very best arm might also be lengthy or collapse into the side, with all underneath forearm tucked under the cushion of directly out before the individual.

As a consequence of these sleeping posture, side-sleepers put an enormous amount of strain on the ground shoulder and hip, leading to posture issues and fashionable displacement. Negative sleepers demand a mattress which alleviates stress from these types of joints while still staying encouraging sufficient to present spinal distress.

The Jenna 10-inch mattress does a fair job of maintaining spinal distress, in aside sleeping posture, but we believe that the 14-inch variant has more tension relief as a result of thinner cushion shirt and further inch 5 spring traveling.

Stomach sleeping could be your most typical sleeping position, using significantly less than 10 percent of their world’s populace working with this specific style. Individuals who sleep on the tummy could lay level with legs stretched into the root of their bed, or else they may possibly have a leg drawn upward into the fashionable, with a flex at the knee.

Stomach sleepers that turn their mind to a side can render the left arm flat against your own body, whereas another arm stays flexed at the elbow with the palms toward the cover of the mattress. Sleeping face-down in the mattress at a gut sleeping posture is rare, even for tummy sleepers, however, it can happen. All these people today call for a cushioned mattress that provides good airflow.

Even the Modway Jenna hybrid offers reasonably firm service making it a perfect bed for tummy sleepers. Many tummy sleepers Discover that Polyurethane Foam mattresses are too gentle to the pillowtop, which makes them sink in the mattress that puts an additional strain in their throat, interrupting the spinal column We Believe That the 10-inch version of the Jenna.

Sleeping in the back is definitely the most common sleeping posture, using significantly more than 60-percent of individuals choosing this fashion of slumber. Straight back sleepers reap the benefits of the finest spinal alignment at bedtime, plus so they have the smallest sum of joint and structural problems associated with pressure out of the mattress. Most straight back sleepers have a firm mattress using a delicate pillowtop. The Jenna may be the perfect mattress for back sleepers to your budget.

While the 10-inch or even 14-inch version is well worth taking a look at, we presume back sleepers will delight in the marginally softer 14-inch version. The delicate pillowtop adheres to a system, holding you in place as you are sleeping, preventing any movement move from the partner whenever they move out of bed at the center of nighttime. The independently manicured springs give exceptional stability and the ideal number of firm support to allow your buttocks and torso spout while the back receives ideal aid.

Other Customers Reviews About Modway Jenna Mattress

I’ve slept exceptionally well because we obtained this Modway Jenna Mattress. My spouse is really a fitful sleeper and I’ve spent decades with his turning and tossing waking me up throughout the evening. Perhaps it’s going upward from a queen to a king-size, however, I believe that this Modway Jenna 10″ Twin Full King Queen Mattress cuts down to how much that I sense tossing. He does not wake me at the night ahead! He favors a firmer bed and that I enjoy moderate one and that works for us equally. I’ll surely be getting a second for my spare space if it is time.

Love this mattress

Purchased this for a guest bedroom tried out it ourselves and were impressed with all the comfort and ease with the mattress! This type of relaxed sleep! Houseguests have commented on the relaxation also. Have patience and allow it to lay level for the whole 48 hours, so you may not regret it! In addition, it strikes upon launching have the mattress head off from you personally or you’re going to be re – you’ve been warned.

Love it!

We bought a complete dimension for our kid initially and it was so great we bought that one for the sick mom. I’d not have believed a mattress in a box has been such excellent quality and relaxation. If it is time to replace my bed then I am likely to acquire the king. Incidentally, this item is heavy! Ensure you’ve got help setting this up.

Good Product

I must say I was somewhat skeptical at first about purchasing this bed in spite of all the testimonials, however, I’m glad I did. It’s to get a guest bedroom and it’s like buying a normal double bed mattress. In case you buy one, just make sure when you reduce the shrink wrap you have around the ground in the center of the box and do not be position at either end since it springs open real fast. I discovered the hard way. I can recommend this Modway Jenna Mattress to anybody.

Great Value

I adore this quite comfy mattress. I hesitated to purchase initially; since I believed it would be hard to start it as I am not so large as it pertains wrapped uptight. No problem, however, it gradually inflated alone and individuals can’t feel the caliber of the cost!!! They stated they paid far more in mattress shops and they couldn’t sleep. I’d certainly suggest this Modway Jenna Mattress for anybody with a poor back as I had a car crash years back and really can sleep during the night for after.

It is surprising the comfort of this mattress for the price!!!

I had a mattress for an individual sided twin daybed. This Modway Jenna Innerspring Individually Encased Pocket Coil Mattress was absolutely comfortable. My guest is going to be given a fantastic night’s rest. Don’t start with a sharp thing. The mattress requires roughly 10 to 24 hours to completely attain its fullest. You’re able to add a duvet. But sleeping on it for a week and decide in the event that you still require the topper. I suggest this Modway Jenna Mattress!


I did many studies! I knew I needed a firm king size mattress and did not wish to pay an arm and a leg. The quality is exceptional and the cost is incredible. It’s firm and inviting. Incredibly comfortable. 1 thing to notice: you’ll feel as if your spouse moves. It’s not a major deal for me personally, as my spouse feels just like a stone.

However, if you’re interested in finding a mattress in which the wine does not spill although you jump onto the bed, then this isn’t that. Yet another note: the advantages aren’t super inviting, which is no problem for me personally, and not certain why it could be a problem for anybody, but it’s something that I stumbled across in my study. I have just had it two or three months, and time will tell, however, I’m 100% satisfied with my selection.

Very happy with this mattress choice

I was skeptical of purchasing a mattress on the internet, however, I have not been happy with my own lastv2 mattress shop buys (they never look the same in your home as they can do at the shop ) so I decided at that price it’s worth a chance. I enjoy this over my prior mattresses which were many times more costly. The coils are packed, the foam coating is comfortable, it’s a good mix of support and comfort. Obtaining it down the staircase at the box has been super simple. I allow it to rest for the whole 24 hours later launching and have experienced no issues yet.

Great firm mattress at an unbelievable price

We’re about 6 months to sleeping with this bed ( king-10inch) and we couldn’t be happier. This Modway Jenna Mattress feels tender but nonetheless is extremely supportive. I’d bought a complete for our kid initially and was really impressed I purchased one for the bed too. We’re both on the other hand and following 6 months no feeding out to springs. The mattress feels and looks just like the very first moment. This is an excellent purchase.

Supportive and soft feel

I frankly was worried about purchasing this because the price seemed too fantastic to be true. Nevertheless, it’s a fantastic mattress! Super comfy! I bought the double for the Airbnb piece I am thinking of purchasing the king for myself personally.

Great Mattress!

This bed is really comfy and beneficial. I have back problems, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and Fibromyalgia. It is difficult for me to sleep without needing pain. This Modway Jenna Mattress has enabled me to sleep and helped decrease my pain when sleeping with 70%. I was pleasantly amazed.

If you have back problems, this bed is for you!

A quite great mattress. We purchased 2 for the double beds in our guest area. We place them box springs but did not need to, they’d have been nice on a stage independently. Expanded very fast after getting out of this box. These are extremely comfortable, moderate firmness. I am a sizable man (280 pounds ) and would not be afraid to sleep. Fantastic value for the cost.

Good quality mattress for the price

For the purchase price of this Modway Jenna Mattress, then you can not fail. I have had it for a couple of weeks today and I am happy with the grade. It’s quite comfy, moderate firm and appears to be somewhat durable. I don’t have any cons. It is a small springy for my preference, but I do not mind it. I had no issues using this packaging. I was quite surprised at how light and small the box has been. There’s also no odor (cold or compound ) into the mattress. My wife and I would strongly recommend.

Impressive Mattress for such a cheap price

I fall asleep almost immediately with this Modway Jenna Mattress. We purchased this at a double for my 4-year-old kid’s mattress. It is her very first mattress and that I looked at several options before picking this one, dependent on other reviews. It’s not disappointed. Occasionally I believe that the dimples from the mattress, however, are not uncomfortable. I put with my daughter through the night time while she falls asleep, and I am usually asleep until she’s. She enjoys her mattress and sleeps soundly throughout the evening. Just perfect. Interested in purchasing it at a king for my own mattress.

I fall asleep nearly immediately on this bed

I purchased this Modway Jenna Innerspring Individually Encased Pocket Coil Mattress for the 5-year-old Granddaughter because she was going right into a big girl bed. I obviously went to her home and analyzed her bed. This Modway Jenna Mattress is really soft and comfy. I’m seriously considering purchasing one to match my mattress. Fantastic price for this a cozy mattress.

Very soft

So really glad I chose this particular mattress. It is a well-made item. It could not be comfier. I really look forward to retiring to the day so that I can pile into actual relaxation. I bought it for an extremely reasonable price also. My niece enabled me to unbox it, put it to the mattress while she gradually removed the wrap with scissors. The mattress unfolded like an exotic blossom. Wonderful! I totally suggest this Modway Jenna Mattress.

Very comfortable

I am a huge dude and also have back, knee, knee and throat difficulties in sports. I keep buying mattresses and handing them off. NOT that one, this is a keeper. Just how much time it will continue is unknown because of any other mattress, but at this cost, I’d purchase again if anything else above a year. The caliber makes me think I’ll get many decades. Additionally, I’ve great smelling. Smelled the vinyl when choosing a mattress.

This one a keeper

I was very hesitant to purchase a mattress on the internet although this one was fantastic. It’s got the firmness of a spring mattress, and which means you don’t sink as much as the major foam mattresses. That is crucial for my spine. There is also a foam shirt on it that gives it a softness also. Came at a little box, simple to maneuver. Watch out once you start it and stay clear of the roster as you cut to the vinyl – it warms from the plastic wrap quicker than you believe it will.

Firm but comfortable

We had a king-size mattress to get a rental house and did not wish to cover a whole lot, but wanted our visitors to be more comfortable. This hits the area. We’ve got an extremely costly mattress in your home and I believe that this is at least as comfy. I really don’t understand the way that it will survive in the very long term, but at first blush, it is quite a fantastic price.

It was quite simple to take from this box and escape the bag (use scissors, not a knife), however in case you are not super powerful (I am not), then you are going to need two individuals. Hubby and I managed to put ourselves flawlessly. I will check back in a couple of months to get an upgrade.

Great for the value

Even a bit more firm than I would like but I can not argue with the consequences. I am a negative and rear sleeper and happen to be sleeping a top-notch memory foam mattress along with my lower spine was killing me for ages. This Modway Jenna Innerspring Individually Encased Pocket Coil Mattress mended that shit on the very first night. If you are fine with a rather firm but comfy bed to opt with this one, then the cost to relaxation value can’t be beaten. If you’d like softer I would suggest exactly the exact same manufacturer and model only the larger one, 12 inches I really believe? Or 14 I can not recall.

Fairly firm but very comfortable

I purchased this for my 8-year-old daughter after she was complaining of a sore back out of her previous mattress. We have had it for more than 6 weeks and she’s been so pleased with this Modway Jenna Mattress! I’ve really taken some naps onto it also. Really comfy!

Mom and daughter approved

This Modway Jenna 10″ Twin Full King Queen Mattress is comfy, I’ve had a back issue for a couple of years and I will sleep quite good with this Modway Jenna Mattress. For the cost, it’s a deal and urges you receive it if you’re attempting to save a couple of bucks, such as me. It’s a small firm but that is the way I like my own bed.

It is comfortable

This Modway Jenna Mattress exceeded my expectations. I purchased it as my brother’s “real” bed, and that I could not be more happy with it! It’s so comfy that I might wind up ordering one for myself too. Delivery was quick and packaging was simple to enter. The mattress inflated no time, also there wasn’t any strange smell.

Exceeded expectations

My adolescent son had a new mattress. He is 6’2″ and 230 pounds, so that I could not only get the cheapest option possible and also have it survive over a year. I have done lots of research and eventually determined by the 10″ Jenna. I have never purchased a mattress at a box, therefore it was fascinating seeing how it came and the practice of having your mattress prepared to sleep.

My son says it is really comfy, and after a couple of months of sleeping on it hasn’t lost its shape in any way. I recommend this Modway Jenna Innerspring Individually Encased Pocket Coil Mattress to anybody I hear is searching for you.

Comfort and Value for a bigger teen

So this item happens as a tootsie roll. I cut off the plastic and it appeared up and pinned me into the ground! I had been laughing so hard. However, do note this item is carefully wrapped. I took the proper mattress form and fit well on the stage framework. Great product for the purchase price.

Great mattress

This Modway Jenna Mattress is one-piece and comprises the two memory and springs foam. We allow it to air out for 24 hours. The faint odor from the foam immediately and was not overwhelming. The mattress fits good about the IKEA daybed we’ve got and is quite comfy and thick.

Comfortable twin mattress

I was amazed by this buy. I’ve always gone into the shop to test all of them out. I was not overly stressed this time since it had been for my own 8-year-old, that is not as picky as I am. I thought I’d set a thick bed pad to give it a few excess relaxations. Additionally, I hesitated since it was rolled up as it came, at a box. A mattress?? It came quickly, in just a week.

Not only was that this Modway Jenna Innerspring Individually Encased Pocket Coil Mattress comfortable, but we’re staying with our friends until our home is completed and that I left my son swap beds because his mattress is much more comfortable than mine with a longshot!! Ordering two for the other kiddos. Yeah!


I purchased this Modway Jenna Mattress due to the testimonials and cost points. I’ve purchased mattresses on the internet before with pride. I read reviews that stated that this Modway Jenna 10″ Twin Full King Queen Mattress will be worth more than the cost advertised but I’d say that isn’t the situation. It’s a great regular mattress. Soft yet firm but softer than I thought it’d function as sink quite a little.

I really don’t believe I would advise it for men and women who might require a more rigorous mattress. However, the quality and construction regrettably fit the reduced cost point I would say. Not a really large-excellent mattress although I sleep it professionally. The springs beneath do not seem very hardy. As soon as I opened the box and then unrolled the mattress it’d spring up start extremely fast!

There’s a warning about the mattress roll which claims to start away from any individual. That is unquestionably advised! There was a small chemical odor from the memory but it went out quickly. To get comfortability, advantage, low-cost point, and nominal chemical odor I give it 4 stars.

Standard mattress suits the price point

Purchased this Modway Jenna Mattress to get a sneak, on Amazon Prime Day, for the 3-year-old. After started, the mattress enlarged and took shape speedily. The mattress is firm, however incredibly lavish with the cushion top. My son has to sleep but I don’t have any doubt it helps him end up after a very long moment. Good first impression thus far.


I was somewhat careful purchasing a mattress on the internet, however, that is a superb mattress! I obtained it for my own son’s bottom bunk mattress and I’ve slept on it and it is a fantastic night’s sleep! The bunk beds have slat boards to help keep the mattress and it held up great! I’d completely recommend this Modway Jenna Mattress!

Awesome mattress!

Good mattress, very comfy and wonderful value for the purchase price. It’s good to support whilst not being too difficult. My wife and I bought it for my newborn boy but I’ve been enticed to sleep it since it seems far comfier than my new name and a quite expensive mattress. We had been skeptical to obtain a mattress in a box, so which I couldn’t check out in a shop first, but that was proven to be a fantastic mattress. I strongly recommend!

Very comfortable, great value!

Loved it! This Modway Jenna Innerspring Individually Encased Pocket Coil Mattress is exceptionally comfy. I purchased this Modway Jenna Mattress for my granddaughter’s remain during her summer holiday and she adored it. She’s scoliosis and rheumatoid arthritis thus a great night’s sleep has been important to most people.

Comfort and ease of use

This really is a wonderful mattress. I purchased the Twin dimensions for the 6-year-old and he moans well on it. My husband went on it and explained it’s simply perfect. Very excellent quality. As soon as we replace my 11-year-old bed, we’ll be purchasing another just as it since a complete size.

Great mattress, glad I purchased

Conforms to the human body. Not a rigid or difficult mattress so that it’s super comfy. Took it from the package whilst at the top of the box and saw it inflate with air. My guests love this Modway Jenna Mattress, therefore for the cost that it was really well worth it!

Great quality, fantastic price!

I bought the double size mattress, because of the 7-year-old’s bedroom. Once I did the box unroll the mattress it immediately puffed up. I’m mediately needed to check it out and it felt totally remarkable! I’ll be arranging a queen to get myself personally. My daughter absolutely adores her Jenna mattress also has had a wonderful nighttime sleep every feeling. I strongly recommend this Modway Jenna Mattress!

High quality

This Modway Jenna Mattress is really cozy. I admit I’d like a soft mattress or no less than a cushion top. That is ideal. I purchased the twin because of the son’s bunk mattress. I want it came in a profile to your bunk beds although not certain they can keep their ethics if it had been shorter. He is 4 and if he sits up he strikes his head to the top bunk which could occur eventually anyway.

I’ve taken rest with this bed and that I enjoy it. It arrived wrapped in a box at the brand new condition and we are extremely content with the comfort and high quality of stuff. Similar mattresses in the shop are double the cost or longer. Quite pleased with this buy.

Just what we wanted

Purchased the entire dimensions for the son’s room who’s 11. He had a new mattress and desired something cushion top. As it was sent it was wrapped up making it effortless to carry up the staircase simpler to unroll and then he slept is 24 hours afterward. Four months after the love the relaxation.

Very comfortable

He’s 14 and 140 lbs. His first twin mattress was simply too skinny for him to maneuver anymore. Got this to him and he adores it! He says it’s extremely comfy and like most teens, he slept in without any complaints. I will probably buy again for my youngest son. One thing to bear in mind is your elevation. Certainly taller compared to the normal double bed mattress.

Oldest son loves it!

I trusted the reviews after exploring comments on many mattresses and picked this particular brand. The mattress came from a box that I could handle on my own (I am roughly 120lbs). As soon as I opened the box that the mattress was closely vacuum sealed. I was anticipating it to gradually form to regular size within the 24 hr interval a few directions, however the moment I cut the vinyl that the mattress instantly moved to full size.

There was no odor to everything, therefore no muss no fuss!!! Wow!! Too straightforward and convenient!! We’d wait for 24hrs only to be on the safe side though it appeared prepared to sleep from the start. My spouse and I Will Certainly be purchasing one for our chamber next.

Comfortable and convenient!!

This Modway Jenna Innerspring Individually Encased Pocket Coil Mattress isn’t large but it’s a fantastic balance between firm and lavish. I like firm beds but chose to find the pillow shirt as an excess relaxation. Fantastic option. It is possible to feel and see that the memory along with the coils wrapped. This Modway Jenna Mattress is exactly like I purchased and clarified in this description. I’d Find a different mattress from Jenna.

Very comfortable

Very comfy and I am loving it now that I’ve got it now. That said, I purchased this particular mattress since amazon stated it might arrive on Friday but it didn’t arrive till Monday. I moved on the ground for 3 days due to this. When it eventually did arrive it had any mold stains on it, which had been yucky. Ranked 4 stars because quite comfortable and a fantastic purchase, but had mold stains on it took more than they said it’d to boat. I’m about 115 pounds plus it supports me flawlessly. Really comfortable.

Comfy mattress