Olee Sleep 10 Inch Gel Infused Review

The Olee Sleep 10 Inch Gel Infused Layer Top Memory Foam mattress is one of the top-rated mattresses on the market. Olee Sleep company has a great reputation to provide comfort and support. To get a comfortable night sleep, this Olee Sleep Memory Foam mattress may be your perfect choice. This mattress has also a lot of extra features and health benefits compared to the other brands. Read the all essential features, advantages, specifications, and review below.


High Quality and Medium Firm Mattress

Perfect for all sleeping position

Balanced your body while sleeping on it

The 1-inch gel helps into disperse temperature accumulation. It is known to maintain constant mattress temperature.

It has a breathable and beautiful cover

It offers at least 10-year manufacturer warranty

The product is delivered in nicely packed in a box at a good condition.

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Olee Sleep Gel Infused Mattress Reviews (Know Details)

As far as the construction is concerned this Olee Sleep 10 Inch mattress is made from eco-friendly foam and this certainly goes a long way in reducing VOC emissions. It is also odor and moisture free and are extremely durable and long lasting without being too heavy. The mattress has several layers. Each layer has a great comfort and support activities.

Olee Sleep mattress has a lucrative, new design and health comfortable cover.

When it is bought from online stores, shipping and delivery are done at the doorsteps provided it is within the national boundaries. International shipping is not done.

This Olee Sleep 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam mattress could help you to have a sound and peaceful night’s sleep and it will adjust itself to your body contours, shapes, size and weight.

Since the Olee Sleep 10 Inch Gel mattress helps to spread the weight evenly, the risk of the back bearing heavier weight can be avoided. Further, it provides the right support to the back which could help in relieving back pain.

This is a product that comes from the stables of Olee Sleep alias Grantec International. They are one of the leading manufacturers of foam and spring mattresses, pillows, toppers, accessories and metal foundations. Olee Sleep company come with 44 years of experience and sold their products. They are considered as a premier innovator in the sleep industry and therefore any products emanating from their stables would evoke interest and excitement.

This Olee Sleep 10 Inch Gel Infused mattress has various sizes such as Full, King, Queen, and Cal King. It has various models such as Blue King 10fm01k, Blue Full 10fm01f, Blue (Queen) 10fm01q etc.

Olee Sleep 10 Inch Gel mattress has an overall dimension of 80 inches x 60 inches x 10 inches.

Olee Sleep 10 Inch Gel mattress does not come with a box spring and you can purchase it separately.

Olee Sleep 10 Inch Gel Foam mattress comes with a 10-year limited manufacturer warranty.


No. Directions do include it needs time to permit air into enlarging. It had been only over 24 hours ours had enlarged fully and odor dissipated. Strategy for 24-48 hours until you may sleep.

Standard twin sheets may match in addition to a mattress protector. Additionally, I ordered rather than a security railing, a memory. foam bumper which goes under all the way down to the mattress. Then the shield and fitted sheet applied and everything fits wonderful. My two year old loves it particularly being her first bed.

Doubtful. These kinds of mattresses are not only one strong piece. They are constructed in layers. Constantly fixing them down and up using a hospital distant will probably eventually divide down the layers and destroy the mattress.

I feel it is dependent upon the firmness which you opt for. We pick moderate in firmness. On account of this memory foam, you tap somewhat at stress points and then affirmed in regions of need.

You choose the size you need from the drop-down menu. The default image is still full, however, we purchased a twin and obtained a twin. It was dreadful and we returned. I do not suggest it for a young child for more than 50 pounds.

Though we aren’t massive men and women. I adore the mattress.

No, it is too thick I suggest that you can use to place to sleep but could not fold up using it.

This can be really a mattress, not a sofa. And that my daughter has just had it for a few weeks now and it is wonderful. I will Make Certain to reevaluate my critique 6 weeks.

Yes. All based on the way you’ve got your delivery choices installation. They left it in my own front porch while I had been on the job.

It is a really affordable type of flame retardant. Almost each and every memory foam mattress is going to have a fiberglass wrapping for this reason.

I purchased a King-sized one from this standpoint I will say it is pretty regular; depends upon what size you’re ordering.

I place a sheet mine and also slept the very first night and the corners did not shape flawlessly. Otherwise an excellent mattress.

We’ve got a very soft memory foam mattress so that I purchased this to go together with it and also makes our mattress amazing. This really is a good mattress.

I am uncertain, I’d read it had been highly urging for children and that was my reason for my purchase. So I’d expect not. Does not look like it will.

The mattress doesn’t appear to be built to be reversed. Greater density substances are on the floor. Acquiring the mattress is most likely a fantastic idea.

I am confident that you can so long as the framework has bars moving over to encourage the mattress or even a box spring.

It’s genuinely a narrow mattress so that I really don’t think that it could be an issue. I really don’t know how well it might do in case the back proved up in an incline with the foot upward in precisely the exact same moment. It appears flexible enough, however.

It is not a firm in any way. You sink directly to it. Really since my critique, the center of my mattress seemingly has an indent inside in my husband and I always sleep soundly. We will be looking for a brand new mattress shortly.

The item is that the mattress never leads into the floor. This was something that I worried about until I bought it However it’s good. Super comfy. And didn’t have some aches in the daytime.

I turn mine on a regular basis I have a king-size and that I do it with no problems.

No box spring required. You will only require a platform with pliers around for assistance. I weigh 185 and do not actually leave an indention once I wake up. I am pretty sure you are going to be absolutely nice at 250.

This Olee Sleep 10 Inch Gel Infused Layer Top Memory Foam Mattress will bend only not too flexible because of the depth of this memory foam.

The upper side of this Olee Sleep 10 Inch Gel Infused Layer Top Memory Foam Mattress has stitched designs on it. Do to the way the mattress is created there’s an upper side and a base side.

We used it on a few of those metal box springs and might feel that the metal supports. We ended up purchasing wooden slats that traveled to disperse the load. It made it easier, however, when we stumbled on the mattress, it’d still wind out and feel really difficult. We had a faulty mattress which we ended up arriving since it never enlarged completely. We ended up using another mattress to the same setup and so were much happier.

It says to wait 2 days to fully expand but mine was pretty much full a few hours later.

It states it is firmer however in my experience my husband and I always sink at a fantastic volume. It is not the very best for sitting however if laying down to sleep forms into your body. Surely less firm as a conventional mattress and you’ll have some type of sinking.

I simply asked for a refund within an eight-inch and 10-inch twin mattress following four weeks. Both could discriminate under typical pounds; sides have been greater than the place where truck of human anatomy put and they appeared to trigger shoulder pain if sleeping side. Will try out a bunk mattress today. Amazon, when known as fast, said They’d repay and sent a confirmation email.

Not Certain how to respond that in the Event That You want a couple, however, you Can’t view any pockets from the foam so I would believe really compact.

Not certain, but I purchased a full and it arrived in a tall lanky box. The elevation is the diameter of a full-size mattress so that I would assume it’d be the exact same together with the king. The mattress includes vacuum wrapped and sealed up lengthwise therefore that the width of the delivery box was likely just approximately 2 feet in the maximum.

Better on a stage since it’s currently 10 inches thick. Don’t think that it would bend nicely for a mattress. I asked a refund the following 4 weeks, mattress decompresses beneath my own body weight of 136 lbs. Amazon quickly reimbursed.

It need to Its quite soft and its memory foam! It bends simple. The white and blue mattress revealed that really unzips if. I think that its cover there’s a little zipper on the bottom of mattress I guess whether it has to be washed? Since memory foam may be sexy occasionally .it sits on a metallic framework. I included plywood but Yes don’t see why you Couldn’t place this OLEE onto a hospital mattress.

I am not certain I have a full-size mattress. And then I received the stage metallic framework. Did you understand the measurements? Your daybed? The full-frame size will be 75 extended 54 around and 14in from flooring expect it will help. If you have a tape measure handy it might allow you to understand for sure.

I only recently purchased this for my niece in about a few months ago, so that I can not precisely answer for two decades, but at the time she has had it,” she said it is the most comfortable mattress. She was able to wake up during the night without back pain, and she moans through. It keeps her cool also, and it can be a plus. I hope that this helps somewhat.

I had trouble once I removed the cover. There is something about the exterior of the mattress that stuck in your own skin. After I place the cover back it had been nice, however, it moved in my sheets and onto my other laundry cleaned with these sheets. It was a dreadful experience. The mattress is quite comfortable, however.

It is just the ideal blend of both…I have had it for around 6 weeks now and it is literally the very best purchase I have ever produced.

There is a cover on it that is washable and removable. I really don’t recommend messing with this all until it is fully enlarged.

Yes, even the mattress should increase completely. It might or might not have an odor. But after I let it outside it had been fine. Give it a comprehensive day approximately.

That’s precisely what I purchased this Olee Sleep 10 Inch Gel Infused Layer Top Memory Foam Mattress. It’s too soft. When you attempt to take a seat on the border it’s too soft. It wasn’t worth the cost.

In case you’ve got the metallic framework I really don’t see why it ought to. We do not possess our headboard nevertheless we only have the framework.

Soft borders for certain once you sit. You do sink in the memory foam then get a firm atmosphere. Very Wonderful.

In my view, it’s a moderate firm. It isn’t overly soft but it’s likewise not overly firm. So it is Ideal for People Who don’t prefer firm but also do not need to be squeezed into a mattress That’s too soft.

We can not make a comparison because we just have the gloomy.

You may cut them to size using an electric knife. Nevertheless, your cover doesn’t more fit snugly. My traveling trailer includes what they call that a brief queen so that I would need to cut down the length to match.

I had been at work as it was sent so that I opened it later around hours. After I opened it only took about an hour to fully expand.

The directions say that the mattress requires up to 48 hours to fully extend, so sleeping it instantly might impact the growth procedure.

The mattress is really a memory foam so that it kind of adheres to a body but it’s not super firm. I’ll state that if you’re anticipating a 10 in mattress mine just climbed to 8 1/2 inches. I made it for two weeks without placing over the mattress and it did grow into the 10 inches.

Memory Types are constant all around. The service is exactly the exact same for the entire mattress. In my experience, Memory Types are much better in returning with its original contour at each point such as the borders. Its elasticity and also return into contour is that I think what made its title at the first location. The mattress” recalls” it is shaped. However, like all sorts of mattresses, should you sleep in exactly the exact same place all the time, it will probably get rid of shape as time passes.

Yes but you must send the mattress back that is absurd. Frankly in the event that you despise it {as though I do] you’re stuck with it and also the lost cash. I am attempting to give away it but have had no chance.

Yes, and you’ll receive far better sleep than every other matress with this cost.

Have not had it yet but works well for my poor back Excellent mattress to date no complaints.

Other Customers Reviews About Olee Sleep 10″ Gel Infused Mattress

It looks and feels good in my adjustable bed frame. The first odor went away after a week however, it did possess a gross chemical odor. I propose airing the mattress outside for a couple of days. It does not make noise once I have intercourse with my roommates spring mattress I hear.

Looks good and feels fantastic

Really comfortable. Only the correct firmness. Very great support after sleeping. Purchased a queen size to get a guest bedroom. Fantastic price. No odor.

Great quality mattress

This Olee Sleep 10 Inch Gel Infused Layer Top Memory Foam Mattress is powerful and pushes upward into the small of the back, bouncing back in where you pushed down. It’s very comfy, and that I lie on it occasionally in the center of the afternoon. I really don’t understand how long it will continue with this amount of service, but it is far better than I anticipated at the beginning.

Substantial mattress with service

We all read the reviews and took an opportunity. We could not be happier. I needed to write a review before we’d the mattress some time. Here we are 4 weeks afterward. We adore it. It’s comfier then we envisioned. We’re a joint burden of 500lbs. We sleep nightly. There aren’t any drops or sagging. It’s maintained its shape and firmness. Other mattresses we have had previously made my husband perspiration and very uneasy. His back could hurt and he woke up sore and tired. He’s 90% greater in the morning because we have this. Our mattress frame is a good platform free of box spring. The only real downfall to the mattress is that we don’t ever wish to escape bed.

Best Mattress

I really like this Olee Sleep 10 Inch Gel Infused Layer Top Memory Foam Mattress! Bought them to substitute many twin mattress which had the spring design. They’re far comfier. Slightly firm. They include a mattress cover that’s waterproof! The smell wasn’t bad in any way we had 4 of these”off-gassing” into 1 area and had barely any odor the very first day and none discovered the moment so I transferred them into my children’s places on the 3rd day. They came quick and well-intentioned but when we needed to return I do not believe we can get them back to the box!

Great mattress

I had a new mattress and went mattress shopping in local chain shops. They needed $600 to their new contrast of the mattress. My brother bought for his loved ones and that I slept on it and adored it. I decided to inquire if his mattress has been $500. He said not at all. I after viewing the price I bought it immediately. It did not enlarge to full 10inches though I gave it that the essential time to enlarge. Regardless of that. It sleeps quite well. I abandon the recliner for my own mattress and eventually find decent sleep through the night.

Fantastic value

The mattress comes easily in the packaging and comes to full size fast. The directions contained in are accurate and complete. I purchased the 10″ as an overview of daybeds stated it was comfier compared to 8″. It’s quite comfy, maintaining its shape since I sit and sleep throughout the night and day. Before purchasing I read a review the first cover itches once cleaned. I got a mattress cover before purchase and haven’t experienced itching. The review also suggested throwing out the wrap materials instantly to reduce packing scents, which I really did. The very first image shows the mattress together with all the cover half eliminated. I suggest this Olee Sleep 10 Inch Gel Infused Layer Top Memory Foam Mattress and will purchase it again. The four stars for pain relief would be since the mattress would need to be magic to fully alleviate chronic neck pain.

Comfortable Quality

We purchased this Olee Sleep 10 Inch Gel Infused Layer Top Memory Foam Mattress in 2016 to our own son. He’s slept on it each evening and we’ve occasionally used it in case the household is in our area becomes busy and it has remained comfortable the whole time. No sagging or indents and looks and feels brand new. I would strongly recommend this mattress for cost and relaxation.

Nice Sleeping

We had been needing a brand new mattress and wished to try out foam, but I was somewhat reluctant because I’m not a little guy in’ 4″ and around 350. However, this Olee Sleep 10 Inch Gel Infused Layer Top Memory Foam Mattress has proven to be excellent! We allow it set out to approximately 12 hours and it largely expanded and inside a few days reached it is full depth. We did not detect and bad odor, just exactly what I’d call the Wal-Mart brand new clothes/fabric odor which was not even noticeable following the sheets were to the mattress. We ended up incorporating a 1″ thick memory foam pad on top of it we needed from our additional mattress and it is incredibly comfy to sleep. I have discovered it has considerably decreased my hip soreness and I often sleep hours today uninterrupted.

Good mattress

Easy setup, fast shipping, quality is superb! My daughter is the athlete and also sleeping comfort is her very best friend at the conclusion of the day following several clinics, and she’s in love with all the mattresses! I find myself planning to put on her bed from time to time. It’s fine and soft/plush, however, includes an adequate firm to it your not sinking to the mattress to a lot. I’d certainly purchase it again!


If you are in your twenties, dead broke, and require a mattress at a box which you could more readily pull 4 flights of stairsbuy that one. I really don’t expect it to remain in good shape for over 3 or 4 decades, but it has been fantastic so far and actually worth the cost. No back pain, no indentation from the foam after a couple of weeks. The only complaint is it sleeps somewhat heat, but it is easily countered with heating sheets.

Would purchase again

This Olee Sleep 10 Inch Gel Infused Layer Top Memory Foam Mattress is ideal. We purchased for the toddler’s fresh transition into a normal bed and all my children want the exact same one. It is very squishy compared with other mattresses so that it’s definitely about the softer side effects.


I was looking for something cheap because I refused to pay $600 to get a mattress once I know I could get quality for less. This Olee Sleep 10 Inch Gel Infused Layer Top Memory Foam Mattress is fantastic quality. I waited a good month on sleeping it until I left a critique and it is wonderful. Frankly, it is so comfy you will find moments where it is tough to escape bed. I place a heating waterproof mattress cover because some other reviews terrified me. Mine did not have a fantastic odor and was packed perfectly. I really waiting 48 hours until I slept an onto the mattress since I moved from town and that I believe that makes some distinction, I’d wait for it to be fully inflated and depended. My buddy went on it overslept to get work. This mattress is that great. I am happy so we’ll happy and rested.

Good Mattress

I hunted for many years reading reviews & ultimately picked this Olee Sleep 10 Inch Gel Infused Layer Top Memory Foam Mattress and I am so glad I did. It’s by far the most comfortable mattress I have ever owned. It’s perfect, particularly for the cost. 5 individuals could put on it and you also won’t feel anybody go whatsoever round you. I’ve had it for two decades & its as great as the day I made it. The only criticism is it’s very difficult, nearly impossible to wash any spills or accidents. Besides that, it’s highly advisable!! Quality & comfort will be exceptional. Delivery was fast, really well packed, with no odd scents or any issues in any way. It’s vacuum-sealed so it is going to take just a tiny bit to start to its full type.

Perfect Mattress

It’s remarkably soft. It does not burst when opening just like I anticipated that was a bonus. I was not conscious but it states to enable 48 hours to fully expand and take shape prior to including linens or sleeping. I didn’t adhere to this however I have seen a rise in firmness every one of the first couple of days that was great since initially, it is quite simple to sink. However, a fantastic mattress and at an unbelievable price. That is my kid’s first big girl bed and seeing her jump onto it while crying I dwell it over and above made me understand I made the perfect option. I would suggest this Olee Sleep 10 Inch Gel Infused Layer Top Memory Foam Mattress for anybody. I received the twin dimensions but if that isn’t any trend of all of the sizes you then won’t be disappointed. I will revisit the inspection following a couple of months and I am expecting to get the specific same reaction. That is the sole reason why I did not give it 5 stars because it’s just had it a couple of days.

Extremely comfy

This Olee Sleep 10 Inch Gel Infused Layer Top Memory Foam Mattress is also a simple yes if you are like me and will need to fill children and guest rooms with cozy beds to your budget. The foam expanded immediately, didn’t smell whatsoever and, though it advocated 72 hrs to fully enlarge before usage, we had been utilizing our 2 twins we all purchased in hours. I suggest obtaining a watertight fitted sheet. Foam surpasses anything. . .including perspiration and I guess, had I never done this, I wouldn’t be in a position to keep it clear easily. However, for the cost and relaxation, it is a simple yes.

Very Nice

I am delighted about this Olee Sleep 10 Inch Gel Infused Layer Top Memory Foam Mattress. It is not medium-firm, I’d say it is rather soft. The top coating is all but squishy. Nevertheless, it is still quite comfy and it might firm up during the upcoming few days. Whenever I unwrapped the mattress inflated to approximately 9″ and from the following morning it had been in 9.5″. My daughter wore on it afterward roughly 27 hours and that I appeared really comfortable. We’re using it with no box spring as well as the mattress is a little more than the previous slat on the stage framework, so in the event that you sit on the conclusion of the mattress stinks down fairly much with nothing beneath it to encourage it. I am content for the price that I paid. In case you’re looking for a firm mattress, however, continue looking.

Squishy but comfy

Mattress comfy… .not too difficult! Did NOT try to eliminate casing (+ additional another encasement which was likely not necessary) so no issues whatsoever with mattress stuff. Foam mattresses generally don’t breathe well so the additional breathable coating of lace sheeting beneath the cotton sheet… .am sleeping nicely + am very satisfied with purchase!

Really like this mattress

This Olee Sleep 10 Inch Gel Infused Layer Top Memory Foam Mattress is actually the best thing I’ve ever bought on amazon. I had been needing to upgrade to a bigger bed, but actually was not needing to cover the high rates. After reading lots of reviews that I purchased this mattress. We let it sit a day to decompress then place it onto a platform bed free of box spring. The very first week or so so I didn’t truly love, it was very firm and not too soft as I enjoy, HOWEVER then a week I’ve loved it. My boyfriend and I both agree it is the ideal mattress we’ve possessed by far. I sleep well and my spine isn’t hurting as though it had been with my soft older mattress. I’ve told a lot of people about this mattress as it’s really terrific.

Wonderful bed

I have been waiting to write this before I owned it for three or more months, it has been 3.5 months and it is still holding up good. Switched in the conventional innerspring Sealy mattress and woke up with back pain virtually daily for the past 5-6 decades. This Olee Sleep 10 Inch Gel Infused Layer Top Memory Foam Mattress took all of my pain out, I actually feel like I am 23 back (I am 30 now). I received that the Cali king only before they increased the cost (still worth each cent what they are asking today ). I am attempting to be more detailed and keep at the top of the review since I understand how significant mattress testimonials are. I researched for probably 20+ hours until I picked this mattress and was a toss-up between this and also a hybrid. Sleep 5 celebrities. Pain relief 5 celebrities. Total of five stars. Comfort 4 celebrities. 4 stars since it stinks to sit because it sinks in using a great deal of fat in 1 place. I would not say it is firm, but it’s firm where it has to be.

Fantastic Bed!