Signature Sleep Contour 8

The Signature Sleep Contour 8 Independently-Encased Coil mattress is a perfect choice for everyone having the highest quality materials and technology. Not only doesn’t the mattress provide comfort but also has excellent support. This Contour mattress relieves upper and lowers back pain and other sleeping discomfort things. Besides superior quality and performance, the Signature Sleep Contour mattress is highly affordable and worth investing every dime. Read all the features and review below.


The Signature Sleep Contour 8 has a foam and polyester layering.

This Signature Sleep Contour mattress has independently pocketed 15 gauge steel coils.

Signature Sleep Contour has a two-sided construction.

Durable steel springs.

Firm cushioning and pillow top.

Soft breathable knit fabric mattress cover.

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  • Signature Sleep Contour 8 Independently-Encased Coil mattress
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  • Sound Sleep at night.

  • Great motion isolation feature.

  • Hypoallergenic.

  • The price is reasonable.

  • Durable and long-lasting.


  • Little pricer.

Signature Sleep Contour 8 Mattress Reviews

The creation of this Signature Sleep mattress is impressive. It has various layers consisting of different materials to improve performance. With 8-inch thickness, it provides excellent cushioning and support.

a) Fire retardant layer

Unlike the foam mattresses that feature various layers, this has a combination of construction styles. Just below the cover is a thin layer of fire retardant material. This material gives you peace of mind since it reduces the risk of fires.

b) A responsive memory foam layer

In this layer, it consists of premium responsive memory foam. It is this foam that gives the mattress comfort and support. Additionally, unlike in like other mattresses, it eliminates motion thus no sinking. Without motion, it keeps your body properly aligned thereby ensuring you have a sound sleep. Amazingly, the company uses VOC memory foam. It is free from toxins, and bad odors.

c) Cushioning insulator pad

This is a thin transition from the memory foam and the spring coils. It improves comfort by providing insulation. Also, the padding is great for offering pressure relieve. Therefore, when sleeping, you won’t experience hard spots or heat spots.

d) Independently encased spring coils

Now, if you take the traditional coils mattresses, over time, they lose their firmness. However, this one is durable and remains firm for years. It has 500 individually encased premium 7-inch 15 gauge steel spring coils. Due to independent encasing, it perfectly eliminates motion transfer. Besides, it prevents the mattress from collapsing or losing the firmness.

The Sleep Signature is part of Dorel industries DHP division. It has an excellent reputation for making outstanding home products and juvenile bikes. The firm dedicates its efforts to delivering innovative and quality mattress and other accessories. With broad products line, it is one of the leading companies in the mattress and bedding.

When it comes to comfort, the Signature Sleep Contour 8″ mattress is a sure bet. The memory foam combines with the spring coils to delivers a soft and hugging feeling. Furthermore, it promotes natural spine alignment to eliminate back pains. Moreover, the designing provides three comfort zones. This means that head, neck, lower body hips, and legs have proper alignment.

Support is also a great feature in this mattress. The general construction features premium materials. It has soft and robust memory foam that is motion resistant. Moreover, the cushioning padding further adds strength there is no movement when sleeping. Individually encased coils are great in checking the overall mattress support which eliminates motion transfer.

This Signature Sleep Contour 8 mattress is perfectly fit for you because it has the following benefits:

  • Outstanding body support.
  • It eliminates motion transfer hence no sinking.
  • Works well on multiple surfaces, bunk beds, box spring beds, and platform beds.
  • Ideal for different sleeping styles.
  • Multiple sleeping zones for efficient body contour.
  • Durable spring coils.
  • The contour mattress is reversible.

Shipping of this Signature Sleep Contour 8 Inch mattress is free. It comes rolled, compressed and vacuum sealed and is easy to unpack.

Signature Sleep 8 Inch Contour mattress comes with a 1-year limited warranty. However, the Signature Sleep company doesn’t provide this mattress with a trial period.

This Twin Signature Sleep Contour 8 Inch mattress measures 39 x 75 x 8 inches. Also, the other available sizes include Full size, Queen size, and King size mattress.

The Signature Sleep 8″ Contour mattress doesn’t come with a spring box. However, it is compatible with other spring boxes and also different types of beds.

This Signature Sleep Contour 8 mattress is a perfect choice for people who want outstanding support. The construction, material, and affordability give it an upper hand over other types. Therefore, there is no reason to sleep in comfort compromising mattress. It is stable, supportive and safe from toxins and fire. We can conclude it’s a perfect investment.


It is available in a box also could be hauled. However, it’s actually heavy so that you may require some help using it. The item description should provide you the measurements of the box.

Returning the mattress would be hard since the box it’s shipped in must be ripped apart to have the mattress out.

We had the box, and so I checked. It stated Filling Weight 15 pounds, 12 oz. It was going as thick as you would anticipate a mattress in order to be. Surely not a Terrible cot kind of mattress.

The Signature Sleep Contour 8 Mattress is wrapped into a tube shape– it is a square box which needs to adapt something 54″ wide. I’d advise you to ask the seller for precise measurements. I guess that it is compact enough to fit through any door given it from the box that it was sent in. I brought it to the house myself pulled it upstairs into the bedroom I had been placing it and opened it around the mattress frame in which it was likely to remain.

The company offers 10 years limited warranty with this Signature Sleep Contour 8 Mattress. You can use this robust bed at least 10-12 years roughly.

The only means to learn would be to get Amazon’s customer support to find out exactly what their return policy is different. At any time you purchase online, in case you can not examine the item prior to your purchase, then you might not be fulfilled. Amazon is excellent but not ideal.

Hi, this Signature Sleep Contour 8 Mattress may be employed around the bottom bunk of a bunk bed. Please be aware that in case you place the mattress on a futon frame, we don’t suggest utilizing the seat at the couch position.

Quite firm. Not as firm as a”firm” routine mattress, but we’ve used it for your business in our guest area, and everybody looks happy with it.

Yes, it comes from a box that’s approximately 18 inches wide and approximately 3 ft tall. The Signature Sleep Contour 8 Mattress is pressure sealed from the box wrapped up. When it receives the atmosphere, it rolls out and fills up with air and supposes the normal horizontal layout. It was packed. It’ll fit in almost any vehicle.

Yes, this Signature Sleep Contour 8″ Mattress has a very well price and a perfect feel. All the supports to the kids are perfect, really nice quality. You can get it for them.

Hi, the Contour 8 mattresses (such as the twin dimensions ) include a coating of 1.6-inch high-density foam on very top and underside of the coil mattresses to supply you with an embracing texture working with all the independently woven coils for extra comfort. Thank you.

You have to purchase a foundation for the mattress. The foundation could be from alloy or out of timber. They are both powerful enough. Along with the Signature Sleep Contour 8 Mattress is thick and powerful enough and doesn’t go anywhere. I purchased an 8-inch queen mattress and the foundation and I am delighted with this.

The Signature Sleep Contour 8-inch Mattress may remain in the box provided that you need it prior to the vacation. Mine was from the box to the porch for 2 weeks of rainfall….and was not ruined a little. The key is the fact that it’s sealed into a plastic tote very closely and just expands completely as soon as you’ve opened it and they are all set to utilize it. It really requires a little time for this to fully shut up. Therefore don’t be concerned about its being stored in its box until you’re prepared to start it.

This is really an amazing mattress. I really recommended this orthopedic mattress.

We utilize it like a guest mattress so that it does not get a lot of work but has couples sleep inside all the time, and it has held up nicely so far.

I would not state firmly. It’s quite comfy. There might be different levels of firmness to select from but I do not remember. I would buy another one when desired.

All these are wrapped in a massive box. My delivery motorist put them in which I wanted them.

Not that I discovered. I allow it to air out a number of hours before placing sheets, however, I did not have a problem with a powerful odor at any given stage.

I would not call it an excess firm, however, it is fairly firm. Comfortable in my back having two poor thoracic discs.

The Contour 8 mattresses comprise a coating of 1.6-inch high-density foam on very top and underside of this coil mattresses to supply you with an embracing texture working with all the independently styled coils for extra comfort.

This Signature Sleep Contour 8-inch Mattress may take up to 72 hours to fully extend. We recommend utilizing the mattress in the meantime, as body and heat motion permit the mattress to enlarge faster.

Hi, this item is produced with countless 7″ 15 judge individually encased coils which offer an equivalent weight reduction by contouring the bottoms of the body, relieving pressure points. Thank you.

Pretty sure you’d require a major machine which rolls the mattress into a tight roll. They do so in the factory before sending it to us. I really don’t have any clue how this has returned to Amazon in case you chance to get a problem and will need to return the buy.

It is dependent upon your mattress frame. If you do not have support from the midst such as anything or pliers, then definitely get a box spring.

My private opinion is moderate firm. It could be a fantasy using a box spring. Certainly, skip the stage bed and receive a genuine box spring.

I could, obviously, only talk for myself, however, that is actually the only real mattress in the whole house that does not leave me with an aching back from the afternoon. I purchased this mattress for the guest room and I sleep in the guest area each evening. I’ve other mattresses which were much more costly, but that one is hands down the very comfortable for the back pain.

It appears to me there is a lot of thick wrinkles from the mattress in the event that you attempted to use it in an adjustable mattress. A couple of times, fine, but in case you’re using this mattress for routine use and intended to allow it to fold nightly, or throughout the daytime, I presume a thinner or otherwise made mattress may do the job much better. I am no pro, but I have slept folding beds also discovered I picked a mattress which has been made from foam rubber, or anything else using the very same parts, could be less difficult to work with on a normal basis. I hope that will help a little.

This Signature Sleep Contour 8 Mattress has a medium firmness degree. Please be aware firmness degree is subjective to relaxation taste.

This Signature Sleep Contour 8 Mattress is more amazing and will likely be comfy almost everywhere. My brothers are about a storage bed frame, no box spring.

Unsure what you are feeling. It’s possible to sit on the trunk of almost any mattress! But yes it is possible to sit side of the mattress.

I’ve slept this mattress a couple of times. It was comfy rather than hot for the physique. My mum utilizes it daily and has no complaints.

Hi, service is necessary if your bedframe needs it. If your mattress frame does not have any slats then you are going to require a box spring so that your mattress has that extra support. Thank you.

Our mattresses operate on several surfaces. If your mattress framework asks a box spring then you have to use one using the mattress. Otherwise, you can put your Signature Sleep Contour 8″ mattress right in your mattress foundation.

This mattress can be found in twin through king having a couple of different thicknesses. Utilize a flexible framework in your personal risk. 1 idea… mattress springs operate when resisting tension in 1 direction. Twist the spring with an angle towards the force exerted and you are… place the spring at a sock alongside countless different springs in panties using searing strain applied. I believe that you’d get a lot of holey socks. Better proceed with a mattress without the springs in socks.

Really great. My spouse and I were able to wake up each other up all of the time simply getting in and out of bed through the evening. We haven’t had this problem with this mattress. We did buy a 3″ memory foam to place together with it…I haven’t slept better!

It is the depth of your mattress. The greater the amount, the greater off the floor you might feel. Additionally more assistance.

I purchased this for my own 13-year-old kid and he enjoys more than his ex-memory foam mattress. You are going to be all set to the sone becoming 2-3. In reality, wife and I adored it so much we’ve swapped our 100% memory foam to get king dimensions of the bed. Ultimately, most of us wake up refreshed without sore back pain in memory foam. Additionally, what’s great is that this bed is really a hybrid meaning its a mixture of coils/springs and memory foam. So that it’s possible to rotate it, reverse it. All prolonging its lifetime…Worth the cash, try this.

It matches well for one individual. But when the bunch is actually intimate, it is going to match them well. Else, on tough times, an individual will sleep on the ground.

Yes, this can be used on a bunk bed.

I really don’t understand what flexible ways. The dimensions of this mattress are recorded so that I quantified that the daybed and trundle. They’re what’s referred to as a typical dimension for a twin mattress. If this really helps you. Additionally, the mattress is also still a great option for the value. I suggest it.

It’s far better compared to ten-inch since it provides better aid. Additionally, you would not require a box spring when you’ve got a platform bed.

For the price tag, this mattress is more superb. We’ve had it for approximately 4 weeks and see no symptoms of it falling around the borders. It’s just as firm as the afternoon we eliminated it in the box. I’ve got it in my Granddaughters mattress and now she Love’s it. On a few nights that I put with her and see. I purchased a second person, that the 10in thickness, because of the kid’s mattress. She finds it quite comfortable.

I’ve got mine on a brand new box spring. I made sure not to sleep for 48 hours once I put it to the mattress. This was an occasion, that sucker had been a struggle to start. I’ve slept on it two. No problems up to now, business coming this weekend and they’ll check it out also. Best of luck. Recall it’s similar to memory foam so that it sort of leaves the human body outline within it.

I purchased mine to use on a sidewalk. The mattress is firm so I am sure it’ll be okay for your son or daughter on the ground. I hope it will help.

No, it doesn’t have some off-gassing or chemical odor. Really surprised after I started it. It is available in a really compact package free of odor.

The mattress retains up to wear and tear. We purchased one mattress which people had for a year or two and has continued quite well. Ever since then, we purchased another one for your bunk mattress we added into our child’s bed frame.

We bought a twin over full bunk bed set along with the mattress fits quite excellent. The children say it is very comfy.

It’s great for me since it’s on a high heeled, but it might be too soft to sit down on the edge and also be encouraged.

100%. I purchased one for my son 3 decades back and I fall asleep along with her occasionally because it is so comfortable.

I purchased a twin mattress out of this organization and it arrived at a vacuum-sealed tote in a box approximately a 3.5 ft tall and a bit more than a foot broad. Do not be alarmed when you visit it. If you choose the mattress from the box and then cut the plastic, ensure you’ve got loads of room since the minute you cut to the plastic that the mattress develops.

Other Customer Reviews About Signature Sleep Contour 8 Mattress

Overall a fantastic mattress up to now. My spouse and I have been sleeping for a bit over a year now and remain pleased with the buy. I believe we are just about to purchase a mattress topper simply to find a bit more thickness into the mattress but nevertheless adore the mattress really much. In spite of the accession of this topper, this mattress is a seriously fantastic bargain when compared with others available on the market! Its moderate firm and that I believe we need a bit additional pillow on the very best. The general service is great.

Supreme Value

I bought this mattress roughly a few months ago. After reading some reviews about a potential meltdowns, I let it sit for 72 hours (more than the 48 recorded on the directions ) until I slept with it. In the previous month, the mattress hasn’t lost any shape whatsoever and still feels new. To be honest, this mattress is located about the firmer side, however, that I like a firm mattress. For instance, it’s been only me typical construct 5’3″ girl sleeping on the mattress, and I bought a supportive framework for your mattress.

Firm mattress

We’re at the market for a firm mattress that would not violate your bank, and that one certainly fits the bill. It’s FIRM, my spouse equated it to sleeping with a plank, but that is alright because of him and his spine difficulties. For the price tag, we could put in a mattress topper readily to soften the face a little. The mattress does not transfer motion considerably at all, and this is excellent. Additionally, it is incredibly quiet, you do not actually hear anything once you move about on it. For the price tag, this is a fantastic thing. In addition, we have an 8″ twin at precisely the exact same mattress and years after it’s held up really well.

Great Firm Mattress

We’ve got three of them: 2 twins for the kid’s rooms along with a single king for the own room. We have been sleeping for over a couple of decades and they are still comfortable. I enjoy just a small firmness to my mattresses because of scoliosis and those are firm yet not overly firm. You do not have a lot to lose with all the very low price and convenience. No price of shipping and no coping with smarmy mattress sales folks. The family has seen from out of the town and slept these and went home and bought their very own.

Great purchase

It’s quite comfy, firm and lavish at precisely the exact same moment! We utilize this mattress to get an RV and relaxation was an important element. The older mattress would permit us to dip in the mattress and you’d wake up with all types of pains and aches. It got to the point at which I did not even wish to move anywhere for a visit to the old mattress. When we purchased this brand new mattress and tried it I immediately fell in love with this. I am 215 and there’s not any dipping of my buttocks or pains and aches when sealing the following moment. We’ve just slept on the mattress approximately 8 days so far but I will certainly upgrade in a couple of weeks on the condition of the mattress. I’ve only excellent things to say about this mattress, if you’re searching for relaxation then look no more!

Truly comfortable!

This is actually the second time that I’ve owned this mattress initially purchased at the twin size. I have loved. Strong value with exactly what beds price today. My ex-girlfriend purchased a Beauty Rush Black that cost approximately $2000 and that I genuinely think that this Sleep mattress is exceptional. It arrives wrapped like a burrito in vinyl and puffs out fully over a 24-hour interval. I have back and neck pain that worsens if I sleep with a mattress which is too soft so that is ideal for my requirements. I’d definitely buy again. When it’s too firm to the liking, I urge a pillowtop cover under your sheet. You will not be disappointed with the item.

Very Comfortable

We did lots of research before purchasing new mattresses. We bought this mattress at a King for us along with a Queen for the infant in Feb. We have been using them for around 4 weeks now. Most of us possess some spine issues/pain. My girl said she enjoys her mattress also it will help her spine. My husband wants it too and I concur. Really comfy! Kind of firm but undoubtedly has softness too that I favor. After unpacking the mattresses that they expanded to full size nearly instantly (within approximately a 1/2 inch). They feel and look as great quality mattresses. I am 180lbs and my spouse is 265lbs so that is about 450lbs without any troubles in any way. We can either sit on the edge of their mattress and it is firm. The Queen hadn’t any odor when unpacked. The King did marginally but after a couple of days you are supposed to allow it fully enlarge it had been gone. We allow the King fully extend for the suggested period (72 hours) until we applied it. Though it instantly enlarged to the ideal dimensions, I realized logically it might expand/strengthen more original. It probably aids the mattress durability to perform so that I recommend it. The Queen we allow enlarge for almost 48 hours as my daughter just weighs 100lbs. The King needed a little tear on the exterior stitch that I just sewed up and fortified but aside from that the two mattresses came out great. No mold or moisture. We are happy with our newest mattresses and that I do not hope to have any issues for quite a very long moment. I urge them, and also the cost is fantastic!

Good quality mattresses!

I didn’t earn much cash at that time and the aim was to update once I could manage to. But it’s such a cozy bed that there has been no requirement to alter something. I have to admit he’s never slept on it with no mattress topper. However, there haven’t been any problems at all. Together with all the mattress topper, it is a soft, but not overly soft, mattress encounter. Additionally, I bought the Linenspa down option quilted comforter, which was yet another cheap and fantastic investment! His mattress is soooo comfy!

Very Nice

I was somewhat nervous buying a mattress on the internet, with no chance to give it a try. Nonetheless, this is a really comfortable mattress, it’s a medium firmness. It’s wrapped up and incredibly unrolls in moments. It takes approximately 24 hours for all of the air to return to the compacted materials. But then it was fantastic. It’s quite heavy and will not call for a great deal of power to maneuver the box. You require a box cutter to start the cardboard and also be careful to not cut in the mattress. We set the mattress to the boxspring to start the plastic wrap – simpler than going after it’s opened. Guests used the mattress in a week of setup and stated it was really comfy.

Comfortable Bed

I hesitated to buy this mattress due to the mixed reviews. A valid inspection for 2019. Got the mattress 3 times ago. It had been in a box also thick. Ensure somebody is assisting you and be certain to read the pamphlet which demonstrates how you can unwrap it. It is not too difficult. It is rather easy. I believe like the mattress is still climbing. That is not a significant problem, however. My preceding mattress has been 14 inches spring using toppers on the sides. Sleeping on this mattress….well, allow me to tell you, I have been having difficulty getting up!! The mattress is comfy. I’ve arthritis and sciatica in my spine and this mattress offers me the comfort I need. As soon as I got the mattress, I’d painters in the home so our home was in shambles. I needed to rearrange the home so that afternoon, my sciatica was on continuous attack mode with my arthritis only making my life a living hell. I get episodes in this way often and generally, I need to take meds for your pain however CHILD….this mattress was my medication. I felt like I didn’t have some of these disorders. Even the comfortability and firmness is ideal for me. It is a moderate firm so that you need to enjoy that sort of equilibrium for your own sleep. It truly impressed me because it managed to provide me comfort sleeping. I really don’t know whether that mattress will continue for 10 decades yet but I’ve trusted in destiny. If your plan is to spend less on a mattress, this will be it. I’ve spent 2k about the two beds I’ve had for the previous twenty decades and when this past, this is going to be from the listing for my lowest buy. Highly recommend this mattress for the purchase price. I’ve got the queen size btw. I’d say overlook Casper. That is comfier.

Sciatica AWAY!!!!

This mattress is just one of the very best items I have purchased from Amazon. The comfort is given by this mattress is unlike any other I’ve observed. Its currently 4 weeks still feels as though it’s own new. For starters, even getting out of bed in the morning might become more and more difficult and there’s a higher risk of dependence on the soothing consequences these mattress supplies. Negative effects using the mattress include sleepiness, comfort and absence of inspiration to begin and or/conclude daily, short-term comatose lasting around 8 hours, along with episodes of lost time. In the event, you end up not able to part out of your mattress, find comfort in knowing which are not the only person which you’re warned.

Great mattress

I purchased this mattress for my uncle because he had been having back problems because of his previous mattress. It made him 2 days at a tiny, manageable bundle, which was simple for him to take the stairs up (even with stated back issues!) And setup. It enlarged in two days and he managed to sleep after two days and states that its the best sleep he has had in decades! Unbelievably comfy with just the correct degree of firmness. I am happy I followed the numerous testimonials on Amazon to purchase this brand!

So Comfortable!

We have had this mattress for nearly 4 decades (we have it around April 2015) and it has been fairly great. It has not started sagging nevertheless and two individuals (among these 200lb+) have slept it daily for 4 decades. It is not overly soft and not too firm. The only real problem we had was attempting to maneuver this mattress across the country as it’s fairly floppy so that it’s sort of unruly once you attempt to transfer it. It was still mild enough for 2 people to maneuver tho. Total for under 200 bucks it has served us well.

Almost 4 years and doing pretty good

Speedy delivery and it was simple to unbox. Somewhat thicker then I thought although I left it all work. After we have of the plastic it fluffed up fast without a horrible smell. My son appears to enjoy it so much, he has been playing it but has not slept on it, however. As soon as I laid him down it appeared comfortable, a bit more springy for my liking but it isn’t my bed and he’s only 4 so he will be fine. Total I think for putting onto it a couple of times its ideal for the 31lb 4-Year-old.

So far so good

I’d used the exact same mattress in my previous home although it had been old with at least a few decades it was pretty great. As soon as I made a decision to proceed I purchased it recently. The very first time I purchased off Amazonthey screwed it up and pushed back the shipping date with a week. The mattress does require a few times to become comfortable but it’s very excellent. It is not quite as good as my previous mattress of the identical kind and version number 1 but it’s absolutely not bad. Never get a mattress predicated on if it is expensive or cheap. Various men and women prefer different kinds.

The only mattress I will ever need

Fantastic mattress. Bought it for my daughter bc I did not want her sleeping a sofa of poisonous compounds. Turned out to be very comfortable. She adores it. I had been sad to find the cost has become 30$ from when I purchased it two decades ago as I needed to purchase another two to get a bunk bed I am likely to buy. The additional 60$ isn’t in my budget currently.

Safe and comfortable

Greater than excepted. And the mattress was great. Still comparatively firm but starting to sag in regions. I’ve been switching and what not just does not appear to help. So Going to Buy a moment. However, for under $200 three decades of usage to get a mattress I sleep in each night is wonderful. Unpacking has been a breeze. I’d it simmer for two weeks prior use. No strong odor following the initial 24 hours.

Great for the price

I’ve utilized this mattress for many months and I am quite pleased with it. It’s firm but not as a plank. I don’t sink nor don’t have some trouble hoping to roll up or escape bed. I don’t have any mattress associated backaches to document! I’m 165 lbs, medium height and also have some normal gentle back and mild arthritis problems which variable in my critique. It’s not tough to unpack should you read the instructions even though it is easier with 2 people. Glad I took a shot and purchased my very first compressed mattress.

Don’t be afraid to order!

Fantastic mattress! We purchased two of those mattresses for our boys years back, and they’re still the most comfortable ones within our residence. They’ve held up nicely through time, even using boys that like leaping, climbing, and wrestling. I would strongly recommend for anyone looking for a comfy and durable mattress.

Comfortable and Durable

We bought two of those mattresses five decades ago for the daughter and her roommate to utilize in their flat. They’ve held up nicely and are still quite comfortable. Whoever has remained or attempted the mattress has consented. On the flip side, my husband and I purchased the 10″ king at precisely the exact same brand and it had been awful. Tough as a plank & following two decades still has not”broken in” that we foolishly expected for rather than returning. Just be aware the favorable review is really for the ” twin & might not be applicable to other dimensions or thicknesses.

5 years & still great

This mattress is actually excellent. It seems comfortable to lie back on the mattress. And it’s heavy. On the other hand, the shipping encounter was actually TERRIBLE. The deliverer wasn’t friendly in any way. To begin with, my apartment construction includes a shipping location. He did not delivery my mattress into the shipping area. Secondly, he wasn’t an individual. English isn’t my first language and also the telephone has a poor sound quality, therefore that I did not hear him clearly. He’s got to replicate what he had been saying. And that I can tell from his tone he was upset and that he was NOT individual. Third, once I met his eye contact I can tell that he was very mad. He passed the heavy mattress and left saying nothing. Anyhow, this really is the worst shipping experience that I had.

Excellent quality

Comfortable. Nicely made. Fantastic price. My spouse is a large and tall man, nearly 300 pounds and following a year people sleeping on it it’s still very comfy and sustaining up! I can not think about it. Years back we purchased a mattress to get a few thousand bucks and it did not hold this up well. This mattress was created to continue PLUS you can reverse it to prolong the life span of it more. You will not be purchasing it. Oh yeah, as it comes at a bigger box and after you cut it expands, and it is super easy.

You won't regret it

This twin size mattress was buy round May 2016 for my then two-year-old son (now nearly 5). This beginner mattress is amazing for children that are turning right into a usual mattress and that is still becoming potty trained. I frankly did not wish to spend a couple hundred bucks to get a mattress that my child was about to destroy. Additionally, my child’s burden isn’t likely to way farther down the mattress. I have a few years with this mattress. The bundle arrives as anticipated and quite simple to establish. The dimensions of the mattress are off a bit, there is are a large gap in the close of the mattress and an extremely little one on the medial side. That is okay as my son is all about 3ft tall. In general, I am happy with my mattress and I am going to be purchasing 1 in the future.

Good starter mattress for kids over 2 hrs old

I’m rather impressed with all the mattresses and the corporation. We had a tiny issue after we have the mattress. While I place it in my kid’s brand new bed I recognize the mattress was approximately 3 1/2 inches too short. I contacted the organization and following fast back-and-forth they shipped me a brand-new mattress free of price. I’ve slept in my brother’s bed and completely loved it. The mattress feels really comfy and she hasn’t complained in any way. Hopefully, the quality will probably continue.

Comfy mattress

The mattress is a superb quality mattress, particularly considering it came from a box. Mine hadn’t trouble to get to full dimensions and did thus essentially instantaneously. If the odor is very bothersome, it is possible to leave it out for a day, and that’s exactly what I ended up performing because I did not have to sleep on the mattress instantly. The sole only thing that I especially disliked about the mattress was that it had been fairly firm. I understand firmness is quite subjective, therefore for reference I am 5’2″ and 120 pounds, that stated, the mattress has been shockingly firm for what had been promoted as moderate. For what it is worth, my mum and my mum who weigh over me thought that the bed was fairly firm. I really don’t mind the firmness in any way, but I find the firmness notable.

Great Quality but Surprisingly Firm

Nothing to complain of. I am a broke college student side sleeper and rear sleeper, never needed some backaches or anything, cuz I am young, but searching for mattresses had been a hassle cuz so many choices and ppl kept me into their testimonials. Authentic, borders slump a little but that is no issue. I used to beds moderate firm I figure from earlier never kept track, but this was fantastic.

A solid buy

We’re very happy with this mattress. I had been lonely when it came and could not wait to start it. I suggest you’ve got two individuals when launching it. It’s quite heavy and springs from the bag fast, and of course, he needed to use my entire body strength to get it from the box. We’ve been sleeping on it for a month and still pleased with it.

Great deal!

We’ve had this mattress for more than 3 decades now, and it is a winner! We purchased the full dimensions for our oldest kid, and in addition, it functions as our guest mattress once we require a spot for business to sleep. The mattress is quite comfortable, and our guests comment on how far they really enjoy it! When I needed to give this kind of firm or soft evaluation, I would say it is somewhere in the center. It’s a small firmness for this, but not in an embarrassing way. As soon as you put down it, you feel just how comfortable it is also it supplies cushiony support. I am sorry the photograph does not display mattress information, but that is the mattress that keeps the mattress, which I caught this picture in my camera roll. I would certainly get this mattress. It’s held up good over the previous 3 decades and we don’t have any complaints about this at all.

3 years in and still a keeper!

Here is actually the second time that I have purchased this mattress, my grandparents both have you, and my own parents have arranged at least three. The ease of owning a mattress delivered directly to your door (for FREE! ) ) Is rivaled only by just how comfy this mattress is. My boyfriend’s 70-year-old aunt slept about our 4-year-old mattress and stated it had been the very first night she did not have some back pain in years (that mattress is actually 4 years old!). There is not a better deal on a mattress everywhere.


I have been looking for just two great quality, cheap mattresses for my children bunk beds for weeks and I couldn’t be more happy with this purchase. They came on time, packed quite closely in their own boxes. The box seems pretty modest but you ought to take care when seeking to lift it because it’s very hefty. Additionally, start the box together with care. After launching it that the mattress inflated and arrived into the normal dimensions really fast. No weird scents that signaled the simple fact that they contain no dangerous chemicals. The borders of the mattress are still fairly soft so that you may need some type of bumper if you want to utilize it to get your children since they may easily drop off the mattress. The size is ideal, as described by the vendor. It matches perfectly in the mattress frame.

Happy with the purchase