Ssecretland Gel Memory Foam Mattress Review – 10 & 12 Inch

The Ssecretland 10 Inch & 12 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress is a brand new most comfortable mattress in the market. It contains 2″ gel memory foam in the top layer of the mattress which gives you comfortable & zero-pressure sleep surface. The other 2″ of high density special comfortable foam layer supports your body providing rebound and bounce. And the last layer of 6″ of high-density support base foam reinforces support layers for a stable and breathable foundation. It has a beautiful soft hypoallergenic cover that protects all dust mites and it’s easy to wash.

This mattress regulates the temperature perfectly and ensures you a comfy sleep the whole night. It also distributes pressure points evenly either your sleep on the side, back, and other positions. This Ssecretland Mattress is not too firm or too soft; it maintains a moderate firmness level that every sleeper wants. All the foams of this mattress are certified by CertiPUR-US, contain no harmful materials, and very safe to use.

This mattress is adjustable to all kinds of frames, such as box spring, slatted base, platform bed frame, flat platform, metal frame, adjustable bed, etc. This Ssecretland Gel Mattress also eliminates motion disturbance wonderfully and ensures you a disturb-free sleep. You can comfortably use this mattress as a lightweight or heavy sleeper. It comes in a box and very easy to set up. It offers 10 years warranty.

The following sizes of this Ssecretland Gel Memory Foam Mattress are available such as Twin, Full, Queen, and King. The price of this high-grade mattress is reasonable. Both 10″ and 12″ models are available. This Ssecretland Mattress is very durable and lasts longer than 10-12 years. This mattress is highly recommended for couples and adults. Read the features and review below.


This Ssecretland Gel Memory Foam Mattress has 3 foam layers that are gel memory foam, high density special comfortable foam, and high-density support base foam. This strong combination of this mattress gives you a cool and peaceful sleep.

The cover of this Ssecretland Gel Memory Foam Mattress is hypoallergenic, soft and beautiful. It prevents all the dust mites and also washable.

This Ssecretland Gel Memory Foam Mattress perfectly eliminates the motion disturbance and provides you a disturb-free sleep every night. Couples love this feature.

The cost of this Ssecretland Gel Memory Foam Mattress is very cheap and reasonable. Although it contains all high-grade foam and materials, this price is truly very low.

This Ssecretland mattress is very strong, and durable. You can roughly use this mattress for more than 10 years. One Ssecretland mattress can cover your entire life.

The following sizes of this Ssecretland Gel 10″ and 12″ Memory Foam Mattress are available such as Twin, Full, Queen, and King.

This Ssecretland Mattress offers 10 years warranty.

Ssecretland 10 Inch & 12 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress
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FAQs About Ssecretland Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Yes, this mattress contains high-grade foam and substances but the cost of this Ssecretland Gel Memory Foam Mattress is very cheap and reasonable compared to the other available memory foam mattresses.

Yes, for all sorts of sleepers, this Ssecretland Gel Memory Foam Foam Mattress is the ideal option. It provides you the maximum comfort and support in each sleeping place.

Yes, this Ssecretland Gel Memory Foam Mattress is more preferable for your couples. It’s an excellent movement isolation attribute; that is why the two of you can not sense some disturbance while your spouse moves through the night. Furthermore, it provides both you equivalent relaxation in addition to support.

Yes, this Ssecretland Gel Memory Foam Mattress is made up of high graded materials and foam. All of the materials are certified by CertiPUR-US. It is possible to safely use this Ssecretland mattress.

This Ssecretland Gel Memory Foam Mattress is currently available with the following sizes such as Twin, King, Full, and Queen.

This Ssecretland Gel Memory Foam Mattress carries up to 450 pounds. For more heavy people, we recommend you to use the 12″ model.

This Ssecretland Gel Memory Foam Mattress is very strong and durable. It contains all high graded foam and element. You can get the highest comfort for at least 8-10 years. Proper care can increase its longevity.

Yes, the Ssecretland Gel Foam Mattress retains your backbone, back, and neck perfectly coordinated and provides you with sufficient support and reduces your pain.

Of course, it comes in a box. You’re able to merely unbox the mattress from the box and then place this mattress in your bed frame or box spring.

Yes, It’s possible to fit this Ssecretland Gel Memory Foam Mattress into all kinds of bed frames such as steel bed frame, wooden bed frame, mattress base, platform bed frame, metal frame, box spring, and etc.

Of course, it could. Together with the foundation beneath it functions well. I place my duvet on top of my bed initially although it made it tall and difficult to get on the bed! I took off the mattress and set the foam topper on and it is nice up to now.

We’ve got one we place along with a box spring and also functions amazingly. We place another only directly on a stage and it works terrific. It seems like at the top of some other mattress could possibly be fine. I would place plywood between to provide this Ssecretland Gel Memory Foam Mattress service. It could shape the scratches in a normal mattress.

Yes, you can. I’ve no issues. The mattress will sit but if your fine with that you should not have an issue.

Super comfy! I am a negative sleeper also and also have difficulties with lower my husband also and pain in his waist. I wake up really refreshed & he can also. He informs me to wake up with no hassle in any way.

Compressed wrapped up just like mainly all of the mattresses which are promoted today.

A Mattress presses Horizontal and Wrapped into a box and this Ssecretland Gel Memory Foam Mattress may be used with No box spring.

Yes, you can set this Ssecretland Gel Memory Foam Mattress on a platform bed. It is supportable to all types of bed frames and foundation.

The most important difference between 10 inches and 12 inches would be that the upper layer of gel foam, the very upper layer of 10 inches mattress with two-inch gel memory foam, whereas the upper layer of 12 inches mattress with 3-inch gel memory foam plus they equally belong to the moderate firm. Hope this could help you. Best of luck.

No, the base is produced out of rubber to allow it to remain on the bottom along with even the box springs.

Yes, you can easily open the cover of this Ssecretland Gel Memory Foam Mattress and wash it. The cover is only washable, it can’t protect water. You have to use a separate waterproof mattress protector to prevent water.

Other Customers Reviews About Ssecretland Gel Memory Foam Mattress

I purchased two of those mattresses for my kids. It’s 13 years old that the other is 10 years old and has allergies. These mattresses are great that the had a minimum odor when unwrapped but by no means was that it or desired a window available for the odor. They inflated quite fast. Both adore them and sleep really well.

Great mattress for the price!

Once unpackaging the mattress that I discovered that the two short ends of the bed weren’t decompressing up to the remaining portion of the mattress because both short ends were brushed in on the bed until it was wrapped and then vacuum sealed. After 48 hours that the mattress had enlarged to the promoted 10 inches, however, both short ends had just enlarged to 8.5 inches. I managed to use the nozzle attachment on my own vacuum cleaner to extend the residual 1.5 inches on either side. Do this in your own care since it might sew your vacuum cleaner. After all, said and done, I really like the mattress! Just exactly what I anticipated.

Great mattress

I purchased this Ssecretland Gel Memory Foam Mattress nearly two weeks ago. I never purchased a mattress online earlier and was worried it would not work out. But I am really really pleased with this buy. To be fair I am not certain why some people today say that this Ssecretland 10″ Gel Memory Foam Mattress is tough as a stone or overly firm. I haven’t experienced this at all. Actually here shortly I will present my daughter my own double mattress and intend to purchase a Queen mattress out of here also.

Great purchase

We have that and are using it together with all the Linus smart box spring, so the mattress just takes about a day to extend into its full 12 inches, so it is quite soft but at our case, it is a little too delicate, once you put you down essentially sink in the mattress that in certain ways is good such as I do not believe my husband turning and tossing in bed and he still can not sense me do it, we have discovered that while it is not very firm enough to our comfort level it’s assisted our backs never feel stressed at the morning such as our preceding mattress needed.

On the flip side, we do not like that if we put together we essentially sink into the middle of the mattress and it is tough to get up.

Great for the price but Not very firm!

I really like this Ssecretland 12″ Gel Memory Foam Mattress. Request colleagues and friends and mine isn’t different whatsoever from high priced mattresses my buddies have. I really like it and I am happy with my cheaper option. I just wish I’d bought the 14 inches to my own king size mattress. It could be well worth the excess so if you’re considering only go 14 inches. Still, I am quite pleased.

I had been in a car accident 3 decades back and that is the best sleep I have had since then. It is firm for service yet top coating is tender enough to sink a small and feel nice and comfy. This one is not hot in any way. It is really ideal. I don’t believe my husband proceeds whatsoever through the night. Get it! You will enjoy it.

Love this mattress

Frankly, I was somewhat worried seeing a few of the testimonials saying negative stuff about the mattress becoming too firm plus it had been shorter than exactly what they arranged. For me personally, this Ssecretland 12″ Gel Memory Foam Mattress is wonderful. Perfect in-between for soft/firm.

I waited to quantify to make convinced that the 10 inch I purchased was actually 10 inches since I’d seen reviews of folks saying they purchased 10 inches and obtained 8. I imagine they quantified the afternoon that they got it since I waited a day and it’s precisely the size I purchased. I’d totally recommend this Ssecretland 10″ Gel Memory Foam Mattress!

Super comfy

I adore this particular memory foam mattress! I’ve back problems and now suspended shoulder. I have not slept. It had been really simple to set up too. I started it, place it in my bed and moved into some family gathering. We had been gone about 3-4 hours and that I slept on it and it’s become the best sleep. Thus soft, comfortable and firm also enough to assist my spine matter. I’d def buy again at that cost. My girl loves it as well. Thinking about buying one for the mattress too.

Great Mattress for the price!

Purchased this a guest mattress for my own parents. Slept inside for 2 nights last weekend and had a number of the very best sleep in the past years. It is gentle at the top but with sufficient support on your own back. Much better than my private mattress which has been a whole lot more costly. Time will tell how long it lasts but also for value and relaxation I strongly recommend.

Super comfortable!

I wished to wait for a few weeks until I wrote this review. We could confidently state this is quite comfortable and worth the cost. I have been sleeping for a few months and I have not experienced the leg and hip pain which I do. We also hardly wake up in the middle of the night and once I do it is irrelevant to relaxation. We have also had a number of my buddies say they think that it’s comfy. It may not be for everyone because a mattress can not please all of them, however, that I think it’s worth a shot.

Comfy cozy

I purchased this Ssecretland Gel Memory Foam Mattress to the heating properties from the gel coating, the semi-firmness of this and I am using it in an adjustable mattress frame. No harm was discovered once unboxing and the mattress was simple to unroll. I did note you will have to always make adjustments into the foam from the mattress because it hastens but aside from this wonderful item. I will upgrade if there are some modifications.

Awesome mattress

So whoever stated this mattress was challenging need to get their spine assessed asap. This Ssecretland Gel Memory Foam Mattress is soft it’s just like sleeping. I really don’t do lots of testimonials, possibly one or 2 annually, and that I decide to write about that particular mattress. It far surpassed my expectations, so it really makes you anticipate going to bed.

I was prepared to cover 1k+ to its so-called heavily promoted brands you visit online but after that, I found this and felt as though I ought to give it a go in 300+. It’s well worth every cent, never have I sensed a bed so comfy I nearly thought it was hopeless, since people mattress gave me back pains, and once I woke up without back pain I had been only full of joy. Saved my ego 700 dollars and enjoying my sleeping, what else could I say.

Best mattress you can buy

I was quite nervous to buy a box mattress on the web. I saw that the 10’s of thousands of excellent reviews, however, the bad reviews made me really anxious. However, I made the jump and I’m happy up to now. I unboxed the mattress exactly the identical afternoon, per the directions, and it immediately started to inflate. From the following day, there wasn’t smell and just a small indentation at the mattress in the fold point.

By two days, the previous dent was full of. A guest post on the bed four times after and reported that was the soundest sleep she’s had in quite a while. This is going to be a guest bed the majority of the period (out my kid’s summers home from college ) so that I don’t hope it will find a good deal of usage, however, I will attempt to update my review after a couple of months of usage.

Very Good

Here is the next bed at a box I have bought and I am totally happy. It could seem firm for somebody who has never experienced this kind of mattress, however, it’s completely moderate firmness. This isn’t a conventional mattress, and thus don’t compare it . Zero chemical odor and also to full size in a couple of hours. I strongly suggest this item!

Happy Customer!

Initially, I was planning to purchase a costly mattress since the more income you devote the greater the mattress correctly? For the purchase price of this Ssecretland Gel Memory Foam Mattress, I had been amazed by how comfy it is. I weigh 165 pounds and this could be my favorite mattress I’ve ever needed. We didn’t wish to spend $1000 to a mattress bc I knew someplace on the market, there was something much less costly but still comfy.

I enjoy a firm but gentle mattress and I will honestly say I have not slept this good in a long time. Therefore, if you are about my burden and you’re searching for the great inexpensive mattress, then I’d 100% of this slip!

I’m 165 lbs and this is perfect for me

I found my mattress yesterday. It took approximately 60 minutes to completely form. At nighttime, I place a mattress shield sheets, and duvet and went into bed. The mattress itself is fairly comfy. I’d classify it firm. In my view, if you’re a heavier individual, you might enjoy it because the foam will form more to you personally. I’m a milder individual so it didn’t form. I am hoping more than it will. In general, I’d recommend for the cost, shipping, and relaxation.

Pretty good for a mattress in a box

I am dismissed. I intend on updating to a king-size once I go a year ago so that I did not wish to shell out a lot of. It came packed well. Upon opening, I immediately started to inflate. After an hour or so it appeared to be full size. It’s fairly firm so preferred to place a memory foam topper – maybe not a costly one but also a decent one – onto it. The combo is ideal for me. It appears to be the ideal firmness at least because of my own joints to discharge pressure. Fantastic purchase in my view if you’re trying to find a more affordable but still superior quality shorter duration alternative.

Good buy

I bought this for my kid’s guest space so I might have a firm bed once I visited. Wow! I woke up each morning without shoulder and back pain, which instantly returned when I return to my previous mattress. This Ssecretland Gel Memory Foam Mattress is nicely made out of sturdy tiles plus a fantastic cover. Surely ordering one for the property.

Great Value!

I’ve got the 10-inch mattress and that I totally love it. It’s pretty much the ideal amount of firmness for me personally, however, that I like firm mattresses. The prior mattress was 1,200 Pillow-top standard mattress. It had been great for a couple of years after which it began becoming sexier, which I did not like. This Ssecretland Gel Memory Foam Mattress is slim light and easy and even when it lasts only a couple of decades, I am just going to purchase another of exactly the exact same mattress. The build quality is great so that I do not know if this is going to be a problem.

Best Mattress I have ever had!

Here is the very first mattress I have ever purchased. I only moved from their dorm rooms. It is great for me! Far comfier than the ornaments at the dorms. It inflated fast. A number of these other reviews discuss the mattress using an odor. But I place my sheets on it and have not noticed it because.


I totally adore this mattress! I’ve been sleeping on the sofa for months since I am my old mattress was really uneasy, however, when I made this bed I have been sleeping so calm and it assisted with my back pain!

Great value

I am 4 celebrities pleased with this 12″ Ssecretland Gel Memory Foam Mattress simply since the cushion top is too dull for me. The mattress came quickly and the packaging was so fantastic. The odor wasn’t bad. This took a day to the bed to enlarge. For the cost that it has 5 stars. I believe anybody can really replace their defeat up the bed with this rather than spend a million dollars to get a mattress out of a furniture shop waiting for a few weeks for delivery and two decades later require a brand new one!

My back pain is painful and pain destroys my entire life, the firm high-density foam is really a piece of nirvana adored the note that came with this. My very first night I had been anxious about how tender the topper was I slept profoundly and my spine had far less pain in the daytime! I am hoping continued usage just can get my spine happy and healthy.

Highly recommended

I bought this mattress due to the complaints it was too challenging! We’re seniors and cannot eliminate a milder memory foam mattress with no assistance! It just took a few days after launching it to your mattress to achieve the whole size. It was a subdued chemical odor for a few days since the disclosure clarified. The odor is totally gone. I’d explain the mattress just as a moderate firm. It’s quite comfy and I highly suggest buying this 10″ Ssecretland Gel Memory Foam Mattress if you’re on the market for a new mattress. Thinking of substituting guest room mattress on this one too! Quite happy with our price!

This mattress is not too hard

This is actually the very fair price I saw for similar Queen Memory Foam mattresses. It’s for our guest room, and so I took a shot based on the most top-notch reviews. I wasn’t disappointed. A minimal odor that dissipates in under 24 hours. Properly enlarged in only a couple of hours. It’s a zipper cover that may be removed and cleaned. Some reviews said that it was also firm but that I disagree. In my opinion, a moderate firm is a true description. Fantastic Buy. When I get a couple of years of use prior to replacement, I received my money’s value. Hopefully, it will continue. I will upgrade if it does not.

Medium Firm

My very last mattress has been a loom and foliage mattress(loved it). I proceeded and couldn’t manage another. Therefore I decided to look around for inexpensive foam beds. Reviews seemed fine with this Ssecretland Gel Memory Foam Mattress. 10″ firm(8″ constantly appears to be a horror tale and a moderate firm isn’t gone a final ). Mattress surpassed my expectations. The longevity evaluation will tell how great this really is. For being really economical if it doesn’t continue a major deal, So far so great.

Worth the money

A really fantastic mattress for the purchase price. I purchased this Ssecretland Gel Memory Foam Mattress since the cost was good and it looked like a fairly durable mattress dependent on the testimonials. A good deal of men and women in the reviews stated the mattress was too firm (that included to my motives for purchasing it since I needed a mattress which has been memory-foam-like and firm) however that I do not believe the mattress is firm enough.

It is very soft for me. Perfect for side sleepers although not too much for those that also want to sleep in front side. The matress completely inflated in about 15 seconds but that I followed directions and did not sleep for around 2-3 days. Overall I have had good sleep with it. I also enjoy that substance is a bit shock-absorbent so that you can not feel that your spouse moving on the opposite side.

Soft and sturdy mattress for a great price

We’re newlyweds who were not wanting to invest an arm and a leg onto a mattress. We’d been searching about for a fantastic mattress and have been somewhat apprehensive about purchasing our very first mattress on the internet. We could honestly say we were not disappointed at our choice to go for this Ssecretland Gel Memory Foam Mattress in any respect! It inflated entirely within under an hour we chose to provide it as near to the 72 hours advocated by the vendors.

I’d have some discomfort once I awakened the following day but this was as my body has been becoming accustomed to the bed. That is how finely I slept!! This mattress is amazing for the purchase price. We have just had it for a month but we’ve loved it so much and we hope we could find a few years from it. We fully recommend this mattress!

GREAT Mattress

Among the greatest mattresses, I have bought. Recently purchased a new bedroom set and observed a lot of testimonials on YouTube. I am 6 feet 1in and 225 pounds. Many reviewers YouTube urge a”hybrid vehicle” mattress. This Ssecretland Gel Memory Foam Mattress is essentially just like sleeping on a cloud! This is much more comfortable than the other memory foam mattress that I bought while in school for almost 2.5 times the cost. I strongly suggest this to anybody!

Highly recommend!

This is a superb item. I purchased it for the guest bedroom having minor reluctance since it was a brand new product with comparatively few testimonials. I opted to check it out due to the acceptable pricing. I’ve been delighted with this item. It’d minor odor a couple of days after launching it. A month after no longer odor. I particularly adore the detachable and washable cover. Good attribute as my guest had a tiny one who pees at the bed. I simply took off the cover and cleaned it.

Great Product

It took me forever to get a mattress on amazon which I believed was a good price(I am on a budget) and could be comfy. I read a lot of reviews and this one stood out for me personally since I’m someone with acute back pain. I have scoliosis and many beds leave me more pain than if I went to sleep. I’d categorize this Ssecretland Gel Memory Foam Mattress mild firm but possibly firm that’s fantastic for a person with a backache. In general, I’m delighted with my buy, very good price and decent quality. In addition, it took quite a couple of minutes to enlarge but that I did leave it for 24 hours before actually putting it on just to be secure.

Great for someone with back pain

I really like this mattress! I’d classify it and also a medium-firm. It is not a luxury that feels just like a cloud. I am a tummy and a negative sleeper and do not have some difficulties with relaxation. It’s the ideal amount of providers and arrangements for me. My preceding mattress had springs that I was able to feel in each turn and frequently woke up with reduced back pain. This Ssecretland Gel Memory Foam Mattress is a dream in comparison to this.

Bye back pain!

I purchased this Ssecretland Gel Memory Foam Mattress for my own guest room. It came in time. It inflated instantly and puffed up well. The picture shot was literally minutes after unwrapping. There’s a dominant”plastic” odor when unwrapped but I am sure it’ll go away after it ends up a little. It fits in my queen bed frame well. I enjoy the bottom has small rubber grippies on this to keep it in place over the mattress frame. It appears soft and adapting and not overly firm. Like I bought for my guest space I can’t comment on the way that it sleeps. Fantastic product and pleased with the cost.

Great buy

Having bought many mattresses, this needs to be the finest, however. It arrived very fast and had no difficulties. Took it from the package and allow it aired outside, which may be carried out by getting it in the room with the fan blowing from the odor. It actually cleared up following 24 hours then threw the quilt with this poor boy. Sounds very nice and feels fantastic!!

Nice Fit

I purchased this Ssecretland Gel 10 Inch Memory Foam Mattress for every one of my children. One is a teenager and another much younger. When I opened the package, it immediately starts to expand. The children slept on the bed night without any complaints. Takes a couple of days to completely expand. It has been a couple of weeks since buy along with also the mattress feels heavy but in a fantastic way. There’s a material for this, a fantastic weight. I thought I would give it a try because sit isn’t so expensive when compared with standard mattress collection, and I am very happy. I would definitely purchase it again.


I received this because of my granddaughter because of her transition into some huge girl’s bed out of her toddler mattress. She slept great and enjoys her bed. The mattress came as promised and it was quite simple to establish. It’d had a small chemical odor when the wrapper came away, but following a complete day of distributing her space with all the windows open as well as the overhead lover, the odor was gone. It appears well made. I am hoping this continues her a lengthy time!! We would strongly suggest it! I shall update my review after getting it but so far so great.

A Great Mattress

I loved this particular mattress. It’s tall, so be certain to purchase sheets with pockets that are deep. The first thing I did once allowing it plump up has been set together a refrigerated waterproof mattress cover on it to maintain any perspiration from it. Moisture will destroy and put a mattress. Which might be the reason supporting the review stating that the mattress went flat after time. I will upgrade if there are some modifications. Enjoy it do.

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