If you are a single man, you might feel that it is not good for you but there are many benefits of being a single man. One of the most amazing benefits is the freedom of sleeping whenever you want. You will not share your bed with anyone. No one will complain about your snoring. One question always comes in one’s mind that what size bed should a single man have.

Factors Influencing Bed Selection

Many factors can influence your decision for the selection of the bed as a single man. A lot of factors like height, sleeping position, size of the room, and future possibilities have to be considered before selecting the right bed for you.


Your height is one of the most important factors in the selection of the bed. Men are usually tall and bulky. If the man is tall, he is going to need more space so the bed has to be larger.

Sleeping position

It is another factor that can influence your selection of the bed size. Some men like to sleep straight while others have a habit of sleeping in a rolling position. People who sleep in a straight position require less bed width.

Size of room

If you have a large room, you can keep a large bed in it. You should have no problem with the cost of the bed. Although there is no need for a large space for the single man, if you have a larger home, you can keep a big bed easily.

Future possibilities

Humans like socializing. Even if you are single now, there is a chance that you may get a partner in future. If you are actively dating, you should consider getting a big bed. If you will not get a big bed, you may have to replace your old bed.

What Size Bed Should A Single Man Have

There are different types of beds available in the market. Different types of beds come under different size categories. The beds are normally divided into size categories like twin bed, full bed, Queen bed, and King bed size.

Twin bed

These are the smallest type of beds and you can choose this bed if you are a thin person with a small height. This can be the most suitable bed for a single man even if they are actively dating. As you can combine two twin beds to make a large bed.

Full bed

Full beds are also good for the single man if they are bulky and tall. A person can also keep the full bed when he has a large room.

Queen bed

This bed can be considered good for the couple but not good for the single men as it occupies a very huge space. It can be considered only for luxurious sleeping.

King bed

It is not a good idea to keep the king-size bed in your room unless you want luxurious sleeping and want to move on the bed all night.

Final Talk

What size bed should a single man have? Finally, we can easily conclude that a twin bed is most suitable for the single man as you can make it double if you get a partner. If you are overweight and taller than the normal person, you should consider the full bed.