Teenagers are in growing age. There is a lot of pressure on teenagers about school and their life so they should relax at night with a good night’s sleep. A good bed is essential for the good sleep of teenagers. It is also proven by research that humans grow more while sleeping. Having a right-sized bed is extremely important for the growth of the teenager.

Teenagers are quite different than adults. Hormonal changes in the body of teenagers make them extremely sensitive. When you need to decide what size bed should a teenager have, you will have to consider many things like their growing age, increasing height, and other factors.

Factors Influencing Teenager Bed Selection

Growing Age

A teenager is in a rapidly growing phase of his life. Certain hormonal changes allow the body of the teenagers to grow in height rapidly so we have to consider that when selecting the size of the bed. If you buy a small bed, you will have to replace it before the expiry date as the height of the teenager may increase rapidly.


The height of teenagers ranges from short to very tall. No one can estimate the height of the teenager at a fully grown state. You must look at the growth rate of the teenager and select the best bed for him. If you think that the height of a teenager is five feet, you should consider one foot more because of the growth.

Other Needs

When you are selecting the bed for the teenager, size is not the only thing that you have to look for. Teenagers have to keep books or share a room with their siblings. In that case, you can also look for a bed of a certain size with compartments or bunk beds that can save the space and help teenagers sleep well.

What Size Bed Should A Teenager Have

It is the most important parameter for the bed of a teenager. We have compiled a list of the beds that are suitable for teenagers.

Single Small

When we consider the small beds, we mean that the bed size is 75 inches by 30 inches. These beds are very small and should only be considered for short teenagers.

Single Standard

These beds are a little wider because the width of the bed is 36 inches and the height is the same as 70 inches. It can be considered for the teenager that is overweight.

Single European

If you need a bed for a taller teenager, you can consider the single European bed. This bed is amazing because of more length. The length of the bed is 79 inches while the width is the same as 36 inches. Even if the teenager is overweight, he can perfectly sleep on it.


What size bed should a teenager have? Well, we can easily conclude that teenagers have special requirements for the beds. If the height of a teenager is short, he can go for a single small. If the teenager is overweight, he can select a single standard. For taller teenagers, a single European bed size is the best choice.