Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress Review

The Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea mattress is a perfect pick for your bedroom. This product boasts high innovation and cutting the edge design. Thus, it reliefs the body and lasts longer. With a master of all memory foams, there are no hassles when sleeping on it. Are you tired of sleeping hot? Having this mattress gives you a peace of mind. The premium cover and great airflow keep night cool and bracing. Moreover, the Zinus Green Tea mattress is springs free. In so doing, it eliminates squeaking and other noises. It has a 12-inch thickness and a blend of 4 layers of different density foams. Zinus is a company that manufactures premium mattresses, pillows, and other bedding. For over 35 years of production, its products are reliable and boast highest quality artistry. The innovations of this company keep it sailing and competing with rivals. Read this advanced and researchable review below.


The Zinus memory foam 12 inch green tea mattress has 4 layers construction.

Great airflow to cool the mattress.

Natural green tea extracts foam infusion.

CertiPUR certified for performance and durability.

Soft lacquered mattress cover.

Safe and trustworthy anti-oxidant.

Smart Shipping.


  • Doesn’t emit foul gases.

  • Extended durability.

  • Easy to unpack.

  • Relieve back pains and aches.

  • Reasonable price.


  • Little pricer.

Zinus Green Tea Mattress Review

The structure of this Zinus Green Tea mattress boasts different layers with differing densities. It’s these layers which provide maximum support and comfort. Notably, the mattress has 4 layers.

a) First layer: This layer is 3-inch thick of memory foam. It is the topmost layer that is in contact with the body. The stratum offers perfect hugging as it conforms to the body shape. Apart from providing a plush feel, it eliminates motions, hence a comfortable night.

b) Second layer: The Zinus green tea memory foam second layer is 2-inch thick. Boasting comfort foam, it offers ample body support together with the top layer. Due to high response, the layer allows equal weight distribution. Consequently, the comfort foam eliminates sinking, thereby, relieving pressure from the body.

c) Third layer: The third layer is 3.5-inch thick, made of high-density memory foam. The foam is responsible for cooling, thereby getting rid of hot sleep. Ability to pull heat away from the mattress is due to efficient airflow within the layer.

d) Fourth layer: This is the base layer which features heavy-duty memory foam. It is 3.5-inch thick and gives the upper layers a firm support. Besides keeping the mattress in shape, it has cooling technology that assists in keeping the body cool. Moreover, dense memory foam offers slight movements, hence keeping the body with proper alignment. As a result, no more aches and back pains.

The Zinus memory foam 12 inch green tea mattress has a soft and premium cover. Featuring knitted jacquard material, not only it protects the mattress, but, it adds softness. The high airflow minimizes overheating and sweating. Moreover, with a white finish and miniatures imprints, it provides a sleek looking bed.

The Zinus 12 inch green tea mattress comfort is impressive. This is because the blending of various layers combines to deliver exceptional performance. The upper and second layers offer excellent body-hugging due to super soft memory foam. Bottom layers provide sufficient strength that ensures that the mattress experience low motion.

The support is vital in preventing the development of pains. In most cases, when a mattress is too soft, or hard, it causes misalignment leading to back pains. However, the Zinus green tea mattress has superb support. The general construction ensures even weight balance and less motion. As a result, the body gets outstanding hugging, thus no pains and aches. Above all, it is ideal for side, stomach and back sleeping.

Memory foam compared with coil mattresses are known to offer more support. The main reason behind this is due to the ability of the foam to contour to the body when sleeping. Now, this Zinus gel infused green tea mattress is efficient in the relieving back pains. In fact, the top layer is soft and comforting. Unlike the hard mattresses, this later dramatically lets your body have natural contouring hence great support. Furthermore, the comfort layer offers a significant boost to enable the body to get maximum comfort. These upper layers eliminate pressure build up, thus a great night without pressure.

Buying a mattress, firmness is vital in determining the overall comfort. Too firm or too soft mattress will cause your body to have discomforts when sleeping. But with this Zinus 12 inch gel-infused green tea memory foam mattress, it is an ideal choice. With a rating of 6.5 out of 10, that is an excellent option for many average sleepers. However, light and heavy sleepers will have issues with the mattress since memory foam performs depending on the weight.

This Zinus memory foam 12 inch green tea mattress combines a variety of construction memory foams. The top layer consists 3-inch soft memory foam that is excellent for soothing the body; the second layer features 2-inch comfort foam that enables the mattress to have responsive effect thus great comfort.

The third layer boasts 3.5-inch air flow foam that facilitates efficient air movement in the mattress. Additionally, the base layer features 3.5 inches of dense foam with enhanced airflow to keep the mattress fresh. The mattress has green tea extracts (antioxidants) infusion to keep it feeling fresh. Moreover, the cover is highly breathable for refreshing sleep and features knitted jacquard.

For the durability, memory foam is known to last a bit longer than other mattresses. Therefore, owning this Zinus memory foam 12 inch green tea mattress full, you can expect it to deliver impressive durability. The manufacturer offers a limited warranty of 10 years. However, on the expert’s evaluation, this mattress can last for about 7-10 years. It is a quite impressive lifespan.

Any mattress that has high heat retention is not ideal when it comes to the overall comfort. Such mattress usually creates hot spots that in turn encourage frequent turnovers. But, as a far as this Zinus memory foam green tea mattress 12 inch queen is concerned, you can bet on it regarding heat retention. Its construction promotes efficient air flow that keeps it cool throughout the night. The two bottom layers of dense foam have perfect airflow that cools the upper layers hence sound sleep. Furthermore, with highly breathable mattress cover, it allows ample cooling, thereby eliminating heat accumulation.

When you think about the motion flow, this Zinus 12 inch green tea mattress is perfect. Despite its dense base layers, it possesses high air flow. The two bottom layers feature heavy-duty memory foam that keeps the mattress intact. Besides, the layers boast excellent air circulation technology that keeps the mattress fresh. Consequently, the mattress doesn’t accumulate odors or retain heat thereby boosting the sleep.

There is no point of buying a mattress if it doesn’t offer any health benefit. The purpose of a bed is to provide a supportive and comfortable. With this Zinus memory foam 12 inch green tea mattress king, it provides a lot of benefits. Therefore, it’s a great way to improve your bedroom. Here are some of the health benefits below.

  • It enhances back pain relief
  • Offer cool night due to excellent airflow technology
  • The green tea extracts provide antioxidants properties hence keeping mattress fresh
  • The mattress is free of awful odors, chemicals, and particles
  • Adequate pressure distribution, preventing excessive motion and sinking, therefore, preventing back pains
  • Eco-friendly materials of construction hence no harsh chemicals
  • Free from toxic substances like lead, phthalate, and others
  • Prevents development of back pains and spine misalignment
  • Eliminate overheating and excessive sweating
  • Safe for all sleeping positions

Now, when a mattress has a lot of motion transfer, the sleeper may experience discomforts. This is because excessive motion can lead to a lot of sinking leading to misaligned back. However, Zinus memory foam 12 inch green tea mattress is firm and has controlled motion that enables it to hug your body. Despite the low motion, the upper part is soft enough to have the body fully supported. With base layers offering ample mattress support, it means that you get perfect body contouring instead of sinking.

If you spend some time sitting on the edge of the bed after waking up, this Zinus memory foam 12 inch green tea mattress is a great one. Designed with durable base memory foam, it delivers outstanding support on the edges. Furthermore, bearing the upper layers are memory foam, they provide ample compression thus offering adequate support without comprising the mattress quality. Even for people who sleep at edges; this mattress delivers outstanding support, therefore, preventing rolling. Firm edges mean that it doesn’t wear out quickly.

Sinkage also is a critical mattress feature, which can improve or compromise the comfort. Mostly the construction and type of mattress determine how far it will sink. But, the level of sinking is due to the weight of sleeper. This Zinus memory foam 12 inch green tea mattress has a combination of soft memory foam at the top and dense foam at the bottom that moderate the sinking. For an average sleeper, it has reasonable sinking. Light sleepers will experience a bit sinking thus can feel hard, while heavier sleepers feel extended sinking.

A new mattress usually comes with an odor that due to sealing on during delivery. Bearing memory foam is made from various chemicals when new, it is normal to produce these smells. However, the odors should not present. With Zinus memory foam green tea mattress, it is gentle since it enjoys from eco-friendly materials. Therefore, once removed from the package, it is ready for use since there is no degassing needed. The reason for this is that the construction mainly is from safe and environmentally friendly materials.

During intimacy, a comfortable and robust mattress is ideal. In most cases, people will prefer the innerspring mattress due to motion absorption. But, taking into account the construction of this Zinus 12 inch green tea mattress, offers excellent motion dissipation. The memory foam used is great and provides outstanding support motion absorption for ideal sex. With the superior bounce, you will find it ideal coil mattress substitute.

If you are asking whether this Zinus memory foam 12 inch green tea mattress is ideal for everyone, it is a fabulous choice for average people. For small people, it might feel a bit hard for a while before adapting to it. This is since it falls into the medium soft firmness category. For large people, this mattress is a bit soft and can cause a degree of sinking thereby compromising your overall comfort. Furthermore, it is available in Narrow Twin, Twin, Twin XL, Full, Short Queen, Queen, King, and California King.

When it comes to maintenance, this Zinus 12 inch green tea mattress doesn’t need a lot of care. Unlike the coil mattress, this one is solid and has great support from the bottom layers. Furthermore, with super soft top layers, there is no need to add sleeping pads since it delivers. To keep it smelling great, the mattress cover is easy to clean.

Regarding the popularity, Zinus 12 inch green tea mattress is great compared to competitors. With over 12,000 reviews, it is known and used by a significant number of users. Furthermore, with CertiPUR-US certified materials and premium materials, the mattress continues to perform excellently on the market.

To enjoy this Zinus gel infused green tea mattress without doubts, it the company offers 10 years limited warranty. On the other hand, 30 days trial period guarantees satisfaction. Shipment is superb with delivery lasting between 48-72 hours upon processing of purchase receipt.

Zinus 12 inch gel-infused green tea memory foam mattress has the following sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, King, and Cal King. And the mattress has the following thickness: 6-inch, 8-inch, 10-inch, 12-inch.

If you are wondering whether Zinus memory foam 12 inch green tea mattress is a fantastic choice, now you have the proof. Surpassing construction, premium material and extended durability make it a perfect comfort companion.

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