Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress Review

The Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea mattress is a perfect pick for your bedroom. This product boasts high innovation and cutting the edge design. Thus, it reliefs the body and lasts longer. With a master of all memory foams, there are no hassles when sleeping on it. Are you tired of sleeping hot? Having this mattress gives you a peace of mind. The premium cover and great airflow keep night cool and bracing. Moreover, the Zinus Green Tea mattress is springs free. In so doing, it eliminates squeaking and other noises. It has a 12-inch thickness and a blend of 4 layers of different density foams. Zinus is a company that manufactures premium mattresses, pillows, and other bedding. For over 35 years of production, its products are reliable and boast highest quality artistry. The innovations of this company keep it sailing and competing with rivals. Read this advanced and researchable review below.


The Zinus memory foam 12 inch green tea mattress has 4 layers construction.

Great airflow to cool the mattress.

Natural green tea extracts foam infusion.

CertiPUR certified for performance and durability.

Soft lacquered mattress cover.

Safe and trustworthy anti-oxidant.

Smart Shipping.

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  • Doesn’t emit foul gases.

  • Extended durability.

  • Easy to unpack.

  • Relieve back pains and aches.

  • Reasonable price.


  • Little pricer.

Zinus Green Tea Mattress Review

The structure of this Zinus Green Tea mattress boasts different layers with differing densities. It’s these layers which provide maximum support and comfort. Notably, the mattress has 4 layers.

a) First layer: This layer is 3-inch thick of memory foam. It is the topmost layer that is in contact with the body. The stratum offers perfect hugging as it conforms to the body shape. Apart from providing a plush feel, it eliminates motions, hence a comfortable night.

b) Second layer: The Zinus green tea memory foam second layer is 2-inch thick. Boasting comfort foam, it offers ample body support together with the top layer. Due to high response, the layer allows equal weight distribution. Consequently, the comfort foam eliminates sinking, thereby, relieving pressure from the body.

c) Third layer: The third layer is 3.5-inch thick, made of high-density memory foam. The foam is responsible for cooling, thereby getting rid of hot sleep. Ability to pull heat away from the mattress is due to efficient airflow within the layer.

d) Fourth layer: This is the base layer which features heavy-duty memory foam. It is 3.5-inch thick and gives the upper layers a firm support. Besides keeping the mattress in shape, it has cooling technology that assists in keeping the body cool. Moreover, dense memory foam offers slight movements, hence keeping the body with proper alignment. As a result, no more aches and back pains.

The Zinus memory foam 12 inch green tea mattress has a soft and premium cover. Featuring knitted jacquard material, not only it protects the mattress, but, it adds softness. The high airflow minimizes overheating and sweating. Moreover, with a white finish and miniatures imprints, it provides a sleek looking bed.

The Zinus 12 inch green tea mattress comfort is impressive. This is because the blending of various layers combines to deliver exceptional performance. The upper and second layers offer excellent body-hugging due to super soft memory foam. Bottom layers provide sufficient strength that ensures that the mattress experience low motion.

The support is vital in preventing the development of pains. In most cases, when a mattress is too soft, or hard, it causes misalignment leading to back pains. However, the Zinus green tea mattress has superb support. The general construction ensures even weight balance and less motion. As a result, the body gets outstanding hugging, thus no pains and aches. Above all, it is ideal for side, stomach and back sleeping.

Memory foam compared with coil mattresses are known to offer more support. The main reason behind this is due to the ability of the foam to contour to the body when sleeping. Now, this Zinus gel infused green tea mattress is efficient in the relieving back pains. In fact, the top layer is soft and comforting. Unlike the hard mattresses, this later dramatically lets your body have natural contouring hence great support. Furthermore, the comfort layer offers a significant boost to enable the body to get maximum comfort. These upper layers eliminate pressure build up, thus a great night without pressure.

Buying a mattress, firmness is vital in determining the overall comfort. Too firm or too soft mattress will cause your body to have discomforts when sleeping. But with this Zinus 12 inch gel-infused green tea memory foam mattress, it is an ideal choice. With a rating of 6.5 out of 10, that is an excellent option for many average sleepers. However, light and heavy sleepers will have issues with the mattress since memory foam performs depending on the weight.

This Zinus memory foam 12 inch green tea mattress combines a variety of construction memory foams. The top layer consists 3-inch soft memory foam that is excellent for soothing the body; the second layer features 2-inch comfort foam that enables the mattress to have responsive effect thus great comfort.

The third layer boasts 3.5-inch air flow foam that facilitates efficient air movement in the mattress. Additionally, the base layer features 3.5 inches of dense foam with enhanced airflow to keep the mattress fresh. The mattress has green tea extracts (antioxidants) infusion to keep it feeling fresh. Moreover, the cover is highly breathable for refreshing sleep and features knitted jacquard.

For the durability, memory foam is known to last a bit longer than other mattresses. Therefore, owning this Zinus memory foam 12 inch green tea mattress full, you can expect it to deliver impressive durability. The manufacturer offers a limited warranty of 10 years. However, on the expert’s evaluation, this Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress can last for about 7-10 years. It is a quite impressive lifespan.

Any mattress that has high heat retention is not ideal when it comes to the overall comfort. Such mattress usually creates hot spots that in turn encourage frequent turnovers. But, as a far as this Zinus memory foam green tea mattress 12 inch queen is concerned, you can bet on it regarding heat retention. Its construction promotes efficient air flow that keeps it cool throughout the night. The two bottom layers of dense foam have perfect airflow that cools the upper layers hence sound sleep. Furthermore, with highly breathable mattress cover, it allows ample cooling, thereby eliminating heat accumulation.

When you think about the motion flow, this Zinus 12 inch green tea mattress is perfect. Despite its dense base layers, it possesses high air flow. The two bottom layers feature heavy-duty memory foam that keeps the mattress intact. Besides, the layers boast excellent air circulation technology that keeps the mattress fresh. Consequently, the mattress doesn’t accumulate odors or retain heat thereby boosting the sleep.

There is no point of buying a mattress if it doesn’t offer any health benefit. The purpose of a bed is to provide a supportive and comfortable. With this Zinus memory foam 12 inch green tea mattress king, it provides a lot of benefits. Therefore, it’s a great way to improve your bedroom. Here are some of the health benefits below.

  • It enhances back pain relief
  • Offer cool night due to excellent airflow technology
  • The green tea extracts provide antioxidants properties hence keeping mattress fresh
  • The mattress is free of awful odors, chemicals, and particles
  • Adequate pressure distribution, preventing excessive motion and sinking, therefore, preventing back pains
  • Eco-friendly materials of construction hence no harsh chemicals
  • Free from toxic substances like lead, phthalate, and others
  • Prevents development of back pains and spine misalignment
  • Eliminate overheating and excessive sweating
  • Safe for all sleeping positions

Now, when a mattress has a lot of motion transfer, the sleeper may experience discomforts. This is because excessive motion can lead to a lot of sinking leading to misaligned back. However, Zinus memory foam 12 inch green tea mattress is firm and has controlled motion that enables it to hug your body. Despite the low motion, the upper part is soft enough to have the body fully supported. With base layers offering ample mattress support, it means that you get perfect body contouring instead of sinking.

If you spend some time sitting on the edge of the bed after waking up, this Zinus memory foam 12 inch green tea mattress is a great one. Designed with durable base memory foam, it delivers outstanding support on the edges. Furthermore, bearing the upper layers are memory foam, they provide ample compression thus offering adequate support without comprising the mattress quality. Even for people who sleep at edges; this Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress delivers outstanding support, therefore, preventing rolling. Firm edges mean that it doesn’t wear out quickly.

Sinkage also is a critical mattress feature, which can improve or compromise the comfort. Mostly the construction and type of mattress determine how far it will sink. But, the level of sinking is due to the weight of sleeper. This Zinus memory foam 12 inch green tea mattress has a combination of soft memory foam at the top and dense foam at the bottom that moderate the sinking. For an average sleeper, it has reasonable sinking. Light sleepers will experience a bit sinking thus can feel hard, while heavier sleepers feel extended sinking.

A new mattress usually comes with an odor that due to sealing on during delivery. Bearing memory foam is made from various chemicals when new, it is normal to produce these smells. However, the odors should not present. With Zinus memory foam green tea mattress, it is gentle since it enjoys from eco-friendly materials. Therefore, once removed from the package, it is ready for use since there is no degassing needed. The reason for this is that the construction mainly is from safe and environmentally friendly materials.

During intimacy, a comfortable and robust mattress is ideal. In most cases, people will prefer the innerspring mattress due to motion absorption. But, taking into account the construction of this Zinus 12 inch green tea mattress, offers excellent motion dissipation. The memory foam used is great and provides outstanding support motion absorption for ideal sex. With the superior bounce, you will find it ideal coil mattress substitute.

If you are asking whether this Zinus memory foam 12 inch green tea mattress is ideal for everyone, it is a fabulous choice for average people. For small people, it might feel a bit hard for a while before adapting to it. This is since it falls into the medium soft firmness category. For large people, this Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress is a bit soft and can cause a degree of sinking thereby compromising your overall comfort. Furthermore, it is available in Narrow Twin, Twin, Twin XL, Full, Short Queen, Queen, King, and California King.

When it comes to maintenance, this Zinus 12 inch green tea mattress doesn’t need a lot of care. Unlike the coil mattress, this one is solid and has great support from the bottom layers. Furthermore, with super soft top layers, there is no need to add sleeping pads since it delivers. To keep it smelling great, the mattress cover is easy to clean.

Regarding the popularity, Zinus 12 inch green tea mattress is great compared to competitors. With over 12,000 reviews, it is known and used by a significant number of users. Furthermore, with CertiPUR-US certified materials and premium materials, the mattress continues to perform excellently on the market.

To enjoy this Zinus gel infused green tea mattress without doubts, it the company offers 10 years limited warranty. On the other hand, 30 days trial period guarantees satisfaction. Shipment is superb with delivery lasting between 48-72 hours upon processing of purchase receipt.

Zinus 12 inch gel-infused green tea memory foam mattress has the following sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, King, and Cal King. And the mattress has the following thickness: 6-inch, 8-inch, 10-inch, 12-inch.

If you are wondering whether Zinus memory foam 12 inch green tea mattress is a fantastic choice, now you have the proof. Surpassing construction, premium material and extended durability make it a perfect comfort companion.


No, it is not a tricky firm. I’d say moderate soft firm if this makes sense for you. It is very very comfy.

It’s possible, but you should be cautious when purchasing from Zinus. They sent to me the incorrect dimensions, and would not ship me back the perfect one. So today… I have a Queen sized box-spring to get a King-sized mattress.

Though this Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress is firm I locate this mattress really comfy. I really do have a cushioned mattress cover onto it. Should you find it overly firm you may try out this or perhaps loosen the mattress cover itself permitting the memory.foam to enlarge more.

That thing has 65% fiberglass inside. I would never even consider purchasing it. I washed the best cap and ended up purchasing new bedding materials nearly everything in the area needed to be substituted.

Cover has a zipper, therefore, it could be taken off. Nevertheless, I haven’t yet tried to achieve that. I really do understand sheets remain on! The corners don’t slide off”regardless of what” that I truly love!

Yes, the king functions nicely for me along with my boyfriend, without any sinking in any way, best sleep ever! Certainly, recommend it.

It is like a true foam mattress that you let it sit instructed and the atmosphere obviously inflates it. No, it does not come with a pay.

There’s an inner slide surrounding the foam along with an outer mounted cover I think.

If its smooshed, phone and complain to client services.

No, there are no coils. It’s all memory foam.

I purchased the queen dimensions. I’m 6 feet tall, and it had been enough for me personally.

It is a 10-inch thick memory foam tea mattress at a full dimension.

If you are talking about the security program, it says you must buy it for another charge.

No sweat. If you bought one of the goods on Zinus.com, you’ve got over three weeks!

It’s possible to open it if you’re likely to utilize that, just permit the mattress to expand over five hours” my recommendation” before putting down onto it.

The mattress is quite soft for me personally. If you enjoy the firm, I think Casper is a much better alternative, however, double the cost.

It is working on mine up to now, but I have just used it for a couple of months and can not comment on longterm durability.

Determined by you. I purchased one because I’ve got dogs and a spouse who likes to drink and eat . Plus it’s maintained my mattress wash from smells and stains that could have ruined the mattress. If everything you do is sleeping in the bed rather than have a prospect of something spilling onto it then do not buy one. Otherwise, Safeguard your investment.

This depends on what you believe”routine”. Be certain that the product details state that the fitted sheet fits mattresses around 15-inches deep. I moved with 18″ to be sure and it is a bit on the large side.

I am 19. My body ought to have the ability to deal with it. I can not. Unless you are obtaining a 12in thick mattress, do not break your children’ back for this Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress.

With 4-5 significant men and a few fantastic packaging tapes. Squish it back in the box and then ship it out. After it’s out of your house, it’s your own problem!

Yes. It retains my spouse and I am obese and retains up excellent. So could be ideal for a young teenager.

I really don’t know the specific measurements, but it’s compact. As I recall, the box is somewhat heavy.

We have a queen. It was almost two foot square.

We bought a queen size, therefore, I am unsure how large a full size could be. The queen size box has been 48 x 30 x 30 I believe (did not store the box so I am imagining ). The mattress includes folded in half its self and then wrapped up and it required shape beautifully.

The mattress is wrapped into a box roughly 3′ x 2′ and it’s quite heavy. I used a dolly to deliver it up the stairs. It’d be better with just two individuals.

Yes, I’ve got one-on-one Zinus mattresses that have waterproof protectors available on afterward.

That is a matter for the business. I believe they provide measurements in the outline once you pick the size you desire.

7-8 in the event that you visit there site they describe that the thicker the foam that the softer the mattress. The thinner it’s the firmer it’s.

It isn’t significant distinction but gets routine queen rather it is far better for those who toss and turn or have a spouse brief queen is nearly like a queen but also for just 1 individual I’d not recommended 2 individuals. Get routine queen rather.

I just purchased a routine one in Walmart and it fits nice and does not appear to earn the mattress sexy.

Comfort is quite subjective and might need to be set by every user. Being memory foam there’s a tiny firmness for this, but it’s still soft and that I find it quite comfy and does the small woman I purchased it for.

Hello! I’ve got the 12-inch mattress. I’d surely get that dimension. It’s crucial to know this Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress is soft, however, your body doesn’t sink in the mattress. I’d say it’s a nearly a moderate firmness, but without the strain stage irritants a mattress with springs generates. I believe you will be happy with this mattress. In case you’ve got a bed partner, you are able to move with this mattress with no creating movement in your teammates’ side also. My husband and I’ve been quite delighted with this particular mattress. We’ve had it nearly annually.

I really don’t understand why not as long as it’s fantastic form. It’s likely gives exactly the identical service as the framework, but the framework is quite cheap with greater room to put away beneath really. Really simple to set up too.

I figure it might but based on the framework you’ve it’d sit pretty significant.

The mattress is about the firmer side. Typical into some memory foam pillow that it feels firm to the touch but after you put down it you simply melt .

I am not certain, but it is rather flexible, so perhaps in the event that you go with a few of the thinner ones.

There’s plastic around the mattress to keep it compacted.

Around the width of this Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress tall and 1.5′ square at the packaging.

I’d quantify what you now have and make certain that it’s precisely the exact same size. I understand RV queen dimensions are occasionally different than real queen dimensions. However, apart from that I really don’t find an issue.

Does not require a box spring comfy with no. Nonetheless, it’s great if you desire to have more hight.

The mattress comes with a enclosed cover onto it. You’re able to cut the cover, clip on the matress to dimension, and then sew up the cover.

I put it around the tri-fold timber futon lounger, however, it is is queen size, so get the one on the size of the daybed, so I still sleep soundly this nightly and It’s a very comfy mattress.

We unwrapped in the afternoon and slept it that evening. No issues. We did allow it to air outside with ceiling fan on and windows available.

It’s simply foam and arrives wrapped up in a single box. I’d assume that you can roll it up an Id tie it off using a rope or bungee cords

It’s a plush mattress. Between moderate and lavish. It isn’t assumed to be firm. Likely your mattress needs to enlarge.

I am 5’6 and also the box arrives at my torso. It is a fairly major box however I managed to pull it out alone and see it expand following 72 hours.

You are interested in getting the mattress to match to its full dimensions and it requires at least 24 hours per day. Personally, I waited 48 hours since the odor has been rather robust and did not go away before the next day, therefore it is dependent upon how far the smell bothers you? I’d wait a minimum of 24 hours although the mattress has the time to inflate back into its regular size.

Not certain, however, the cover will not have the normal boxed mattress odor which takes some time to eliminate.

I didn’t detect any odor in them. I have it into a guest bedroom so that I do not sleep, but once I’m in there or through I have not seen it.

Not certain but it’s extremely comfy and the best part is if your spouse turns in bed that you can not feel it.

Yes, I think it’d be nice I do not believe you could go wrong for this Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress.

I really don’t know if it is free to come back to the mattress since I still have mine and now that I like it.

I’ve been with for the previous 4 weeks, haven’t seen any overeat, however. Due to the composition, It doesn’t sag.

I set it away for about 3 months and if I made it I let it sit for 48 hrs like if I received it fluffed straight out…recommend rebagging when its been outside the first packaging.

My mattress is in my son’s home so that I can not double-check but I still do not believe it’s a detachable cover. I use a mattress pad to safeguard my mattresses.

I am unsure what’s needed of a mattress for a flexible bed, yet this Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress will call for additional support under it than a conventional mattress. I would say that the gaps between slats ought to be no farther than 5 inches apart to avoid sagging, and should you have a good foundation (e.g., stage or a bunkie board), which could be better.

In case you’ve got this Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress, you then are aware it has a non-removable cover also the provider recommends against launching the cover. At least that is my recollection. Zinus could provide you the ideal response to your query. Here is an Amazon review reply: “DO NOT REMOVE the cover of some Zinus mattress! I purchased the mattress cover that was lined with FIBERGLASS as a very affordable approach to fulfill Federal fire retardant regulations. Should you open the cover You’ll Have small fibers of glass (hence the title ) throughout the area and They’re very tough to get rid decision.

I have never had a problem with overheating. A mattress shield does assist.

I really don’t understand why not. I purchased the framework in the image and it is slatted exactly enjoy a box spring is indeed it must work exactly the same.

Unfortunately, I don’t understand what a bend framework is… This kind of mattress will be used with stage bases.

We have an 8″. Smelly 1-3 days then – no odor. Really comfy.

We have two adults and two dogs at the bed. Despite our burden that the mattress retains up. I suggest turning to the mattress every 6 weeks to avoid overeating but it needs to be fine behind any weight distribute. The guarantee protects against sagging within a specific sum!

Ideally, when you’ve got the first bag it came in, it is possible to roll up the mattress, tie it in place, set it in the tote….then when you’ve got a shop vac you may also suck it down a while and packing tape it shut or slip it in the bag it came into to keep it in position. I did so to reunite.

Hope you did not insure it using a mattress pad and sheets however also it slows the airing outside time. An open window and ceiling fan might help. My queen 12-inch mattress shot that long too but believe this; those are likely new from the mill rather than being at a display room for who knows how long (and analyzed by who knows exactly how many individuals ). I believed that value the countless savings.

I think it is comfortable. Do not expect it to become stiff or stiff. I would state that the firmness is all about a moderate. In that time I weighed 189 lbs. I didn’t encounter any troubles with my burden. I look up the data for guarantee and see whether it is well worth buying. Just in the event, you’re on a budget I have to get a mattress to get quite some time. I had my clothing to get a year until I needed to sell it to have the ability to move. I locate that the mattress comfortable enough to where I’d buy one down the street.

It looks like the decompression is determined by many different factors, however you can essentially tell it’s totally decompressed when all of the corners square upward. I let mine go for directly at two days and it had been completed. Hope this assists.

So in 77 inches, you ought to be OK. I really don’t know if they really have a more variant.

This is merely the mattress. No frame or box springs if this is what you intend by the mattress.

I used mine to get my son’s bunk mattress. Unsure about a daybed. I am sure it values be nice provided that the daytime bed is a legitimate twin size.

There’s a cover but you shouldn’t open it there is fiberglass beneath it and though it includes a zipper, so do NOT open it. I have had this Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress for 3 decades, bits of fiberglass began coming throughout the cover as it is right under it. It is an inexpensive method of making the mattress flame retardant. You Shouldn’t buy this mattress, so your sleeping fiberglass & it is bad for your wellbeing in the future.

My queen mattress matches my queen framework perfectly. Plus it’s a little give to it unlike ordinary mattresses.

I’ve read a lot of accounts in which buyers cut on the mattress (vertically) using an electric knife to match in RV software, like rounding corners off where essential.

Yes, it’s compacted, folded and wrapped up. As soon as I got mine, then I took it from the box, then unrolled and put it around the bottom then carefully trim the plastic bag along with the mattress began decompressing. It took approximately two days for this to fully recline, I have been advised that time could differ based on various problems.

So excellent. The mattress itself is too firm for my preferences, but it is like hammering onto a stealth bomber. No structural noises escape.

Yes, it may nevertheless I wouldn’t always advocate on a stage bed unless you are employing the pliers under it. I place it along with a fantastic boxspring and also the mattress feels amazing.

Weighs less than conventional mattress although not by far. In case the murphy installation is flipped up throughout the afternoon it may not operate nicely.

Fantastic luck. Find out a way to wrap it in plastic, then seal but one corner, then place vacuum into an unsealed part and find the air as far as you can. I kept mine but I despise it because I could not get down it to go back.

I really don’t see why not usually memory foam mattresses do not use 1.

That’ll work fine. Its a firm memory foams strong, and it shapes to your body. It’s not only super smooshy, in which you tap right to it. I’d say, in the event the bunk beds possess the bottoms of timber with vacant space between, I propose plywood or sheet in addition to it to provide the mattress a good surface, therefore it does not damage it.

The cost of this Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress can not be beaten! It’s a wonderful mattress, in a wonderful price. That cost would not even provide you with a good spring twin mattress. This mattress is more excellent, and the price makes it much better.

I am uncertain what the dimensions have been, however, I am using my mattress frame which I previously had & it fits perfectly. It is the conventional queen size.

My response would no it is not poisonous, I allow my endure for 2 days until I slept on it and that I do not smell it anymore understand I read this review before I purchased it that it created a few ill but really I have never slept better.

Fantastic question…haha, I am not too convinced. I’d presume if the voltage of this heated mattress cover was not too large, you need to be OK. But if damage should happen, I am sure that could void the guarantee.

I discovered this Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress in order too warm throughout the evening. Additionally, please notice regardless of the favorable evaluations, this mattress has a mold problem I can vouch for. We threw ours off after less than two decades of usage. I don’t recommend this Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress.

I didn’t wish to upend my mattress to search for the washing directions, however, the cover onto the mattress will not possess a zipper. Thus, you may take off it – I am guessing it is washable.

I can not be sure but my youngest child is 6’2 and his toes do not dangle off the sides. It is ideal for just two people.

I had no problem with odor or mold. It’s been a great purchase for me.

The standard bed substance.

I’ve got the 8-inch mattress utilized using a platform bed frame. This Zinus mattress is easily the most comfortable mattress I’ve ever employed. The bottom part of the mattress offers the upper segment provides 2 distinct layers of soft relaxation. I’ve utilized this Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress for 3 decades and would buy this item, but likely from the 10-inch thickness simply to increase the degree of the mattress.

You’re able to find the fitted sheet shield straight from them. Not certain if there’s a zipper . It is a fantastic mattress however.

I didn’t have a problem with my zipper all needed to bring an integral ring for it to start it. Honestly, it is a hassle to wash! Therefore avoid it if possible handle it just like a regular mattress which you cant clean.

Yes, works really well. Just be certain that you’ve got the suitable framework for the dimensions of the mattress.

There are a particular shirt and specific underside. The best include memory foam, that the underside includes a firm base foam.

No, this is merely a 6-inch foam mattress which may be used by itself or as a duvet for a box spring.

I can not answer I have the queen dimensions and we’re using on the framework in the same manufacturer. I really don’t find a reason that could not so long as eyeglasses were hardy and the mattress was the correct size.

That is a massive bed once enlarged. In case you need to fold it every night, it is not your very best alternative.

I envision that a 6″ will fold, but it is not likely to remain folded, you would most likely have to tie it together with rope to get it to remain.

It’s possible to visit your orders webpage and in case your purchase is inside reuniting you can see Return alternative.

Other Customers Reviews About Zinus Memory Foam Green Tea Mattress

I purchased this for my next bedroom primarily for guest usage. Installation was fast and simple. I didn’t observe a lingering odor, however, I put this up through the summertime and also kept the window open to get a couple of days to make certain. I did put on it and discovered it to be comfier, but haven’t really slept it. Many guests have eaten on it today though. The funniest on it for fourteen days and remarked that it was really comfy; she enjoyed it. Due to the mattress frame I’ve, I had a box spring, making it quite large (tall) for getting in outside and that’s become the sole criticism from my customers.

Surely can recommend for guest room

The mattress never got to it is full 10-inch thickness, although I gave it 5 times to achieve that. That said, I am overall pleased with my buy. I enjoy the firmness and do not find it leaves me overly hot. It is larger than my current base but it works fine using it. For the price tag, I am impressed with the caliber.

Overall happy

I delivered one of them for my son and his girlfriend once they transferred to a school apartment that fall. Both of these love it said the only problem they have isn’t needing to escape bed in the daytime. I intend to obtain a second one for the guest bedroom once the moment comes.

Really like this!

I have lower backaches and weight 233 pounds. Some advocate Zinus memory foam mattress. I have to state that this is the very first time because my lower spine surgery I’ve gotten up with no pain and also with energy prepared for my own day. I totally suggest Zinus memory foam mattress. I adore their mattress I have changed my figure space and also my daughter’s bedroom mattress. The con nonetheless, is that I get sexy during the night so that this does hold warmth. I suggest putting some sheets which keeps you cool during the night or even a mattress cover.

Comfortable mattress

I have had this Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress for a couple of decades now and I totally love it! I purchased it at a king 12 inches. It took quite some time to make its shape all of the ways after I unboxed it eventually got there! Three decades later and it is holding its shape quite well and looks new. No indents out of our own bodies or anything else! Even though the cost has radically increased because I bought it I’d definitely still advise purchasing this mattress!

Really comfy!

I really like this Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress much. It is so comfortable and is really pleasant in your joints and that I never realized just how bad I wanted this in my entire life until I received it. The very first time that I slept on a normal mattress after applying this for a while I had been stunned that the difference in relaxation. I really don’t enjoy things too soft and this is similar to an ideal firmness. My spouse and I will be a joint weight of 300lbs and we’ve had this mattress for 10months without any issues and it retains its shape. Like frankly I propose that this mattress to anybody who’s mattress shopping.

Very pleasant

I purchased this 2 decades back and it’s the very best mattress I have ever slept on. I recently updated to some name-brand King sized mattress and I have difficulty sleeping since this one had been so comfy. I recall it smelled the very first day or 2 but that dissipates instantly. Highly recommended, I’m likely to purchase one of the toppers today because of the Ashley mattress which isn’t working out.

Best. Mattress. Ever

I’ve always had a difficult time sleeping, however with this Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress I sleep soundly through the whole night with no problem. I’d like to toss and turn through the night woke up several occasions and then wake up with aches throughout my spine. Since changing I’ve not had some of those worries. I highly recommend this mattress.


Purchased this Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress available more than 2 years back for in a fairly good deal (a little over $200 for the King). Coming out of a pristine spring mattress, I was cautiously positive about it. This is among the best buys I’ve made. It is super comfy, remains cool, and to this day keeps it is firmness while at precisely the exact same time being exceptionally soft. Additionally, it does not disturb another person when a person has got out of bed. Fantastic mattress all around.

Two Years Strong

I really like this Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress! It’s so comfy. Contours to your body so you sleep well. Doesn’t bother your partner should you awake in the middle of the night. Really firm. Simple to get setup. The worst thing about this is having to wait for 72 hours to utilize it after you take it from the box and then vacuum. I strongly recommend this firm to any person who endures back pain.

Comfort level is Remarkable

I recently bought this Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress plus a platform bed frame from Zinus. My mattress was sent 4 days after purchasing it again. I was quite surprised and pleased about this since initially, it said that it would not be sent for 1-2 weeks. I was really pleased to have my brand new mattress earlier than anticipated. The packaging has been quite simple to open. The mattress started expanding (or even degassing?) immediately. I’d read a lot of testimonials, good and bad so that I inspected it and found no symptoms of mold and did not observe any bad odor, so it was fantastic. Allow it to sit for 4 times prior to putting up my brand new bed and it fully enlarged at the moment. There are regions of more growth and the layers will be detectable on a single corner, however, for the large part, it’s precisely what it ought to be. I’ve been sleeping for a couple of nights now and will upgrade this if it changes, but this mattress is COMFORTABLE AS HECK. I moved out of a cushion top for the difference is evident. It only molds to the body, my shoulders and back and hips do not hurt to put on it, so I can not feel that my cat jumps onto the bed, it is great up to now. I slept well last night which I turned off my alarm and remained in bed for more than an excess hour. Worth. It.

Arrived fast, very comfy

I adore this Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress. 80 percent of beds utilize fiberglass as a flame wall. It’s SAFE! Unless obviously you enable your children to puncture it and then choose clumps from it since the complainers we’ve stated. If you aren’t comfortable just purchase a mattress cover and set an extra cover . That’s exactly what we did. It matches and fully emptied the mattress zips round it. This is definitely the most comfortable bed I have ever slept and contains 0 wear following two decades. An incredible price!

Great mattress

This Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress was simple to install. Took about 3-4 times to fully wash and blow off. For the price, it is a great memory foam mattress. My son sleeps inside. . I will say that, it is dependent on your body and comfort. I find it to be comfier sometimes but sometimes I can’t find comfy. In terms of my husband says he’s slept in this bed several occasions and that he wakes up with significantly less pain. Overall great for the purchase price. We have had it over a year and it’s still in precisely the exact same form and form.

Cheap foam mattress!

I bought a Queen daybed mattress, to utilize in our teardrop trailer. It’s a comfy enough mattress, but not as comfy as my Tempurpedic in your home. It had zero odor once I started the packaging, and it just took a couple of hours to climb into the full 6 inches. The cover is fine, however, I highly suggest a mattress pad and linens, rather than sleeping on the mattress pay right. After using it during summer, it’s kept that the 6-inch thickness, also doesn’t have some indention out of our own bodies.

Great for your MONEY

I purchased this Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress for the very first apartment all in my, and I’ve had it for approximately three decades now, nearly four. While it typically feels just like you are rolling the dice once you create a significant purchase such as that online, I really feel as though my luck, since this mattress has functioned well at the moment. The odor went away in a couple of days, and it’s survived multiple motions. It is about the firm side, however, I included a memory foam mattress topper to provide it a few squishes. You want to remember this is not a luxury, long-lasting mattress. You get exactly what you pay for in this budget, do not expect it to last you ten decades. Should you require a mattress but can not afford to spend tens of thousands of dollars to some significant name brand which will hopefully persist for quite a very long time, this can be a fantastic match for you. Regrettably, after a few years back has begun creating a breakout in whatever part I sleep and it has been giving me shoulder and back pain, so I will be replacing it shortly. However, I would like to stress it was precisely what I wanted at the moment, and it functioned nicely.

A Fantastic mattress for this Budget

I purchased this for my 15-year-old son. He complained of pains and aches from weightlifting and soccer. He raves about the relaxation and much better sense that he gets when he wakes up. Adhere to the directions with the bundle and the mattress is going to perform exactly as promised. Enjoy it. It showed up in my doorstep into a box. No worries hauling a big unwieldy mattress.

Perfect mattress

The mattress arrived punctually. It stems vacuum packed and wrapped up, therefore it’s easy to maneuver about and put it where you desire it. It took about two weeks to achieve its full 10-inch capability, but you are in a position to sleep before that because it reaches 8-9 inches upon discharging it in the vacuum. It is very comfy and trendy to sleep. We use ours to get our guest space about the Murphy Bed unit, however, it will be certainly going to get you like it if our personal mattress needs replacing.

The Grandson is Joyful and so are we all!

It puffed up fairly quickly, in 48hrs of taking it from the box. I really like it, my husband didn’t since it had been too soft . However he did state it was comfortable and makes you really feel just like you do not need to render it. No matter how the entire time we slept it said his back hurt. So I have moved it in my guest area and purchased another mattress rather for the master area. I have gotten great comments from my client about it. I’d give it a 5 star but it’s just because my husband could not sleep on it professionally. I’d certainly recommend if you adore soft beds.

Soooo comfy!

I’ll certainly get this bed ! I had been hesitant to obtain a bed online without even understanding precisely how it seems, but I don’t regret this purchase one piece. It’s by far the most comfortable bed I’ve ever slept on. Highly recommend. Simple to build. The directions indicate letting it sit for 72 hours prior to sleeping on it, so I sadly didn’t have enough time for it. Allow it to sit for 12 hours and it’s still just nice!

Most comfy bed

Honestly, this Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress is wonderful. I have the 6-inch and it is so comfy. I sleep like a baby, and that I really did not anticipate that quality for the purchase price. The initial two days it’d need to expand since it comes from a box, also about this odor, it did possess a mill odor for its first week, however it dissipated and it had been in the atmosphere of the home, but I could not smell it once I had been set down. Honestly, this mattress is 5 from 5. It was a horn on it, however, do not unzip it there is no demand. Use the mattress will remain clean.

Wonderful Bed

I was quite reluctant to purchase a foam type mattress before sleeping one in my Sister’s home. I must say it arrived packed well, took its own shape within approximately 7-8 hours was prepared to sleep the very first night (I understand they advocate waiting). I discovered after a couple of nights sleeping on it, so I did not toss and turn as far as I’ve on spiral mattresses.

Have had to get a month or two and really happy thus far

It is like placing to the maximum downiest mattress topper and now that I feel incredibly pampered but there’s still sufficient firmness to encourage my spine. I was somewhat reluctant at first because of how soft the mattress felt after I laid down onto it zero back pain far and that I sleep like a baby. Memory foam assembles heat in the event that you put in 1 place for extended so it may be uncomfortable at warmer weather but it is ideal for me to remain warm throughout the windy winter. Additionally, it does stink to high hell from this bundle but the odor dissipated over 3-4 days. Additionally, it might not extend into the full depth by 72 hours mine took two weeks to enlarge to 10 inches, but for the corners. My 4 corners continue to be in 7-inch after fourteen days. Does this change how I sleep soundly? No, but it disturbs me and because I’m only 5′ tall so that my feet do not get to the bottom. If you’re taller than me, you’d feel that the difference in the depth of the mattress since it is like putting on a decrease. I’ll give it a few more time to fully expand and upgrade.

Fantastic mattress for the Cost

This Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress is indeed magnificent! I am able to sleep at my side with no buttocks hurting. The moment I lay down I instantly feel in the rest and it’s absolutely soft yet firm. Perfectly supports each component of the human body yet not difficult. Additionally, there have been a lot of reports which said one end of this mattress never fully enlarged. I’d love to clear up. The very first week or two weeks and a half it’s a fact one end required more to fully grow. You need to comprehend that this is the ending that’s at the center if they roll up the mattress up. Therefore it has squeezed more. However, about the second week that it had been fully enlarged and is the elevation, it ought to be everywhere. As this is all foam it’d be exceedingly tough to wash something from it when errors occur.

Supreme comfort, Fantastic price

Wow! The very best mattress I have ever slept on. When we inserted this Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress  into our wedding, I was reluctant, but it’s most certainly the very best present we received! Finest rest of my entire life for this mattress. I really like the way the mattress is a bit more firm, but in precisely the exact same moment, it cushions my own physique. I enjoy I can place a tray on the mattress and beverages will not spill. I enjoy how simple it was to build – it came at our door we unboxed it left alone, it doubled in size, after which it was great to go.

Firm but Plush

I purchased the king-sized variant of the mattress to replace the older memory foam mattress. I was looking for a remedy that has been cheap and quickly accessible, which appeared to be quite a fantastic alternative at under $200 to get a king-size edition. After the mattress came, we analyzed it based on directions and made it outside for 48 hours before placing it upon the platform. The mattress did stretch fully and that I was delighted with its appearance and feel. We have been using it for a long time, and I am quite satisfied with the selection. To begin with, the mattress had no odor whatsoever… a while since frequently foam mattresses possess a chemical odor that is hard to eliminate. We put in the mattress onto a good platform foundation, so there is no pillow beneath the mattress. Here is the ” model, and I think that it will be better served with being a little thicker… it sounds really firm to me personally. Unlike my previous memory foam mattress, then you do not appear to be”sexy” and snare the body warmth. I’m pleased with the solution and will probably use it in the near future. We might at some stage move this into the guest area and purchase a thicker model for something somewhat softer, but I am not in any hurry. I would advise the mattress… I believe that it could be an ideal selection for a guest room or for the ones that enjoy a firmer mattress… for today, I am delighted with this and don’t have any plans to create a shift.

Firm but pliable

In the event you have lower back pain or favor a milder bed, then this can be just the one for you. I’ve always had lower back issues and softer beds constantly leave me in pain nowadays.

Very best sleep

Therefore I got the mattress alongside their smart foundation back in February. I was very reluctant at first but after spending hours exploring it I purchased it. It required a couple of times to fully expand but you are able to sleep while it does and is invited to do this by zinus. It kinda seems odd but that went away because it popped out at these first couple of days… Well it has been 6m today and I really like this Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress it is exceptionally comfortable, it is not sexy, and all about a fantastic mattress particularly for the purchase price. I’ve zero drawbacks about it.

Cheap and super comfy

I bought this Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress for roughly a year and a half and it’s been fantastic! My husband and I changed from a conventional mattress and box springs into the memory foam mattress. It took a few hours to sew however after we got it set up, it was excellent. It is firm and soft at precisely the exact same time and shapes well to my entire body. I’ve got a bad back and I’ve slept well since obtaining this mattress. I am quite pleasantly surprised by the quality for the cost and will certainly suggest it.

Surprisingly quite comfortable for the Purchase Price

I was undecided about buying this Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress due to different reviews. I’d love to state our mattress came punctually, it wasn’t ripped, it didn’t smell, and it just took about 24 hours to fully match to the full dimensions. Because of different testimonials about fiberglass I’ve absolutely zero strategies of unzipping the pay in the mattress. But if I do, I’ll followup on my inspection to tell everybody know whether it will actually have fiberglass interior it. This is the very first mattress I have ever bought online and I don’t regret my choice. I really do want to warn you all that the mattress is really slightly larger than the box spring which we’re using, but it is not such an issue it is effected our sleeping.


I’d like to get a king-size mattress however that I believe it’s too large so I pick a bigger one after going to some other property. I’ve been utilizing this Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress for two or more months and it’s a fair good but still small bit soft for me. But when compared to the cost with all the quality, it’s still one of the very best ones should you really do n`t have a whole lot of budget for your mattress.

Great Mattress

We put up this and utilized it for the very first time yesterday evening. As with other reviewers, said it did not match to 12 inches, at least up to now it is just at 10. But it’s super soft and incredibly comfy! Before that, we had a logopedic (Tempurpedic knock away from your furniture shop ) and we really LOVED that mattress, it feels fresh new 15 decades after, however, we wanted to update to a king. So far as this Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress goes, at now, I would strongly recommend it!


We’d been sleeping over a conventional bed for ages. We were not receiving the very best night’s sleep, thus we chose to test a memory foam mattress. This has been a life-altering choice. This Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress was selected since it was cheaper than the opponents. We adore it! I suggest this Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress any opportunity I get. My only criticism was that we did not receive the king dimension!

Super comfy and inexpensive!

Very comfy bed. My sole concern is the grade of the outer covering. If it holds I would call the mattress darn near flawless. Took about 24 hours to complete, odor lasted about so long. The mattress is so comfortable it makes it hard to escape bed in the daytime!

Almost perfect

Here is the next Zinus Memory Foam mattress we have bought from Amazon–just one queen and a full. That implies we enjoyed the first one enough to purchase one for our bedroom. It comes all wrapped up in a large box that is somewhat awkward to maneuver if you are on your own. But when it is set up it shapes up quite comfortably and quite fast.

Happy with this Cozy Mattress

Initially purchased two mattresses, one for the daughter and another as a guest that would eventually become our other people’s daughter’s bed after she transitioned from a crib. We enjoyed it so much we purchased it to replace the pursuit mattress we proceeded up into my brother’s room. Quite a few individuals have deciphered the mattress and that I feel that a total of all these mattresses are bought due to the rest our guests had them on, ” I wish we have a commission!

Fantastic Value Foam Mattress

You understand when you visit a wonderful resort and the bed is incredibly comfortable, that’s exactly what this Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress is. It’s by far the most comfortable mattress I’ve ever been around. Yes, I’m in love with sleeping for the very first time. This is among those very few instances in my entire life where I really feel as though I have more than I ever paid for.

Finest sleep ever!

We’ve always had a conventional box spring/mattress….however, determined that we’d go cheaper now round and elect for one of those… it has been wonderful!!!!! No noises when you proceed don’t disturb your spouse when you awaken, fix it’s contour to your own body, and don’t wear like a normal mattress. I rotate it after a month, just like I would a normal mattress….but when we need another one, it is going to be it again!

Best Bed We've EVER Purchased!

I have read a few reviews about it smelling and not to unzip it, therefore I shall heed those warnings..as to your relaxation of the mattress because that’s likely what’s of interest on the user: it’s similar to sleeping God’s mattress. Seriously, Tempurpedic comes near its firm-yet-insanely cozy softness. It is very, very tempting.


I understand some folks have had difficulties using this particular mattress however that I have zero complaints. We purchased it in 2016 approximately 3 decades back. With preceding mattresses, we have experienced back pain, hip pain. After using this regular, all of the pain related to preceding mattresses vanished. Super comfy to sleep, super comfy to sit. I would purchase another without another thought. 1/3 of the purchase price of different mattresses, does not wear out, also preserves the exact same grade it had since day one. It does not get much better than this in my view.

Finest mattress we have ever needed

This Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress is quite comfortable – providing excellent support in addition to cushioning. It creates a difference in the degree of sleep. This is much more evident if you hit on the mattress after a tiring day. It isn’t overly soft to permit you to get body aches if you sleep from the posture. The firmness guarantees that your spine isn’t overly bent. I received a fantastic price also.

Very Comfortable and Supportive