Ashley Chime 12 Inch Hybrid Mattress Review – Mattress In A Box

The Ashley Signature Design 12 Inch Chime Express Hybrid Innerspring Mattress In A Box is a wonderful firm mattress that has comfortable layers. This Chime 12″ mattress ensures you a supportive and dreamy sleep every night. The construction of this Chime mattress is very strong. It contains 528 individual packed wrapped coils that provide maximum lumbar support. It also has top-grade gel memory foam and strong support foam to give you comfortable firm support. The quilted foam on the top layer of this mattress gives you a plush and cozy comfort. This Chime 12″ Hybrid Mattress is designed and made by Ashley Furniture Industries.

This Chime 12″ firm mattress can carry heavyweights such as 480 lbs providing the highest support. This mattress is preferable for both lightweight and heavy sleepers. This fantastic 12″ Chime mattress perfectly reduces the pressure points of your body along the back and shoulder. It also holds your spine correctly and also cures your back pain providing firm support. This mattress has a wonderful motion transfer feature; that’s why many couples love this mattress. This Ashley 12 Inch Chime Express Hybrid Firm Mattress has the following available sizes such as Twin, Full, Queen, King, and Cal King. You can get this superb mattress at a very affordable price.

This 12″ Chime Hybrid Mattress is also very robust and lasts long. This mattress is also hypoallergenic and protects all kinds of dust mites and other poisons. Both kids and adults who have an allergy can safely use this mattress. It comes in a box; so you can easily unbox and set up in your house. Read the common features and reviews below.


This Chime 12 Inch Hybrid Mattress gives you a supportive and peaceful sleep the whole night. Although this is a firm mattress, the quilted foam cover is very soft that helps you to get a cozy sleep.

The Chime 12 Inch Hybrid Mattress is made of with the 528 individual wrapped coils, high-density support foam, and gel memory foam. This strong construction of this mattress gives you great support.

This Chime 12 Inch Hybrid Firm Mattress is suitable for both heavy and lightweight sleepers. It can carry up to 480 lbs. This mattress can provide the highest support to both sleep partners or couples.

The Chime 12″ Hybrid Individual Wrapped Coil & Gel Memory Foam Firm Mattress perfectly reduces the pressure points of your body along the back and shoulder.

The cost of this Chime 12 Inch Mattress is very cheap and affordable although it consists of the top-graded materials.

This 12″ Chime Hybrid Mattress is very strong, durable and lasts longer than other hybrid mattresses available on the market. Anyone can use this top-rated mattress for more than 10-12 years. Proper care can increase its longevity.

This 12″ Chime Hybrid Firm Mattress is hypoallergenic and protects all kinds of dust mites, pollen, mold, and pet dander. Both adults and kids having allergies can safely use this hypoallergenic mattress.

This Ashley Chime 12 Inch Hybrid Firm Mattress offers 10 years warranty.

Ashley Signature Design 12 Inch Chime Express Hybrid Innerspring Mattress In A Box
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FAQs About Ashley Chime 12 Inch Hybrid Mattress

Of course, this is a firm hybrid mattress; it contains 528 individual wrapped coils, strong support foam, and top-graded gel memory foam. This combination gives you a firm feel.

Yes, You’re able to sleep this Chime 12 Inch Hybrid Mattress as a rear sleeper since it gives you optimal support in each sleeping posture such as back sleep, side sleep, along with others.

Yes, that Chime 12 Inch Hybrid Mattress is also the ideal selection for couples. It supplies exactly the exact same and maximum support and comfy firm lavish feel to these two.

Sure, that Chime 12 Hybrid Mattress is extremely economical and cheap to purchase. Comparing to another foam and hybrid, that one is quite cheap having superior quality.

This Chime 12 Hybrid Mattress is currently available with the following sizes such as Twin, King, Full, Queen, and Cal King.

Yes, that Chime Hybrid 12″ Mattress may carry around 480 pounds and match to the heavy sleepers. Both lightweight and heavy folks are able to utilize this 12″ hybrid firm mattress.

This Chime 12 Inch Hybrid Full Mattress contains 528 individual wrapped coils.

Yes, that Chime 12 hybrid firm mattress doesn’t have any dangerous substances and quite secure to use for each and every sleeper.

You can easily open the mattress box, cut the protective wrapping, and then apply this specific Chime 12″ Hybrid Mattress into a bed frame or base.

Yes, it is possible to set this Chime 12″ Hybrid Mattress to some type of mattress frame, for example, alloy frame, wooden frame, platform bed frame, box spring, etc.

There is no reason you couldn’t buy a box spring up, nevertheless, this Chime 12 Inch Hybrid Mattress arrives with a box. I personally use the mattress working with a metallic base and it functions fine.

Yes, this will! I bought the Cali King size mattress and then purchased the Zinus metal frame and it fits great! I have got my mattress onto risers with no difficulties. The Zinus took me about 1 hour to install especially because of its Cali king size but well worth the buy. Simple functions and assembly!

Measuring mattresses a little bit tricky. You have to put some kind of wooden small stick of the exact top of these mattresses also measure it. Because it 12″ with pillow shirt and your measure only in the corner, then you can not get it.

Yes, however, we had a 9-inch coil spring box spring foundation. Regardless of all of the box, it actually sagged.

I truly don’t know from expertise but I don’t understand why it would not get the business done provided the base was powerful. The Chime 12 Inch Hybrid Mattress is lightweight and exceptionally comfortable.

I don’t have the dimensions of the box but it was big and rather heavy. I could not raise the box. We started the box in the garage attracted to the mattress.

I couldn’t answer this question especially regarding bruising, what I really could chat about is I truly do use the mattress along with spare bedrooms and have people over for long weekends with backbone troubles and none of them had an issue at all. I can’t say how long the mattress will endure as again it’s employed to get a guest bedroom. So mileage may vary upon the durability of a mattress that will be utilized every day.

No, it does not contain any fiberglass. All the materials are the fundamental certificate of Certi Pur.

Exactly the very same as a firm mattress because the springs are firm but also the finest is tender. Not pillow top luxury but only ideal. So it is a Momma Bear mattress.

I am never sure what plush manners. I found it to be more inviting and comfortable without being overly firm and hard. The mattress had contributed to it after you place down on it. It won’t sink. I truly hope that will help.

This edition of the Chime Hybrid Mattress is 12-inch. You can get the following 10″ mattress on Amazon. It is a really inviting and comfy mattress, and I am on the huge side. Fantastic deal for the price tag.

Yes, it will. I am super impressed with this Chime 12″ Hybrid Mattress. It is exceptionally pretty and comfortable. I’ve had friends see it and buy the specific same.

My hubby and I are equally thick, he’s closer to 300lb and 6’8″ tall, then we sleep our hands and self-indulgent concerning the boundaries of the mattress and also feel really encouraged. He likes to let his feet hang off the edge too and there’s barely any sagging.

Provided that you require it, it is like when it is sitting they do not possess the expiry date. Perhaps purchase it if you are closer to obtaining it in the box.

My mattress was firmer than we expected. We ended up using a distinct topper to deliver only a little plushness right into it.

I weigh 160 lbs plus it seems overly firm, maybe for someone who weighs more, it may appear sexier. I believe that those memory foam mattresses it’s tricky to reach a comfortable degree that is well rounded to a wide weight range.

I would believe it lavish. It’s not too tender or too hard. In the event you’ve got extra questions please inform us.

Obviously, but it’s not as clear like with unique mattresses. The movement remains minimal and it won’t wake you up if you are asleep.

The Chime 12 Inch Hybrid Mattress must be put to a firm coating. I’d advise removing the older mattress.

Memory Foam includes a propensity to get mold however supposing it’s at a home that’s Atmosphere state you ought not to have a matter.

The best period is 24 hours then but the earliest is about 4 hours. In the event you’ve got extra questions please inform us. We anticipate fulfilling your purchase soon.

This Chime 12″ Hybrid Mattress comes with a firm service nevertheless as well as the comfort level is called quite lavish.

Much like a pillow top stinks. Very comfortable so much plus a fantastic price. Delivered to your door. Heavy. You made need a little bit of help from a friend.

I truly don’t feel pops on the surface. I truly do think of them across the negative. Mine has very superior foam on the top. I really enjoy this Chime 12 Hybrid Mattress.

I’d recommend a box spring up, therefore that leaves the mattress to sit fine and big. I have got a normal framework for the mattress and box spring.

I researched and researched from that which I find you can use immediately. But you are going to find that it retains plumping up under you until it’s in its whole height!

It is a foam coating about 2 inches or so considers utilizing springs (yes I said springs) that are wrapped out of the base. It works well.

It is determined by the mattress. Some mattress frames need to have box springs, therefore a few don’t. If using in a timeless, traditional mattress that has a box, and then you probably need to. The platform layout beds ordinarily don’t need a box spring.

It’s a really comfortable bed and should you mean would you think that the joint help of those springs afterward, but if you’re requesting in the occasion which you may separately feel these jamming for your backbone then no longer. There is loads of material separating you and distributing the weight across a number of springs.

It does not seem or odor about the best for sure. The very best is gel and bottom you’ll locate spring coils. This Chime 12 Inch Hybrid Mattress is not meant for u if u want an ultrasoft or some rather soft mattress, however, this is sometimes soft but little soft and considerably more about the little harder side. Furthermore, there is not any significant odor of latex in the following day of use.

I can not feel the coils in any way. We feel as if there’s a great deal of benefits help whilst sitting or sleeping around the other hand. I was really pleased with this buy!

Other Customers Reviews About Ashley Chime 12 Inch Hybrid Mattress

What about this really is excellent. Packaging, shipping interval, delivery guy, and overall comfort. I transferred out of an 8″ memory foam to a 12″ cloud. I’ve slept on it nighttime now. I haven’t believed that rested in the previous decades. It isn’t quite as delicate as I wanted but seemingly it’s just what I desired.

So Happy!

I offered this Chime 12 Inch Hybrid Mattress for my 25-year-old girl and she is happy with the way she awakened ancient instead of tired, to the very morning. She is sciatica so I had to navigate through reviews and product advice to make an excellent selection. She is a late-night yet for her to wake up early without pain that way she had a wonderful excellent sleeping and her whole body has been well-rested through the night. It simply took a few hours to coordinate with the mattress.

A good bed for sciatica

Okay, that’s super comfy! After ordering I transferred more in-depth to the reviews I do not know how ppl we’re complaining about it being too hard or using the capability to sense the coils. It is firm but tender on very top. It is so comfortable. My sole criticism is comparable to other people it isn’t actually 12 inches. Mine moved to over 11 inches after an hour remained like this. But, I am not too mad about it. N for only 160$. Surely rewarding.


Comparable into our 4k Beautyrest hybrid mattress! We ended up buying 4 twins due to their kids and they love them! Soft however reassuring. My aunt which has a large number of back and joint issues along with fibromyalgia slept this several nights during a journey and said it had been such a lengthy time since she had awakened nearly hassle-free. It’s a great mattress if you’re searching for a budget, but want something simpler. Once we bought themI beat up myself inside splurging around our mattress 6 months earlier!


I bought this sight unseen, looking for a reassuring hybrid bed, as I was not completely sold on polyurethane foam or even a bunk mattress. The box into your double-sized mattress was almost as tall as I actually am. I left it around the floor for an entire 24 hours that it had been completely 12″ high. After all setup, I was unsure when I had been intending to get the sleep I wanted, as I felt that the cover of this Chime 12 Inch Hybrid Mattress was a somewhat nice, memory foam feel for it.

After a few moments, I was at a sleeping trimester. Here’s the very first mattress I’ve ever felt as though I obtained a cozy sleep in the past years. I truly don’t wake up from aggravation, or stiff. I will be purchasing the next to substitute my kid’s bed!

Good Sleep

I am an old fashioned w extreme joint problems. Mention that because this Chime 12 Inch Hybrid Mattress was encouraged as coming out of a box with wheels and handles. It is neither and can be rather heavy. Thus remember when lifting schlepping is a problem for you. I really did it I am sore and tired. The mattress is very firm, has inner coils.

Great Mattress

This Chime 12″ Hybrid Mattress was kind of thick. It arrived vacuum packed. Vinyl wrap necessary to be removed to unroll it in my bed, yet another plastic coating required to be removed to allow it to expand. It enlarged in a couple of hours. The top layer of the Chime 12 Inch Hybrid Mattress is memory foam that offers an extremely first soft feeling but as one sink in the other firm, layer features support. Really comfortable.

Softly firm

This is, in fact, an excellent mattress in a much higher cost. It arrived in a huge box that the delivery guys left outside. My husband has very the workout bringing it inside. There is a little odor on the occasion you sniffed quite close to the mattress yet after a few hours no odor at all. My only complaint is that the mattress and is not firm at all. You will sink at the mattress.

As a side sleeper, I prefer something firmer, but I’m in a place to fall asleep quickly with this specific Chime 12 Inch Hybrid Mattress I have not experienced any distress. I am very likely to keep it because it’d been such a wonderful price, however in the event, you require a firm mattress, then this is not only the one for you.

Great mattress not firm

I just bought that Chime 12 Inch Hybrid Mattress within the weekend in Queen measurements and have been sleeping because of Sunday. I’m a stomach & side with knee issues & irregular shoulder pain along with also this Chime 12 Hybrid Mattress is truly a teen sleeping with a cloud for me I do not want to install bed because I feel so comfortable! I, the memory foam seems to accommodate to my body in all of the appropriate places. It’s not too firm and not too soft, it’s a perfect balance.

My girl likes to hang my bedroom now just so she is able to relax in my own bed. The mattress is pretty thick so you’ll need two people to move it around but it’s rather straightforward to unpack. I obtained the 12″ however it only rose about 10.5 inches, which explains the reason I gave 4 stars. So do not waste money using the 12″- just visit a 10″.

Very comfy

This is really the very first time I’ve obtained a mattress online before checking it out in person first so I researched lots of reviews and advice prior to buying. This Chime 12 Inch Hybrid Mattress is actually comfy! I have back problems and I am picky about cushions. I would say this is mild firmness- not overly firm and not too soft. Since I recently bought that Chime 12″ Hybrid Mattress, I truly don’t understand if it rains within the decades but many beds will sag in the event that you don’t rotate them. I surely indicate this Chime 12 Inch Hybrid Mattress!

Nice Mattress

It was worth the money spent. Our preceding mattress was also downhill. We’re waking up with pain. After sleeping with the brand-new mattress there is no back pain! My insomnia also seems to be marginally greater. It was somewhat embarrassing getting the box up the stairs and into the sofa.


This one had excellent evaluations and costs. I’ve used it for 6 months now and appreciate it. You are in a position to property in mattress, not transfer anything (or anyone ) on the other hand. I manage a tray with items on the surface of the mattress and might get in without a beverage spilling. It is beyond comfy. Not a lot of giving, that I like, but should you not like firm beds, but this isn’t for you.

Great firmness

I am not likely to claim to come back and provide a lengthy word inspection but I did wait for a month before writing this. If you are in a position to find a far superior queen mattress in the purchase price point then buy it. It’s an excellent mixture of firmness nonetheless still has a particular plushness that makes for an excellent night’s sleep. I am back, shoulder, neck and back problems before sleeping in the bed and also all areas have improved considerably. You may spend more but I honestly don’t locate the requirement. If a thing radically changes I’ll upgrade but I just do not foresee any difficulties.

Good after a month

It is supposed to eventually become firm, and firm beds aren’t my favorite so I wasn’t too convinced about it. It’s to the guest bedroom that we moved forward and made it. We thought in case it ends up not to be the comfiest, no biggie as it’s likely to keep people from moving in. That really is our every day in our new residence and it’s the sole mattress we have for now so we’ve been banging it.

Let me simply say our potential guests are unlikely to should leave!! It’s the best balance between a firm and soft to me along with my spouse. Our backs feel great after sleeping (better in contrast to when we sleep with our 3500 mattresses so I sort of desire we could replace it with a couple of these ). We are quite pleased with this purchase.


It is firm but comfortable. I’ve bulging discs in my neck and back and bought memory foam and might barely escape bed in the morning, also it’d come to be very hot after putting a couple of hours. This Chime 12 Hybrid Mattress is so comfortable for me and helped relieve pain allowing me to sleep longer. I love it. I only wish I knew precisely how to get ahold of him to provide him a massive tip after I get my social safety evaluation. Please be aware that this Amazon motorist due to his outstanding service!!

It is worth the money

This product showed up in a tall and narrow box. I had been baffled about the way the previous product would fit the image from the picture. But low and behold, once it seemed spacious (flinging me around the region in the process because I cut the sealing wrap open( laughing hysterically) it required shape. I put this on the mattress framework and it has been light sleeping a reassuring blur ever since! Highly advised

Comfortable mattress

I had been somewhat cynical to state in purchasing a mattress online. But I am quite glad I did! It had been quite straightforward to start and set up – just unzip the wrapping and await a few hours for it totally recline. I want to include, in case you’ve undergone a memory foam mattress (I had not ), then there may be a modification period. This very first evening I got in bed and really did not know what to think. It surely does not feel to be an innerspring mattress. I can’t really explain it, the foam is streamlined and firm (I prefer ), but perhaps not too firm.

You are feeling helpless. On the other hand, the feeling of no movement move was something that I had to get used to. My pup getting in and out of the bed managed to wake me up all evening. Not any more! It took a few nights, but each night was marginally better. Now, after almost two months I completely adore it. Add to the cost and that’s a genuine no-brainer!

Great Mattress

I would like to write this review that I actually might find myself how I liked the mattress. This Chime 12 Inch Mattress is notable. I’ve not ever wanted a more comfy bed. I was somewhat cautious buying this Chime 12 Inch Hybrid Mattress online yet after having a peek at the testimonials I opted to buy it and I don’t regret it one bit! Surely worth the cost for a superb price. I received the 12-inch mattress although I don’t feel like it really got to precisely the 12 inches, therefore I’m fine with this because it is such a wonderful mattress!

Best mattress

The Chime 12″ Hybrid Mattress is the ideal mixture of relaxation and service. Easily the best mattress I’ve owned up to now. I’ve owned memory foam (Tempurpedic) and spring up up coil-supported beds, however maybe not a hybrid of amps and memory foam. After test-resting a bunk that cost really ten times the cost of the mattress, then I opted to save the cash and give this a try. Although it doesn’t have the greatest relaxation of these 3400 mattresses, it doesn’t have an exorbitant price and it’s fairly soft and inviting. Literally the perfect mattress!


This is really the very first time I’ve got a mattress online. I couldn’t withstand the pricing. Quite pricey. Super comfortable but nevertheless far too pricey. Once I had a bed to your bed I jumped into the cheap option. This Chime 12″ Hybrid Mattress is as comfortable as my expensive king-sized mattress. I’m happy I purchased it. I mean to obtain a homemade one for the further guest bedroom. Don’t hesitate.

Incredible Comfort

Purchased this for the guest bedroom. I looked for beds for hours because my mom has been coming to visit. She is very picky and needs only the best. I didn’t want to violate the bank, so I tried to examine it. Anyhow, the bad boy came wrapped into a box. The box was difficult to maneuver within my house but once I made it undid, it was like magic. My mom visited praised regarding the mattress. I have had three extra people sleep and love it.

Guests Love It

This Chime 12″ Hybrid Mattress is just what I desire in my whole life! It’s excellent and exceptionally soft! If you love a mattress to become lavish and enjoy resort comfort that’s it! My favorite part is I don’t feel the shifting and turning of my boyfriend while sleeping, formerly I’d love to feel the movement and also listen to the springs however hybrid is the best!

Amazing bed

This Chime 12 Inch Hybrid Mattress manufactured by Ashleyfurniture is now roughly a year old and it’s still sleeping excellent. It began to a complete 12 inches and then that I was able to sleep at precisely the specific same night it was delivered. I managed to begin it separately with just modest difficulty. Though it was a tiny hefty. I am not a very small woman and I really don’t have some problems with this particular Chime Hybrid Mattress. I really enjoy it and I’m delighted with it.

This Chime 12 Inch Hybrid Mattress is comfortable

My Chime 12 Inch Hybrid Mattress came now and I couldn’t be happier!! It’s only been a few hours but as it proceeds to expand it develops more comfy. I’m 5’11 and I fit. I’m a bodybuilder to ensure my whole body and my muscles are tender and after I set down I felt instantaneous comfort. My 17-year elderly comprise a spinal defect. He is fluid built up together with his backbone is seriously jagged which causes him trendy pain.

He loves the mattress as much as I actually do. I am a very cynical person. Buying a mattress online is not something that I actually do. I read the reviews and my gut said it will be fine and that I had been fantastic. It is definitely worth the buy. I am impressed with the mattress and that I strongly advise it!

The greatest bed ever!

This Chime 12 Inch Hybrid Mattress has been easy to start and install. Except it could have been much better had it wrapped this up with all of the coils around the outside. After we began it all unfurled, the coils were in the top, so we had to put it around (not readily attained ). Generally, but the mattress is actually firm but comfortable. That’s to our guest room so that I will not be banging. But after I laid down together with all the mattress it felt fairly terrific.

Good quality mattress

The Chime 12 Inch Hybrid Mattress I had been two years old. Paid a whole lot of cash because of this. I put this with this specific old mattress. The past two nites I have slept well. My spouse has said what a great nite sleep he is getting. I can not feel springs. It is quite comfortable. I really don’t have any complaints. If something changes I could update.

A very good night sleep

I’m shocked at just how comfortable this Chime 12 Inch Hybrid Mattress is. We bought it for our 10-year-old. I wasn’t expecting much from a sub $300 mattress in a box, but I am astonished! The description said it would take about an hour “Blend” to finish size but that I feel it popped up within a few minutes. I have slept in and it is remarkably comfortable if much surpasses any anticipation I’ve and after I’m available for a brand-new mattress for me, I will definitely bear in mind that you. I can’t speak to health, but to date so terrific.

Surprisingly Comfortable