Best Price Mattress 12-inch Memory Foam Mattress Review

The Best Price Mattress 12-inch Memory Foam mattress is a quality product with high performance. With premium quality construction materials and engineering, it provides excellent feeling. The cover boasts blending of bamboo and poly fibers. Moreover, the pressure relieving comfort allows its usability among many people.

Well, boasting 3 layers of premium and CertiPUR foam, it keeps your sleep healthy and sound. Unlike other mattresses, it has charcoal infused foam that enhances safety and refreshing sleep. The foam is also highly responsive which improves the overall body contouring. Overall, it’s a premium mattress that facilitates safe and smooth sleep with less rolling. Read all the features and review below.


The memory foam utilized in this Best Price mattress is fantastic. It enjoys excellent temperature responsiveness when lying. This means it creates perfect contouring once you are sleeping.

The bamboo charcoal infused memory foam is safe and free from toxic chemicals. In fact, it is certified by CertiPUR –US hence ideal for all people. Besides toxins, the foam is free from strong odors and moisture for dry nights.

The comfort doesn’t end on the responsive foam. But, the mattress possesses one of the best covers. Featuring bamboo and poly fabrics, it delivers refreshing nights.

The ability of this Best Price 12-inch mattress to eliminate pressure zones is incredible. The engineering of the featuring memory foam ensures s perfect body hugging. Due to this, it removes pressure zones and hard spots.

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One of the amazing things about this Best Price 12-inch Memory Foam mattress is construction. It has one of the premium construction to bring perfect comfort. It is 12 inches thick and boasts 3 layers.

Top layer 2.5-inch

The topmost layer enjoys charcoal infused memory foam. It is soft and ensures perfect body contouring than lower layers. Also, enhanced with charcoal particles, it absorbs moisture and bad odors. Thus, it allows you to have a smooth sleep.

Middle layer 3-inch

The middle layer is 3 inches thick. It features soft foam that creates excellent bounce. Together with the top layer, they provide a soft feeling. Additionally, this layer is responsible for eliminating pressure zones. Therefore, when sleeping, the mattress properly hugs your back, shoulder and other body parts.

Third/base layer

For ample support and maintaining mattress intact, it has a thick 6.5 inches HD PU foam base layer. It regulates the movements in the upper layers to enable full comfort. Also, the layer is the foundation of this mattress hence keeping it in shape.

The cover is one of the premium and comfortable on the market. Its design and knitting are different from regular covers. This Best Price Memory Foam mattress cover features a blending of polyester bamboo fabrics. The blending of these materials ensures the cover has perfect body cooling. In fact, this Best Price 12″ mattress has tremendous cooling than most of the available covers.

Wondering how firm is the 12″ Best Price mattress? You don’t have to have doubts if you like it. It has a wonderful stability that supports the body in all angles. It has a rating of 5.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale. Translating this, the mattress is medium soft. Thus, it is ideal for back and side sleepers. For stomach sleepers, the mattress doesn’t offer enough support.

When lying on this Best Price 12-inch Memory Foam mattress, you will notice it has outstanding body contouring. In fact, the top foam layer has an exceptional response. Notably, the body heat is enough to make this Best Price mattress a bit soft to fit your body. Due to this, it perfectly delivers thrilling comfort.

Besides comfort, the touch feels soft due to responsive foam and premium cover. The combination of soft feel and great comfort leaves body perfectly soothed. Ideally, the mattress brings real suspension feel.

Since this Best Price 12-inch mattress is medium firm, it has little motion transfer. This indicates even when sharing a bed with a tossing partner, it will cause an insignificant disturbance. The base layer is one with great motion and bouncing absorption. With less motion, it increases overall performance.

Before buying any mattress, it is always ideal to know its supportability. This Best Price Memory Foam 12″ mattress has great supportability. Due to the premium foam and exceptional engineering, it can support people of different weights. However, light and average people will enjoy more comfort than heavy ones. Further, it perfectly supports back and side sleepers for an excellent snooze.

Some of the factors that cause back pains are hard mattresses. Thereby, eliminating these complications can be solved by the right mattress. This Best Price 12 Inch mattress offers outstanding back support to reduce pressure build up.

The other ways this 12-inch memory foam mattress eliminates pressure is through the responsive foam. It ensures once sleeping; it precisely contours to your body. Due to this, it allows the body to have complete hugging. Consequently, people suffering from back pain will love this mattress.

Memory foam is now revolutionizing bedrooms. They have more extended durability hence saving your frequent mattress change. For Best Price, it has remarkable longevity which can extend up to 5 years. Amazingly, premium construction ensures it remains intact without flattening. Best Price company produces mattresses for longer durability.

Heat Retention in this Best Price 12-inch mattress it has average heat retention capacity. Unlike other mattresses with gel foams, this one retains a significant amount of heat. Therefore, it can cause slight heating. However, to counter overheating, it has infused charcoal that regulates moisture in the mattress. With less humidity, it creates a cooling effect.

Sinkage is the ability of mattress layer to move when pressed. But, to get sinkage, you have to sleep to get the sinkage index. For this Best Price 12 Inch Memory Foam mattress, it has average sinkage that maintains comfort level. It is this balanced sinkage the gives the body breathtaking support and floating experience.

Best Price 12″ Foam mattress is available in a 10 years warranty. However, the company does not offer any trial period.

The commonly available sizes of the Best Price Mattress 12-inch Memory Foam mattress are Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King. Price varies according to the size.

The Best Price Memory Foam mattress is available online. It can be shipped directly by the manufacturer. However, the best deal is available on Amazon. They offer discounts as well as free shipping.

Best Price Mattress 12-inch Memory Foam mattress, it completely changes your bed. The outstanding foam and premium materials ensure satisfaction. With many exceptional features, this mattress is worth adding to your bed. Above all, it’s an affordable piece for everyone.

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