Inofia 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Review – Double Queen Twin Full

The Inofia 10 Inch Ventilated Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress In A Box is a premium rated mattress. It has several foam layers such as soft breathable cover, eco gel memory foam, smart comfort foam, ergonomic support foam. The gel-infused ventilated memory foam inside this mattress creates a comfortable, and plush sleeping surface. The smart comfort foam relieves the pressure points of your body and gives you a relaxed sleep. The support base foam gives you ideal support. This Inofia mattress is comfortable, feeling hot, and perfect for winter season.

This Inofia Memory Foam Mattress perfectly improves the spinal alignment of your body and reduces all kinds of pain. It has also a wonderful motion isolation feature that gives you a disturb free sleep while your partner tosses & turns or moves. The cover of this Inofia Foam Mattress is very beautiful and breathable. You do not feel warm during sleeping on it. All the foams inside this mattress are CertiPUR-US certified, healthy, and safe to use. It contains no fiberglass. This Inofia Mattress can carry up to 460 lbs. For both light and heavy sleepers, this one is a great choice. Kids and adults can use this comfortable bed. This Inofia Gel Mattress lasts long due to having high graded foams and materials.

This Inofia 10″ Memory Foam Mattress is adjustable to all bed frames. The price is very affordable. This Inofia Mattress offers 100 trial nights. It offers 10 years warranty. The following sizes of this Inofia 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress are available such as Twin, Twin XL, Queen or Double, and Full. Read the features and review below.


This Inofia 10 Inch Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress is made with multi-layer foams which are breathable, cool, and supportive. This great combination provides a cool and comfortable sleeping surface.

The smart foam of this mattress relieves the pressure points of your body and provides you a relaxed sleep. It also helps you to get a refreshed wake up in the morning.

This Inofia 10 Inch Memory Foam Mattress has also a fantastic motion separation feature which ensures you disturb-free sleep while your spouse tosses & turns or moves during sleep. This option is very essential for couples or double sleepers.

This Inofia Memory Foam Mattress has a breathable soft cover that provides an extra comfort. It prevents all kinds of dust mites. You can safely sleep on it.

All the foams inside this mattress are healthy, certified by CertiPUR-US, and very safe to use. There is no harmful chemicals like fiberglass into it.

This Inofia 10″ Memory Foam Mattress offers 100 trial nights sleeping. It’s a great opportunity for you to test and verify the quality of this mattress.

This Inofia 10 Inch Cool Gel Ventilated Memory Foam Mattress provides you 10 years warranty.

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FAQs About Inofia 10 Inch Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress

This Inofia 10 Inch Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress has 10″ thickness. This mattress is highly recommended for both couples and adults.

Yes, this Inofia 10 Inch Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress is great for both back and side sleepers. It is capable to provide optimal support while you sleep in the side, back or other positions.

This mattress will come wrapped upward and vacuumed sealed. Then simply cut the plastic off it and it’ll Begin to inflate.

We smelled any Actual Odor or Whatever we Utilized it Immediately immediately.

Lying close to the border is nice. If you sit on the border you’ll trickle more than a spring bed. I will still wear jeans and sneakers. I will say that the sleep you receive lying about this Inofia 10″ Cool Gel Foam Mattress is much well worth it.

No, there is not fiberglass and other harmful substances into this Inofia 10″ Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress.

It can carry up to 450 lbs with complete support. Both heavy and lightweight person can use this bed.

It can fit on all bed frames like the platform bed, metal frame, box spring, etc.

No, currently, this Inofia 10″ Gel Memory Foam Mattress does not have the above sizes. You can get Twin, Twin XL, Queen or Double, and Full.

Yes, possible. This Inofia 10″ Gel Memory Foam Mattress only needs enough place, you may also use it to the ground.

It is a trendy gel memory foam mattress, so it does not include things like latex. The revolutionary foams within are comfy, and CertiPUR-US-accredited, healthy, safe, and eco-friendly, assure that your family sleeps free of concern.

This Inofia 10″ Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress does not have any ceramic, along with the mattress cover is breathable, when there’s any additional query, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Of course, We’ve got a flexible base for this Inofia 10″ Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress and it works superbly.

Inofia company delivers a 10-year warranty, as well as the warranty, covers all manufacturing flaws: sagging, extremities, waves, lumps, and decompression problems.

Yes, everyone can use this comfortable mattress.

I have used mine for 6 months, without any sagging and do not anticipate that it will. I enjoy it and really happy I bought it.

Sure, this memory foam mattress is your ideal decision to use with flexible mattress base, since it’s flexible enough to fit the curves of this foundation.

You have to wait 72 hours to fully expand to its original shape and gives the comfiest sleeping experience.

No, it isn’t. I would say it’s lighter than a classic twin mattress although not as mild as state an inflatable. I didn’t contemplate it but I am by no way a weightlifter and that I could pick this up and take it up a flight of stairs. Clearly its a little bulky but weight-wise it isn’t an issue.

Yes, it can be used on any kind of bed frames including metal bed frames.

Yes, it really is. Just flip the mattress onto its side along with its simple to remove and put forth. I cleaned and dried low, came out fine and tidy.

No, this Inofia 10″ Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress is cool and breathable You do not feel hot.

Sure, It’s a heavy mattress so that you can want to buy the deep pocket sheets – significance to get a mattress which is high in height compared to a normal mattress. It’s very comfortable!

Yes, you can. You open the box and also the mattress unfolds, once you remove the plastic wrap.

This Inofia 10″ Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress is the best mixture of softness and support. It’s firm for service but not difficult, and soft to relaxation but not lavish.

No, it’s layered foam using another density foam at unique points. 100% polyurethane mattresses do not have to get reversed, just innerspring mattresses have to be reversed since the springs wore out in areas. Most innerspring mattresses now shouldn’t be reversed either, since they typically utilize a foam surface and aren’t any more symmetrically layered. Foam mattresses are going to have a few deformations as time passes, but less than older innerspring layouts. It might take decades for a mean individual to deform a foam mattress on the point at which it’s evident and much more to be uneasy.

This Inofia 10″ Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress contours into the bottoms of the human body enable your shoulders and wrists to sink in the mattress, so this will help to ease pressure points and encourage greater spinal alignment. It’s soft enough with good support.

Yes, possible. To tackle the client’s concerns concerning cleaning in the event the mattress becomes cluttered in some scenarios, this Inofia Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress has been made using a zipped cap, that can be removable, and you are able to take it away and wash it using a washing machine. Suggestion: To maintain your mattress fresh and clean as clean, we suggest you utilize a mattress shield onto the mattress.

This Inofia Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress has been infused with gel contaminants, the gel is more water-based and likely to absorb body heat, then release it in the foam that encircles it. The open-cell structure empowers flow and temperature-neutral properties. In any case, the breathable cap along with the negative mesh fabric additionally improves warmth and helps dissipate heat.

Even the Inofia 10 inch memory foam mattresses have been sent compressed and wrapped up in one box for a simple door to door transport. In any case, it’s extremely simple to establish. 72 hours is suggested for your mattress to completely expand into its initial form and supply the most comfortable sleeping experience. Additionally, this Inofia Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress works with a conventional bed frame, slatted frames, flexible frames and box springs, etc.

Of course, the Memory Foam mattress is your ideal decision to use with flexible mattress base, since it’s flexible enough to fit the curves of this foundation. This makes a much more comfortable shape that you see, watch TV, and maybe sleep. Anyway, this Inofia Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress Employs high-quality foam and substances, It Is Going to keep its service and Endurance.

There’s a multilayer of all foams concerning memory. You will find ECO memory foam, Smart Comfort Foam, Ergonomic Support Foam in addition to a watertight cover. The memory foam is totally predicated on natural ingredients and disperses the entire body warmth to the rancid air. The cheapest foam supports the exceptional strain of the entire mattress burden. The Wise foam relieves the body into the signature of cloud sleeping.

The cover is more curved and designed for getting appropriate friction liners for the security point on the mattress. Because of this, an individual could sleep peacefully with the grabbing behavior of bed with no stress of falling into the floor. The plan is represented for the baby children obviously.

An individual can easily prepare the mattress after obtaining imports from it. One only unleashes the cap and then cut the rope of rolling up. The mattress gets apartments mechanically on a plane place.

The mattress doesn’t damage the environment for not only needing any volatile substances as the components. Therefore, the item is secure for your body, particularly for the kids.

The company suggested 100 nights of warranty before buying it. An individual can comprehend the calming differences within this trial interval onto the mattress. If at the trial period, there’s not any consequence of growth, the organization yields the mattress together with your negative testimonials in grinning faces.

The foams ease the strain readily by curved at a suitable nature. So, an individual can fantasies sweetly all around the evening.

Other Customers Reviews About Inofia 10 Inch Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Everything is perfect I’ve never purchased a mattress at a box online earlier, and I was quite concerned that my money could be wasted until I obtained it. Fortunately, that is a really worthwhile purchase. The mattress won’t be too difficult or too soft and it satisfies my needs, and the design is also quite fantastic. Everything can not be greater! I shall recommend this Inofia Memory Foam Mattress for my buddies!

Perfect mattress

I purchased this Inofia 10 Inch Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress for my child’s bed. He enjoys it. This Inofia Memory Foam Mattress came at a really compact box wrapped in a little form. When I start and provide it one day, then it flashed into its entire form. It’s an ideal size that fits at the auto mattress perfectly. It’s extremely comfy, soft to the outside however feels firm if you dive or jump onto it. Perfect softness. I had been hesitant choosing this particular memory foam mattress on a normal mattress made out of springs however I’m quite delighted with the standard of the mattress. I strongly recommend this product.

Very comfortable

We’re providing the 5-star score for the client services. The mattress was soft because of our necessity and we’re unable to sleep. There’s not any problem with the item itself it’s only the private expectation that wasn’t fulfilled. After calling customer support refund has been initiated. Enjoy favorable customer services.

Good customer service

I had an inexpensive mattress to get a short term movement and I could not be more happy with my decision. Feels like my 600 mattresses in your home. I had been concerned at how it had been initially, however it firmed up flawlessly. Definitely recommend!

Cheap and comfy!

Excellent bed! Super cozy and also a fantastic price, it is practically a steal. The only thing is that it is only a tad bit larger than a double. It comparatively matches on the framework, however, it sticks out a little. However, it does not remove in the relaxation. Definite purchase.

Sleeping so well

The mattress is mild soft because of its firmness. It’s close conforming therefore that it will provide excellent support for stomach and back sleepers. The memory foam mattress is comfier because of its cost. Directions to start the mattress was simple to follow along with. In the same way as any other memory foam mattress, then it will take some time to form it is shaped and also for the odor to completely remove. The smell is not too overpowering, however. In general, this can be a comfy and decent mattress.

Good value and comfortable mattress

I bought this Inofia 10 Inch Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress a month, and that I wished to offer it a whole 30 weeks before I wrote my own critique. I have to state that I’m quite delighted with my buy. This Inofia Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress has an ideal balance. It is firm, but not overly firm, and gentle, but not overly soft. Only the ideal amount of relaxation for a fantastic night’s sleep. In general, I’d recommend.

So far so good

Originally, I’d wake up with stiffness in my thoracic spine region, but after a few minutes of being outside of the bed, it’d disappear. I have been the mattress for almost a month and all that stiffness has escalated I sleep much better than I ever was able to toss and turn more, and now I have gotten many compliments from everyone who attempts it. It was a really simple purchasing experience and I loved watching it Happens if it initially came, haha. Beware, however, it is a huge box it comes from, and you want to have space to let it simmer to get a few days.

Changed my life

The merchandise took a very long time to send out but came immediately after it did. I made it enlarging over 1 week to become secure. It is taller then it seems off the mattress. I am utilized to spring beds with cushion tops, so in the beginning that the transition was a jolt. It was not bad, just odd. I’ve been having a very tough time falling asleep and wake up continuously throughout the night. This has considerably enhanced! I would have never figured the mattress had anything to do with this!

My spouse and I analyzed the”memory foam” concept (will not feel associate move) by position a water jar on the mattress and left extreme moves around it, becoming really near the jar, plus it didn’t collapse! I was surprised at this! The foam is really a fantastic medium-firm also. I was fearful it would be too gentle since the sole additional foam I had believed had been a super pillow. I shall mention that memory foam doesn’t seem to keep heat more subsequently spring beds, however.

Additionally, still getting accustomed to it too but so far, so great! Been sleeping for a little over 1 week today. I am a stomach and side sleeper and don’t have any trouble sleeping with it. My spouse is really a side and rear sleeper, and it has said a very small little spine pain.

Great product

We like different kinds of firmness. I figured for the cost we can test them and when I did not enjoy my side that I could purchase something different. Well, it been a couple of months since we like them and I sleep more, less tossing and turning. I have back and neck problems.

Bought two

Fantastic mattress, I obtained for my kid’s mattress. She’s been using the innerspring person and it began to feel somewhat uneasy. This one is quite comfy. I expecting the cool gel can continue to keep her relatively cool since her previous mattress makes her very sweaty. It required two weeks to completely inflate and a number of days to eliminate the odor but all good.

Very nice foam mattress

My son wanted a brand new mattress and we figured we’d try out this one since he’s still young and could sleep most matters without waking pains. He slept on it for a couple of nights and told me how good it was I attempted it and will be buying a second for its master bed. The mattress is wonderful.

Great Mattress for the price

I was uncertain that this was likely to be the bed for me personally. I looked at many distinct kinds of mattresses also picked this one based only on the reviews. The very first night I had been wondering if I’d made a mistake moving with a firmer mattress. I awakened many times a night since it appeared to be overly firm and that I could not find comfy. The next night I inserted another cushion beneath my head. That appeared to work and that I just awakened during the evening.

The next night with 2 cushions, I moved straight through and exceptionally awakened feeling refreshed and zero back pain! I believe that it only took a while for my own body to seep into the firmness. Now, I really like it! No back pain without any stress points. Amazing. Yes, even the sides really do sink once you sit on the edge of this Inofia 10 Inch Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress, however, the center offers good aid, where it’s necessary. I’m quite pleased I opted to go on this Inofia Memory Foam Mattress.

Pleasantly surprised

I enjoy the firmness of the bed. The mattress came from a box and managed to extend in its dimensions inside a couple of hours. There has been a foam odor on it, however, that odor went away over one week. Good comfy sleep.

Nice firm bed

I purchased this foam mattress for the double mattress. It matches the mattress frame very nicely. And that I measured the elevation that’s certainly 10-inch memory foam. Putting on it, I’m really comfortable and relaxed. Worth your every penny. Highly recommend everybody.

Good quality

My son adores this Inofia 10 Inch Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress. It’s simply perfect. He is the old one who is far too tender and he likes to jump onto it. That isn’t safe. So I choose to try out memory foam. He explained is super comfortable. But it isn’t resilient. Less stress he will drop off the mattress. Fantastic quality for a moderate price.

So comfy

I moved and had a brand new mattress. I guess I purchase something pleasant being mattress buy isn’t a regular purchase. At precisely the exact same time fall in a budget. Thought that it was not possible till I ran around this particular mattress. I had been skeptical up till it came. I rolled it out and allow it to sit for a complete day. Had a chemical odor that immediately went off. I moved out of a cushion shirt spring mattress for this.

And I am happy up to now. My only complaint about the mattress is if you sit in the border of mattress down it. Occasionally I like to sit down in the border to throw shoes however, the sinking feels uncomfortable. I really feel like I will hurt the mattress by doing this. But after you put down it’s fine.

Perfect Balance of Firm and Soft

To get a mattress which showed up at a box that this thing is incredibly comfortable! I was doubtful when I obtained this but I am here to inform you I have been sleeping on it for three months now and enjoy it. I would recommend this Inofia Memory Foam Mattress to anybody who enjoys a medium-firm mattress.

Very good

When buying a new mattress for the kid, that transitioned out of a toddler bed to a double mattress, relaxation was important for me personally as I wanted to wish to bed in her bed and not attempt and return to mine. The price was Important, as I did not wish to invest in her bed than I did all of her bedroom furniture. I have done lots of comparing and also a great deal of research that finally resulted in me purchasing this Inofia 10 Inch Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress.

She won’t sleep with covers the majority of the evening and typically kicks off them a couple of moments after I set them. I knew I had some kind of cooling mattress, so I did not need a spring design mattress as we have not had much chance with people over the years once we’ve purchased them previously.

This Inofia Memory Foam Mattress came tightly sealed and packed in a box, so it was somewhat heavy but what can you expect in the mattress. It fluffed up fast after launching the plastic from about it and did not possess a bizarre odor or odor that was not already anticipated in my experience of purchasing memory foam mattresses previously.

And after placing it on her bed it actually was quite comfy. I typically place and read for her before bed plus will confess I have fallen asleep in her bed several times also because I have gotten too cozy. She has slept in it every night because it came with no problems and leaves the covers for nearly all night anyhow. I would get this Inofia Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress. The cost is unbeatable and the general comfort level isn’t slacked on due to that.

I feel like I got a superb deal on a very fantastic mattress and could pay double that which I did when I wanted another. You obtain no complaints from your family and are my go-to for extended mattress buys since I know I won’t be disappointed at the quality.

Great quality and very comfortable

The mattresses are extremely well made. Delivery was very fast and the cost was reasonable. No matter how the firmness of these mattresses is excruciating. It is like sleeping in an over-inflated pool raft. Not opulent in any way. I noticed a couple of others had the very same testimonials on firmness.

Even a 100-night sleep trial is fine, but following the mattress in a box develops to the full action, it would be quite costly to return the boat. As it stands now, I don’t anticipate bedtime! I guess I’ll need to set more out to get a mattress topper. Too poor!!!! The mattress vendors are super comprehension.

They’ve addressed my troubles with minimal hesitation and do everything they can to figure out this circumstance. I would buy again from Inofia, however, I might purchase a plush mattress following moment.

Way too firm

This Inofia 10 Inch Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress is superb! Here is actually the next one I’ve purchased, to replace my own boys’ beds, and I am expecting to find a second to replace my very last boy. It comes closely wrapped upward, and after you cut all of the packing loose, then it inflates fairly fast. It is very reassuring when you put it, and incredibly comfy!

My child at the top bunk states it is a whole lot more difficult to change his sheets today, but in addition, he stated he loves this Inofia Memory Foam Mattress and does not wish to change back into his old man! Having foam rather than springs to get a mattress usually means this Inofia Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress is not as resilient. My children quickly learned it was not too much fun to leap, but until we place it onto the bunk mattress, they had been having fun slipping right back on it,”trust fall” fashion.

The following view: the 10″ mattress is taller than best bunk beds ought to be, but because my boys are old, that is not much of a problem for people. I am only adding that for kids using littles that are taking a look at mattresses because of their bunks.

Awesome mattress!

I’m extremely happy with this particular memory foam mattress. It’s quite comfy. I am able to sleep much better today. Premium excellent merchandise! It’s never too delicate and not too difficult. It is only right. Here is the form of the mattress I am searching for. My entire body feels relaxed following hanging with this Inofia 10 Inch Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress. I am able to sleep considerably deeper than previously. I suggest this Inofia Memory Foam Mattress!

Very comfortable

The mattress came at fantastic maintenance, it is wrapped up in a tall box, so simple to establish, simply snipped the plastic and unrolled it, and afterward, it started expanding. It is so comfortable I can not even tell in the term, ideal for me.

It's so comfortable

For many years we have been buying the typical coil mattress and it was only recently we found that the energy of polyurethane foam. When my child had a guest bed because of his attic we chose to look for something comfy, nevertheless budget-friendly. Obviously, This Inofia 10 Inch Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress was comfortable because the minute we obtained it (following the 48-72 hour waiting period).

The memory foam is firm/sturdy, however lavish, and seems to keep it is shaped well. It’s thick and comes with a detachable cover – that may practically replace a typical mattress pad. My adolescent spends a Great Deal of time and has slept soundly ever since – highly recommend.

A Solid Night Sleep

I had been skeptical about purchasing mattresses on the internet before, yet this time I am really glad I bought this Inofia 10 Inch Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress. Really convenient packaging and pleasant quality. I have not awakened morning aches and pains because I had with my previous spring mattress. It is super comfy.


My son adores this Inofia 10 Inch Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress. He says it is the ideal combination between squishy as well as firm. The mattress came shrink wrapped and rolled up. After clipping the shrink wrap available we gave up it 48 hours until we applied it, however, it brightens up to complete depth almost instantly. The mattress seems to be quite well made and of higher quality. Up to now, the mattress gets completely held its own shape, without the slips or slips and my kid enjoys his mattress.

Like Sleeping on a Giant Marshmallow

I really like this Inofia 10 Inch Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress. It is not so tender that it molds into my entire body, it actually alleviates my back pain and strain. This one is not so firm that you feel as though you’re sleeping plyboard. It is not sexy, it is perfect. I will purchase another one for the loved ones.

So comfortable

My daughter adores this dual xl within her room! We place it directly over the conventional-issue awful mattress, which functions as the box springs – just make certain to make a cushioned sheet. This Inofia 10 Inch Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress has excellent support along with also the 10 inches is certainly sufficient memory foam to provide an excellent night’s sleep.

At this price, I really can not think of greater investment in my kid’s schooling than a fantastic mattress. She studies up in bed from a memory foam wedge positioned on this Inofia Memory Foam Mattress and states it is significantly more comfortable than sitting in the desk at the wooden seat. Fantastic buy!

Value purchase

I simply got a new home then I desire a brand new furniture new mattress along with a brand new mattress. It arrived on time and puffed up when we cut the plastic and then unrolled it onto our bed. It had been really worth the wait! So comfy! A great deal of aid, but nevertheless feels incredibly soft. For the ones that believe it’s too firm, I detect it warms up as the own body heat warms the foam. I’ve slept like a baby as the day it had been unrolled. It will not sleep sexy in any way. I’m a side sleeper and also utilized to find hip pain out of sleep. Not so anymore! Love sleep that each evening.

Very nice bed

This Inofia 10 Inch Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress is because of my little princess, even once I visit such a little box, I’m rather disappointed, how small, once I choose the mattress from this box, so the mattress is horizontal, but if the atmosphere to the bed, the mattress has been increased, lies from the preceding the mattress is quite flexible, and not overly difficult, jump onto it, too can jump really high, my kid enjoy.

My daughter like