Linenspa 8 Inch Memory Foam & Innerspring Hybrid Mattress Review

This Linenspa 8 Inch Memory Foam & Innerspring Hybrid Mattress is very comfortable & affordable. The combination of both individually encased tempered steel coils and comfort memory foam helps you provide medium-firm feel. The comfort level of this mattress is awesome. This low profile Linenspa 8″ hybrid mattress is highly recommended for the kids and youth. Lightweight sleepers can use this bed. If you want to get the mattress for couples or adult persons, we recommend picking the Linenspa high profile mattress.

The plush memory foam layer of this mattress helps align your spine perfectly and reduces the pressure points along the back, spine, neck, and head and also improves the comfort level. If you have any back issues, this hybrid mattress provides better support and help to reduce your pain. It can provide equal and highest support in very sleeping positions such as side, back, and stomach sleep. You can adjust this Linenspa Hybrid mattress on any bed frames such as bunk bed, platform bed, metal frame, wooden bed frame, grid frame, foundation bed, etc.

The cost of this hybrid mattress is very low compared to the other 8″ hybrid mattresses. This Linenspa 8″ is a very durable and long-lasting mattress. This mattress is compressed and shipped in a box. This Linenspa Hybrid Mattress is available with both 8 and 10 inches model. The overall quality of this mattress is great. This Linenspa Mattress has multiple available sizes such as Twin, Twin XL, King, Queen, Full, Cal King, etc. Read the complete Linenspa Hybrid Mattress reviews below.


The performance of this Linenspa Hybrid mattress is exceptional. Unlike the pure foam or innerspring, this combines the two. The memory foam cradles your body while spring coils bring a significant support.

Besides providing great relaxation, the Linenspa 8-inch Hybrid mattress features a layer of supportive foam. The layer is responsible for relieving pressure from body joints. Notably, when sleeping in the back position, it helps in relieving achy spine column.

The traditional tempered steel coils are fantastic in maintaining a floating feeling. This gives the Linenspa Hybrid 8-inch mattress perfect and controlled bounce. This lets you sleep without experiencing unnecessary movements.

The Linenspa 8-inch mattress comes featuring 4 layers. These combine different technologies, and density to create perfect support. With these layers having excellent properties, they allow maximum mattresses performance.

The Linenspa 8″ Memory Foam & Innerspring Hybrid Mattress has the following available sizes such as Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King, etc. Linenspa Hybrid Mattress has both 8 Inch and 10 Inch products. This hybrid mattress has a few popular models and styles below.

  • 10 Inch Mattress Only
  • 10 Inch Mattress with Platform Bedframe
  • 8 Inch Mattress Only
  • 8 Inch Mattress with Platform Bedframe
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Linenspa 8 Inch Memory Foam & Innerspring Hybrid Mattress Review
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What’s Inside In Linenspa 8 Inch Hybrid Mattress?

The construction of this Linenspa 8-inch Hybrid mattress is unique. Featuring a blend of memory foam and innerspring, it has perfect support. It is 8 inches thick and comprises 4 layers.

Quilted memory foam

The upper layer is quilted memory foam that ensures the body gets perfect relaxation. Moreover, the layer is super soft which adds comfort when relaxing. In fact, with a soft feel, it ensures you spend more minutes in bed.

Comfort Foam

The comfort 1.5-inch foam is responsible for offering body support. Therefore when sleeping, it eliminates the chances of pain development. Also known as pressure relief foam, it is effective in keeping the body free from pressure and pain.

Felt Pad

The felt pad is designed to bring a smooth feeling when lying. It is placed between the coils and upper layers. As a result, even when sleeping, you can’t feel the spring coils. Unlike the traditional innerspring mattresses, this offers a smooth feeling throughout.

Tempered steel spring coils

The base layer enjoys strong tempered steel springs. They are responsible for support and comfort. Measuring 6 inches thick, this layer delivers fantastic back support. The springs offer ventilation space that helps in cooling the mattress for refreshing nights.

When you have this Linenspa Hybrid mattress, it has an excellent cover. Made of knit fabrics, it enables the mattress to offer the best feeling and comfort. The top layer foam is quilted into the cover for solid attachment and less movement. You will get more useful information about this bed in the Linenspa 8 hybrid mattress reviews.

First of all, this Linenspa Hybrid 8″ mattress isn’t as hard as some foam mattresses. The blending of materials and design ensures it is soft and reliable. In fact, the mattress is rated medium firm meaning it offers superb support for any user. Being firmer than medium plush, it is great for back, and stomach sleepers. Also, side sleepers can use it without experiencing pressure in joints and back. Read the complete Linenspa spring and memory foam hybrid mattress reviews to know more about this mattress.

Generally, this Linenspa 8″ Memory Foam & Innerspring Hybrid mattress feels cozy and soft. Unlike with others that give your body a hard feeling, it soothes and hugs the body. On the other hand, comfort is not trial and error. Instead, it offers a slight bouncing, soft feel, and stable base. It utilizes a series of properties to enable comfort. Softcover, supportive layer, and springs balance this mattress comfort. The Linenspa mattress is comfortable to offer an exceptional feeling. This Linenspa spring and memory foam hybrid mattress 8 reviews explains more about this bed.

The way mattress offers support to your body matters with a variety of aspects. Different mattresses offer varying body support. However, this determined by the firmness rating as well as sleeper weight. Linenspa Hybrid Foam Spring mattress is ideal for everyone. The combination of memory foam and steel springs deliver full support. Also, contouring memory foam holds your body perfectly. Continue reading the Linenspa 8 inch hybrid mattress reviews below.

Having problems with your current mattress? Relax and enjoy great back soothing. With this Linenspa 8-inch Hybrid mattress, it offers all the relaxation you need. The upper layer together with comfort foam lets you relax without pressure build-up. Enhanced to contour with your body, this Linenspa Memory Foam & Innerspring Hybrid mattress keeps your back aligned.

On the other hand, the spring coils have better shock absorption. This means the body won’t suffer from hard sports. Notably, the pad layer ensures sleeping is comfortable, and the body doesn’t feel the springs. This ensures there no difficulties when getting out of bed. To get further information about this mattress, read the Linenspa 8 spring and memory foam hybrid mattress reviews below.

This Linenspa 8″ Memory Foam Hybrid mattress is an excellent product designed with everything balanced. Since it is quite new to the market, durability can’t be precisely ascertained. But, with experts estimation, it can last long around 6-8 years. Therefore, it’s a good choice when you want value and comfort. Thank you for reading this helpful Linenspa memory foam hybrid mattress reviews.

Heat dissipation in this Linenspa 8″ Innerspring Hybrid is superb. It ensures you don’t sleep hot with over sweating. With a thick innerspring, it creates a good area for air circulation. Therefore, unlike other pure memory foam mattresses, this one has exceptional cooling.

When sleeping you cause the mattress tends to ink. However, too much sinkage or minimal can cause problems with your body configuration. For Linenspa Hybrid 8-inch mattress, it has a balanced sinkage. Although it can support various sleepers, it has universal sinkage for outstanding performance.

The warranty offered in this Linenspa 8-inch Memory Foam & Innerspring Hybrid mattress is remarkable. It comes with 10 years warranty against manufacturing defects. But, the downside is it doesn’t have a trial period.

The Linenspa 8 Inch Memory Foam & Innerspring Hybrid mattress has the following available sizes. The price varies by size.

  • Twin
  • Twin XL
  • Full
  • Queen
  • King
  • Cal King

Considering all the above factors and features, the 8-inch Linenspa Memory Foam & Innerspring Hybrid mattress can be your perfect bed for all kinds of sleepers. Also, it is available on Amazon and delivered free after placing an order.

The Linenspa 8″ Memory Foam & Innerspring Hybrid mattress solves your sleeping mysteries. With premium design and great artistry, it ensures the body gets proper hugging. Moreover, it is the right choice for people with back pains. It’s affordable for every sleeper but has a high-quality performance.


This above Linenspa Hybrid Mattress reviews will help you to take a good decision that which mattress is better for you and which one will fulfill your requirements. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact with us.