Modway Caroline Mattress Review – 10 Inch Cooling Air Gel Memory Foam

The Modway Caroline 10 Inch Cooling Air Gel Memory Foam Mattress is one of the best air cooling mattresses. This mattress has a layer of 1.5″ open-cell air-flow memory foam which regulates your body temperature perfectly and keeps you cool & comfortable the whole night. The combination of both 1.5-inch open-cell air-flow memory foam and 2-inch gel-infused memory foam provides you a dream sleep with the highest comfort. This Caroline 10″ Memory Foam Mattress reduces the pressure on your back, neck, head, and spine. It also aligns your spine 100% perfectly and also minimizes the pressure on your hips, lower back, and shoulders. The 6.5″ responsive base foam gives you the ultimate support. It can absorb the motion disturbance between you and your sleep partner. It can carry up to 420 lbs with full support to their sleepers. All the foam and other materials are CertiPUR-US certified and safe for your health. This Modway Caroline Mattress is fit to all bed frames such as platform bed, metal bed frame, grid frame, adjustable bed frames, etc. This Modway Caroline Mattress has the following available sizes such as Twin, Full, King, and Queen. The price of this Modway Caroline 10″ Mattress is reasonable. Read the primary features and review of this Modway Caroline 10″ Cooling Gel Mattress below.


This Modway Caroline 10 Inch Cooling Air Gel Memory Foam Mattress has a strong air-flow foam layer which gives you a cooler sleep every night. It helps to flow the air in & out and regulates your body temperature.

This Modway Caroline Mattress is an extremely comfortable bed. It is capable to relieve all the pressure points of your body through the back, spine, neck, and head. You get an ache-free and relaxed sleep.

The Modway Caroline Mattress contains 6.5″ responsive base foam which is able to provide you better support. It can carry heavy persons such as 400 lbs with full support.

This Caroline Mattress minimizes the bounce and absorbs motion disturbance between you and your spouse. Both of you will get a disturb-free sleep.

All the foam materials of this mattress are healthy, safe, and CertiPUR-US certified. They do not create any health diseases.

This Modway Caroline 10 Inch Mattress is made of a high-quality and beautiful cover that you must like.

This Modway Caroline Mattress offers a worry-free 10 years warranty to their customers.

Modway Caroline 10 Inch Cooling Air Gel Memory Foam Mattress
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Yes, this Modway Caroline Mattress has a 1.5-inch open-cell air-flow memory foam which will help you to regulates your body temperature perfectly and ensures you a cool sleep.

Don’t worry. Both the heavy and lightweight person can sleep on this mattress with full comfort as well as maximum support. It can carry up to 400 lbs.

Sure, this Caroline Mattress has an excellent motion isolation feature that will help you to transfer the movement motion between two sleepers at a time. Both of you can’t feel the movement of the others; thus it gives you a restful sleep every night.

Yes, all the foam materials of this Modway Caroline Mattress are certified and safe to use. It does not create any health diseases to you.

Yes, it’s couple-friendly. Both of you can sleep on this Modway Caroline Mattress together with the highest comfort.

Yes, 100%. This Caroline Mattress is adjustable to any bed frames such as platform bed, metal bed frame, wooden frame, adjustable bed frames, etc.

At this moment, Modway Caroline Mattress is offering only King, Queen, Full, and Twin sizes only.

Yes. The cost of this Modway Caroline Mattress is very cheap compared to the other popular memory foam mattresses.

This Modway Caroline Mattress is very strong and lasts longer than other traditional memory foam mattresses. You can roughly utilize this Caroline Mattress for more than 10 years.

Yes, this bed is perfectly fit for the back sleepers because it can provide ultimate support in every sleeping position including back sleep.

Yes, the exact dimensions are accurate to size. This Modway Caroline Mattress is really comfy and ideal for a kid or an adult.

It merely requires a couple of hours. The majority of the growth is instantaneous, so make certain it is on the mattress already. Do not know more about the corners.

No, this Modway Caroline Mattress does not offer any trial period at this moment.

Sure. You can do it. Proper packaging can protect your mattress and increase the longevity of this mattress.

Yes, they’re all secured together and there’s a tight cover whatsoever. It appears like a conventional mattress.

I’ve got a 10 regular at twin so that I can not let you know the difference! However, the one that I have is good, everybody who has sleep is quite impressed!

No, the cover of this mattress is not waterproof. You need a separate mattress protector to protect it from water.

The Aveline mattress is created from a gel-infused center to make certain the general surface adheres to the natural contour of the entire body. It supplies a considerable amount of relaxation as the mattress is likely to create room for the human own body instead of the other way around. Shop at the beginning of a sort.

Yes, this Modway Caroline Mattress is able to provide maximum support in this weight range. Don’t worry, use this bed for high comforting with optimum support.

It does not seem or feel as though the sides are strengthened. What I could say is that the beds were purchased for the Grandchildren. Dad who’s 6’3 300lb will put in bed together and play with video games, so the mattresses return to form. Had the because of April, I think of the season. I hope that helps.

It’s firm but not too. We had a previous memory foam which was also firm. This Modway is somewhat more firm than the previous memory foam although we find it ideal and very comfy.

Other Customers Reviews About Modway Caroline Mattress

Finding this is a fantastic idea. My Son was becoming older and the first children stuffed mattress was only flat. Children need a fantastic night’s sleep, so we obtained this particular one. He adores it, gets no problems sleeping throughout the evening. He enjoyed seeing it expand when we first made it it’s rolled up quite tight, and that means you must unroll it and then cut the plastic off. A very fantastic way to provide mattresses.

Good mattress for the cost

This Modway Caroline Mattress is excellent for your money! Simple delivery and simple to make it ready for use. I slept this bed often for many months while still staying with a buddy. A really fantastic purchase! Additionally, I purchased the 10″ one to the lesser portion of this trundle that does not have too much clearance area. Both are excellent and just the ideal price.

Perfect mattress for the new trundle bed

Medium-firm mattress, very comfortable although I do not especially care for firmer mattresses. Fully expanded in just two hours without an odor. I have had to get a month or two and it appears to have gotten comfier than the first week of getting it. It does not look sexier than a regular mattress.

Comfy and medium-firm

That is my next mattress in a box I have bought. I discover they are similar to spring mattresses. This mattress inflated into the proper dimensions and there was not a chemical odor that was perceptible. I included a two-inch mattress topper since I enjoy an additional plush texture. I suggest including a topper to any or all-foam mattresses. There was no harm to the mattress even though the box endured very the laceration. The mattress was sent, about a week or so and wasn’t transported to my door as I purchased it. The mattress was sent into the front of the apartment complex. I needed to found a considerably taller and more powerful individual, to bag this massive box three flights. Anyhow, that doesn’t reflect the item functionality, therefore I won’t leave a bad star count. I purchased the Modway Aveline for the daughter a couple of decades back, the mattress will be in excellent condition. My recommendation….purchase that the Modway Aveline 10″ and include a duvet. The present product you’re seeing is that the updated version and that I see no distinction in value to warrant the cost difference. The latter statement isn’t a communicating disdain with this particular mattress, only a hint.

I recommend this product

That is my very first memory foam mattress and that I was concerned about it keeping its form. As soon as I unpacked it, I left it alone for 72 hours only to make certain it inflated completely. When I laid it, I was concerned that it was going to be too rigid, but since you put down you start to settle in the Modway Caroline Mattress plus it frees you in all of the ideal places. I’m quite delighted with this buy.

Feels Great

We bought a complete dimension for our two-year-old. It is incredibly comfortable- that she sinks in marginally but it is not overly hard or soft. As an adult, I’d like something a bit more sturdy since I could slide off the border somewhat if placing on the negative, but it will be good so long as you do not sleep on the border. It is not like TempurPedic but it’s a wonderful price and is comfy!

Very comfortable

Fantastic excellent mattress. It’s quite firm, yet comfortable in precisely the exact same moment. It does not hold a great deal of warmth and had no odor on shipping. Happy for this a nightly sleeper. Fantastic support without a mid overeat.

Comfy firm mattress

Really like this Modway Caroline Mattress. I have been sleeping on this mattress for around 4 months today. Do not wish to write a review until I knew for a fact how well it works. And because of the cost, you can not defeat it. This mattress is amazing and is extremely comfy.

Great buy!

The mattress enlarged to the proper elevation within one day. No dreadful smell. It’s a bit softer than many memory mattresses that I enjoy. I favor this mattress to my Modway Aveline 8″ one.

Softer than some

This Modway Caroline Mattress is severely magical. We have it as an economical choice for our toddler’s first big girl bed as we are transitioning straight from the crib to double with no toddler bed between. She enjoys her new mattress and I must say the memory foam will be comfortable for Mommy and Daddy throughout the inevitable nights we will wind up spending along with her. It took on its own shape considerably faster than the recommended 48 hours and I’ve got zero issues with the elevation! The memory foam prevents her from actually having the ability to jump onto it and inserted a parent incentive. I’d certainly order this mattress over and over, it had been really simple to enter the area!


Really comfy. Firm. We adore our mattress but it says you are in a position to place it right on the ground as you desire, don’t let this fool you. I have hardwood flooring without a sub-zero floor/insulation underneath. We obtained our mattress in October, had been gonna hold off building a framework as we didn’t have the cash straight away. We place it straight on our flooring. We took off the cover roughly a week ago (3 weeks out of buying ) to wash it and there was mold on the base of our mattress at which there was condensation against the chilly floors. It’d be best to get a framework and keep this up off the ground in case you’ve got exactly the very same problems we’ve regarding cold flooring. After that mold or mold is at the foam I do not know whether you’d ever be in a position to do it all of the ways outside. Fantastic job amazon, quite happy with customer services.

Very comfortable

Superb memory foam mattress! This Modway Caroline Mattress needed no odor like a number of the additional memory foam beds. The cover is soft it seems excellent. The mattress expanded to its entire size in a day. Super comfortable, superb degree of service that I would call moderate firm however, the memory foam part feels absolutely lavish. My buddy has a brand-new Tempur-ped** brand mattress that price over 2k and feels equal. The finest memory foam mattress I have purchased from Amazon and that is my 4th. I will purchase it again.

Best one I've purchased

I received this Modway Caroline Mattress for the daughter that had been needing a brand new bed. It has just been a week up to now, but she actually likes it and it seems really comfortable. The memory foam feels firm once you first sit it but it’s some give so that you begin to sink in the foam a bit to get a more comfy sleep. My daughter is little so that I do not believe weight problems will come in to play but I shall continue to keep your eye on the caliber of the mattress over the years and fix my critique in the event the quality slides. For the first review, it is a fantastic mattress for a fantastic price.

Nice mattress

I believe this mattress sleeps considerably warmer as it should but it is quite comfy. Surely soft not moderate firmness. My husband does not prefer this Modway Caroline Mattress but I still really do. So we are giving it additional time. We possessed a Tuft & Needle earlier this and that I found it to be far too hard in which he discovered it only slightly too difficult. Why is purchasing a cozy bed so hard!!!


I spent months studying all businesses which make this mattress at a box. The costs were as large as 800 and as inexpensive as $200. Should you read about every firm’s merchandise….they are the exact same. When you browse the testimonials for each person you will realize that a little percentage have real difficulties with their merchandise but should you adhere with 4.5-5 stars you may notice less than 1 percent have some difficulties. The wait was worth it. I put it on the framework turned up the heat and shut the door. Left it to 24 hours and if assessed it was absolutely square and completely expanded as promised. Its firmer than a standard mattress but quite comfortable for me and now that I have a terrible back. It is my hope that this helps somebody make a selection. I did all of the leg work and could say it was worthwhile.

This product was worth the wait

We had a memory foam mattress which this replaced that was superb firm. This is huge softer. In addition, I have not discovered that’ll it is cooler than another person that did not have a cooling topper.


Easy all the methods. This Modway Caroline Mattress was simple to purchase, came at a box. It took approximately 48 hours to achieve its entire size. It doesn’t require a box spring and created our guest bed really comfy. I was somewhat nervous about purchasing a mattress online, but I would certainly take action.

Very comfortable

Ordinarily when I see that a 4star rating on a product listed at a fantastic price I’ve my suspicions, yet this mattress was greater than I ever bargained for. It was precisely what I was searching for at a firm bed along with my quality of sleep has increased radically. Really impressed by this Modway Caroline Mattress.

Great value and very firm!

I obtained this Modway Caroline Mattress now and was shocked at just how comfortable it was. I had been expecting a fair mattress to your price point. Allowed, only time will tell how it will consume. But as of today, it’s the best mixture of cushiony goodness using over sufficient support! The delivery was quick and it is comfier than the previous mattress I’d at half the cost! I’d *highly* recommend this mattress to anyone who’s on the fencing.

Shocked at how much I love it!

Principal mattress. Sleeps nicely. Box got habituated to hell in transport, zero issues with this item. Sold me foam mattresses, aside from the cat will not eliminate the thing that I guess is just another endorsement. Really doubtful of a mattress that arrives in a box, however, helps tremendously with spine pain.

No complaints

Amazing Mattress. I got it two days ago it was sent two weeks after I placed an order. It’s straightforward. Take from the box. Eliminate vinyl and wait till it’s completely 105 inches. I purchased it for my teenaged son I really like it so much I’m putting an order to get a queen size mattress for me!! Fantastic mattress.

Amazing Mattress super comfortable

This Modway Caroline Mattress is a fantastic buy! I have been searching around multiple websites for months searching for a seafoam mattress and that I eventually decided to provide this one a try. The only real differences I noticed from the mattress have been ones I expected since I’ve bought memory foam beds earlier. In the right time of purchase, that man had been explained as medium-firm therefore that I anticipated it to be moderate in density, that it had been. There’s still off-gassing that should happen with this solution but the odor was what I have experienced with other manufacturers, nevertheless, you need to allow it to expand into a well-ventilated area. As an extra incentive, I buy fully enlarged at a 12-hour interval rather than the preferred 48 hour time period! I’d certainly purchase this item again!

Great Purchase