PrimaSleep Wave Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress Review

The PrimaSleep 10” Wave Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress is one of the top grade memory foam mattresses on the market. It has several layers such as Polyester Jacquard cover, Dura I gel foam, Dura HD foam, Dura HD convoluted foam, etc. This mattress gives you desirable comfort as well as support. It balances your body weight and reduces the pressure of your body. The I gel foam regulates the temperature and provides you a cooler sleeping surface. The Hd foam inside this mattress prevents the defection of memory foam.

For both kids and adults, this mattress is a wonderful choice. The price of this mattress is very cheap and inexpensive. All the foam materials are certified and healthy. This PrimaSleep Mattress is also good for couples. It is adjustable on all types of bed frames that are available on the market. Due to its quality, this mattress lasts long. This PrimaSleep Wave Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress has the following available sizes that are Twin, Full, Queen, King, and Cal King. Read the primary features and review below.


This PrimaSleep Wave Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress ensures you better sleep by providing wonderful comfort with the help of its several foam layers.

It balances your body weight and relieves all the pressure of your body through the back, neck, shoulder, and head. It also relaxes your muscles.

The I gel foam inside this PrimaSleep Wave Gel Mattress regulates the temperature perfectly and provides you a cooler sleeping surface. You do not feel any warm or hot during sleeping on it.

The price of this PrimaSleep Mattress is very cheap and inexpensive. Although the foam quality of this mattress is top graded, the cost of this mattress is really very low.

This PrimaSleep Wave Gel Mattress is durable and lasts long. You can roughly use this mattress for more than 10 years.

This PrimaSleep Wave Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress has the following available sizes that are Twin, Queen, Full, King, and Cal King.

PrimaSleep 10'' Wave Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress
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FAQs About PrimaSleep Wave Gel Memory Foam Mattress

No, there is no odor or smell of this PrimaSleep Wave Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress.

No, it does not sink over time. If you use this PrimaSleep Memory Foam Mattress for a long time such as 5-6 years, it may sink a little.

Yes, it is adjustable on all kinds of bunk beds.

Yes, you can. But it would be better for you to wait at least 24 hours before sleep the first time.

Yes, this PrimaSleep Wave Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress offers 10 years worry-free warranty.

No, there is no fiberglass and other harmful chemicals in this PrimaSleep Wave Gel Mattress. You can safely use this comfortable bed.

No, this PrimaSleep Wave Gel Mattress does not provide any bed frame. You have to buy the frame separately.

Yes, this PrimaSleep Wave Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress is adjustable on the loft beds.

Yes, it can carry heavy loads.

No, the I gel foam controls the temperature and keeps your body cool throughout the whole night.

No, this one is a comfortable firm mattress. It has several foam layers that provide you a supportive feel.

You will gel a comfortable feel while sleeping on this PrimaSleep Wave Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress. It’s not a too-soft mattress.

You can sleep instantly but we recommend you to wait at least 24 hours.

No, this PrimaSleep Wave Gel Mattress does not come with a bed frame or foundation. You have to purchase the base separately.

Yes, this PrimaSleep Wave Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress ensures you a comfortable sleep in all sleeping styles such as side sleeping, stomach sleeping, back sleeping, etc.

Yes, you have to use a base or foundation for this PrimaSleep Mattress. It can adjust to all types of bed frames.

You can see the screenshot of the layers of this PrimaSleep Wave Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress.

Yes, It’s adjustable to metal bed frames and all other kinds of bed frames.

Yes, you can use this PrimaSleep Wave Gel Mattress on loft beds.

Of course, you can use this PrimaSleep Wave Gel Mattress for all sleepers such as back sleepers, side sleepers, stomach sleepers, etc.

It can hold up to 400 lbs. If you are more than this weight, you have to choose another mattress.

It can inflate instantly but may require 24 hours for 100% expansion including all corners of this PrimaSleep Wave Gel Mattress.

It may need up to 72 hours to deliver at your house. It may vary according to the location of your home.

It’s a good and comfortable mattress.

Yes, it’s possible to put it on the floor.

It’s a medium-firm mattress that gives you ultimate comfort.

Yes, of course, it comes in a large box.

You do not need a mattress pad with this PrimaSleep Memory Foam Mattress.

No, you can’t remove the cover for washing.

The business specializes in fabricating the in-house furnishings and home improvement services and products together side the relaxation – and – support-promoting soothing sleeping gadgets to its wellbeing along with the decent wellbeing of consumers. The new mission would be to offer you the very dependable & groundbreaking services and products which lead in the majority of pleasurable sleep encounter.

In PrimaSleep, sleep pros know that folks vary in regards to sleeping preferences, which explains why they will have established a multiplicity of inexpensive high mattresses to fulfill the wants of these loved ones. Make it tender, firm, heating, and incredibly comfy, you’re able to procure the mattress that you need at a price that you can figure out how to cover.

PrimaSleep constructs every mattress with just unparalleled substances with foams that can be assessed and licensed to persuade the particular criteria such as operation, internal compound emissions, and environmental effects. Along with every mattress comes with a matchless knit cover which is employed at the face of the polyurethane foam layers for the best out of warmth and cooling relaxation. Treat your self to the comfiest mattress that you can unwind and sleep soundly. PrimaSleep mattresses exude the enviable quality to be exactly true.

The PrimaSleep Wave gel-infused polyurethane foam Mattress using 10″ height gets got the ideal top layer to back up your body weight; it excites your own body contour to unwind at the ideal condition. Soft gel-infused cooling memory-foam protects human anatomy with soft relaxation. H D foam avoids defection of foam. The 3-layer structure features support and stress relief, also a superb way for wakeful nights. It’s Polyester jacquard cover accompanied closely by Dura I gel-foam, Dura HD foam, Dura H D convoluted foam along with still another coating of Dura H D foam.

PrimaSleep 10-inch Wave gel-infused memory foam mattress comes with I gel extract, venting memory-foam which can be watertight and also assist you to sleep soundly at proper temperatures. The non-temperature sensitive memory and also pressure-relief compounds adjust to their own body shape, temperature and mass. I gel operation substances lower temperature and enhance venting with elaborate H D coating. The foam was made to match its durability using superb breathability and pliability in contrast to additional trivial memory-foam available commonly on the industry.

PrimaSleep Wave proves to be comfortable and fantastic, medium-soft, does grow to 9-10in. For users residing in tropical climates, it could be critical this might perhaps not be overly sexy, so much no user complaints are recorded. Simply place a plank on the framework as this PrimaSleep Wave Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress is placed directly on the cabling framework, users may possibly have that the pubs.

It can demand a solid base beneath. But once it’s completed, users become overrun with all the excellence and the way it contrasts with the feel of different genders. For users that have horrible back difficulties, it’s crucial to find yourself a persistent mattress that couldn’t create the spine almost any worse than its chances are.

PrimaSleep Wave mattress is incredible because users secure no back pain considering purchasing sleep and it beautifully each evening time. It’s a bit firm, however, maybe not at all a shocking manner, but it’s strong therefore that you won’t sink, though spongy whilst still sleeping. A whole lot of people could state how powerful this PrimaSleep Memory Foam Mattress is.

By comparison, it’s extremely lavish containing perhaps a 6/10 firmness. Edge service is comfy nonetheless sturdy and sitting on the border absolutely features a squashy effect that’s astounding. The center and the border can cradle users to enjoy a baby. Using PrimaSleep Wave mattress, most users obtain the best sleep in your own lifestyles. No turning or pitching without stirring in the exact middle of the nighttime.

The most difficult part about escaping this PrimaSleep Memory Foam Mattress is merely it is indeed brightly comfy. And the spine pain you’ve already been needing? It won’t be there anymore and won’t come back later on too. It’s possible to let your pet in addition to cats unwind and unwind from the PrimaSleep Wave mattress, and so they agree that mattress is remarkable. It’s comfortable and an extremely first-rate size as needed.

There’s really an insignificant chemical odor that may disappear completely because you enable the mattress to sew initially. If you are to understand people had trouble using fiberglass, then do not remove this cover. It’s given to shield the mattress out of several liquid clogs, and it’s not supposed to be removed.

PrimaSleep Wave mattress includes my gel polyurethane foam comfort layer. The service center consists of multiple-layers of both Dura H D foam and Dura H D convoluted foam. Durability describes just how long a product claims structure, providing easiness and service until it begins to worsen. The mattress life span is 68 decades. PrimaSleep Wave mattresses possess a level-headed life span compared to rival brands. It’s made and designed for supreme resilience and caliber. Becoming acquainted with your brand new sleeping surface will probably require some fixing. Give it a time to break-in.

Any item odor is benign and will spread on certain days. It is possible to unwind with accredited confidence since you’re going to be comfy knowing that the operation foams employed inside this PrimaSleep Wave Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress are 100 percent Certi-PUR US certified. Get a 10-year warranty together with PrimaSleep Wave and durability that you could possibly rely upon. Moreover, there exists a 100-night protected trial. If you’re unsatisfied with this particular mattress, then you are able to return this to the firm.

If folks elucidate that it’s equally unprofessional and firm and they have been completely perfect. This lets even tiny 120lbs users sink but perhaps not carry on thumping in. Even lightweight, average-weight users feel as they truly are encouraged from the manners they might require to become. Because of this, users wake up in virtually any sleep and pain all of the ways throughout the nighttime.

Users won’t understand just how much they’ve been affected on a lousy mattress until they receive yourself a brand new PrimaSleep Wave mattress! It’s a very comfortable mattress for spouses. That you never discover your arm becoming losing or painful flow from the cuddling places. Even the”moderate” texture of both mind-boggling and firm has retained couples happy, if you are somebody who enjoys a daybed bed, along with your better half firm.

Which kind of sleeper is appropriate to a PrimaSleep Wave mattress? Dependent on customer responses, it receives nice levels among sleepers of weights that are disoriented and also preferred sleep spots. These evaluations are subjective, however, and everybody else has varying adventures on various mattresses. So far as sleeping on the other side can be involved, this PrimaSleep Wave mattress supplies superb aid for lightweight users weighing greater than 130lbs, average-weight users weighing only about 130lbs-230lbs, along with r users weighing higher-than 230lbs.

For rear sleepers, it supplies considerable support with a few sinks into sleepers of every fat loss category. For tummy sleepers, it supplies comfy sinking texture and feels to get lightweight, average-weight users and acceptable aid for heavyweight sleepers. Certain mattresses are relatively dumb whilst bearing weight reduction. The others are virtually silent. Material makeup is the preventative element for sound changes. Therefore users hunting total silence without becoming bothered may possibly have found that the very best bargain.

Off-gassing scents are deemed harmless but maybe unpleasant none the less. PrimaSleep Wave produces insignificant off-gassing scents. Therefore it’s acceptable for users using responsive olfactory sense, allergies, asthma, and respiratory sicknesses. As it’s guarded in allergens and dampness, it’s excellent for users who perspiration and are exposed to hives. There is absolutely no overall look or smell of mold at all.

Motion isolation means the way efficiently a mattress absorbs motion on the other side of the sleeping surface, preventing partner disturbance. PrimaSleep Wave’s foam absorbs and reduces motion tremendously. The sleep surface of this PrimaSleep Wave Mattress is excessively trendy for sexy and sweltering summertime and tropical weather.

Other Customers Reviews About PrimaSleep Wave Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress

I bought this PrimaSleep Wave Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress for my own guestroom and wanted a thing that looked lasting and inexpensive. My mum who favors firmer mattresses stated that she slept well with this particular mattress. Yet another guest I’d stated she slept great and really enjoyed it.

I experienced no difficulties using strong scents, bugs, or inflating issues. The mattress inflated to full size in just a couple of minutes. I raised up on the top of the mattress to assist init in becoming the maximum atmosphere as you possibly can to achieve its entire growth potential. Got each and every inch said that it was. I am happy with the Buy.

Worked for me

I have had it for approximately a few weeks and also our spine pain is totally gone now and we sleep much better. I am a hairstylist and the simple fact I have not had any pain at all is remarkable. We can not believe just how economical it really is. We allow it to simmer in yet another room two weeks before utilizing it plus it can finally reach the complete size. She and I never noticed that a strange odor as a few people said. Maybe when I got it goes off once it has done.

Buy it again

This bed is far better than that I might have expected for that purchase price! It’s quite firm, in a reassuring way, instead of an embarrassing way. While I state inviting, I am talking about that this PrimaSleep Memory Foam Mattress provides more aid to my own spine than every additional bed I’ve ever possessed. Also well worth noting my family and I will be both thick collections, and also this PrimaSleep Mattress does not seem to possess any matter with staying flat instead of sloping. In the event you are considering buying this, then definitely do it!

Such a good purchase!

We purchased this only before to my latest spinal operation, also it arrived while I had been at a healthcare facility. Our son put up it for me personally and that I had been able to maneuver it once I came home. It’s heavenly. It will not disperse motion. The PrimaSleep Memory Foam Mattress doesn’t go if my husband has in or out of bed. We sleep peacefully.

We needed a foam topper once I had my initial spinal fusion 3 decades past, yet this PrimaSleep Mattress is therefore far greater and did not cost more plus it will not get too hot as the topper did. I firmly feel it’s helped in my own recovery. Really like this PrimaSleep Wave Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress!!! Really worth every cent.

Great For My Spinal Fusion Surgery Recovery

My children and I recently moved to a larger house now that my 14-year-old daughter and 6-year-old son have their very own rooms it had been time for you to receive her a brand new mattress and bed. The wife and I also have an extremely costly foam bed that the entire family loves therefore that it made sense to receive her a foam mattress. Happily, since we purchased our bed these memory foam mattresses have been down in price.

This PrimaSleep Mattress needed great reviews and also a fantastic price therefore we chose to give it an attempt. After having sat about it several days myself it sounds every little as lavish and inviting whilst the one my spouse and that I utilize, however in 10 percent of that which we covered ours 8 decades ago. We’ll more than likely be purchasing the following, to increase our bedroom.

Great price & comfortable

I was somewhat reluctant about making this order. We had a mattress and never being forced to obtain a box spring. She and I contrasted this to others. That one had very favorable reviews as well as the purchase price had been appropriate. Shipping was very fast. Came earlier my brand new stage bed did. It required a while pulling and pushing to find out the mattress of this box and on the bed by myself.

I waited two weeks before actually getting onto as it’d not have a chemical smell. After I tested it sitting on the border that I flattened it. I have concerned back again. I then realized that you obviously must have on the bed in order for it not to sew. The very first night took some getting used too; modest too firm for me personally. The 2nd night was definitely better once I discovered the ideal spot. In general, I’m happy I bought this.

Good purchase

We make use of this guest bedroom. Everybody else who has on it loves it and asks where we started using it. I believe it is rather comfortable, like your more high priced memory foam mattress. The single odd thing is that it Appears to Be somewhat slightly bigger than a typical king mattress, although not sufficient for this to be an issue.

Very comfy

My previous mattress, conventional bed and box springs, were absolutely outdated also it had been time to get a fresh one. I have done lots of research and asked people where these were buying theirs. My wife and I experienced a whole lot of folks say they enjoyed the people that the bought on amazon, so afterward I checked reviews on amazon for distinct mattresses.

Both we proceeded together with that one and also have been impressed with this, we are using it for 2 weeks today, it’s so relaxed, that the ideal quantity of committing while keeping contour. I was not certain what it’d be similar to without having a box spring but I have adored it!! Totally worthwhile and could urge 100 percent.

Definitely worth it!!

I have problems with chronic back difficulties. I have had four big surgeries throughout the previous 8 decades. My previous mattress, moreover being exploited outside, as we say, did little to allow me to sleep. She and I have discovered a lot about mattresses with the kind, therefore I chose to attempt it. Both we must say that after sleeping with this to the previous month or 2, I am impressed by just how much a difference that made.

I am dropping off to sleep faster, staying asleep more, even though I will not be truly free of the pain. We could say with full confidence which the normally increased pain I was able to get up has diminished. It has never vanished, but getting to pain than that I do make getting in the daytime considerably wider. I’ll not guarantee that this will definitely assist you to, clearly, however for me personally it will be helped.

Eased some of my chronic back pain

I spent a great fourteen days researching a brand new bed, I viewed all of the heavy hitters from the match, for example, Purple, Casper, and also the more renowned brands you’d still find at malls. I’d like to feel just like I will be sleeping with a cloud, therefore irrespective of what mattress I purchase, I knew I’d be covering the mattress up with an alternative mattress pad cap.

By now I had everything presented in my dictionary for that which I needed, for example, fresh sheets (pine ) and fresh cushions (gel memory-foam )I guessed by buying this PrimaSleep Memory Foam Mattress for a base and buying a king-size gel polyurethane foam topper as well as my mattress pad, then I had been saving more $900 vs. buying into one of those bundles offered from different areas.

When all came, I had been scared constructing all of it together, knowing whether it did not arrive together, returning to a mattress would be this an inconvenience. My husband has slept through his alarm five days in the last fourteen weeks as our bed is still. that. amazing. (stinks, but it speaks volumes about how profoundly and professionally we’re sleeping).

I enjoy peeking in our bed every evening and I am completely forgettable I was in a position to make everything from cushions to sheets, so to bed pads/covers, also this PrimaSleep Wave Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress to get a portion of the price tag. I would recommend for somebody searching for a fantastic base to get a cloud-like bed!

Sleeping On A Cloud

I really like this PrimaSleep Wave Gel Mattress!!! We wasn’t sleeping well at all together with my preceding mattress. I opted to give it a go, also may not be happier! It came sooner than expected in a 50-pound box. As soon as I opened it fluffed up! The guidelines believed to allow 4-8 hrs for full expansion, however, I really couldn’t wait anymore! It quantified the whole 10 inches depth after just a couple of hours so that I slept about it through the night, plus it was Heaven! I sleep well today, and my back feels good! This PrimaSleep Mattress is worth the purchase price, also I would purchase another in another!

Like sleeping on a cloud!

We love this PrimaSleep Wave Gel Mattress!!! We’ve needed it for 3 weeks now and also our sleeping couldn’t be improved! It alleviated straight back disquiet and can be extremely cozy. This really is an excellent mattress and fantastic value!!!! Only the best combination of softness and firmness. Look no more, this PrimaSleep Wave Gel Mattress may be usually the one which you would like to purchase!!

AMAZING Mattress

This really was one of the better deals I have ever seen. Mattress mark-ups out that there are crazy, Amazon had just what I wanted at a more than the affordable price… and that has been brought to me personally for free! The PrimaSleep Memory Foam Mattress is quite comfortable and also we are using it for approximately a couple of weeks now and don’t have any difficulties. It came well packed and fast and the blot resistant cover works, my 10-month-old has received tons of spills and messes over the bed and also you can not actually tell.

Amazons best-kept secret

Good for the purchase price. The PrimaSleep Memory Foam Mattress isn’t quite as thick while the descriptions say and also reviews are pretty true when folks whine of this not moving to this 10″. You get everything you purchase plus it’s really adequate for a toddler mattress. Guests have said their own comfort. I’d purchase again but buyers bear in your mind that when you have a thick or bigger man, this bed might well not be thick.

Good for price

Perhaps not only for the price tag but complete, the mattress is extremely tender and very adjusts to its own body. I paid approximately 4x up to a fancy mattress which was not a 1/4 too comfortable as that one. Suggest for those that are following the budget, but for anybody on the marketplace for a fantastic mattress. Establishing can also be relatively straightforward and may be accomplished independently.

An affordable mattress

We’re only a little leery about purchasing a mattress at a carton. However we purchased this PrimaSleep Mattress to get a toddler bedroom, but they enjoyed it so much we chose to utilize it upon our bed. Also to state that the very least this really is a fantastic mattress. My husband is 6’7″ and neither of us is a small individual. We sleep nicely with this PrimaSleep Wave Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress.

Good Mattress

This PrimaSleep Memory Foam Mattress has been an amazing purchase! I read all of the reviews before I purchased this and chose, opting for it. He had a double bed before which has been hard and he’d never sleep on his bed. He’d sleep. He is 9! I got this PrimaSleep Wave Gel Mattress, purchased him a UGG bed propagates and Wa-la that child waits in his bed each evening and raves how lovely and comfy his mattress really is. He looks ahead to sleep in his room nightly. I wish I’d have seen that bed quite a while past. Perfect price and perfect relaxation!

Best bed ever!!!

I was thinking of arranging a mattress at the email. It requires just two weeks to completely inflate once open it omg the pain-relief un sense it’s worth then its own weight in gold. U could find a way to cut back pain relievers. I am talking about every tension point in my own entire body that feels prompt relief when I melt when I put with this PrimaSleep Memory Foam Mattress.

Fantastic purchase and far better than costly mattresses I had been taking a look at in the shop. U don t sink so far it makes it tough to escape from. I get up effortlessly. It doesn’t get sexy it keeps u trendy n comfortable throughout the evening. Just be sure u have distance at which it can place undisturbed for 48 hours since it inflates. U will not regret getting this particular mattress.

I have such a great mattress

We’ve been sleeping with this PrimaSleep Mattress for some time now. We purchased this to place that inside our fifth wheel, plus it works terrific. I need to get a firm mattress also it causes pain back. This PrimaSleep Wave Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress can be really a very firm mattress. I’ve just awakened again pain as owning it. Of course, my cats don’t sleep on the bed, and so they really do like to make you almost no room. Therefore can not state whether it had been that the mattress or my own cat’s error.

Great mattress with the comfort

I have experienced this PrimaSleep Wave Gel Mattress for just a little over a month today. It’s slightly a bit more firm than I’d expected, however also for the price that mattress this is just a steal. It is the initial mattress I’ve purchased for myself personally and that I highly suggest it. It certainly beats me down spring bed I had earlier in my previous flat. Additionally, it saved me from the annoyance of this dreadful narrow fold mattress I slept to get a month later I moved into my new flat.

Great budget mattress

This PrimaSleep Wave Gel Mattress is badly remarkable. I’d so much back pain until I began sleeping in that bed. Now it has fundamentally gone off through the nighttime time. I sleep throughout night time today. And because of the cost, I believed that the organization was becoming scammed as the mattress is really wonderful. You obtain so far greater than you cover using this particular mattress. It’s worth.

Best Back Pain Relief

I was nervous investing in a mattress online as it’s hard enough to buy one personally and become completely pleased. This PrimaSleep Wave Gel Mattress has been bought for the kid’s new big girl bed so that I knew she would endure various bed firmness a lot better compared to a grownup was, therefore that I went to it.

I am utilized to foam toppers, however, perhaps not entire beds, but up to now, we have been very delighted about this particular bed. It came from a huge box with clear guidelines about what best to decorate the mattress. It had an off-the-shelf chemical odor initially but faded completely by the following moment.

I was worried because initially, it had been too big to your bed frame, however, by the subsequent day it had escalated from width/length and enlarged in depth. As soon as we take a seat on the edge of this PrimaSleep Memory Foam Mattress, it provides over the spring mattress, however, if we put about it, it’s extremely supportive. I admit I have also slept in the bed that will help my kid feel comfortable, also I have slept well without pains or pains in the daytime. To get a mattress which had been $200, I couldn’t be happier.

Very happy with this PrimaSleep Mattress!