In this Tulo vs Casper mattress comparison, we’ve analyzed and mentioned all the important features, quality, similarities & dissimilarities of Tulo and Casper mattresses.

A good quality mattress is essential for a good sleep and the health of some of the joints and the spinal cord in the body. A mattress that is not firm enough will sink in when you sleep over it and that’s not good news for your spinal cord and waist joints. The improper alignment of your body during sleep caused by a sinking mattress can leave you with a nagging pain in your waist and back. Tulo and Casper are the two most recognizable mattress brands. This Tulo mattress vs Casper comparison of features is made to see which one suits one’s purpose better.

Similarities & Dissimilarities of Tulo Mattress vs Casper

There are many similarities and dissimilarities between the mattresses of the two brands. Both are premium products and made with high-quality materials. Their construction and workmanship are great. And, both provide excellent firmness and bounce. However, there are some minor differences in the material used in the two brands, especially the fabric used in the outer cover. While Casper mattresses use soft and durable latex, Tulo mattresses use knitted polyester and Tencel-blended fabric. This is the only major difference between the two mattresses. Both use memory foam as the basic ingredient for stuffing. Their design and workmanship are excellent.

Tulo vs Casper Mattress Comparison: You Must Read Before Buy

1. Construction, Layers, and Cover

Casper mattresses are made with high-quality latex foam that provides extra cooling and bounce, and memory foam, which provides supportive comfort to your body. The memory foam is 10-Inch thick and put in a 4-layer construction that makes the Casper mattress an ideal option for all kinds of users. In comparison, Tulo mattresses have a knitted outer cover made with polyester and Tencel -blended fabric.

Casper Mattress Layers

Casper Mattress Layers

Similar to Casper mattresses, the inside of Tulo mattresses is made with memory foam in a four-layered construction. This gives the mattresses extra resilience against body weight and prevents it from sinking. As far as the Tulo vs Casper is concerned, the only serious differences between the two mattresses are that Casper mattresses use latex as the outer cover while Tulo mattresses use knitted polyester and Tencel-blended fabric.

Tulo Mattress Layers

Tulo Mattress Layers

2. Comfort & Feel

The top layer of Casper mattresses is made with latex foam, which does an excellent job in maintaining the neutral temperature in your bed. You feel neither hot nor cold. The mattress has an effective airflow regulation, thanks to open-cell hypoallergenic outer cover that gives a comfortable feel and sleep experience.

Casper Mattress Comfort

Casper Mattress Comfort

Tulo mattresses, on the other hand, have an outer cover that is made with knitted polyester and Tencel-blended fabric that gives them an ultra soft feel. The inside is made with memory foam which offers maximum comfort and a nice feeling. Both mattresses have been designed to provide the utmost comfort and a soft feel when you come in contact with it. Many of these fine qualities in these two extremely popular mattress brands are due to the raw materials, especially the memory foam, with distinct qualities used in their production.

Tulo Mattress Comfort

Tulo Mattress Comfort

3. Firmness Level

Casper mattresses are firm enough to stop you from sinking and soft enough to give you a pleasant and comfortable sleep. This is achieved by the 10-inch thick memory foam used in the mattress. Tulo mattresses are equally great in offering the perfect firmness for a comfortable sleep and body alignment. Because of the four-layered construction of the mattress, they retain the most natural firmness and bounce that distinguish a premium product from an average one. Both the mattresses offer the same level of firmness and that qualifies them to be treated equally with respect to firmness level that they offer. Many other types of mattresses are not able to maintain their firmness after being in use for some time. However, both these brands have mattresses with soft and medium foundations. You can take your pick!

Tulo Mattress Firmness

Tulo Mattress Firmness

4. Sinkage & Bounce

Casper mattresses are known to have just the perfect sink, and the right bounce. It has 4-layered memory foam of a 10-inch thickness that provides enough resilience against sinking and keeps it bouncy all the time. Casper mattresses do not let you sink in but it ably supports you. Similarly, Tulo mattresses are also resilient against sinkage and have a most natural bounce. The construction and materials used in the two mattresses are not much different. Rather, they are much the same. That is why both have the same qualities as far as sinkage and bounce are concerned. Early and considerable sinkage and a progressively declining bounce are the two common problems with all ordinary brands. People often complain that their mattresses are not able to support them and develop sinkage when used regularly. However, in terms of Tulo vs Casper comparison, both Casper and Tulo mattresses are excellent products that show no vulnerability to these issues.

5. Motion Transfer

Mattresses made with foam such as memory foam, latex, and polyurethane are considered the best for preventing motion transfer. Casper mattresses are made with memory foam and latex, both of which are considered effective materials that prevent motion transfer during sleep. Besides, the mattress has been designed so as not to accumulate energy and force you to move over the bed during your sleep. Tulo mattresses are also motion-transfer resistant. The inside of the mattress is made with memory foam that does not accumulate energy during your sleep or gives discomfort, making you roll over the bed. Its outer layer is made with knitted polyester and Tencel-blended fabric that allows proper airflow throughout the mattress giving you a pleasant and comfortable sleep. Motion transfer is more common in other types of mattresses that use iron springs to maintain firmness and bounce. These mattresses accumulate energy due to the pressure and movement during your sleep. The accumulated energy forces a person in sleep to change their position frequently. This affects the quality of sleep. The good news is both Casper and Tulo mattresses are motion-transfer resistant. This means a sound sleep every time you hit the bed.

6. Back Support

Casper mattresses are firm and bouncy and that gives your back the perfect support that it needs from the bed. The firmness comes because of the 10-inch thick four-layered memory foam mattress. However, these mattresses are not unpleasant or hard at all. This ensures that your back gets maximum comfort besides the support from the mattress. Tulo mattresses are no different from Casper mattresses when it comes to providing effective back support. The construction and design of these two mattresses are geared up to providing maximum comfort and support to the back. So, both are effective and good in equal measure as far as providing back support is concerned. One of the key features that one looks for in an ideal mattress is the quality of support it provides to the back, especially the waist region. An inferior quality of mattress would not be able to support the entire body with the same degree of firmness. The area on the mattress where the waist rests often develops considerable sinkage, and this causes discomfort and back pain. Both Casper and Tulo mattresses are excellent products that provide maximum support to the back region.

7. All Sleepers Friendly (Side, Back, Stomach)

Since they do not sink because of your weight, Casper mattresses are perfect for all kinds of sleepers – side sleepers, stomach sleepers or back sleepers. These mattresses have been designed to provide maximum support and comfort to all types of sleepers. Tulo mattresses are also equally good for all kinds of sleepers because of the same reason – that they are both made with memory foam in a four-layered construction that supports all kinds of sleepers.

8. Warranty & Shipping

Casper mattresses come with a warranty and a 100-night free trial. If you are not satisfied with the performance of the mattress you can return it within the first 100 days of buying it and get a refund. The product is available at 100% free shipping and return. These mattresses can pass through any door and compress-shipped. Tulo mattresses, on the other hand, offer a warranty and a 120-day free trial. If you are not satisfied with the performance of the Tulo mattress, you can return it within the first 120 days of the purchase and get a full refund. The shipping is 100% free.

9. Durability

Casper mattresses are made with high-quality materials and the construction and stitching are strong and durable. The outer cover is made with latex which provides it the ultimate durability. The inside is high-quality memory foam compressed in a four-layer construction. This provides the Casper mattresses ultimate durability. In comparison, Tulo mattresses are highly durable because of the premium quality materials used, superior design and workmanship. The outer cover is made of knitted polyester and Tencel-blended fabric that makes it supremely strong and durable.

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